To Cancel The Election Or Not To Be! Mike FULLER Is Also Silence Thomas SPEARS, The AKA To Give Him The Presidency. Barack OBAMA Will Not Leave With Our File!

January 10, 2017

To Cancel The Election Or Not To Be! Mike FULLER Is Also Silence Thomas Spears, The AKA To Give Him The Presidency. Barack OBAMA Will Not Leave With Our File!

The editorial by Thomas SPEARS before January 16. 

The nightmare is finishing. This awful candidate will never be President. I want him a good future far, far away, in Vegas or in Canada, where he wants EXCEPT AT THE WHITE HOUSE. I am the one who has the most the TALENT TO BE PRESIDENT. When I will be in the New York Times and the Washington Post, it will be another era, the SECOND AMERICAN DREAM. For now, there is a chaos and a storm in progress.

Our billionaire is not anymore creating a favorable wave but on the contrary DOUBT is HIGHER about his past and his mood. It is a terrible time of DISPUTE and INVESTIGATIONS. In every State and City of the Country (the United States, not Russia!), do like me: STAY CALM, be SELF-CONFIDENT, read the PRESS, on the WEB if necessary and let’s WAIT AND SEE. We have to be in touch with our Congress Members to propose them to prepare more AN ALTERNATE SOLUTION: a second election, another President must be in our mind to replace this dysfunctional Donald.

This is Barack OBAMA who was the first President to be a Hollywood Icon thanks to Steven SPIELBERG, a Jewish director leader of the Movie Industry, and a lot of other directors and producers. Actors and actresses acknowledged at the Golden Globe Awards that they are victims of human trafficking. So, they were not accusing TRUMP but also SPIELBERG and the major companies that are disturbing their regular career like Washington by preventing them to produce their own films and have more privacy. OBAMA supported SPIELBERG and lost his iconic image definitely when he invited TRUMP to visit the White House the day after the election. Why not during Election Day? Anyway, it’s too late. The responsibles of the TRUMP BUG are also Hillary and George W. George WASHINGTON and me, we are waiting for the next Ronald REAGAN, it can be MYSELF, Mike FULLER if you want it, if God decides it one day soon. SO FAR SO GOOD but take care in Washington, the Nation won’t accept to be

Frederic VIDAL is gone, I replace him: Mike FULLER

He will be back with Thomas SPEARS, Vincent SAUVAN and all friend of TIMefraMES for a musical that won’t be LALALAND, the academy award of the Human Trafficking but for a last Saga: GERMAN SPY I, II, III and IV. Let us shoot a first short film in SF or DV ASAP. I have to tell you TERE WILL BE ALSO AN ACTRESS, a Lady!


Picture from:

On Twitter (vidalfuller2016, mikefuller2020, BRAMSTOCKER, timeframes2020)

TRUMP has not the choice: he’ll be more and more criticized and attacking against people and medias that will criticize him. He must LEAVE.

Like Julius CAESAR, Donald TRUMP leads his army across the RUBICON River, marches on ROME to take the power A BAD WAY. He’s too anti-GERMAN.

Hillary would be never investigated again by the FBI according to TRUMP’s Attorney General Jeff SESSIONS: it is the EVIDENCE OF A WEB DEAL!

This story began with George W BUSH and his partnership with PUTIN. We must study why the REPUBLICANS were destroying Mike FULLER candidacy.

The WHITE HOUSE is humiliated by TRUMP attitude against the Press, one more time this morning: refusing a CNN question & insulting BUZZFEED.

After the cancellation, Hillary CLINTON will have to accept Mike FULLER to replace Donald TRUMP against her. Otherwise, it will be HER END. 

Thomas SPEARS, it’s Frederic VIDAL and Donald TRUMP, it’s Barack OBAMA: nothing’s scheduled to let Mike FULLER who’s Freddie MERCURY govern!

NO MORE WAR, NO MORE TERRORISM. Barack OBAMA with his Nobel Peace Prize did not speak without guns during 8 years. I am for the ROSES only.

Barack OBAMA was not authorized to be Pro-BrAmStOcKeR by the population and the national security. WRONG! He accepted to be anti-FULLER. FK

The American dictatorship of OBAMA will not continue with TRUMP. There must be an AMENDMENT to prevent the Rich to harass the Poor. BrAmS

MERYL STREEP is our Sunday heroin: LA LA LAND will never accept a President who is insulting Journalists. PRESS IS FREE and soon TRUMP FREE.

TRUMP MEETING ALI BABA: it’s his move preparation, not to the White House but to other responsibilities, probably not in the business again.

OBAMA must support more our project of a NEW ELECTION: TRUMP is prepared now to resign but we need the Supreme Court to cancel NOV 8 ballot.

The Supreme Court can cancel the Presidential election because it is not possible to underestimate the Russian attack against our democracy.


The Coup Before the Inauguration

The Coup before the Inauguration: MIKE FULLER is not at all the impossible candidate for a second round. HE HAS NO CRITIC AGAINST HIM, he is attacking nobody BUT JUST THE WITNESS OF THIS TITA\NIC second episode. This is a disaster for America. This CLINTON versus TRUMP competition was too much organized by the two parties. CLINTON was the favorite and TRUMP, the outsider but he is now lost in the middle of a scandal LIKE THE WATERGATE. The RUSSIANGATE is tough and terribly dangerous for our United States. To the population of the US: stay quiet, watch TV, think about George WASHINGTON and Thomas JEFFERSON, pray if you believe in God and BE SURE I AM WITH YOU TO BE YOUR PRESIDENT as your last chance to stay a democracy. TRUMP will call then Army to impose his decisions if he can. We don’t want a fascist regime in this Country. He’s not anymore the TRUMP of your votes. Something was wrong in his mind these last few weeks. He says we are the NAZI GERMANY. Why is he so sure we are NAZIS?? We are not at all in GERMANY. He is delusional, suspect to be a communist maybe, obviously a pro-Russia and creating a trouble in the Nation brains. Unfortunately, I cannot express myself enough. I am about to be in the medias. Support my project to be President, INVITE ME IN YOUR NEWSPAPERS. Mike FULLER


CLINTON has a deal with TRUMP. TRUMP has a deal with OBAMA. OBAMA has a deal with FULLER but Mike is missing! The Press has a deal with BUSH! (laughs) TS

Love me tender Washington. Think about TRUMP, think about me, FULLER. For now, it’s funny for you because I’m a little Webber, I’m not in the press, you think I’m disturbing you. YOU ARE WRONG. You support too much TRUMP who, this morning, did his worst comment, PREVENTING CNN TO PROPOSE HIM A QUESTION. This is the Nazi German inspiring him! No dictatorship, Washington, JUST A SECOND VOTE and I will be yours. Mike FULLER


FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. The new James BOND is not Donald TRUMP but Thomas SPEARS! There will be a film one day, by Oliver STONE or another about the end of Donald TRUMP Presidency before it began. This is spectacular like Hillary CLINTON was a spectacular Official candidate sponsored by the President Barack OBAMA. Mike FULLER, your SHADOW PRESIDENT from the Web, soon in the US mass medias thanks to the press that does not want more TRUMP TWEETS!

About: “BBC claims a second source backs up Trump dossier”

The impeachment begins before the inauguration. Mike FULLER (and the impeachment of George W BUSH and Barack OBAMA too. For Hillary CLINTON, it will be only a lawsuit!)

About: “Trump acknowledges Russian involvement in meddling in U.S. elections”

This is like a suicide. This TRUMP is organizing a sad story about our Country and his own equivalent (RUSSIA). We need a lot more voices and men to ask him to resign before it will be too late. MF

About: “Trump Refuses to Take Question From CNN Because It Reported on Russia Allegations”

This is the worst crisis since EISENHOWER. CNN cannot be insulted like that. The next White House is controversial and eccentric too much. To refuse CNN is to refuse democracy. With Mike FULLER, there would be an agreement with CNN for more coverage of all poilitical tendencies because TRUMP was already with OBAMA. Thomas SPEARS

About: “Trump tweets: ‘Are we living in Nazi Germany?'”
This is the OVERDOSE of TRUMP TWEETS. He’s insulting now the United States: we’re not able to continue like that. How is it possible almost nobody in Washington and in his Republican Party CALM HIM DOWN? Even the Democrats are not criticizing him TO KEEP OUR INSTITUTIONS SAFE. Let’s organize a RESISTANCE with the Medias and the organizations that will participate in the Post-TRUMP Program. Mike FULLER

About: “Trump acknowledges Russian involvement in meddling in U.S. elections”

It was not necessary to insult us about NAZI GERMANY and to acknowledge TOO LATE that RUSSIA is still USSR. We are not Nazi or Communist, maybe TRUMP is national socialist and TRUMP is socialist like the Soviet Union and not enough National to refuse foreign help even when there is blackmailing. Donald was not like Mickey but like Minnie afraid of bad Russians threatening him to have his fortune, his fame and his White House destiny. Mike FULLER

About: “Yannick Jadot, un programme écologiquement pur”

Comme Jill STEIN aux Etats-Unis, Yannick JADOT sera certainement le grand gagnant de l’election presidentielle en permettant aux valeurs ecologists de seduire suffisamment de francias pour s’imposer durablement aux nouvelles generations ainsi qu’aux francais a l’ancienne qui refusaient encore les VERTS, the GREENS in English. Mike FULLER

10 more days and OBAMA will be ex-President or Past President, President of the Past. The President of the Future is Mike FULLER and he was there yesterday in Chicago to congratulate his comp0etitor, a last time. Thomas SPEARS, Mike FULLER’s Press Manager

About: “Twitter Deletes Donald Trump’s Twitter Account: “We Will Not Tolerate Racism & Hate”

Nobody understands why TRUMP wanted to be the main user of TWITTER. His Tweets were not the best way for him to communicate. He would have been more inspired to write texts in HIS OWN BLOG. A B L O G, maybe he does not know what is a blog? I have mine and I am proud of it. Twitter is a micro-blog that is useful but not the only service of the social media. On the contrary, there is FACEBOOK and also YOUTUBE. Donald TRUMP recording his own videos on YOUTUBE, it would be fantastic for his fans and a message to the TV networks: TAKE CARE, I HAVE MY OWN CHANNEL ON THE SOCIAL MEDIA. THE WEB CAN REPLACE YOU. Unfortunately, Mr. TRUMP is 70 and a Cold War veteran. He wanted his Twitter account to continue his attacks against his enemies, too much, more than 50% of his whole content. TWITTER DIRECTION SAID NO AND WILL DELETE TH ACCOUNT like the Supreme Court probably will delete his Presidency because it is a Russian sponsored one and DELINQUANT for this reason. Thomas SPEARS. AP: “Twitter has setup a hotline for those wishing to voice any concerns or comments over the company’s impending ban of Donald Trump. That hotline’s phone number is (785) 273-0325.”

About: “Trump: ‘Are we living in Nazi Germany?’”

No, it is US Nazism because this IIIrd Reich did not stop in 1945 and America was obliged to accept to be a German American Dream for reasons TO STUDY AND PROSECUTE SOON. This is not the point, Mr. TRUMP: what about Soviet Union and you. You were a young billionaire when GORBATCHEV decided to be the last Communist President of Russia. What did you do with him in New York or Moscow? I am sure her was also one of your friends and consequently, you were a member of the Supreme Soviet. If I was you, I would invite my Vice-President for a meeting about organizing a second Presidential election TO BE SURE THE VOTERS ARE STILL ELECTING ME because everybody needs a confirmation. Mike FULLER

About: “Hollywood’s impact in Washington goes beyond social issues”

We are not the USSR and I am not a dissident, President OBAMA. “I deserve to be a regular candidate if TRUMP is removed (25th amendment). I will write to the US Supreme Court to inform them I RELEASE MY OWN REPORT ABOUT ‘No Washington for Hollywood’ on 1/16/2017.” HISTORIC POST ON WORDPRESS IN PROGRESS. TS

About: “Intelligence chiefs briefed Trump and Obama on unconfirmed claims Russia has compromising information on president-elect”

This is the end of a dream that was a nightmare for a lot of Americans because they were believing in the impossible reform of our society by a Republican who was not independent. Now, Hillary CLINTON think about being again candidate but she does want me probably to be her competitor. THIS IS ALSO A RUSSIAN BUG this time. We are not the USSR and I am not a dissident, President OBAMA. I deserve to be a regular candidate if TRUMP is removed (25th amendment). I will write to the US Supreme Court to inform them I RELEASE MY OWN REPORT ABOUT ‘No Washington for Hollywood’ on 1/16/2017. Mike FULLER

About: “Trump, Trapped in His Lies, Keeps Lying. Sad!”

The storm continues against TRUMP. He has to think about it and be sure Mike FULLER will always be his Shadow President to replace him without hate or revenge and call Justice his right partner against any crime. TS

About: “How to remove Trump from office”

Hillary CLINTON must know I will be candidate IMMEDIATELY if TRUMP is removed. There won’t be another November 8. She is a Lady who cannot be President without THE COMPETITOR WHO IS THE KEY PERSON of this whole tragedy. The American Authorities will validate me because my Jewish Legal name is FREDERIC VIDAL and my US LAWYER is John MCCAIN, a Senator! Mike FULLER

Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Speech

read her speech, it’s against Donald and it’s not to support Hillary. The right President for Hollywood is Mike FULLER against HUMAN TRAFFICKING and the slavery of actors and actresses. Bye OBAMA or we give you 3 more months to organize a new election. Anyway, TRUMP cannot stay for a long while, he is too much suspected to be with PUTIN, an immigrant who is illegal because hacking. Thomas SPEARS, press manager of Mike FULLER


RUSSIA is not the State to tell us who is Donald TRUMP. They must know I am supporting them IF THEY ACCEPT TO COOPERATE WITHOUT HEGEMONY. President PUTIN can be sure that Shadow President Mike FULLER will accept a meeting immediately after the present crisis about Donald’s election that must be confirmed by the US Supreme Court. Mike FULLER

About: “Kellyanne Conway Says Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be Held Accountable For The Things He Says”

TRUMP tweets are not so dangerous but a President cannot insult the Americans. Already OBAMA was arrogant, this style must change. We are not stupid and fools because WE DON’T LIKE PUTIN’S RUSSIA. We are smart and WISE like good patriots and BRAVE CITIZENS. Mike FULLER

About: “Sessions emphasizes the primacy of the law over his political views”

TRUMP Attorney general, Jeff SESSIONS is confused or suspect: no more investigation about CLINTON’s emails, it’s not possible with the FBI that is still investigating about this first Internet tragedy before the second one: PUTIN HACKER. Jeff SESSIONS is probably the spokesman of TRUMP after an agreement with CLINTON that is not acceptable. The Web can be criminal, especially when it is about politics, power and money! Mike FULLER

About: “Que retenir de l’ère Obama ?”

Que retenir de l’ere Obama? Rien. Ce President etait anti-Francais et aura termine son mandat comme il l’a commence: en insultant la democratie. Comment ? Il refuse d’annuler l’election presidentielle parce qu’il a toujours ete contre Hillary CLINTON et favorable a un accord avec le neophyte protégé de POUTINE qui s’apprete a demissionner. Donald TRUMP a raison de ne pas accepter de se considerer un President comme les autres. Il aura ete le dernier d’une mauvaise serie, commencee après la guerre. EISENHOWER n’a pas pu renverser la tendance a compromettre le pouvoir avec HOLLLYWOOD, une legende qui cache mal l’industrie du cinema. Le 7e art ne sera jamais industriel. Moi-meme, je suis un artisan. Mike FULLER





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