There Is No TRUMP Without FULLER: The Shadow President Is The Opposition Best Chance To Win! On Facebook And Twitter, The Latest Comments About The Crisis In Progress in Washington With The Women’s March!

January 21, 2017

 There Is No TRUMP Without FULLER: The Shadow President Is The Opposition Best Chance To Win! On Facebook And Twitter, The Latest Comments About The Crisis In Progress in Washington With The Women’s March!

On Twitter (vidalfuller2016, mikefuller2020, BRAMSTOCKER, timeframes2020)

One more day of Donald TRUMP Presidency routine: the DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE back on track! It is like refusing Christmas to the Kids! BrAmS

Anti-TRUMPs must know FULLER is the anti-HITLER worldwide. MEIN KAMPF won’t be published in the US without a Warning about Adolf CRIMES! FK

Mike FULLER is our great candidate and leader the WORLD MUST ACCEPT A.S.A.P. TWITTER is our main chance to GET AN INVITATION TO A TV SET. TS

The US Congress on Feb 28 will be able to appreciate the situation diversity. At the White House, a new President’s so excited to GOVERN. MF

TRUMP is not there, he’s still in NEW YORK. He looks like thinking about something else than the White House, not happy at all to be there.

The CONGRESS must be careful. We need more RUBIOs, more McCAINs to control what is wrong with Donald TRUMP grassroots: RUSSIA and BUSINESS.

This week, I continue the writing of my Report to the Supreme Court. Next Gate is THE RUSSIANGATE. Read it on TUMBLR

TRUMP is not the same. Is he better, is he worse? He is the President and he is still a billionaire who cannot do anymore what he wants. FK

Our SHADOW PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, Mike FULLER, just proposed to Donald TRUMP to negotiate in Washington FOR A pro-WOMEN Amendment.

To realDonaldTrump: I’m your Shadow President, the Opposition Leader. I propose you a Negotiation & a Lawyer in DC to vote an Amendment. MF

We are dreaming about A CONGRESS OF WOMEN in Washington. Women are not slaves. STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN HOLLYWOOD. FULLER to meet TRUMP. FK

My personal message to TRUMP this morning on TWITTER: I invite him to negotiate with me about a necessary pro-WOMEN Constitution Amendment.

IT’S LIKE A REVOLUTION but it’s the evolution of the United States TO ORGANIZE A NEW PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. We finance the Women’s March.

TRUMP’s right to think he’s not validated President. There must be a new election. Donald will resign before Spring after the WOMEN’S MARCH.

I’m the SHADOW PRESIDENT, the main SPONSOR of the WOMEN’S MARCH nationwide and abroad. President TRUMP must understand we need new Election.

The WOMEN’S MARCH worldwide is HISTORIC and the expression of the overdose of TRUMP PRESIDENT who was yesterday, the Establishment HERO.

The RUSSIANGATE begins now. Our fans must be sure Mike FULLER will succeed to prosecute Donald TRUMP who continues the anti-Punk US policy.

Protesters everywhere for the Inauguration of a President who is not appreciated at all by a part of the population. Is this a Revolution?

Mike FULLER report about the RUSSIANGATE is now published in the Newsletter CAESAR’S COMET #3 available on GOOGLE’S:

Today, I am really 100% the SHADOW PRESIDENT and the American Authorities will appreciate how much I can represent the whole opposition. MF

BrAmStOcKeR won’t participate in the TRUMP Inauguration at all. We boycott this Presidency that is anti-FULLER and anti-PUNK. Do like us. Br

Mike FULLER is the Anti-TRUMP, the SHADOW PRESIDENT. At the eve of the Inauguration, he’s STRONGER than ever with HIS RUSSIANGATE REPORT. TS

Opposition to TRUMP is everywhere in America, waiting for our Victory. I’m SHADOW PRESIDENT, read my RUSSIANGATE report tomorrow on Twitter.

Before TRUMP Inauguration, I want to express my solidarity with everyone in HOLLYWOOD who’s against this business Presidency and for a move.

On Facebook

The first days inside Trump’s White House: Fury, tumult and a reboot

TRUMP is a hero of SHAKESPEARE, acting like nobody else to include his name in the United States History. I agree to be his main partner representing his opposition BUT FOR NO CRIME AT ALL, for the emancipation of the people of 2017 who are looking for more advantages of our society evolution, meaning a new appreciation of their RIGHT TO BUILD THEIR CAREER IN A NEW SPACE ON TIME. The New Age is about being proactive and to refuse to obey when orders contents are not acceptable. There is a discussion to continue but the campaign is far away. The goal is to validate my mission of SHADOW PRESIDENT. Before this, there will not be any change in the present situation: TRUMP governing alone. Mike FULLER

Reminder: “Mein Kampf” sera bien publié en Allemagne après 2015

Already in 2014, the supporters of HITLER’s book that is not so famous were prepared for the new publishing of it in 2016. Adolf HITLER was with Eva BRAUN, a celebrity from Germany who was waiting for more fame and did not mind about his Country because he knew the Nazism was cultural more than political. MEIN KAMPF is now in 2017 a best-seller in Germany and in the US, we will publish it to SHOW IT’S ATTRACTING JUST A FEW BUYERS OF BOOKS. We’re not fans of this actor of STALIN. Mike FULLER

Trump Revives Keystone Pipeline Rejected by Obama

What about the Dakota’s pipeline that was delayed by the alternates and ecologists at the end of the Presidential campaign? I think Donald TRUMP is not decided to promote US oil more than his predecessors but he has to start his mandate with some emblematic decisions. I will study the reasons of his choices about the improvement of our economy. He’s no doing everything wrong, he’s not well enough now because he’s isolated. The anti-TRUMPs must believe in me to communicate with the President because I am isolated too. Mike FULLER

Trump Aides Keep Leaking Embarrassing Stories About How He Can’t Handle Embarrassment

This is a preview of the 4 years scheduled by the Constitution but in my report about the RUSSIANGATE, I give the way to find another solution: with or without TRUMP by investigating about the context of his election. Mike FULLER

Without evidence, Trump tells lawmakers 3 million to 5 million illegal ballots cost him the popular vote

TRUMP is not FULLER but Mike will control the votes with Donald, he’s his Shadow President but illegal ballots would be a new reason to cancel the election. Thomas SPEARS

Thousands gather for Women’s March on Washington

This is a crowd of all the American women who SAY NO TO TRUMP PRESIDENT. I say YES TO THE WHOLE OF THEM, they are my voters of the next election. Mike FULLER

Women’s March draws Madonna, Katy Perry, Emma Watson and more celebs

Mike FULLER will not be refused anymore in Washington by this Intelligentsia who adores TRUMP and his repressive policy. OBAMA was already preparing this kind of anti-social power that will collapse after today’s TOUR DE FORCE. Thomas SPEARS


The United States are in the middle of a social dispte like in the 1960’s. Mike FULLER editorial on WORDPESS tomorrow Sunday will give us the RIGHT ADVICE TO PREVENT THE COUNTRY’S TO COLLAPSE. Thomas SPEARS. Madonna is the symbol of this Women’s March dedicated to Fuller’s Shadow Presidency refused by a power of money and not anymore public service.

Defiant Voices Flood U.S. Cities as Women Rally for Rights

This is our consecration. The wave of women against TRUMP is so huge that the Power in Washington is definitely down. I am ready to be the operational Leader of this movement with the only goal to get the White House after a new election. If Hillary CLINTON is not candidate, I will replace her and we will vote the Amendment that will give to Women the authority to be the equals of men. Mike FULLER

Women’s marches: More than one million protesters vow to resist President Trump

Thank you Women. You are the persons who said NO to TRUMP. There will not be a deal with this Presidency, there will be a negotiation I will propose today in my editorial: the new Administration must accept to authorize a Lawyer in Washington to be our judiciary advisor. We have to get the validation of my mission of Shadow President representing the opposition to the present White House. The RUSSIANGATE report will be extended next week. This is a worldwide party we are managing for the new United States of Liberty and Equality. Nobody will stop us. Mike FULLER

White House press secretary attacks media for accurately reporting inauguration crowds

To criticize the press is to criticize democracy. If the press is criticizing the White House, the White House must accept it and appreciate its comments. Mike FULLER, Shadow President

CNN Declines to Air White House Press Conference Live

CNN Declines to Air White House Press Conference Live

I support CNN that is boycotting TRUMP. This President is extreme and represent a White House that is not for the People but only for a Party. The Republicans must not accept to be the followers of a controversial billionaire who got his fortune with the Russians. Mike FULLER

There’s Already a Campaign to Impeach President Donald Trump

There’s Already a Campaign to Impeach President Donald Trump

I am the promoter of this campaign and we will start this impeachment tomorrow on Monday with the writing of the extended version of my report, the RUSSIANGATE. Mike FULLER

Secret Service WILL investigate Madonna after singer says she wants to BLOW UP the White House in expletive-filled rant at women’s march

She is the right icon of yesterday. The WOMEN’S MARCH was the massive reply of the Country about a wrong election and a necessary cancellation of it before the Spring. Let’s vote again with or without Hlllary. FULLER is your future President for women to get half the Power in DC. EQUALITY is our motto. Thomas SPEARS

Petition to Release Trump’s Tax Returns Clears Threshold for Official Response

I am really impressed by you, guys. As the Shadow President, I am certain this will be the worst petition for the TRUMP Administration if they don’t accept my proposition to negotiate to accept in MARCH a negotiation for the WOMEN rights. There must be the definitive Amendment of the Constitution they need to become the FEMALE CITIZENS we want in this Country to be totally FREE and POWERFUL. Mike FULLER

In R-rated anti-Trump rant, Madonna muses about ‘blowing up White House’

Congratulations MADONNA, my band BrAmStOcKeR is yours. Hollywood is living his last days. I propose to the artists there to take the power in the Major Companies that are a part of TRUMP empire. Let’s move the Hollywood Sign, replacing it by TIMefraMES, the name of our main quality: TO HAVE AN AGENDA in order to impeach the dictatorship that began with OBAMA and is extreme with Donald the billionaire. It will be judiciary obviously and I AM YOUYR ATTORNEY to defend our movement of FREEDOM all over the 50 States and internationally. Mike FULLER

750,000 People Attended LA Women’s March – and Zero Got Arrested

You were marvelous in Los Angeles, my previous headquarters to express the OVERDOSE OF THE PEOPLE in America about bad power by nasty elected guys who don’t care about culture and WOMEN’S RIGHTS. I am you spokesman on the Web and in Washington soon to negotiate with the White House to stop to be like the IIIrd Reich, a regime against the Jews who are now replaced by the females. Mike FULLER

Pictures From Women’s Marches on Every Continent

We will continue until the final victory to see this man leaving his office and a woman replacing him: Hillary CLINTON if she is expressing this project next week to promote our action officially. Otherwise, she does not want to continue the fight and I am replacing her already. She was injured by her bad competitor and we will share the revenge with her in a second time. Mike FULLER

Primaire de la gauche : Benoît Hamon en tête devant Manuel Valls, Montebourg éliminé

Si HAMON l’emporte, nous soutiendrons HAMON. L’essentiel est de renverser la tendance actuelle contraire au Parti Socialiste. VALLS peut revenir dans le suffrages mais apparait affaibli par ce vote qui sanctionne son Gouvernement qui a decu sans doutbeaucoup de socialistes. Mike FULLER

Le camp de Valls prépare un affrontement musclé

VALLS en danger. Le candidat favori de la tradition républicaine (il fut le Premier ministre de Francois HOLLANDE) est confronté a un vote hostile qu’il n’avait pas prévu. C’est un tournant pour la Ve République affaiblie par ce refus populaire de suivre le programme imposé par les livres d’Histoire. On y est cité parfois mais l’étape suivante est favorable a d’autres qui peuvent mieux faire s’ils y arrivent. Le duel en cours devrait nous confirmer une crise de la Gauche qui n’accepte pas assez mon contre-Gouvernement. Mike FULLER

Rubio announces support for Trump secretary of state nominee Tillerson

I will send to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing on “Russia’s intelligence activities” my definitive report about the RUSSIANGATE on February 1st. There is something wrong for our democracy about TRUMP and PUTIN. Their partnership is dangerous for our Institutions. Mike FULLER

The Daily 202: The liberal tea party movement has begun. What will become of it?

This movement is the final expression of the population to refuse the new President. It is sad for TRUMP if he does not understand his historic role to accept this challenge to cancel November 8 election that did not give him the victory. As the Shadow President, I represent this wave of change in order to stay the United States we are. The Union, not the dispute. Mike FULLER

Manifestations massives pour les droits des femmes en forme de défi à Trump

TRUMP President, c’est du pareil au meme. Il est plus que jamais misogyne et la société lui réplique dans la rue. Cette situation conflictuelle est spectaculaire et démontre que le Pouvoir federal americain a besoin d’institutionnaliser ma contre-présidence rapidement. Je prepare la publication d’une version beaucoup plus documentée de mon rapport sur le RUSSIANGATE pour le 1er Février. Mike FULLER

Women’s Marches: Millions of protesters around the country vow to resist Donald Trump

WOMEN have the right message for TRUMP: they don’t accept this President who is not welcomed in America because he is a MAN too aggressive and promoting there is no equality between males and females. The opposition must be more organized. I am the Shadow President, ready to negotiate with Washington a Status Quo, meaning to have the office there for our Shadow Government. Mike FULLER

About Frederic VIDAL

8 years ago, Frederic VIDAL was already the great leader of the culture in the United States, thanks to FACEBOOK and the Social Media. He is still with us like a Mastermind who must be our political advisor to build our strategy against President Donald TRUMP and his Establishment that does not plan to upgrade us but they will change their minds, step by step because our victory is upcoming. Frederic VIDAL represents the best expression of our values of Liberty, Equality, Solidarity in the US and worldwide. Mike FULLER

There Are More People At National Mall For Women’s March Than Attended Trump Inauguration
This is like a Revolution. Yesterday, the Democrats were wrong to participate in the TRUMP inauguration so obviously satisfied. What does that mean? I am the main sponsor of the WOMEN’S MARCH as the SHADOW PRESIDENT. I was not in Washington January 20 but I am today with every woman marching against Donald TRUMP. This bizarre President must resign ASAP. His policy is dangerous and against the basics of our American society. My report about the RUSSIANGATE will be extended next week to be diffused more and more. OBAMA is sadly TRUMP’s supporter and Hillary the poor victim of this deal: to give the United States to the Russians for a kind of management that is not acceptable in our Country, a management by a Tsar controlling the medias and the population thanks to a permanent repression. This won’t happen. The Spring will be the end of this ambition of TRUMP to be the Star of PUTIN. Mike FULLER

Inauguration protesters vandalize city, try to disrupt Trump’s oath, police arrest nearly 100

There is no CARNAGE in America. This word is not politically correct. It is the sign Donald TRUMP will be the same as the President. Hopefully he will not stay 4 years at the White House. My report about the RUSSIANGATE, published today in my newsletter CAESAR’S COMET, explains why this election of November 8 must be cancelled and why the new President’s connection with Russia is the reason why he will be impeached by the Congress sooner or later. The anti-TRUMP wave is more than ever the reply of the population to the attitude of the Republicans with TRUMP, refusing the reinforcement of our Civilization to build the NEW AGE of a modernized United States. Mike FULLER


This President is the last one before the general Amendment that will give us the election by the population directly. Previously Senator Barbara BOXER already proposed the important change of the Constitution. We need also a Secretary of the Arts and maybe a Prime minister. Donald TRUMP preferred to be a routine President without the regular routine of the President who are not controversial. My newsletter CAESAR’S COMET publishes my report about the RUSSIANGATE today and I will diffuse the first copies in a few hours to my supporters. Nationwide the movement probing me as SHADOW PRESIDENT is growing and I will be able to be supported by the Democrats to represent the opposition that has another policy to propose. Mike FULLER

Here’s what we know about Trump Inauguration Day protests

We have my report about the RUSSIANGATE to prevent the Presidency of Donald TRUMP to organize a repression against us, the alternates and the poor. We are free in the United States but Liberty needs more sponsors to express its pain that Russia neutralized Hillary CLINTON, the candidates of the Democrats. The Republicans will follow us if the new President continues to harass the Press. Mike FULLER

Présidentielle : Le Pen, Fillon et Macron en tête dans les intentions de vote au premier tour

Très mauvais presage pour le Parti Socialiste. Nous n’arrivons que 5e après LE PEN, FILLON , MACRON et MELENCHON. C’est un des grands acquis du débat de ce soir, notre Gouvernement est sanctionne par les français. Le contre-Gouvernement que je preside doit en tenir compte pour le moment venu se rallier a l’opinion générale ou se maintenir avec le candidat PS. Mike FULLER

Beloved character actor Miguel Ferrer dead at 61

He won’t be with us tomorrow to say NO to the Power of OBAMA managed by the billionaire TRUMP to impose a bad and nasty WASHINGTON. HOLLYWOOD is the fourth name to prevent democracy to collapse. Mike FULLER

Obama says he’ll speak up post-White House if he sees ‘core values’ at risk

OBAMA is TRUMP’s follower, not on TWITTER only. PALM SPRINGS, Florida and Washington, DC are on Donald agenda. He’s the President (Barack) who was the best memory of the 21st century for the Young Americans (a BOWIE album’s title). He is leaving with the same fame than in 2008, more corporate from the Power. I don’t want any confusion: my advice to the Young Americans is to listen to BOWIE’s album again and to understand the lyrics that are not recommending OBAMA if this President was reducing the liberties of the Youth. There must be studies about this, it’s not possible to verify he was a kind of smooth dictator now. Bye Barack! Mike FULLER

François Fillon empêtré dans sa communication

Francois FILLON n’est pas in debutant. Il saura renforcer son equipe pour nous nuire jusqu’a gagner la Presidentielle si Manuel VALLS est encore le candidat malheureux qu’il fut en 2012. Nous devons accentuer notre effort en faveur d’un choix concerte du candidat socialiste. Mais la Primaire est aussi le moyen de verifier qu’il n’y a pas un meilleur candidat que lui. FILLON socialiste, nous aurions pu juger s’il etait meilleur que Michel ROCARD, probablement pas. Il aurait ete in Laurent FABIUS certainement. Mike FULLER

The New Trump Defamation Lawsuit Is Daring Trump to Incriminate Himself in Court

A sad sorry for a bad Reality Show. The Apprentice and New Apprentice are television programs to be managed by TIMefraMES not by TRUMP. Nobody has to be harassed by an employer. Donald will resign because of me and her (Summer ZERVOS). He harassed me professionally (I am his last Apprentice to fire him), he harassed her sexually. No TRUMP, no Joke. Mike FULLER





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