February is a NEW CHANCE to find the right person to contact to NETWORK as the HERO of this STORY of FAME, we are VIP.

January 30, 2017

February is a NEW CHANCE to find the right person to contact to NETWORK as the HERO of this STORY of FAME, we are VIP.

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SPEAKER RYAN said it clearly: ONLY THE CONGRESS VOTE LAWS. The executives orders of President Donald TRUMP have to be confirmed by the 2 CHAMBERS. FK

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RUSSIANGATE for the YEAR OF THE ROOSTER! Mike FULLER replies to President TRUMP with a Report about his Russian Connection with PUTIN!

The daily posts that are tweets written by Vince SAUVAN are diffused by the FRANCE DEMAIN Twitter account.


From: https://www.fengshuishopper.com/chinese-astrology

January 30 Tweets:

Different RACES are composing our LAND OF THE FREE to be the smartest Country to play the music of the LORD. It is a MELTING POT, America.

There’s a Trauma right now all over the Country. The LADY LEFT and her BOY is restless according to observers. He’s not her son but her SIN.

Every Day will be Historic in 2017 like one century ago but for CAPITALISM this time to be more Social for our Nation. TRUMPISM is bad JAZZ.

I dream about a Film to be a winning one, explaining to the Kids that nothing’s impossible. It’s not impossible to elect FULLER in 2017. FK

On Facebook today:


Sick they are the people who don’t like BLACKSTAR because they are busy saying it is David BOWIE last album without thinking about the great human being he was. Mike FULLER for the BOWIE YEAR 2017.

99 Ways to Fight Trump. Do one. Do them all. But do something.


Interesting site. Creativity of the activists fighting for their rights and reducing the TRUMP mania is beautiful. They are our gift about democracy. Mike FULLER

White House Says It Deliberately Omitted Jews From Holocaust Remembrance Day Statement


The White House since the 2000’s is having a crisis and now it is the explosion of extreme authority. Our specialists in Political Science are studying this evolution that is not respecting the tradition of the Constitution of 1787. Excees of power by the executive one is dangerousl. THERE IS THE CONGRES TO VOTE THE LAWS. Executive Orders are not welcomed in “Washington” too much. To be arrogant is not advised by the rules of the American Dream. Mike FULLER mike.fuller@mail.com

Trump says his order didn’t cause weekend airport chaos


We are not lost at all for these last days of January. We were looking for a peaceful time of government and some ice decisions about the New Age but it would have been with another President. We’re read to calm down the repression of our regular regulations with the Judge or A DEBATE DIRECTLY with the Oval Office. Mike FULLER

The LAPD police chief just openly rebelled against Trump’s immigration orders


I support BECK who is a citizen HERO from the Police to refuse the DC order to prosecute the innocents. MF

Trump orders two-for-one repeal for all new regulations


This is a page of our history written by a man who is the result of a fairy tale that is finishing this month of January. In February, we have a chance to continue the regular History of the US by writing differently our present decisions, not from the White House but from our towns where we belong, in the American Ground that was sacred by our parents, ALL IMMIGRANTS, ALL IMMIGRANTS, even Thomas JEFFERSON who was British at that time. Mike FULLER mike.fuller@mail.com

Republicans Begin to Break With President Trump


This divorce will go until the end IF the Impeachment of the President criticized because controversial for a lot of Americans IS NOT VALIDATED AS A POSSIBLE TRIAL TO PROSECUTE this TRUMP eventually about he would have been criminal. Nothing is sure about this subject of law byt everything must be studied FROM NOW TO THEN. Mike FULLER mike.fuller@mail.com

Trump travel ban: president defends order amid worldwide controversy – live


A worldwide movement of people of the opposition to TRUMP is growing. Our United States of America are not afraid of this bad reputation that is obviously a kind of sickness. They elected this President by defeating his female competitor. We knew about his program of counter-revolution, anti-American of the past and we could not stop him. WE WERE WEAK, in Atlanta, in Nashville, in Baltimore, in Birmingham: we were isolated, victim of anti-networking. We had to wait until now to appreciate all this passengers of a series of messages to say No, you won’t toa White House not anymore managed by a black President who slept too much in the library of our archives about democracy. Mike FULLER mike.fuller@mail.com

Fred Korematsu


Today is the anniversary of this civil rights activist who is not enough famous. He could be in the History books because it’s so important to commemorate Liberty as our best gift from God, otherwisde it’s dictatorship. MF

EXECUTIVES ORDERS: it’s the way to govern in 2017. We’re waiting for the Congress to confirm or cancel them if they are not fair. For now, the two chambers are preparing the STATE OF THE UNION on February 28. OBAMA left from a minute to another, did not participate in the Inauguration of his successor and did not think about his last conference in January: a State of the Union of the past 8 years. He was not in the right mood and preferred to let us with TRUMP. In March, the Congress will control all these Executive Actions of the new President after his solo days since January 20. Mike FULLER mike.fuller@mail.com


The new waves against the White House have only one previous example: the 1960’s disorder around the Nation. This time, the reform comes from DC but to reduce liberties because it would be necessary to attract more progress to impose to the population. Mike FULLER

Trump says ‘all is going well’ on immigration order amid questions and confusion


TRUMP is not comfortable this Monday morning with these people at the airports angry and devastated by his new order to ban refugees. It does not look like regular United States but some Country in the middle of a crisis of organization of its society. Where is the legacy of our Founders and the XXth century tradition of American Dream. Not so far away from “Washington” for a reset of this storm that has only one reason: the project of change is to high, the necessity of staying the same not enough present. WE ARE A CIVILIZATION TO REINFORCE, NOT TO COLLAPSE. Mike FULLER mike.fuller@mail.com


Watch this film again, it’ about what the 2000’s could have been. MF


Trump’s erratic first week was among the most alarming in history


I am the witness of all of that. I stay quiet but the crowd of the opposition against TRUMP policy can be sure I am the leader they deserve to be their Shadow President, ready for a new election that is more than ever scheduled by the United States because we cannot continue like that. This is sad but THERE WAS A MISTAKE NOVEMBER 8, let’s repare it November 7, 2017 IN THE POLLS. Mike FULLER mike.fuller@mail.com

A Dangerously Isolated President


I am available anytime to be called by President Donald TRUMP to give him my opinion about his future decisions. He’s my guest. Mike FULLER


Let’s dance “Washington”. You will have your break after a short while. Thomas SPEARS

2017 is Mike FULLER, Year of the ROOSTER  with:

JANUARY: The FAIRY TALE that is over definitely.
FEBRUARY: (is a) NEW CHANCE to find the right the right person to contact.
MARCH: TO LEAVE FOR another program,
APRIL: A NEXT STEP of our career in politics,

MAY: TO COMMUNICATE by other medias that the Web. In May, it’s really the Spring and the winter is a bad memory until next year that is far away. We can be sure we have in 2017 the right qualities to be invited in the press because WE SAY THE TRUTH, we are in a kind of jails of social isolation since 2015 for our return in America.

JUNE: WITH THE MACHINE  of the present social system. We are interested in studying this wrong America of 2016 that has a sequel this year with a real FIGHT IN THE AIRPORTS and a demonstration in the streets that is permanent until we will come back to the 2015 agreement to have a peaceful life together us, the people and them, the power.

JULY: OUR KNOWLEDGE regarding what we believe. In July, it is the Summer and it’s so hot outside that our brain is available for more comments on the Web that will complete our knowledge explanation about a world not normal anymore, looking for a new deal to be more important than TRUMP election, a special event like KENNEDY last message after death.

OCTOBER: TO BE SURE to reinforce our civilization
NOVEMBER: OF OUR ELECTION meaning if No 2nd Election Day
DECEMBER: LAWSUIT about the Slander I’ Evil and not Fair.



Now, it’s time to go for a lunch. Like everyday knowing the hate is at its highest level in the mind of the enemy. The enemy that is doing everything it can to neutralize us BUT IT CAN NOTHING. The enemy is inside us: it’s all about bad waves. Do like me, evacuate them by drinking water, walking a lot. See you tomorrow, on Tuesday. Mike FULLER mike.fuller@mail.com



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