The WOMEN’S MARCH Hero Is Mike FULLER Who Will Cancel Donald TRUMP Election Because He Was The Shadow President Excluded Illegally Of The Presidential Vote!

January 22, 2017

The EDITORIAL BY THOMAS SPEARS, press manager of Mike FULLER, Shadow President: The WOMEN’S MARCH Hero Is Mike FULLER Who Will Cancel Donald TRUMP Election Because He Was The Shadow President Excluded Illegally Of The Presidential Vote!


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The tweet of the picture: Yesterday’s #WomensMarch was historic! Take a look at these amazing people all around the world! ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #WomensMarchOnWashington

press manager of Mike FULLER, Shadow President.

Donald TRUMP: the authorities of the United States and worldwide like so much this name. It is suspect. What agreement do they have with the New York billionaire? To sale our poor Country to Russia and to give the 50 States to the United Nations for a new kind of diplomacy that would be commercial.

This is  what would have happened if the elected-President was able to be confirmed last Friday. On the contrary, he was not there like it was scheduled. Already, TRUMP was prosecuted for his partnership with Russia, his financial problems and his dispute with women. Many lawsuits are against him.

Mike FULLER is about to extend the text of his report to the US Supreme Court about the RUSSIANGATE. There is no Power in America like in a dictatorship. There are the 3 Powers: the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary ones.

The executive power is waiting for us to communicate and Mike FULLER did it this morning from TWITTER, sending a message from my account to Donald TRUMP himself, proposing him a dialogue with the WOMEN’S MARCH movement and all the anti-TRUMP social opposition.

Mike is the Shadow President we deserve and the Democratic Party will be invited to participate in the background of his action to represent the PEOPLE WHO ARE NO SATISFIED BY THE FIRST VOTE OF NOV 8. This election was not fair and the result is not acceptable. The President must open an investigation about what was wrong during the campaign and afterwards.

The March continues

The WOMEN’S MARCH main sponsor was obviously Mike FULLER yesterday. In Washington and nationwide, no other political leader expressed so much admiration and motivation for this reply of the women to the new guest of the White House: “don’t grab my pussy!” is more than a slogan but the impressive sign THERE IS A SEXUAL REVOLUTION IN AMERICA that is conservative and refused by the Republicans. This is paradoxical! Women don’t want to be the animals of men. They are looking for MORE HUMAN RIGHTS and Mike FULLER anticipated it by thinking about AN AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION that is now URGENT TO VOTE.

We need a lawyer

Mr. TRUMP has the possibility to reply to Mr. FULLER by authorizing a Lawyer in Washington to be his lawyer. Everybody knows that our Shadow President has the worst difficulties to network in the medias and the society. Hopefully he is a smart strategist, preparing now the publishing of his report in a book after a first publication in our newsletter, CAESAR’S COMET. Everybody knows Mike is a celebrity on the Web, even if nobody retweet him because possible repression of the authorities or a tradition TO READ IT IS ENOUGH TO EMPOWER HIM, the equivalent of a Mandela without jails BUT A PERMANENT EXCLUSION OF THE PRESS.

With a lawyer, we can negotiate with the President for the PRO-WOMEN Amendment and initiate if necessary a lawsuit because DEFAMATION against them and Mike FULLER.

For the slander he’s evil

Women are bad appreciated by men but not most of time. The elite and the establishment sometimes is like a clique considering females are less than males and must stay apart, explaining they can be stupid and irrational. About Mike, it is even worse, Donald TRUMP is the leader of all of that, diffusing since 2015 or before, FULLER IS EVIL like if he was a kind of HITLER. This slander, we can be sure that it was already included in the policy of the 2 previous President, George W BUSH and Barack OBAMA. About women, there is a reality that is a shame in Hollywood: human trafficking is inspiring the management of the actresses there and they express their status of victims now, inside the anti-TRUMP movement.

And the Shadow Presidency

The females are not the Jewish people of the s0-called anti-Nazis TRUMP who is worse than them if he refuses to accept the FULLER DEAL: let’s meet each other for more than a talk, an agreement to be A DUET President – Shadow President, a great ENGLISH TRADITION like the PARLIAMENT itself. Our political system must be inspired by London until the end. It started a bad way in 1776 with the Revolution but the Constitution of 1787 repeated THE BASIC RULES OF GOVERNMENT, a President replacing a King or Queen and a Congress with 2 chambers like in Great Britain. So, we must reinforce this now that THERE IS THE PROOF OUR POLITICAL ORGANIZATION IS OBSOLETE.

It can be in the Constitution like the new rule: the People elects its President directly (no more Electoral College).Also, we could strengthen our Presidency with the nomination of a PRIME MINISTER. Like that, there would not be anymore the risk to have a new Donald TRUMP elected, the future Presidents would be accepted more for their personal qualities of modesty and efficiency of the brain.

We will see next week that Mike FULLER is 100% ready for the next step: to create A DEBATE NATIONWIDE ABOUT THE ELECTION CANCELLATION and the PRESIDENT IMPEACHMENT if Donald TRUMP is not available for a personal negotiation wit his Shadow President, meaning if he continues to SAY HE’S EVIL! Mike is just LIVE.


End of the Editorial

4th Questions by TIMefraMES PRESS & Answers by Mike FULLER. 1/23/2017.

Press 1: are you ready to manage this week like no other?

Mike FULLER: I will make it and I will never stop improving my TALENT TO GOVERN for the future and increasing my SKILL TO PREVENT ANYONE to reduce me. This is a FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS. In WASHINGTON, they’re interested in discussing with me, I AM SURE OF IT. There is no US without us!


MF: I’m proud of it and I will continue to keep in mind, ALL YEAR LONG, how much THE AMERICAN WOMEN WERE EMOTIONAL AND CIVIC to express their trouble to see President TRUMP now at the White House like another President, in fact not at all. Donald TRUMP is unique and, for me, he didn’t change. He’s still the flamboyant rich fellow of the golden New York, lost a little in a House that is immense. Unfortuantely for the People, he arrives with all his problems of reputation and lawsuits. HE HAS TO APOLOGIZE just a little bit and meet the female leaders of this demonstration WITH ME IF POSSIBLE because I’m sure HE GONNA AUTHORIZE ME.

Press 3: so you propose the dialogue and you’re optimistic about his agreement for you to be in the press. 

MF: yes. He’s a strategist. I’m WALL STREET connected like him. We can do good business together but there’s a project of more HUMAN RIGHTS I have ready to diffuse to his Administration. More Human Rights for the Young, more Human Rights for the minorities, more WOMEN RIGHTS 1st. I have ready to diffuse to his Administration. More Human Rights for the Young, more Human Rights for the minorities, more WOMEN RIGHTS 1st.

Press 4: but his Administration is Conservative?

MF: I’M THE MOST CONSERVATIVE OF THEM ALL. I’m GOP2, not available for soft Republicans! (laughs) I mean more than that, it’s NAZISM and TRUMP said maybe this Country is from this ideology and calling itself Germany. He was right to say that. We defeated the 3rd Reich, not to imitate it. This is the subject of my film project GERMAN SPY IV.

Press 5: so you’re extreme Conservative for the underground to be welcomed at the highest level of the Establishment.

MF: exactly, otherwise it’s a Final MASQUERADE. TRUMP is a part of it. His Icon Fame is THANKS TO THE POPULATION, criticizing him positively. He has to join my OPINION OF LIBERTY and stay professional in his new job. We’ll see at the Congress if he’s OK with the file of the RUSSIANGATE. To be impeached or to have the election cancelled, it’s not a big deal WHEN YOU’RE A PATRIOT and HE IS. I’m his ALter Ego, politically speaking, The Shadow President after my great campaign for the Presidential election. The anti-TRUMPS have to be sure they have with me an excellent NETWORKER to NEUTRALIZE the bad and promote a policy by TRUMP including our millions of supporters and ACTIVISTS. Everybody must appreciate the laws and be inspired by them.

Press 6 (military): some people say you are right to explain THERE’S A RISK OF ANARCHY. The danger is the bad faith of some responsibles, right Mike?

MF: I’m a fan of LINKIN PARK and a lot of American bands. The Rock music gives the opportunity to feel good and to think free. But we cannot be the victims of another disaster like the 1960’s and the chaos all around. MLK was OK, The DOORS not enough. I propose the CIVIC PUNK of the band I manage, BrAmStOcKEr to give to the Show Biz the medication to forget the charismatic Barack OBAMA who left us with the defeat of Hillary. Press 1: I know what you mean. Sometimes, HOLLYWOOD is disappointing but they will appreciate to be with you. THANKS!

3rd Questions & Answers: Mike FULLER Q&A 1/21/2017.

Press 5: so, today you invited us Mike to ask you questions about your 2017 program. We could check it already is in the News with the WOMEN’S MARCH. No President received a so big movement against him before TRUMP. This is the social impeachment of this “CLOWN OF THE POWER” like the anti-TRUMP call him in fact.

Mike FULLER: I am nowhere and everywhere today. The CENSORSHIP of Washington and the MEDIAS is worse than never. I have still the hope to be ONE DAY SOON in the News like ALL MY SUPPORTERS of this WOMEN’S MARCH that is a final WARNING to the Establishment to SHARE THE POWER, meaning with THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA. I am the Presidential candidate sponsored by the SOCIAL MEDIA. The Web needed a SPOKESMAN to express its frustration to be under-considered by the Adminstration and the Elite of the US that was obeying to this OBAMA manager without the minimum of morals and ethics. The Liberty was reduced for the fficiency of their system and today they RECEIVE THE BLOW: MILIIONS OF WOMEN IN THE STREETS, screaming: “No Trump, No Joke”, thinking: LET FULLER GOES!

Press 2: you’re a French Nelson MANDELA in the States?

MF: probably. I am an American with the color of my skin that is French. (laughs). The Bill of Rights is the real WILL OF GEORGE WASHINGTON. It refuse any jkind of segregation in the press. There must be an independent investigation about the fact I stay ISOLATED. It’s not a problem for me, I WILL WAIT SOME MORE WEEKS before my RUSSIANGATE report will prevail.

Press 3: this is the main goal of your 1st trimester?

MF: exactly, the book will follow about this harassment by the Russians against me and the US, partly about TRUMP who was attacked by them but he decided to have a deal with them to be the election winner. This deal is the REASON OF HIS IMPEACHMENT BY THE WOMEN TODAY, a worldwide event that will do the Breaking News forever. This is CRUCIAL for our strategy. March 8, it will be WOMEN’S DAY and before the pressure will be growing all around the Country TO REMOVE THE BILLIONAIRE. He was accepted by the politicians by mistake. They will leave partly with him. I, Mike FULLER (aka VIDAL, SPEARS, KELLY), I represent the next Generation that WE, THE PEOPLE WANTS TO BE IN CHARGE, TO DRIVE SAFELY, not like a hooligan like TRUMP.

Press 5: second trimester to organize your Shadow Presidency?

MF: that’s it. I will continue my 12 months agenda this Summer with David BOWIE for my my musical in preparation on Boradway, THE BOWIE YEAR mixing with our BrAmStOcKeR punk band since 1977 original songs and covers of our British Elvis PRESLEY who passed away when I was in NASHVILLE last year to propose a live demo album of the 12 songs of PRESIDENT OF THE STATES to introduce my Cultural Presidential Candidacy TO BE IN IOWA NEXT. The Presidency of OBAMA did not like me. I will schedule a lawsuit about TRUMP SLANDER I’M EVIL but also a reality show of my new accepted FAME for the last trimester of this year. Then in 2018, there will be a better appreciation of my talent FOR THE FRENCH COP3: WIN WIN financing.

Press 6 (military): thank you, Shadow President. Before, there could be a second Presidential election and I am sure you will be a MAJOR CANDIDATE THIS TIME?

MF: thanks to the Army too, of course, We must never forget we would be Germans IF THE US ARMY did not fight against the NAZIS. I will be one of the main candidates of the next election because THIS WON’T BE AS USUAL. Corruption inspired by Exclusion. The MARCH of the WOMEN is the therapy against Human Trafficking and dictatorship tendency. It is the EARTHQUAKE that we needed to BUILD A NATION FREE.

Second Mike FULLER’s Q&A sponsored by TIMefraMES, 1/20/2017 on TWITTER about Donald TRUMP inauguration.

Press 1: Hello Mike, what do you think about the importance of this day in our History?

Mike FULLER: are you kidding, this day is not at all important. What we can see in WASHINGTON is a spectacle, not validated by the United States Constitution according to me and my team of observers. These politicians are now lost in a jungle of problems without the continuity of the regime created in 1776-1787. There is a new President but the Presidential context is not anymore there. It is a Presidency of a new Organization that is not a new Regime and not anymore the good old Federation that was managing our lifes. The US Supreme Court did not cancel the election and this is a bad surprise. This was an election organized by the Russians.

Press 2: regarding the impeachment you’re preparing against President TRUMP are you optimistic or not?

MF: I don’t joke about this subject. TRUMP IS NOT THE DEVIL ITSELF, he’s the US citizen who is the most judiciary criticized since the beginning of our Nation, I think. Why that? I believe in the Justice to calm down the criminals and also the ones who want TO PUNISH THEMSELVES THE CRIMINALS. The crimes that our new President is responsible ACCORDING TO THE DECLARED VICTIMS AND OTHERS are financial, sexual and political (Russiangate). I explain in my report about this sequel of the WATERGATE scandal that it is about WASHINGTON against HOLLYWOOD. Entertainment welcomed TRUMP who was already a Billionaire to give him more FAME than a MOVIE STAR (The Apprentice). Why? Not to get the Presidency at all, they wanted CLINTON. There was a plan organized already with RUSSIA, since the communist SOVIET UNION. PUTIN had a file about TRUMP for years. HOLLYWOOD never left its STALIN fan club tendency. Donald appeared for a minority a possible WHITE HOUSE resident who would be promoter of a pro- Russian evolution. Unfortunately, too many actors and other artists are anti-TRUMP because he’s representing the hardest CAPITALISM. It’s irony, it is a miscommunication or it’s a chaos that finished by the Russian attacks for the sabotage of Hillary campaign.

Press 3: you are the Shadow President, what is your program for the next few weeks?

Mike FULLER: I invite you tomorrow, on Saturday, Jan 21 to tell you MY 2017 PROGRAM.


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