LIKEWOOD Like WATERGATE: Mike FULLER Informs Donald TRUMP That He’s Proposing The Impeachment Of President Barack OBAMA For Stalking (espionage) and Slander (defamation) In The GREY HOUSE Problem (Hollywood Romance And The White House)!

November 19, 2016

LIKEWOOD Like WATERGATE: Mike FULLER Informs Donald TRUMP That He’s Proposing The Impeachment Of President Barack OBAMA For Stalking and Slander In the GREY HOUSE Problem (Management of Hollywood Romance At The White House Against The GOP2 Presidential Candidate)!

There is a conspiracy in Hollywood against the American Authorities, supported unfortunately in Washington, DC. Human Trafficking, boycott against new projects, Adult entertainment used to create a confusion about morality, what about hard drugs in this community of the Hollywood Sign: this is the culture at its worst, with the comic books inspiring the blockbusters. No more Gone with the wind! Hello Suicide Squad! AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT will accuse with me officially President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle and Vice-President Joe Biden who was for the Oscars the special host confirming Washington wanted no change, except everybody together against Rape. Of course, we are all against this crime but the other crimes were not evocated.

The candidate Hillary Clinton and her husband who was the center of the Monicagate scandal is probably the main witness to testify about what happened to the Movie industry and more generally the show business (including the music business) since the 2 mandates of her husband until her campaign against Elected President Donald TRUMP who can have his election cancelled if he does not decide to prosecute the Clintons and Obama with me because it would show a secret deal of corruption between him and the democrats establishment.


Frederic VIDAL wanted to marry Blake LIVELY in the 2000’s, the French refused and the Americans succeeded another deal: to marry her with haute couture DIOR for a contract anti-Mike FULLER until now and a second one with L’OREAL. This is sad and must be investigated by the American and French Justice.


Blake Lively Was Already Featured In Rolling Stone For GOSSIP GIRL, And I Want TO Interview Her Before FLAG YEAR To Be Sure That She Will Be My Wife On The Reality Screen That We Call Life On Earth, I Still Want To Marry Her ASAP ANd I Will Be A Lucky Guy With A RinG Called LoVe!!!

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GOSSIP LAND replacing LA LA LAND: Los Angeles has a new (nick)name thanks to FRENCH COP, the film and the reality to prevent to produce it.

Mike PENCE was lucky to be in New York to meet the people we support who told him WHAT THE ARTISTS FEEL ABOUT TRUMP: FULLER Prime Minister.

I just informed FACEBOOK I demand an investigation by the US SUPREME COURT about this Election Day and campaigns. Something wrong in US now.

I was accused of STALKING in 2000’s, Now time TO OPEN THIS FILE. There’s always REMINDER IN THE NEWS (TRUMP election) to remember bad times.

Nov 20

ALCATRAZ: next for Donald TRUMP after CAPONE and before Hillary & Bill CLINTON, subject of The COMET #1: they loved too much sex & dollars.

TRUMP don’t want me because he loves BANNON: LGBT? Maybe. No men together without tenderness! (laughs) About the pussy scandal, together 2.

PUTIN must know TRUMP refusing hire FULLER in transition team. Mike Web special guest advisor. 2 winners, No Winner: Hillary 1M VOTES more.

THE APPRENTICE: It’s 2017 Game to play at home with your boyfriend. Me, I will play alone because the White House prevents me a girlfriend!

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Trump and Pence vs. ‘Hamilton’ cast: A collision of two Americas

The AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT (my nonprofit) does not understand why PENCE and TRUMP were so much hostile to the statement of HAMILTON team: it’s the liberty of expression and the NECESSARY FEEDBACK of the artists to write and say directly to the politicians and the responsible of the Power what they think can be wrong and dangerous. Congratulations guys for your honesty and your sense e of duty. I replace Mike PENCE to send you my best and THANK YOU! I’m a Transition Team guest according to me as the Shadow President of Obama and next, possibly TRUMP or not if the election is cancelled by the Judge in the following weeks (Hillary CLINTON has 1M more voters that shows how much she’s the winner without the right to be President, according to a rule to reform, the second vote by delegates, obsolete tradition of our Constitution since Nov 8. Mike FULLER.
Washington Post article: “We, sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir,” said Brandon Victor Dixon, the actor who played Aaron Burr, reading a statement the cast members had drafted together. “But we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and work on behalf of all of us. All of us,” he continued.”

Trump calls ‘Hamilton’ cast ‘very rude’ for calling out Mike Pence on stage over equality concerns: ‘Apologize!’

I support HAMILTON against PENCE who is wrong not to welcome an interesting and important feddback of our cultural environment: ART IS SMARTER THAN POLITICS. TRUMP is wrong to criticize the actors who are sincere and helping us to understand what can be improved in our transition team. MF

Trump Demands ‘Hamilton’ Cast Apologize After Pence Gets Booed

“He (TRUMP) also tweeted that Pence was “harassed” by the cast as theatergoers had their “cameras blazing.” Donald is too much communicating about this incident. It’s not good for the image of our transition team. Mike PENCE was managed POSITIVELY by the off-Broadway, off-Hollywood. The Demons in Washington are the Democrats and they will have the lawsuit against Hillary CLINTON, next week, prepared by me from San Francisco. She was a bad actress and anti-FULLER, anti-TRUM 1000%.

About Chrissy Teigen thinks Donald J. Trump’s tweets about “Hamilton” are just a distraction from his Trump University settlement. (VARIETY)

We need a Secretary of the Arts in America. TRUMP President, it’s HOLLYWOOD with his most important award of all times for THE APPRENTICE. REAGAN President was his breakthrough in Washington. Our blockbuster will be together, me, I’m not the driver, I know the direction. If he wants to go somewhere else, I will leave. Mike FULLER reagan city win win trump fuller

About THE STOOGES: I Wanna Be Your Dog

I Wanna Be Your Dog: a song played by BrAmStOcKeR in 1977 for a good reason that is to commemorate the end of the 1960’s and the beginning of the consecration of the American Rock that never ended. The Stooges of Iggy Pop are the most powerful band with their style of guitar and voice, used by the band of Fred KELLY to continue the tradition of The Sex Pistols, another monumental masterpiece of the artistic evolution of music. The United States will celebrate in 2017 the Bowie Year including Iggy Polo (RAW POWER produced by David) and Sid Vicious, the bassist of The Pistols who finished his short career singing the Sinatra’s song, MY WAY. If you don’t like enough rock, you have to appreciate this music now. It is a social therapy to improve our Country in order to find the right mood to build these 4 years of TRUMP presidency with a deal to find for Culture and Minorities accepted by the Republicans. AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT & Mike FULLER


The demons were in Washington, in the Congress and all around. They were singing no song and waiting for TRUMP to start a new mandate of their religion: the Union without Washington! Mike FULLER no dc without fuller. no trump. no joke.

Donald Trump Agrees to Pay $25 Million in Trump University Settlement

25, it’s a lot of money. Donald TRUMP is ready to accept his opposition in his majority maybe, meaning to have a part of his team with FULLER. TS

The Latest: Another Trump tweet on Hamilton

HAMILTON: the bad feedback of TRUMP about my Culture project. We have to accept the critics of the Artists, THEY KNOW THE TRUTH, they are closer to the reality than us, politicians who vote the law, govern but are not with the population living together like the actors and directors BECAUSE WE ARE ELECTED BY THEM (corruption risk). When there is a problem, there is a solution: COMEDIANS CAN HELP. Let’s be more friendly with them who lost with Hillary or were injured by her bad ambition to be more than a President, a kind of Queen. MF historicity sociology of arts in political science

Electoral voters ‘deluged’ with death threats in multiple states

On Dec. 19 the Electoral College will convene to cast their votes for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, with each state’s electors pledged to vote for the candidate elected on Nov. 8 in their state. WE WILL BE THERE: I propose a confirmation of TRUMP with the FULLER jurisprudence, to be politically more LIBERAL, inviting me as Social & Cultural Consultant, because DEMOCRATS VICTORY FOR THE VOTES MAJORITY is definitive and spectacular and must be respected WITHOUT PUTIN IN AMERICA (too much by TRUMP when we don’t accept him or his difficult context). There won’t be another Stalin disturbing our Hollywood and New York’s TRUMP. To the Americans who still believe in 1776 and 1945. MF

Donald J. Trump to the Hamilton: An American Musical cast: “Apologize!” (VARIETY)

Select me and I will apologize for them. Hillary wanted to be the Queen, including Broadway, Donald must be a Prince of Hollywood with me as a coach consultant. MF

Facts Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You To Know

Facts Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You To Know

I AM DONALD TRUMP APPRENTICE #1 but from the TV Show of the 2000’s that was right, not from the 2010’s against TRUMP himself and PENCE not accepting comedians advice! You’re fired said the new to the old one but who was the last? Mike FULLER, Nov 19, 2016.

Nov 20

As a social and cultural consultant of Mr. TRUMP, inside his transition team politically speaking, from SF, via Twitter and Facebook, I want to start the audit of a Liar, the real name of Donald TRUMP for a lot of Americans. It’s difficult sometimes to rehabilitate somebody after he did a lot of mistakes. YOU DON’T TREAT WOMEN LIKE THAT but, on the other hand, the population must acknowledge to speak about sex is good when it’s well managed like by me. MF donald trump biography specialist and possible successor

About: Trump and his transition team push ahead, meeting with political allies (Washington Post)

The White House is not white anymore. It is grey. With TRUMP and OBAMA, the slander and the stalking meaning the defamation and the espionage against Frederic VIDAL are at their highest level. You, Washington Post, you could write in your newspaper that I am Mike FULLER, victim of harassment from the ones who harass the American pussy on a daily basis. You don’t do it because you support these people who deserve the impeachment, like the impeachment of Richard NIXIN for the WATERGATE. But you don’t want a new Monicagate about Sasha GREY, Jessica DRAKE, Blake LIVELY and Jennifer LAWRENCE. You don’t mind if I asm a French Lover without a job because I want to be President of the States too. You are wrong and I’m writing it for you as your editorialist in the comments. My newsletter The COMET will continue the investigation about the reasons why it’s necessary to be a cowboy with the girls to succeed in America. The real boss of the election was the Oval Office that decided 2 winners: CLINTON for the votes, TRUMP for the Electoral College. 2 winners, it’s NO WINNER AT ALL and the cancellation of this first round. Let’s vote again and for me to have a woman to sing with me and to play more than the guitar, the keyboard of this screen or of a synthesizer. Love on Earth. Mike FULLER trump transition team shadow pre.

About the Governorship of Ronald Reagan (11/26/2016)

I am Ronald REAGAN when I say: No Actor without a Career. The leadership of mine, Shadow President of the United States, is like the Governorship of my ‘partner in (no) crime’ that started in 1967 and finished in 1975.
My Secretary of State: Vince SAUVAN, my character of detective, like Eliot NESS, who will meet again Patricia HUNTER representing AMERICA.
This is in the script of FRENCH COP 3 scheduling a little sabotage of the people against this REUNION of a rock band playing CIA songs and a TRAVEL of DARKPOL in Japan for business deals in the program of the Web.
This story explains in my reality my year 2017, the MOST IMPORTANT OF MY LIFE with the production of this film and my political career to improve 100%.

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FIDEL CASTRO was not KENNEDY but almost. I explain myself: the enemy was not Brejnev and his team of communist in USSR, the enemy was WW II.

Angelina JOLIE and Brad PITT are guilty to be a couple in Hollywood. Their project to divorce is suspect to be a film for their audience. MF

CASTRO FIDEL was our Idol for PUNK against Nazis like the Americans who don’t like the DEAD KENNEDY’S. Politics is not Culture AT ALL.

Fidel CASTRO was already there and JFK left to show we are not fragile but changing our leaders sometimes too fast. MF

SHA: I was in ALABAMA and the Governor was surprised to see me, I suppose. His impeachment was the main subject about his career. I don’t think Alabama deserves such a crisis anymore. The song remains the same. MF America first

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Some people don’t know where they go by themselves, others decide the direction and the travel to their objective: a Free World or a Nation without Liberty. TOLERANCE is the main word of our vocabulary because HATE is a CRIME and JUSTICE is Fidel CASTRO memory. MF

Fidel, he will stay Fidel. Against the bad side of our continent that is the destruction of the nature and the sabotage of our economy, I would vote Castro, especially in SF (Castro is the name of the LGBT main street). The only difference is that I’m not communist at all. Cuba on my mind with Raul Castro appreciated. Mike FULLER



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