Merry Christmas To The American Authorities! I, Mike FULLER, Am Your ‘Shadow President’, Meaning The Opposition Leader, Hoping To Be Elected President Of The US In 2020 While Donald TRUMP in Palm Beach , Florida Appears Suspect To Be A Russian Protégé!

December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas To The American Authorities! I, Mike FULLER, Am Your ‘Shadow President’, Meaning The Opposition Leader, Hoping To Be Elected President Of The US In 2020 While Donald TRUMP in Palm Beach , Florida Appears Suspect To Be A Russian Protégé!

Alternative titles:

Merry Christmas, FBI! I’m Your Supporter, Mike FULLER! Control TRUMP in Florida. He’s Black Marketing With Putin, Possibly, About Adult Entertainment To Prevent Me To Be President in 2020!

For Christmas 2016, Mike FULLER Is Celebrating With The Americans A Fantastic Time In The United States Of Our Religious And Social Happiness With Jesus And Santa Claus Reunited. Our Shadow President Is The Anti-War Leader, 2017 Will Be Our Greatest Year!


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TRUMP AND PUTIN preparing the new year together without any other: no, such a partnership of WIN WIN is excessive for our Country that is not Russia main neighbor at all. We were enemies in the 1950’s, creating the Cold War. 6 decades later, everything is working better but we could check during the campaign that Mr. TRUMP calls PUTIN almost every week. He was elected President without this new program he has now to INCREASE THE NUMBER OF OUR NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Vladimir PUTIN decided to do the same in Russia. Strange coordination of 2 ‘friends’ who need more Nukes to feel good with their project of partnership. I think I must inform the FBI about what I understand as the witness of this networking between the criticized future US President and the Russian President who was partly hostile until now. There could be some elements of evidence that the Russian hacking against CLINTON was supported by her Republican opponent. As the Shadow President, I have the duty to continue to give my appreciation to the population on the Web and to the American Authorities directly. I just wrote a letter to the Homeland Security about my 2017 projects for a great coordination and I am proud of it. To be civic is our most important goal.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYBODY AND OUR FEDERAL ORGANIZATIONS (also in every State, to the Police , the Mayors and the Governors!)


My letter to the FBI, sent December 25 for Christmas.

Merry Christmas Dear FBI:
I’m in touch with your Bureau since I was a homeowner in Hollywoodland in the 2000’s.
Unfortunately, I was threatened by the foreclosure of my house because I was not well commercially. You told me at that time there could have been some some networking that was suspect around the sale of it. This is something that stays in my mind but I did not find the right lawyer to study the possiblity of a lawsuit.
Now, I’m preparing my new year like everybody and I can check there is something wrong about my life since I accepted a short sale of my property. I’m involved in politics on the Internet and I have the feeling too many people know what happened and are not in the mood to appreciate me enough to be interviewed in the press.
The victory of Donald TRUMP at the Presidential election is emblematic of my difficulty to build my career. I had the same project than him, already in January 2015 but I was unable to find the right team, being unlucky or victim of a bad reputation I don’t deserve.
The Republican candidate himself could be manipulated and diffusing a miscommunication regarding me that could come from Russia as I am a perfect patriot of the United States and not like him a person who is talking well with Vladimir PUTIN.
I am not comfortable like that. I would like you to investigate about my connection with Donald TRUMP. I was afan of his TV show ‘The Apprentice’. I appreciated his career of fame and financial expansion already in the 1990’s in New York but my songwriting and my filmmaking of my own synopsis were not attractive for people like him certainly: I FOUND NOBODY TO NE MY PARTNER.
Otherrwise, I’m in San Francisco now without a permanent housing, looking for enough motivation to relocate in New York, to find a job there and start a new step of my career. I’m just afraid of the nuclear objectives ofr TRUMP and PUTIN to increase the number of these weapons drastically in the next few years. It’s not understandable in the 2010’s promoting an United Planet without corruption, without ingerence.
Mike FULLER (aka Frederic VIDAL)


The latest 4 posts of Mike FULLER were the most important of the year because the situation is historic and the TRUMP Presidency is not only a Donald Residency at the White House but a Government of the Nation by him WITH THE POPULATION that the Shadow President FULLER is representing for a DIALOGUE of construction of our Country decade’s end.

Thomas SPEARS, Press attaché

On December 20, the following post was published with the Mike FULLER’s STATE OF THE UNION 2016 after the vote of the Electoral College:

Mike FULLER On TWITTER Nicknames TRUMP, DON To Be Friendly As The Leader of The Adversaries Of The Next President He Does Not Want To Hurt But To Support By His Critics. Opposition Is Constructive According To The Shadow President!

On December 14, our blog informed:

On Monday, Dec 19, The Electoral College Will Decide To Confirm TRUMP PRESIDENT Or, If Hillary CLINTON Gets Their Majority, It Would Create A Crisis That Could Finish By The Cancellation Of The Presidential Election! Mike FULLER, Shadow President, Will Comment The Vote Result on Tuesday, Dec 20, To Give Us His Appreciation Before The Challenge Of The New Year 2017: TO BE A NATION NOT DIVIDED ANYMORE!

On December 5, Mike FULLER’s declaration against the Nuclear Weapons:

No More Nukes In The United States For 2025: It’s Mike FULLER Proposition For 2017 To Create A Project Of International Freedom! The Holiday Season Is Our Right Time To Be Fair!

On November 30, about FIDEL CASTRO death:

The Dakota Pipeline And Fidel CASTRO Death Are A Web Opportunity To Improve Our Communication With The World About Our Project Of Freedom Accepted By Everybody!


On Twitter (BRAMSTOCKER, vidalfuller2016, timeframes2020, mikefuller2020) December 24

Shadow President Mike FULLER was for the US VETO at the UN, obviously defending ISRAEL. Not OBAMA and TRUMP is not clear! Happy HANUKKAH! Br

To Politico: There are the US Authorities (FBI, more). They will stop Donald TRUMP if his friendship with PUTIN goes too far ABOUT NUCLEAR!

No more War after all. Let’s fight against the past when it’s about chaos and dispute. WE DON’T WANT ATOMIC BOMB ANYMORE! Merry Christmas!

FULLER writes to the American Authorities on WordPress: ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS, FBI’ is our message about preventing TRUMP to be against the Law!

About TRUMP and the NUKES, read this AP article published on Dec 23:

Trump welcomes ‘nice’ letter from Putin after nuclear vow

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (AP) — After months of promising to engage more with Russia, President-elect Donald Trump vowed to enhance America’s nuclear capabilities, admonishing Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday that he hopes both global powers can restore collaboration so that “we do not have to travel an alternate path.”

My comment on FACEBOOK, Dec 24: This ASSOCIATED PRESS article is the text that give the informations we needed to be sure there is an association that is not functional between PUTIN and TRUMP. Their deal is about nuclear weapons: they are great friends but they threaten each other with more nukes to install on their 2 territories. Mr. TRUMP is not in charge before mid-January and I am sure the FBI and other US Authorities will investigate to calm him down about Moscow that will never be a second capital for us, Americans. The sabotage of Hillary CLINTON campaigns by Russian hackers appears now more connected to the relationship of the Billionaire and the President of ex-USSR. Thanks to his Tweet, we can understand the real Donald TRUMP preparing a diplomatic business we can’t accept with a State that is our opposite. Mike FULLER

ORIGINAL DOCUMENT: a second letter to the US authorities.

MIKE FULLER LETTER TO THE HOMELAND SECURITY will be the main article of CAESAR’S COMET #2 in January 2017:

Hello Homeland Security nationwide:
It is the end of 2016, a so important year for our Country, with the Presidential election and the last months of the second mandate of our President Barack OBAMA. I am writing you this letter from San Francisco, California where I live since last Summer, far away from Washington but connected to our Capital on a daily basis.
My situation here is not so good. I came back in America in October last year, after 4 years in my native France where I had to replace for a little while my aunt who passed away, my last family member.
After several weeks in Los Angeles, I decided to stay in San Francisco where I am without permanent housing but in a good shape thanks to the shelters on location. It is provisory as I did not find new friends in LA or in SF after I lost the property of my house in Hollywoodland in 2011, accepting a short sale to prevent the foreclosure.
I start now the second part of my immigration after a decade that was great, my naturali-zation in 2006 is the main success of my life but not enough commercially because I was the victim of the crisis of 2008 (real estate and Wall Street).
In 2018, I will be an American citizen with 8 years in the US and a lot of projects to realize seriously and also permanently. Now, I am divorced since 2006 and to raise a family is my objective #1. To participate in the Government of the Nation is my personal and political ambition I would like to express more than before in the new location I selected to live permanently: New York City.
I am informing you about what I am doing because the destiny of an immigrant is not easy, to some extend. Sometimes, I feel that difficulties are organized to prevent me to improve my career. For instance, I am communicating well on the Web but I never succeeded to attract the press for a first article in the newspapers. Consequently, I would like your advice and your support to be able to manage the following activities I need to develop:
. to be the US Senate candidate who could be an useful one in the State of New York to participate in the quality of the campaign for the Congress midterm in 2018;
. songwriter since 1977, I am preparing a series of concerts to perform my songs off-Broadway next Spring in order to get, in a second time, a record deal and have this first commercial activity working well;
. thanks to my PhD in communication studies and my background acting on the sets of Hollywood in the 2000’s, I used to be more an insider of the movie industry, joining the profession of filmmaker. My first feature film will be FRENCH COP3: WIN WIN to produce after my musical breakthrough, certainly before the end of the decade;
. my total integration is my challenge and I hope I will have the consecration I deserve in the State of New York, leaving California to become the right business man I can be with a corporation to build with partners around the concept of merchandising (of my charac-ters and my songs).
I am sure I will be more and more active and a fortune maker thanks to the USA.
Sincerely yours,
Aka Frederic VIDAL (until 2016)







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