Breaking News! Mike FULLER Is Endorsing Jill STEIN Of The GREEN Party In 43 States. In 7 Others, He’s Still Write-In Presidential Candidate (No Paperwork Necessary), After The NIET Of The GOP About His Offer!

October 31, 2016

10/31/2016 Exclusive ‘Breaking News’ Communique

I want to tell you today I am endorsing today, October 31, 2016, Jill STEIN for the Presidential election. It is a personal decision inspired by my appetite for construction. Jill STEIN represents the PROGRESSIVE and her election cloud improve a lot our Country with a Congress to give her the right background and me HIGHER IN THE PUBLIC OPINION (I mean not anymore underground and avant-garde but Mainstream and “official”).


Jill STEIN. Picture from

More than ever before, I feel today ready to be your President in Washington, DC, at the White House in January but, unfortunately, legally, I cannot stay a Write-In candidate EXCEPT in only 7 States of the Union (Iowa, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, Vermont) that don’t need paperwork (I will continue campaigning there only until Nov 8).

IT IS TOO LATE NATIONWIDE. Why? I am still ISOLATED IN DC. Republicans, my previous partners, never replied to my recent important emails (RUBIO, PRIEBUS, McCAIN. See my blog: after previously the CONFIRMATION OF THE PRESS NO-SHOW in Los Angeles for the California Primary where I was registered in June and in San Francisco in August after the national conventions. I create 0% attraction of the mass medias. Is it like a Stephen KING story??!! ( or a Nelson MANDELA one!?) Even joke candidates are more “published”!!

I hope to have more success in my entrepreneurship that is Cinema and Music. Developing my first feature film (in fact a trilogy of movies) since 2006 (it happens even longer preparations for important motion pictures), I decided mid-October to be back to this FRENCH COP: WIN WIN! (3rd episode) of my saga as there must still be too much blacklisting and boycott of my names (I have several AKA and DBA to represent a whole universe like the MARVEL one) for POLITICAL REASONS even before I was candidate. Like in politics, I always was fair and functional in Hollywood and the show business in general. I will start my networking with an email to HEWLETT PACKARD on Wednesday, November 2 (followed by others) as this debut film for me is taking place in the Silicon Valley and in Japan around the Computer and Internet industries (this company, and many others, is important in the 2006 synopsis of this science fiction thriller).

I don’t stop politics at all. I told you I AM STILL CANDIDATE IN THE 7 and I stay ready to do more if the crisis continue and increase even between the LEGALITY and the 2 FAVORITES of the White House. The F.B.I. for the Lady, the Justice directly for the Business man are INVESTIGATING 24/7 and certainly, they have not a lot of time before what could look like a lawsuit obviously, or many. This disaster (2 wannabee Presidents close to jails) will not be the one of the United States but only of their 2 parties. I WILL INTERFERE POSITIVELY, obviously now with JILL STEIN and her group of Greens and many others. If this election must be cancelled, I WILL BE THE FIRST ONE ON THE 9 TO ASK FOR IT and I will have the medias before the end.

ABOUT JILL STEIN, the GREEN Presidential Candidate.

As Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Falters, Progressive Presidential Nominee Jill Stein Has Opening to Rise (2016/10/31)

Recent controversies plaguing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign may have created an opportunity for Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein to win over the hearts of some progressives and jump start her far-left “people-powered” movement.

Jill Stein Campaign Website

On Wikipedia: Jill Stein

Jill Stein presidential campaign, 2016,_2016

List of Jill Stein presidential campaign endorsements, 2016,_2016

Green Party presidential primaries, 2016,_2016

Nationwide opinion polling for the United States presidential election, 2016,_2016


From article: Game not over: Bernie Sanders could slip ‘write-in’ to presidential election victory

“Senator Bernie Sanders has no hope of winning the White House, but he certainly has high chance of claiming victory at home in Vermont. Thanks to the write-in process, voters in his state and a few others could ‘feel the Bern’ one last time on November 8. Vermont, which has three electoral votes, is one of seven US states where voters can write-in vote for anyone for president, regardless of the person’s actual intention to lead the country. The other six include Iowa, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, all of which combined have 58 electoral votes. Another 34 states allow write-ins as well, but those votes would only be counted if paperwork is submitted by a candidate prior to the election. Nine states do not practice write-in, meaning that voters there would be stuck with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or third party candidates, for example, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson or Green Party nominee Jill Stein

This year, the write-in opportunity seems to be an attractive option for many Americans. In theory, it is possible that Sanders could win all of the states with write-in ballots and send the House of Representatives into making a final choice, between Trump, Clinton and him. For that to happen, either of the leading candidates has to fail to score 270 electoral votes across the country. However, in practice it is a near impossibility, mainly because Sanders, unlike for example Johnson or Stein, did not submit any paperwork to be considered, so votes for him would not be counted in the 34 states. It has happened before that the outcome of a Senate or primary election was influenced by write-ins, but it never worked out in a presidential race.”

From article: Can a write-in candidate win the 2016 presidential election?

A write-in vote happens when a voter writes-in the name of a person they wish to vote for instead of choosing a candidate whose name appears on the ballot. This type of vote in a presidential election is allowed in some form in 43 states. In 35 states you do. And, in most of those states, the cutoff date to fill out paperwork or pay a fee has passed.

Any states that do not allow write-in votes? Yes, there are seven states that do not allow write-in votes, or do so under very strict circumstances (for example, the death of a candidate who is already on the ballot). Those state are: Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma and South Dakota.

Has any president ever been elected this way? No, no one has been elected president as a write-in candidate, but a sitting U.S. senator was elected that way. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) lost the Republican primary in her state in 2010, but won the Senate seat in the general election through a write-in candidacy.

Let’s imagine the write-in candidate wins the popular vote for president, what then? That would be an interesting question; on election day, when we pull the lever (or write in a name), we are not voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, we are voting for a slate of “electors” who are charged with representing our state’s vote when the electoral college meets to elect the president and vice president. The Constitution of the United States does not dictate for whom the electors must vote, but some states do direct the votes of its electors. The electors generally vote for their party’s nominee when it comes to casting electoral college votes.

Has any president ever been elected this way? No, no one has been elected president as a write-in candidate, but a sitting U.S. senator was elected that way. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) lost the Republican primary in her state in 2010, but won the Senate seat in the general election through a write-in candidacy.


Breaking News! Mike FULLER Is Endorsing Jill STEIN Of The GREEN Party In 41 States. In 9 Others, He’s Still Write-In Candidate (No Registration Necessary) After The NIET Of The GOP To His Offer!


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