The COMET Writes The STATES! 1 Million Copies Scheduled By Mike FULLER, Before XMAS! Article #2 In This Post: UNITED STATES NEED REFORM TO SURVIVE!

November 13, 2016

The COMET Writes The STATES! 1 Million Copies Scheduled By Mike FULLER, Before XMAS! Article #2 In This Post: UNITED STATES NEED REFORM TO SURVIVE!



What are the protesters telling us, every night? Nothing good for the democracy. They are lost like people whom would miss Obama refusing a third term. Obama has no SEX scandal (Governor of Alabama on the contrary is facing an impeachment process) but he has been a global icon TOO HEAVY for the Young in America (Millennials, Generation Z, even baby boomers!!)

Hollywood with Great Britain (meaning also France) was corrupted by his influence and developing HUMAN TRAFFICKING during his 2 mandates (Blake LIVELY and her  GOSSIP GIRL TV show is the best example of it.) Batman, James BOND, Super Heroes of the 2 (DC and MARVEL) are with DISNEY, PARENTS of the POOR (minded) folks that must be helped.

They have no notion of what is their fight or not enough. Poverty in the United States is the DANGER and CANCER of this society (or Civilization we have to modernize without too many changes ), not anymore XXth century, but almost 250 (in 2026, a decade). We have 10 years to REFORM a Land of the Free too much obsolete now for Washington and his Founders who understood or even conceived THEIR STATE OF THE UNION to last 1,000 years but not without some improvements.

Why a crisis now? Donald TRUMP elected is the reply. There won’t be Revolution (by this bunch of Obamists). There will be lawsuit. And the reply to the reply will be an Amendment, if the President agrees. The GOP candidate program includes only 50% of what is necessary. Let’s offer him the 50% missing.

On the other way, there are LGBTs, more and more minorities I want for a COALITION with the management of AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT, my nonprofit to create in SF and DC. Our movement must not be HATE but LOVE and PEACE like in 1970, end of a decade and beginning of another. In 2016, new century of NEW AGE: we are the ones to counter-govern with me, YOUR FRIEND on the Web, as SHADOW PRESIDENT in DC too.

There, I will send a message of participation and not destruction by the UNDERGROUND, the SUBCULTURE, the ALTERNATE Americans who are not totally politically obeying to a party or opinion. Sanders, Clinton, Obama: the PAST, the future is OURS. We have 2 months to finalize a complaint for SLANDER against Mr. TRUMP. He deserves the best, not only riots that are against the police and the cities, INNOCENT PEOPLE in our confrontation that is against the ESTABLISHMENT needing to be reformed with the Institutions.

After Thanksgiving, it will be DYLAN NOBEL in December and the right time to celebrate our 60’s of MLK and the CIVIL RIGHTS. There were Republicans (like me) supporting them.

Shadow President, Founder of ACD

Visit us SFAC: Art is everywhere. The majors (mass medias) are not responsible of everything, they must be re-organized for OUR TIMES, the Democracy you call in the streets, more demo. for more happiness of the AM. DREAM of Ike and me, Mike.

About Anti-TRUMP mania, Wikipedia:


Sign in San Francisco announcing an ‘Emergency Protest’ on November 9, 2016




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