No More Nukes In The United States For 2025: It’s Mike FULLER Proposition For 2017 To Create A Project Of International Freedom! The Holiday Season Is Our Right Time To Be Fair!

December 5, 2016

No More Nukes In The United States For 2025: It’s Mike FULLER Proposition For 2017 To Create A Project Of International Freedom! The Holiday Season Is Our Right Time To Be Fair!

On Facebook December 23, 2016

Donald Trump entretient le trouble sur le nucléaire militaire

Le Tweet de Donald TRUMP est a l’opposé de ma proposition de démantèlement unilatéral. Je suis donc officiellement l’ANTI-TRUMP aux Etats-Unis et la France peut en être fière. Nous avons notre mot a dire. En tant que BINATIONAL, je n’hésiterai pas a monter au créneau en Janvier pour que le nouveau President s’actualise et refuse l’obsolete nucléaire des années 50. L’avenir, c’est la guerre au passé. Mike FULLER « les Etats-Unis doivent grandement renforcer et accroître leur capacité nucléaire tant que le monde n’aura pas retrouvé la raison dans le domaine des armes nucléaires ». DT

Trump on Nukes: ‘Let it be an arms race’

This is not acceptable. Mr. TRUMP is playing with our nuclear arsenal to promote the realism of his Presidency style that is like the problem of his electoral campaign, creating bad waves. More in the US must join the NO NUKES project. I will contact all the Americans in January to invite them to be me NOT ACCEPTING ANYMORE THE NUCLEAR TERROR of risk of Cities burnt in one minute by a bomb. These weapons are OBSOLETE and tools for CRIMINALS AGAINST HUMANITY. Read my post of Dec 5 about the NO NUKES: Mike FULLER

Trump threatens to upend U.S. nuclear weapons policy

TRUMP replied to my December 20 Historic Speech on Twitter (read it: by his PRO-NUKES Tweet to mean how much he is refusing a Collaboration with me who is for the unilateral reduction of the US Nuclear Power until the No Nukes in 2025 or even 2020. I still believe there is a solution between him and me: to see each other in New York at the Trump Tower or in another location TO DISCUSS ABOUT THE DUTIES OF OUR SUPER POWER. I will propose him a meeting for the new year. Mike FULLER

Trump’s latest comments stoke talk of a new nuclear arms race, while his press secretary tries to explain

President elected Donald TRUMP was really showing yesterday that he is managing my important Shadow President function. He is considering it very seriously. HIS DECLARATION FOR THE INCREASE OF THE NUCLEAR WEAPONS is a decision to express, he is not accepting a Collaboration Mode with me, Mike FULLER who is proposing the NO NUKES policy to Washington. The team of the President is not supporting him and this is the first crisis after his election by the Electoral College. Never mind, I will continue to invite myself at the White House, FROM NEW YORK CITY, beginning Next Spring. The BLACK HOUSE in the Bronx, concert of mine, will be the Headquarters of AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT (ACD), the prefiguration of a real Secretary of the Arts for the American Government. President Donald TRUMP will have the international pressure of the POST-COLD WAR ERA against Nuclear Weapons. He will moderate his Holocaust ambition or will finish like Adolf HITLER, devastated by his own Nuke, the nuke of the Terror of destroying Earth in a conflagration with Russia, replacing the late Soviet Union. This nightmare must stay in our mind for the preparation of the New Year but for now let’s celebrate Christmas when the next President is in Florida, neighbor of the State that had a deep crisis with us in the 6I just sent a message to President Donald TRUMP to tell him I promote the NO NUKES solution and advice him not to decide + nuclear power. MF’s, Cuba that lost Fidel Castro a few weeks ago. Mike FULLER

Yesterday, Dec 22: 

Retweeted CNBC (@CNBC):

BREAKING: President-elect Trump tweets that the US “must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability”

It is a mistake! The United States must do the contrary: NO MORE NUKES in 2025, it’s crucial for our Country and the World. I hope TRUMP will change his mind and accept a MODERATE STRATEGY ABOUT NUCLEAR POWER for a CANCELLATION OF THE NUKES TERROR! Mike FULLER

On Twitter, December 22

The Donald TRUMP Tweet to say: I’m not available for you, Mr. FULLER:

“The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes”

Breaking News! FULLER replies on Twitter to TRUMP: we must stop the NUKES all at once if we are the SUPER POWER we are TO SHOW THE WAY! BrAM

President TRUMP received a few minutes ago my Twitter message about the fact I propose the ‘NO NUKES’ solution for the United States NOW. MF

I just sent a message to President Donald TRUMP to tell him I promote the NO NUKES solution and advice him not to decide + nuclear power. MF

ABSOLUTE BEGINNER President Donald TRUMP would like More Nukes? It’s probably wrong. Shadow President Mike FULLER told him NO NUKES is best.

David Bowie – Absolute Beginners via @YouTube TRUMP is an Absolute Beginner and me, I’m an ABSOLUTE INSIDER from DC.

From Youtube: TRUMP is the Absolute Beginner in my MUSICAL FOR BROADWAY. The BOWIE YEAR (2017) will give me the talent to be the ABSOLUTE INSIDER of Washington Federal Power that the Nation needs. Mike FULLER

Nov 9, 10 and 11, 2016. (mikefuller2020, timeframes2020, vidalfuller2016, bramstocker):

Why Donald TRUMP would not accept an indie private authority to manage his fortune until the end of his mandate? Mike FULLER would do that.

I want to be famous in the Mainstream and rich in Wall Street because I am an artist and a junior entrepreneur. I will be more a VIP soon.

It’s just the beginning of the year 2016-17 from September to August like in the Universities. 1st trimester’s end in December, not so bad.

I’ll write to the HOMELAND SECURITY to inform them I need their support for a good year because I’m an IMMIGRANT, a little LOST in the US.

CAESAR’S COMET #1: 10 Mike FULLER headshots available:

In Japan, I will improve my notoriety by diffusing my biography in January to every moviegoer who likes Science Fiction and Songwriting. FK

Japanese culture is our inspiration sometimes for the writing of new lyrics or the music of a song. Will BrAmStOcKeR play in Tokyo in 2017?

TIMefraMES Japan program is my cultural priority for 2017. It will be a challenge for me and for them: TO COOPERATE FOR A FILM & A REALITY.

Nov 8

In San Francisco, more could be done against poverty & homelessness. Let’s wait for 2017 and have a new networking to be sure we’ll better.

I am myself, nobody else. My name means a lot for the young and the poor people. Why? I’m the right man at theright place at the right time!

The Presidential election is over but there is a critic of it that is concerning us: THE CAMPAIGN WAS LIKE THE VOTE not satisfying us. Why?

I’m waiting for Christmas & New Year’s Eve playing some good old rock songs & writing my plan 2017-20 for Mike FULLER and me, his publicist.

Nov 7

PEARL HARBOR, 75 years ago: this disaster could have been worse if the United States were not ready for the worst and preparing the best! MF

TIME Magazine Person of the Year is Donald TRUMP: non-event of the day. It’s really not a surprise at all, he’s the US ICON #1. WHEN FULLER?


I propose the end of the Cold War to the United States. We don’t need anymore nuclear weapons and the Russians will do the same. Let’s stop this program of Terror with a Referendum to organize in 2017 after the Amendment of the Constitution. Hiroshima and Nagasaki: not anymore! This is important for the future of the Planet, Nukes could destroy Human Kind if there was a “mistake”, meaning a Russia-United States dispute until the end. One nuke, 2 nukes, dozens of nukes used to erase cities in one minute. This is not acceptable anymore. WE MUST BE THE FIRST TO CANCEL OUR NUCLEAR STRATEGY AND TO HAVE LESS AND LESS MISSILES OPERATIONAL. 5,000 today, 2,500 in 2018? It’s possible if I participate in the US Presidency as an advisor of TRUMP or CLINTON if the winner is changed. I will be the Shadow President’ to manage what is difficult to decide all at once. It can be decided in a second time after an important study. I will be the one to promote this great evolution of our Country for NO MORE WAR and NO MORE TERRORISM. Russia will follow us, we have not to negotiate our unilateral decision to stop NUCLEAR POWER.


Nuke definition:


Picture from:

On Wikikipedia:

In your theater, Science Fiction explaining that Nukes are like UFOs that could attack us sometimes but about UFOs, we would like to open the secret files (if there are secret files) that the American Authorities have in their archives, with ‘The Arrival’:


Mike FULLER by Help Portrait – ColsonGriffith.



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