2016 After 1906! 2nd Earthquake In SF: Hillary Pays The Price Of FULLER’s Presidential Embargo. 110 Years Later, Mike’s Shadow Capital Possibly Injured? No TRUMP. No Joke: DONALD PRESIDENT!

November 9, 2016

2016 After 1906! 2nd Earthquake In SF: Hillary Pays The Price Of FULLER’s Presidential Embargo. 110 Years Later, Mike’s Shadow Capital Possibly Injured? No TRUMP. No Joke: DONALD PRESIDENT!

My letter by email to Jessie ANDREWS:

Like a rainbow appears after the rain

Dear Jessie:

you are the one I want to be the first to receive a mail from me, for this historic day or maybe not so historic. Like a rainbow appears after the rain, there will be other days, more important in our lives, and certainly the day I will meet you. I hope so. Right now, I close this political file 9the Presidential election) of my career in America for a little while. I’m gonna focus more on culture and entertainment industry, normally my professional activity (I have this first episode of a saga I created – FRENCH COP – to produce next year I schedule). I will let you know about it and you’re welcomed to join the cast.

So, with this new President, Donald TRUMP, there is obviously a New Deal for America and, let’s be prepared, it will be more favorable for us to be in touch. I do my best in San Francisco to do so.

Sincerely yours,

aka Frederic VIDAL before.


We will remember her, her exuberance, her personality. She wanted the main job in America so much. Her history was not the People’s history. Too bad. Hillary CLINTON will stay our political star of the past 2 years. MF

On Twitter https://twitter.com/vidalfuller2016, this morning after the election of TRUMP yesterday, Nov 8:

Breaking News! Mr. Mike FULLER accepts Questions & Answers on Twitter due to Election Donald TRUMP, new deal and earthquake, not only in CA.

MF: first question?

Press 1: are you Punk?

(laughs) I DON’T CHANGE MY STYLE. I’m BrAmStOcKeR’s manager, if I have a good memory. So, I’m 100% MINORITY. Press 2: and 0% voters. MF: I

couldn’t make it this year. Look at the results. No TRUMP, no JOKE I like to say meaning no hope for more certainly. Press 3: what you mean?

MF: what I want! I mean it’s a little like TWILIGHT ZONE this election. Polls SAID CLINTON, why believing in a surprise? But I said there

could be one! Press 1: one or several? MF: you mean a 2nd surprise would be to see me in your newspapers. I hope so, I have no confirmation

of it. Maybe next year, or before. Press 2: anyway, TRUMP’s election is better for you than an OBAMA’s 3rd term, they would say? MF: I think

so. Press 3: you seem to be badly surprised you didn’t succeed to join the main candidates ontime? MF: not so much. I understood it’s a Club

on its own. You must have the pass. Jill STEIN, I endorsed and appreciate, NEEDED ALL THE GREEN PARTY to be candidate!! Look, alone, its ano

-ther style of election. I was thinking the WEB could be the tool for another Political Plan with the Medias. I DIDN’T CHANGE. Press 4: you

couldn’t? MF: exactly or whatever. I reinforced my civilization, anyway. (laughs) Press 2: it’s your main proposition, right? MF: sure. I am

theoretician (or theorist). I did too much studies. I continue R&D of Frederic VIDAL. It’s about Semiotics and Political Science. It compens

ates the Zero Budget and Web Only. To be Scientific or not to be. It’s not to impress like Karl MARX. It’s to propose something STRONG becau

se we need a medication. FV was right when he arrived in Oct 2015 in DC and Baltimore: IT’S A DISABLED AMERICA after 4 years in Europe. So,

it’s the reason why TRUMP is elected today and next PRE in January. I can’t wait! (laughs) Press 1: he’s not exactly your type? MF: it’s not

the point. He is the guy of THE APPRENTICE, the entrepreneur from New York but he’s not me. I will try to help him anyway. Thanks, guys!! MF

2016 After 1906! 2nd Earthquake In SF: Hillary Pays The Price Of FULLER’s Presidential Embargo. 110 Years Later, Mike’s Shadow Capital Possibly Injured? No TRUMP. No Joke: DONALD PRESIDENT!

On Wikipedia about SF 1906 earthquake: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1906_San_Francisco_earthquake

On Wikipedia, EMBARGO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embargo

2nd DAY (11/10/2016) on https://twitter.com/vidalfuller2016

Breaking news! Mr. Mike FULLER 2nd Day of Q&A upcoming after ‘Earthquake’ of TRUMP’s Victory nationwide. Why Donald PRESIDENT? The replies!!

TIMefraMES press club. Mike FULLER Q&A Part 2. Press 1: Hi! MF: Hi! Press 2: we know you’re concerned by possible agitation about TRUMP fear

nationwide. MF: absolutely. It’s not what you think. This Immigration story will have a nice end. For now, it’s SURE the GOP made it: Presid

-ency, CONGRESS, MY GOP2 message to The NATION, 100% understood: NOT ANYMORE. I must be clear, next Pre. don’t hesitate. I’m not a kid, you

know. I studied Ancient Times. (laughs) So, 8 years or 16 years or 24 years of Democrats, IT’S OVER. I didn’t believe about it. You know, I

was disturbed by my NO-SHOW, organized BY THEM (the Dems). It’s what I think. WE’RE LIVE, everything’s possible now. So, let’s forget the

past. We don’t mind yesterday. build today with me. Press 3: sure but what about Donald TRUMP, is he GOP FAR-RIGHT and you, GOP2 FAR LEFT??

If you want. I don’t believe in this left-right organization of politics, especially in the United States, WE ARE REPUBLICANS or we are not.

Press 1: and you are? You endorsed Jill STEIN for Halloween and durably. MF: I think her and the GREENS can be our ALLIED. They have answers

to our questions. They feel good. I mean I will continue to invite them to my fight and I appreciated Jill STEIN candidacy to represent me.

Press 2: sure, but you’re not really followed at the Republican Party. They don’t reply to your emails. (laughs) MF: you’re not wrong. What

about RUBIO, did he win his Election? I don’t understand this RIDICULOUS ATTITUDE. It’s off-Broadway here, right? I have TRUMP ‘frankly spea

-king’ pressure. These people at the top who have not A SECRETARY TO BE IN TOUCH WITH ME, they mean: they refuse DEMOCRACY and they WRONG.

Press 1: situation didn’t change? MF: NO, IT CHANGED. Already THE DEMOCRATS WERE PUNISHED (with the Establishment according to the Press)!!

Press 1: YOU MEAN, THE DEMOCRATS WERE RESPONSIBLE OF 100% OF OUR DISEASE IN AMERICA?? MF: sure. 0% was because the GOP. GOP leaders, they we

-re not in charge. Anyway, they had A DEAL WITH OBAMA, they were accomplices, associated (to my point of view). And now, THEY HAVE TO CHANGE

to support the effort of Reforms if we succeed to influence President TRUMP. Press 2: you don’t accept people in the streets in Frisco right

now? MF: no, why? They express their difference, LIKE ME MINE. They don’t accept TRUMP PRESIDENT, it’s pre-Civil War, that’s it. But there

won’t be a war. A pacific war can happen. I think, they are pro-CLINTON fools, some of them. I was ready for 8 years of CLINTON2, then I wak

-e up. The Democrats of OBAMA COLLAPSED, they had nothing for us. 8 years gone. These guys, in the streets, they are doing a personal reject

-ion of Donald that is excessive. Hillary will come to help them forget (by the way, I’m solider with her pain but politics continues). They

are Far Left, I’m GOP equivalent (according to some). WHAT IS IMPORTANT is not the person but the PROGAM. Let’s be READY FOR THE BEST if you

want. Press 3: it’s the contrary of Fred VIDAL motto. MF: what do you mind? (laughs) Press 3: sure. In Hollywood, future is dark? MF: why?

Press 2: Lady GAGA leader this morning of the anti-TRUMP? MF: this is a revolution against the revolution and it won’t happen. These GAGA

people are not DADA. I mean NOT SINCERE, show biz meanstream, imitation alternate. Leave us alone with The NATION. DADA was surrealistic

movement, ancestor of the PUNKS according to some. Lady GAGA is a MADONNA imitation kind of who would do better NOT TO DO POLITICS TOO LATE!

3rd DAY (11/11/2016) on https://twitter.com/vidalfuller2016

Press 4: so, welcome back, Mike FULLER. Did you have a good day beginning? MF: Yes, like every day. I don’t feel confused at all. Life goes

on. Press #3: what about the earthquake of Trump’s victory now? MF: he’s the BOSS, He starts Jan 20 or 17. Us, politicians, we’re not at sch

ool, right? (laughs) Press #4: do you think the situation is under control? MF: first, HAPPY VETERAN DAY, it’s once a year (or 2), we are

the ones in America to be able to DECIDE WHAT WE WANT, even a TRUMP PRESIDENT, correct? Press #2: but a part of the Opinion don’t really acc

ept it 100%!? MF: 100%? If they accept it 75%, it will be enough. (laughs) Press #4: STAY HUNGRY STAY FOOLISH, I can read on our Wall’s set

here in SF. MF: right, it’s contemporary art. I like it. It means, TO CHANGE is basics of US Society or Civilization, TO STAY is the most IM

PORTANT is TO MOVE in the right direction and TO BUILD. Press #1: like explained on your websites!? MF: exactly. You’re welcome to visit it

sites.google.com/site/fullercomet … Press #2: WHEN THE COMET, the Newsletter of yours? MF: you will receive it ASAP like the title indicates it. (laughs

). Press #4: sure. I see it will be massive impact. It is what I hope so, consequently to the articles that were missing for you in the pres

s until today. Press #1: I can’t wait reading it, Mike but the issues number will be low? MF: why that? You mean the publishing nationwide?

Press #1: absolutely. MF: everybody has a Xerox copier. I propose self-publishing by all my fans. It could be 1M exemplars! (laughs) What do

you want, my budget is not yours. In a second time, next year, after Thanksgiving, I will join some Mainstream if you want!? Press #2: I’m

Ok with that. It would be a 3rd earthquake? MF: or a COMET meeting our Planet Earth! (laughs) Press #4: the content will be different than

your present communication on the Web. MF: I’m working on it with a specialized team. Obviously it’s what is necessary. It’s WRITTEN PRESS.

Press #2: are you waiting for a Mike PENCE call to join TRUMP’s team? MF: I have no phone right now available for that. (laughs) I schedule

to leave San Francisco, OUR SANCTUARY CITY in a short while now. Press #1: what a delay since September!! MF: SF was the best location to

prepare the post-Nov 8. When my last project for a breakthrough (PBS) collapsed 8 days before Election Day, I understood it won’t be long to

be sure I am not on the right track to be elected!! (laughs) Press #4: and now? MF: now I see Mrs. CLINTON had the same problem. She was the

hero of the maim Massive Medias and the Propaganda showed her elected before the vote so much. What a mistake. She was not on the right trac

k. Like me, she was too much SOMEWHERE ELSE. I was on the Web, she was in the Establishment. Frankly speaking, I was less disappointed than

her. Come on, she was like a Fairy Tale, a so wonderful Lady ready to govern but a dysfunctional Margaret THATCHER imitation (not organized)

. It’s like that on Earth, you think you right, you wrong, you think you Ok, you not, sometimes, plenty of times, not every time. She was ri

ght to invite JON BON JOVI on her plane. Like Hollywood of Aly McBeal and The West Wing ends of series, she knew something was going on abo

ut rock’ n roll and reality in her fiction of campaign all the campaigns are partly, more or less. So Jon (and Beyonce on stage) were not

a lucky deal for her, THE CONTRARY FOR ME. I’m more than ever in SF and on Twitter (headquarters: SF) to continue my career. I advise her si

ncerely to stop (her political one). She was not the right advisor of the MILLENIALS, these young voters who are now kind of LOST without

their 2nd mom. THEY HAVE NO NEW FATHER, I can swear. Mr. TRUMP is not, inverted, A VILLAIN. I am 25% a Super Hero (FRENCH COP), I will help.

Press #1: THANK YOU, IT WAS LIVE, IT WAS NOT PREPARED. MIKE FULLER: you’re welcome, when you want.

Press #4: so your message: don’t cry if you voted CLINTON, I’m still there? MF: possibly, you know better than me, I SEE YOU TOMORROW. Bye!

It was a great Q&A this morning like the 2 previous ones. I hope tomorrow too. Here in Frisco, I’m more comfortable than ever. What about

Donald TRUMP. I think I can be his MICKEY. I have 1 of my characters this name 1st and TRUMAN last name. DISNEY made them friends not more.

500,000 people signed for a constitution reform: DIRECT VOTE OF THE PRESIDENT. They wake up too late. Call HILLARY for a Law Lesson, friends

4th DAY (11/12/2016) on https://twitter.com/vidalfuller2016

BrAmStOcKer, managed by Mike FULLER, must inform it won’t validate directly @mikefuller2020 decisions due to TRUMP destabilization in the US

ACD Social and Cultural Governor Platform nationwide managing now Q&A Mike FULLER. Next episode at 10 AM PT from San Francisco. Thank you.

Press #1: so Mike you feel like a Ronald REAGAN in the 60’s after all this mess in DC like at that time with the Hippy movement nationwide?

Not really. (laughs) To some extend maybe. I was REAGAN member of his Simi Valley Library-Foundation and for him like for me CALIFORNIA 1ST!

Press #2: it’s the explosion of the WEB GENERATION now and you surf on it, President! I think it’s a gift (of God?) (laughs). MF: your humor

IS INTERESTING but nobody invented God, basically we don’t know who he is, WHAT IS GOD. There are many interpretations. Remember there, it’s

the nEW aGE, the New Age since 2000! I’m sure of it. Pressc #3: in the 60’s, they had the Vietnam War, now we have TRUMP? MF: if you want, I

don’t think so 100%. There is a misery on this planet in this Country: the MISCOMMUNICATION. Here, in San Francisco, we are a Sanctuary City

and I want today to speak with you ABOUT IMMIGRATION. Press #3: thanks President, your Shadow is a Comet! (laughs). MF: no kidding, Press!!

MF: I was just informed of a new ISIS attack in Pakistan. These guys from the Islamic Terrorism, calmed down for a while and… not anymore.

Press #5: and in LA: more people in the streets! MF: this will finish by the STATE OF EMERGENCY!? Press #1: the world is crazy? MF: I feel

a little the victim of it. I could have been elected President, not TRUMP. I was on time in October 2015 for Des Moines. I could not make it

because the American System I did not know enough (not at all because my main advisor at that time would have been French!) (laughs!) Press

#5: this vandalism about TRUMP election, would it have been the same for you, President, or must I say Governor (of ACD)?? MF: call me Mike.

Everybody can be responsible of something. THESE PROTESTERS must be positive: you don’t want TRUMP but CLINTON won’t come back. Why are you

so much angry about your Hillary. It’s not ALTERNATE at all, you are look-a-like, I mean Mrs. CLINTON said: she accepts, OBAMA too. You want

the cancellation, that’s it? I will study that BUT you appear TOO MUCH DEMOCRATS mainstream looking like Grunge. Looks fake your critic that

TRUMP IS THE DEVIL. Nobody is really. Or we will investigate, in this Country, nothing bad can happen, I mean so bad to destroy your Dream.

Press #3: it’s the 2nd hour now of our today’s debate. You look young and fresh like never before, Mike! MF: I was tired just before the ele

ction, I feel better now. Thank you, I’m also an artist. I took some rest and I have more energy coming back. It’s important for my career!

Press #2: sure, you developing FRENCH COP THREE! MF: exactly. I advise everybody to have a 2nd activity. Politics only or too much equals

too much overdose of anti-culture. Arts good for all. In French Cop: Win Win, I will present MARTIAL ARTS to the world of Film. Press #5:

like Bruce LEE, you not the only one to support Asian sports and philosophy in your area. that must help you for the election stuff. MF: a

lot. But this screenplay is tough. Vince SAUVAN needs some help, his wife too. I see you’re concerned. Thank you. I do my best like for poli

tics. Press #2: we like you, speaking with us about Culture and Film. It would be great if we were in a theater together for the screening

already. MF: I would like too. It would be magic. But it would be in 18, normally. Press #1: this time. (emotion) MF: this time. I must leav

e now. You know I don’t want any confusion. You are journalists, I am a candidate for more than my present job (I speak about politics) and

I WILL GET IT but I am not in a hurry. People who are too speed, often they don’t do it. WE HAD TO SPEAK ABOUT IMMIGRANTS TODAY. Press #4:

it will be tomorrow! MF: exactly, man. You know, TRUMP, he would be great, he’s just 50%. I will tell you tomorrow. I’m like REAGAN, I feel

like an Immigrant, I mean a Pioneer, a Patriot. If you’re not the 3, you’re not an Immigrant by the way. There will be my FULLER jurispruden

ce in Donald decision NOT TO CONFIRM part of his electoral program. We will negotiate, anyway it’s what I propose. Press #5: and you life

what is going on? MF: you kidding. Read my blog. (laughs) I’m in my 20’s (laughs) and everything can happen. Press #1: everything’s good??

MF: of course, I’ll be like Bruce LEE, not his son unfortunately (God bless him). Press #2: we have so many questions! Have a great weekend.

Waaoouu guys! This is the Revolution. I’m back in my press office #1 after second part Q&A today, I can check the wave anti-fascism going on

but I CAN SEE NO FASCISM in the Republicans or Nazism? They are LOST with 1 Leader elected President (a Reality Business Show Man). So calm

down and SAY IT REAL: It’s America you criticize. Hillary CLINTON was your next deal after Barack OBAMA. Now you are angry she was LOW. MF

More on WordPress in a short while.

Due to the crowd reaction after TRUMP election, BrAmStOcKeR invites its music group Punk (meaning included in Politics) to react on Twitter.

Nov 15

Press #1: so, Mike FULLER, the transition team resigns? MF: you can see we have a certain power. In fact, it’s only people for the National

Security. They understood IT’S NOT POSSIBLE TO BUILD A WALL like in Berlin between Mexico and the States. (laughs) This man is sick (too old

-). Basically, there are projects of campaigns, like mine (a Prime minister), then REALITY of negotiations in DC (District of COLUMBIA)! Oth

-erwise it’s chaos of too high dream-reforms and no time to do it in history (USSR was also too MARX addicted). I, Mike FULLER propose the

contrary of a wall, A FREEWAY that will be controlled by the NATIONAL GUATD but with LOVE and PEACE to reinforce our UNION US-LATINOS. Press

# 6: what about this transition team without you? MF: I don’t think so. I’M A PART OF IT de facto. If somebody disagrees, tell me. It’s juri

radical, it’s mathematical, it’s judiciary. There is this LIKEWOOD Affair, kind of Watergate, I’m gonna tell you and there is History. TRUMP

is nothing without me. Press # 2 and 3: what do you mean? Press #4 and 5: are you sure? MF: come on, we gonna do a break for 2 or 3 days and

we will see what’s up this weekend? Nothing if I don’t give the Green Light equivalent from Twitter? No, from EVERYWHERE. You don’t see me

on TV, I’m the SHADOW PRESIDENT, Me, I WANT at all prices, be on TV. Them, they don’t want. The PEOPLE is not a MEDIA. (laughs) The COMET

IS ABOUT THE LIKEWOOD Scandal, more than the WATERGATE, for me. Press #4: for you and for the others? MF: the Judge will decide. Press #3:

I see. It’s about this actress at the beginning who refused the film in 07? Is this connected to DC? MF: absolutely. She was obliged to refu

se. THERE WAS STALKING from the Republicans and the DEmocrats, maybe worse! Press #1: the White House? MF: who knows, some SS. Press #2: The

SECRET SERVICE. MF: you said its name. I like this song we’re playing now (I want to tell you, from G. Harrison). It’s not so terrible but

it can be deadly when you invest everything in a film (FRENCH COP), like The Beatles in HELP or HDN, and a Private Relationship. You don’t

need to be stalked! Press #6: you were about to marry this actress? MF: yes, with my previous name. Press #1: I see. And then it didn’t work

after a while? MF: correct. You know, before to shoot French Cop 3, I want to be sure THE PROBLEM IS GONE. There is a 2nd part. It’s in the

news. Press #6: of course, Sir. MF: read The COMET or your Tabloid. Press #5: about Blake LIVELY?


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