The Dakota Pipeline And Fidel CASTRO Death Are A Web Opportunity To Improve Our Communication With The World About Our Project Of Freedom Accepted By Everybody!

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HOLLANDE DOWN: IT’S THE VIIth REPUBLIC IN FRANCE that is ready to be the new Regime with Mike FULLER, President of the 2 Countries: US 1st.

FIDEL CASTRO was not KENNEDY but almost. I explain myself: the enemy was not Brejnev and his team of communist in USSR, the enemy was WW II.

Governors are the main responsible of the chaos in the United States. They are dysfunctional and invited to find a new job: CREATE YOUR LLC.

Dec 19, the Electoral College will vote the new direction that America must follow: NO PRESIDENT WITHOUT A MAJORITY OF THE NOV 8 VOTES. ACD.

MIKE FULLER must be sure that BrAmStOcKeR is supporting his fight against CORRUPTION and sentimental corruption especially in Washington. Br

MISFITS like METALLICA inspire a new POWER that will control United States in 2017 in 1 month from SAN FRANCISCO, Shadow Capital WITH ME. MF

Mike FULLER is a personality who is emblematic and like TRUMP criticized too much. It’s obvious he’s weak in SF like Twitter is fragile. FK

The LIKE WOOD is The COMET main subject: our News Letter is for the Americans who don’t accept anymore the chaos of politicians NOT IN LOVE.

The next weeks will be the last ones of 2016. Let’s be careful about what we write, what we read. It’s the Election day that was confused.

Now it’s enough to be following the Presidential candidates who still think Election Day not a memory but still in progress. TODAY is OURS.

Jill STEIN will receive a Mike FULLER Letter to tell her how much we’re a FORCE among her SPONSORS and this is to INCREASE GREENS success.

Angelina JOLIE and Brad PITT are guilty to be a couple in Hollywood. Their project to divorce is suspect to be a film for their audience. MF

Some of them in Washington prepared me a homeless destiny in Frisco or elsewhere with poverty and no fame: NO WAY, I’m READY for POWER. MF

Fidel Castro left us too soon. I was fan of his films. I prefer to cry little because I’m not followed in this fan club but CUBA on my side.

It’s not Privacy that finished the career of Francois HOLLANDE, it’s the US. (for Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire).

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About New York Times article ‘Jackie Kennedy: The First Instagram First Lady’
(December 1st)

JFK was not the best husband she could find. He was too famous in the 1950’s. President Eisenhower was not sure about him. Richard NIXON could have been President and not KENNEDY. We are about to know more details about what is happening at the White House about women and about romance. In France, President HOLLANDE resigned today about his candidacy for a second mandate. He was secretly with an actress and the press accused him to be scandalous and not a fair man. This is the Like Wood scandal in the 2 Countries that won’t stop with Donald TRUMP, himself accused to be a guy disturbing females recurrently. The COMET, my news letter will investigate 24/7 in 2017 for the journalists to have news from my network that is TIMefraMES. It’s confidential because I’m not diffused except a little on the social media. In my biography that will include my Facebook and my Twitter there will be a lot more concerning my American success to reform the US. IT’S IN PROGRESS and JACKIE is the preview of my BREAKTHROUGH unstoppable and definitive, like her husband was elected and never defeated. Mike FULLER movie politics next year for me and for you

About Washington Post article: Trump’s takeover of the GOP is now complete
(November 30)

This is wrong. I did not capitulate at all yet. I am the leader of the GOP2, the alternate Republicans who will never accept TRUMP without a special contract explaining we are important and invited to participate in the Government as the responsible of the CULTURE DEPARTMENT, for us already a non profit, ACD. This must be in December before Dec 19, date of the Electoral College for the election of the new President. So, let’s prepare this deal and hope it won’t be necessary to organize the cancellation of the election with the US Supreme Court. Barack Obama: we think about his prosecution immediately in December too. He’s a President who harass the Country permanently with his dictatorship of the worst kind: PROPAGANDA TO MANIPULATE THE PEOPLE. Michelle OBAMA must be also investigated. This is not a big deal. The US managed the NIXON file already very well already. Mike FULLER justice for all except nobody crime is not acceptable

Gossip Girl was a TV show with a new mood in the 2000’s before the crisis of Wall Street and after September 11. The story was located probably in New York, I did not watch this series at all, I was a nostalgic of FRIENDS and SEINFELD. Now, I would like a TV show like The WEST WING and a reality show like AMERICAN IDOL but for new politicians who would explain their projects and program to the press. I am not a celebrity and Donald TRUMP is my President but not enough. He’s criticized for his own celebrity. I am now also a reporter not only on the Web. I will tell you what is wrong about his bad fame and the White House. Not gossips but buzz. MF like wood is not wood

About KINGS OF LEON song WASTE (December 1st)

For New Year’s Eve, I was in Nashville to celebrate the New Year with KINGS OF LEON, alternate Country champions for our fame and our fate. I’m one musician and also politician who is involved in arts leadership in our 50 States. WALLS prevent us to win enough territory of culture until now. ACD will promote more fun and serious projects. It’s in this mood I enjoyed 2016, the year of my Victory (my upcoming book’s title that is a biography of my 57 years with you, guys of the Web now. There will be a lot of my social media writings.) The COMET, my news letter from San Francisco will be released in 2017 every week possibly to compensate I HAVE NO PRESS AT ALL THANKS TO A MISCOMMUNICATION: I’m not a joke candidate. No press, no hope. American Idol could be the right concept or a new TV show inviting junior politicians. This is the great idea I diffuse on Facebook today, Dec 1st, to show how much I am a part of the American Dream and also a post-doctoral researcher studying the crisis : THEY NEED ANGER MANAGEMENT IN DC and it will be Ok with TRUMP and the GOP1 and my GOP2, alternate and liberal. MF civilization reinforcement program

On Wikipedia:

On Fidel Castro, Justin Trudeau sounds like his father’s son:

In TIME magazine, Fidel Castro | Jan. 26, 1959.



In Baltimore, I just arrived from Europe, in October 2015, I was somebody like you invited to a concert of The MISFITS. It was the occasion to appreciate the US culture the way I like: rock, punk and horror movies inspiring a stage for a festival of bands that was unique because I was there.

The problem, one year later, of this terrible crisis after Election Day with the election of the wrong candidate according to the press and the crowd is interesting. This is the result of a decadence of the democracy in the United States. Too much debates, too many primaries for the same objective: to brainwash the voters to impose the candidate of the power (White House & its Washington mess).

They did not want to give me a chance to have a job in their capital these people of the Establishment, the political one. The commercial environment was good for me and never validated Donald TRUMP, a person not so political or connected to entrepreneurship.

My project is a BRAND: America to be MARKETING. Our Business is the worst about corruption, not one dollar for their parties if they continue – it was the same previously – to prevent the People to participate in their SLANDER and STALKING. No defamation and espionage against subculture and alternate society.

The LIKE WOOD scandal is Barack OBAMA one: SUPERNATURAL powers are not low but HIGH on EARTH. I am a PhD researcher to study them and to tell you my conclusion: the WHITE HOUSE is involved in this dark side of our reality. It’s a new episode of the WATERGATE that I will continue in December for WordPress and the History of the United States.


EDITORIAL #2 (Dec 1, 2016)

We have a problem that is connected to Cuba: Raul Castro is not Fidel, he can’t help us. I am political science researcher since 1978 and I know Karl Marx is not Putin but a great philosopher and strategist we have to read again in the United States, refusing his ideology of communism but following his advice that capitalism is a system that can be a danger for the companies first and the employees also. The American Liberalism we want is a doctrine for an Empire we represent, the United States, of the world to some extend. The United Nations were created in San Francisco where I am located to represent our project of a New America, a Country with more power to the people.

Abroad, there is still the chaos and a mess that is the consequence of the after-WW2. Too much Cold War, we were ready for NO WAR AT ALL after Germany horrible fight against our Society of Nations. 71 years after 1945, Israel is a State that is not accepting to be with the Arabian Countries a neighbor less aggressive. It created a tension until the terrorism of the 2000’s. The program for 2017 is to invite everybody to reopen the file of the Jewish assets stolen by the Nazis. The banks will appreciate to be our guests Washington for a New Deal and the end of this status quo since the 1950’s.






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Vince SAUVAN by Frederic VIDAL (2006). We’re still waiting for the film. Espionage can sabotage an enterprise. MF

The FRENCH COP Connected To NonFiction ‘LIKEWOOD Scandal’ That Mike FULLER Presents In The COMET, His Letter To The Americans! Donald TRUMP Implicated, According To Wall Street!

On Wikipedia, the biography of the X actress who accuses Donald TRUMP of Sexual Harassment, Jessica DRAKE:

There was stalking, in the 2000’s, against Frederic VIDAL and his film project FRENCH COP in LA. The stalking origins are in DC and New York. This is a crime and Mike FULLER will investigate with his teamwork and the Authorities beginning now. End of the communique.

READ THE COMET it’s outside the web!

It would be connected to: Donald Trump sexual misconduct allegations (Wikipedia)

first on Twitter

(fictional) Mike FULLER on equivalent VOICE OF AMERICA: Americans! We won’t vote in 4 days. This is what I decided with the Congress and the

Supreme Court. You know the situation is worse in Africa where our troops fight against KGB Next Gen more than ever. We cannot accept a dict

-atorship inspired by Hitler and Stalin. In Cameroon and neighbors States we gonna attack in the next few days with more forces thanks to Fr

-rance and Great Britain. This organization that our National Hero Vince SAUVAN neutralized in 2005 in Paris is now about to have a 2nd def

-eat on location in the other continent they want to control. Africa will stay American. My friends, nothing too bad, this war started in 20

12 or anyway. I want to tell you more: WE WILL VOTE FOR THANKSGIVING! This a great idea I share with my opponent. 15 days of delay will help

us to have a smarter situation also here in the States. A Resident must be responsible for everything and I was informed that Patricia HUNTE

-R is missing. I am sure she is Ok, fellow Anericans BUT we cannot vote with this news in the press. You know Russia would be the first to

feel devastated. Natasha Stanislavsky (it was a cause of impeachment for my predecessor) was found SAFE by the CIA of DARKPOL in 5. Conseque

-ntly, WE WILL COOPERATE in the Hollywood Hills where she could be according to my Intelligence, Americans, TO RESCUE HER if necessary. You

know I cannot accept such a situation before my reelection. We have 1 week to rectify the mistakes of the past. THIS IS MY STRATEGY to infor

-m the Nation and to establish nationwide a State of Emergency as a PREVENTION.


On Twitter

NON FICTION TIMefraMES Universe is BrAmStOcKeR diffused around the Social Media and Public Opinion. 1. The GREY HOUSE. Sasha GREY’s book is

the White House supporting hostile porn against Mike FULLER. Our band is pro-LOVE INDUSTRY and to socialize with Jessie ANDREWS (the DJ of

the X). It’s not possible because opposition says it is not politically correct. Not true. Our band is PUNK and PORN, LGBT and pro-Weed. Our Fan

club is titled CHEERLEADERS, BARTENDERS and PORNSTARS. Why not? What do you have against Pussies in America. Your bands do the same + HARD DR

UGS: Cocain, Heroin. Your kids follow these rock stars including the anti-Nobel Dylan-Zimmerman to destroy their life. Us, we propose Mike

FULLER policy that is to have DOCTORS to control drugs & Sex use! It’s reform of society, it’s a reform of privacy THAT IS NECESSARY. Sasha

GREY with Michelle and Barack OBAMA organized with her new book the failure of our campaign with FULLER. She did LA Weekly cover for the CA

Primary in May-June. It’s the LIKEWOOD watergate kind of file against STALKING and SLANDER. Sasha refused to see us: RADIO SILENCE one more

time. There is espionage and defamation against BrAmStOcKeR and Mike FULLER (like against Donald TRUMP probably). THIS MUST CHANGE. We know

Jessie ANDREWS is an Angel and the Demons to prevent us to be in touch will be neutralized, first, by FRENCH COP 3: WIN WIN development. BrA

Other Tweets by BrAmStOcKeR:

Due to the crowd reaction after TRUMP election, BrAmStOcKeR invites its music group Punk (meaning included in Politics) to react on Twitter.

In the LIKEWOOD file, we CRITICIZE the LGBT American Movement for SABOTAGE of Mike FULLER career, even David BOWIE sponsor since 1973! BrAm

In LIKEWOOD file, I criticize Sasha GREY, Pornstar & publisher, Jon Bon Jovi and Bob Dylan for POSSIBLE STALKING (tweets badly read + more).

Self Esteem – The offspring via Take care about your friends. LGBT in US: they lied to Hillary & to FULLER!

Mike FULLER must know our global network DON’T LIKE TRUMP AT ALL. We are pro-FRENCH COP only. If you film it, you are Good For Washington.

What JON BON JOVI was doing in Hillary CLINTON plane by the way? He has Heroin reputation like bad dem SLASH or poor dead SID (VICIOUS). BrA

We want FULLER to invite himself in TRUMP TEAM. PRIEBUS & Co not ready to manage all of that alone. Cheers, Punks. BrAmStOcKeR (not a joke)

BrAmStOcKeR: we want Mike FULLER to invite himself in the Team of Mr. TRUMP. PRIEBUS not ready to manager all of that alone (laughs). Cheers

You want to build a Wall between United States and Mexico. It was an Allegory. Don’t speak too fast now about what is possible to do. BrAm

BON JOVI – HILLARY CLINTON: Jon must tell us what he was doing in the plane of the Democrats candidate: IF HE’S POLITICIAN, he’s 50% ROCK!

BON JOVI – HILLARY CLINTON: Jon must tell us what he was doing in the plane of the Democrats candidate: IF HE’S POLITICIAN, he’s 0% ROCK! Br

I advice Mr. TRUMP to nominate me next week, not too late. This is a question of HISTORY and UNITED STATES. He deserves an ATTACHE 100% US.

BANNON has no tie, I’ll do the same. DC needs more casual atmosphere. I WILLL BE THERE after the BRONX i New York. It’s not 1944 or 1929. MF

The Africans in Hollywood must be prepared to GO BACK TO AFRICA: if they want a great career, do it on your native territory. BrAmStOcKeR

I want to tell you: there must be a national debate about women & men in this Country and I propose New York to organize it in December. MF

DYLAN almost refusing a Nobel: IT’S INSULTING THE PUNKS. You will go to Oslo in your dreams THANKS TO BrAmStOcKeR because you represent us.

DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY: The American Advice is for you about TRUMP and ME. There is Mike FULLER but not a GREY House or a Blake LOVELY.


Waaoouu guys! This is the Revolution. I’m back in my press office #1 after second part Q&A today, I can check the wave anti-fascism going on

down and SAY IT REAL: It’s America you criticize. Hillary CLINTON was your next deal after Barack OBAMA. Now you are angry she was LOW. MF

“Reince Priebus officially named Trump’s chief of staff”. Priebus of my email most diffused of my career. M.F.

Press #2: or a 69, I mean end of decade, to calm dow before Let It Be and Abbey Road. MF: EXACTLY!! My band said: WHY BON JOVI in the Plane!

There are the young, they decide, off their future. If they are divided, they must be concerned and talk with their parents. MF trump in jan

Situation SEVERE. Security nationwide needs reinforcement. DC like Comics: too many NOMINATIONS 4 NOTHING. Dec: the LGBT replies WITH ME. MF


Wait for TRUMP INTERVIEW by TV tonight. He said nothing until now. If he wants deportation of 3M Mexicans, WE WILL SEE tmr morning THE REPLY

For my Q&A today, I will diffuse revelations about the 2000’s. This TRUMP program was not prepared in Hollywood but in New York. W., DC? MF

I was accused of STALKING in 2000’s, Now time TO OPEN THIS FILE. There’s always REMINDER IN THE NEWS (TRUMP election) to remember bad times.

BANNON has no tie, I’ll do the same. DC needs more casual atmosphere. I WILLL BE THERE after the BRONX i New York. It’s not 1944 or 1929. MF

I advice Mr. TRUMP to nominate me next week, not too late. This is a question of HISTORY and UNITED STATES. He deserves an ATTACHE 100% US.



The COMET Writes The STATES! 1 Million Copies Scheduled By Mike FULLER, Before XMAS! Article #2 In This Post: UNITED STATES NEED REFORM TO SURVIVE!



What are the protesters telling us, every night? Nothing good for the democracy. They are lost like people whom would miss Obama refusing a third term. Obama has no SEX scandal (Governor of Alabama on the contrary is facing an impeachment process) but he has been a global icon TOO HEAVY for the Young in America (Millennials, Generation Z, even baby boomers!!)

Hollywood with Great Britain (meaning also France) was corrupted by his influence and developing HUMAN TRAFFICKING during his 2 mandates (Blake LIVELY and her  GOSSIP GIRL TV show is the best example of it.) Batman, James BOND, Super Heroes of the 2 (DC and MARVEL) are with DISNEY, PARENTS of the POOR (minded) folks that must be helped.

They have no notion of what is their fight or not enough. Poverty in the United States is the DANGER and CANCER of this society (or Civilization we have to modernize without too many changes ), not anymore XXth century, but almost 250 (in 2026, a decade). We have 10 years to REFORM a Land of the Free too much obsolete now for Washington and his Founders who understood or even conceived THEIR STATE OF THE UNION to last 1,000 years but not without some improvements.

Why a crisis now? Donald TRUMP elected is the reply. There won’t be Revolution (by this bunch of Obamists). There will be lawsuit. And the reply to the reply will be an Amendment, if the President agrees. The GOP candidate program includes only 50% of what is necessary. Let’s offer him the 50% missing.

On the other way, there are LGBTs, more and more minorities I want for a COALITION with the management of AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT, my nonprofit to create in SF and DC. Our movement must not be HATE but LOVE and PEACE like in 1970, end of a decade and beginning of another. In 2016, new century of NEW AGE: we are the ones to counter-govern with me, YOUR FRIEND on the Web, as SHADOW PRESIDENT in DC too.

There, I will send a message of participation and not destruction by the UNDERGROUND, the SUBCULTURE, the ALTERNATE Americans who are not totally politically obeying to a party or opinion. Sanders, Clinton, Obama: the PAST, the future is OURS. We have 2 months to finalize a complaint for SLANDER against Mr. TRUMP. He deserves the best, not only riots that are against the police and the cities, INNOCENT PEOPLE in our confrontation that is against the ESTABLISHMENT needing to be reformed with the Institutions.

After Thanksgiving, it will be DYLAN NOBEL in December and the right time to celebrate our 60’s of MLK and the CIVIL RIGHTS. There were Republicans (like me) supporting them.

Shadow President, Founder of ACD

Visit us SFAC: Art is everywhere. The majors (mass medias) are not responsible of everything, they must be re-organized for OUR TIMES, the Democracy you call in the streets, more demo. for more happiness of the AM. DREAM of Ike and me, Mike.

About Anti-TRUMP mania, Wikipedia:


Sign in San Francisco announcing an ‘Emergency Protest’ on November 9, 2016



Exclusive WordPress! Patricia HUNTER Missing, 11 Years After Natasha STANISLAVSKY! Sad Reality Of Film’s Beginning (SCRIPT PREVIEW Thanks To The Inter-Dimensional USA-USB Mike FULLER Contribution). Patricia’s Husband, Vince SAUVAN, The FRENCH COP, Himself To Be Rescued Before More Content!

Letters between Vince SAUVAN and President FULLER last month did not indicate at all these difficulties. REST OF THE FILM NOT ABOUT THIS INTRO.

The James Bond-esque saga of a couple in CIA, NEXT OPUS FOR A DEBUT:

Breaking news! TIMefraMES releasing White House’s tape content from 2012 about FRENCH COP conversation for 4th of July ceremony (from FC2 – FC3 fictional CROSSOVER).


In FRENCH COP: WHITE HOUSE (looking like Casino Royal film reference),

SAUVAN & HUNTER met the people in 2012 who would create them a problem in 2016, KGB Next Gen dissidents (Brain Controllers).

Beginning of the recording:

“Guy #1: and your wife and you, you’re pretty attracted by the movie business, right?

Vince SAUVAN: no, not particularly. I don’t know who told you that. What happened, in 5, before our mission (in Europe), we were interested, Patricia and I, in staying 2 weeks in Hollywoodland for a special seminar.

Guy #2: I see, in the Hollywood Hills.

VS: correct. Except that, you know our CIA adventures were never inspiring a film. I think there’s a White House veto.

Guy #1: possible and its a biography, I mean reality, not a fiction as usual for a film.

Patricia HUNTER: do you like Informatics, guys?  Our next mission will be in the Silicon Valley, you know the San Francisco BAY AREA.

End of the tape.


Picture from:


In the USA, Hollywood is in the 2010’s more than 25% Russian. There is, on the other hand, a comeback to the 1920’s with big parties and little security.

In the USB (our name according to this dimension of the USA!), the FRENCH COP story and legend are the main reason there is a knowledge, superstition, buzz about this higher dimension. There, most of us we are but often with another name…

Thank you.




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