DON’T CROSS THE RUBICON said the FRENCH COP to the President. It can be dangerous for your troops and you future with us.

January 29, 2017

DON’T CROSS THE RUBICON said the FRENCH COP to the President. It can be dangerous for your troops and you future with us.


Tweets of the day:

A world of Solidarity between PUNKS and others, it’s what we need to feel the NEW WAVES that will INVADE US. TRUMP policy will follow! BrAmS

Our NEW AGE is Age of GOOD SPIRIT of the State of the Union that was almost forgotten this year because Wind of Change too fast: see 2/28.

He’s continuing automatically, the Old Man. decision after decision, to show his PROUDNESS waiting for CONFIRMATION by this angry crowd. TS

The SHADOW PRESIDENT must stay in the shadow until the LIGHTS of our PRESS will be ready for the Breakthrough to communicate against chaos.

Comments on FACEBOOK:

A Dangerously Isolated President

I am available anytime to be called by President Donald TRUMP to give him my opinion about his future decisions. He’s my guest. Mike FULLER

Donald Trump Shuffles National Security Council

Another reform we’ll see next month with more comments to say because right now the repression against me organized by HOLLYWOOD is at its worst because I’m saying the truth and there they want only lies. Mike FULLER

White House Official, in Reversal, Says Green Card Holders Won’t Be Barred

President Donald TRUMP is criticized by a strong movement of the opinion that is able to be appreciated in Washington when it is time to see that there is no solution except to promote a moderation and to prevent a confrontation. Mike FULLER

Trump official appears to walk back inclusion of green-card holders in travel ban even as others defend it

This change of policy can be a sign of difficult times for the United States. We have to see what is happening with the talent of ours to understand History and to comment it daily without hesitation. The Opposition is angry and the White House is accused to be nasty. Immigrants are the subject of a dispute, this is a permanent problem in America since 1776. Mike FULLER

Résultats de la primaire à gauche : vainqueur du scrutin, Benoît Hamon promet de « rassembler tous les socialistes »

C’est Benoit HAMON. Adieu VALLS, c’etait une autre époque Remus et Romulus. Mike FULLER

VALLS ou HAMON, ce sera de toute façon le successeur de HOLLANDE qui sera élu par les Socialistes. Attendons les résultats avec une impatience modérée par les enjeux de la Présidentielle qui concerne aussi les autres partis de France, prêts a remplacer aussi le President actuel qui se destine a d’autres enjeux. Mike FULLER


No Primaries for FULLER in January 2016: what a shame. Our poor candidate was not able to be there after several weeks in the South looking for musicians to record a live demo album in Nashville of BrAmStOcKeR. It was not possible. So, he continued on the Web only until now. In 2017, the ROOSTER YEAR, he is more efficient and Fred KELLY is helping him as the lead singer of the 1977 Punk band to reactivate his chance to be President one day. The President is TRUMP and the legacy of Frederic VIDAL is the strategy to improve Mike FULLER career because VIDAL was his main lawyer and advisor. Thomas SPEARS

2017 will be the Year of the ROOSTER, Mike FULLER, more precisions.

JANUARY: The FAIRY TALE of Frederic VIDAL that is over definitely. It began in 1959 for nothing at all because it was broken by the Governments and the Entertainments. A Princess in Monaco who was BACKGROUND ACTOR.

FEBRUARY: (is a) NEW CHANCE to find the right person to contact. Probably in Hollywood, the place of the guerilla to erase Fred KELLY of his movie career and Mike FULLER to have a second chance to win the Presidential election, there is someone FAVORABLE TO STOP THE ANTI-NETWORKING all around.

MARCH: TO LEAVE FOR another program, it is an objective that is fundamental and almost ready: the first trimester is about the RUSSIANGATE. This report will be extended with more and more writings until mid-March. The second trimester will be to promote and have A LOT MORE OPERATIONAL the program of SHADOW PRESIDENT.

APRIL: A NEXT STEP of our career in politics, this is what is this new institution we are proposing in the United States. To be a Shadow President means to represent the whole Opposition, refusing the ones who have the strategy of chaos and anarchy against TRUMP. We must be federated and coordinated. I AM ABLE TO BE THE CENTER OF OUR NATIONAL COMMUNITY TO PROPOSE A 2nd ELECTION DAY in November, the 7, first Tuesday of the Month after cancellation of November 8, 2016 results or resignation of the President Donald TRUMP if he’s impeached beginning APRIL. Shadow President, I will be the best candidate to be elected President because I AM THE AUTHOR OF THIS STRATEGY and millions of Americans follow my recommendations on the Internet ONLY UNFORTUNATELY as the criminal law to punish me is not yet cancelled by TRUMP who will accept to neutralize all the people and organizations against MY FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.

MAY: TO COMMUNICATE by other medias that the Web.
JUNE: WITH THE MACHINE  of the present social system
JULY: OUR KNOWLEDGE regarding what we believe
OCTOBER: TO BE SURE to reinforce our civilization
NOVEMBER: OF OUR ELECTION meaning if No 2nd Election Day
DECEMBER: LAWSUIT about the Slander I’ Evil and not Fair.


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