The VELVET EYES will be back, produced by SAUVAN and directed by me, SPEARS, when we’ll be ready to leave for another program in March with a NEXT STEP of our political career in April.

January 31, 2017

The VELVET EYES will be back, produced by SAUVAN and directed by me, SPEARS, when we’ll be ready to leave for another program in March with a NEXT STEP of our political career in April.

This is Vince SAUVAN blog with one more post everyday. Welcome to the Universe of the FRENCH COP.

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A FAIRY TALE’S END TODAY with VELVET EYES back, produced by SAUVAN and directed by SPEARS in a new WORDPRESS post. (for Santo & Johnny – Sleep Walk)

The song of the day:

The song of the day. Mike FULLER for Vince SAUVAN WordPress blog.

January 31 Tweets:

It’s the last day of the 13rd month of 2016. The 2nd month of 2017 is tomorrow with plenty of new tweets.

The CHINESE YEAR will follow us until December. Then a LAWSUIT will replace a New Election Day in November if not ready. I’m your CANDIDATE!

Thomas SPEARS:
The Nazi Germany collapsed, the Soviet Union of Russia collapsed, the UNited States of “Washington” needs NOT TO COLLAPSE.

About this song on FACEBOOK from YOUTUBE:

In 1959, there was so much ambition to have a wonderful next century. The Fairy Tale must be cancelled today, Tomorrow, my heart will be an open book of Success Story. Mike FULLER

GERMAN SPY IV and FRENCH COP III are my 2 objectives of career with BrAmStOcKeR to amplify as the leadsinger.


Year of the Rooster T-Shirt:

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Let’s continue to review 2017 that is Mike FULLER, Year of the ROOSTER.


JANUARY: The FAIRY TALE of Frederic VIDAL that is over definitely. It began in 1959 for nothing at all because it was broken by the Governments and the Entertainments. A Princess in Monaco who was BACKGROUND ACTOR.

FEBRUARY: (is a) NEW CHANCE to find the right person to contact. Probably in Hollywood, the place of the guerilla to erase Fred KELLY of his movie career and Mike FULLER to have a second chance to win the Presidential election, there is someone FAVORABLE TO STOP THE ANTI-NETWORKING all around.

MARCH: TO LEAVE FOR another program, it is an objective that is fundamental and almost ready: the first trimester is about the RUSSIANGATE. This report will be extended with more and more writings until mid-March. The second trimester will be to promote and have A LOT MORE OPERATIONAL the program of SHADOW PRESIDENT.

APRIL: A NEXT STEP of our career in politics, this is what is this new institution we are proposing in the United States. To be a Shadow President means to represent the whole Opposition, refusing the ones who have the strategy of chaos and anarchy against TRUMP. We must be federated and coordinated. I AM ABLE TO BE THE CENTER OF OUR NATIONAL COMMUNITY TO PROPOSE A 2nd ELECTION DAY in November, the 7, first Tuesday of the Month after cancellation of November 8, 2016 results or resignation of the President Donald TRUMP if he’s impeached beginning APRIL. Shadow President, I will be the best candidate to be elected President because I AM THE AUTHOR OF THIS STRATEGY and millions of Americans follow my recommendations on the Internet ONLY UNFORTUNATELY as the criminal law to punish me is not yet cancelled by TRUMP who will accept to neutralize all the people and organizations against MY FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.

MAY: TO COMMUNICATE by other medias that the Web. In May, it’s really the Spring and the winter is a bad memory until next year that is far away. We can be sure we have in 2017 the right qualities to be invited in the press because WE SAY THE TRUTH, we are in a kind of jails of social isolation since 2015 for our return in America.

JUNE: WITH THE MACHINE  of the present social system. We are interested in studying this wrong America of 2016 that has a sequel this year with a real FIGHT IN THE AIRPORTS and a demonstration in the streets that is permanent until we will come back to the 2015 agreement to have a peaceful life together us, the people and them, the power.

JULY: OUR KNOWLEDGE regarding what we believe. In July, it is the Summer and it’s so hot outside that our brain is available for more comments on the Web that will complete our knowledge explanation about a world not normal anymore, looking for a new deal to be more important than TRUMP election, a special event like KENNEDY last message after death.


AUGUST: ABOUT SCIENCE FICTION from our projects. Our films are the right tools to live a Summer that will be unforgettable. Our major target is to distribute more faith in the mind of all the persons looking for a probable upgrade of our system. It is a proposition of the society and the campaign will give us the satisfaction necessary to get the dimension of History.

SEPTEMBER: AND POLITICAL HISTORY of the new goals to be good and helpful, to cooperate with the level of our real problems that are political and not cultural. There will be a demonstration of the quality of our movement. I will be reading you what was our past to realize with you a present of fate to be positive for the United States. We were in the wrong direction. It is now the U-turn.

OCTOBER: TO BE SURE to reinforce our civilization, we will organize our mental content with our physical means. A Civilization like ours was never before on this Planet. This is a result of 250 years almost of construction of a continent building like a skyscraper. Maybe in one month, we will vote again and be sure my name will be your brand for a ticket to the final destination, decentralized “Washington”, the White House and the Congress everywhere, close to you and your family.

NOVEMBER: OF OUR ELECTION meaning if No 2nd Election Day, there will be almost the same with a Nomination Day to be definitely your (Shadow President). A Reality Show filmed by the cameras of my nonprofit AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT (ACD) working for the TIMefraMES concept of communication of Hollywood after its end as a notion of separation of the culture and politics. Subculture will be welcomed like the Underground to be on the ground, the paradise on Earth for artists and indie business people.

DECEMBER: LAWSUIT about the Slander I’m Evil and not Fair. This trial can be only a symbolical one or a regular with a Judge and attorneys. The defamation is a crime that is like a cancer devastating the health of a body called the reputation and it’s collective. We are not a dirty Country to be separated by personal critics excessive in the opinion of the public. A wave of justice will appear to conclude the year in order to have 2018 cleaner than what we could imagine before. I am fair and sweet, never overreacting, never angry and smart like no other because my brain follows my mind that is pure and admirable according to you who follow my advice and explanations.



It’s the end of the Fairy Tale today, January 31, 2017. Bye horrible story of refusing the notoriety for a little child who asked for nothing. Tomorrow, the great man replacing him will start building his career in the medias because the success story cannot be stopped. Mike FULLER



Welcome to the success story, bye people of the fairy tale that did not work. Tomorrow, you won’t be here anymore with me. You stayed with Frederic VIDAL in the 2000’s when everything was possible and everything was not interesting you. He helped you in the XXth century, you did not help him to begin the new one. So, I will see others and let you with smoke in your eyes. Mike FULLER

Penelope Fillon aurait reçu 900 000 euros au total, selon « Le Canard enchaîné »

En savoir plus sur

Ca va mal a droite. A Gauche, on est prêt a la confrontation et on a rien a se reprocher. FILLON va peut-être devoir laisser la place a JUPPE si sa femme était vraiment coupable. On verra ca dans Le Monde et le Canard Enchaine sans prendre plaisir au malheur des autres. Mike FULLER

Democrats boycott confirmation hearings for Price and Mnuchin, blocking votes

It’s the end before the beginning. The Democrats are right to counter-attack to calm down the democracy miscommunication between President TRUMP and the Elite of the Nation. There will be a new Election Day, November 7 if it continues like that. Mike FULLER

Sally Yates firing and Trump cabinet cause partisan ‘bad blood’ to boil over

Dirty fight in “Washington” as the TRAVEL BAN is the cause of a dispute that will finish with TRUMP resignation after the Judges decision to prosecute him. This is our disabled America expressing its choice to be cured by a change that the White House did not understand well. We don’t need repression but promotion of our goals of Peace and Love. Mike FULLER

Senate Democrats block two Trump Cabinet picks by boycotting vote

No more confirmation of TRUMP ministers: it’s the reply to the Travel Ban and all this Administration of the executive orders not accepting a dialogue with the Opposition. There will be a second step of the new Presidency with a right attitude of listening to the others when Donald TRUMP will have signed enough decisions and will have the evidence the Fairy Tale is over. The Success Story starts tomorrow, February 1st for us and all American ready for 2017 in the reality of our daily life. Mike FULLER

The post of February 25 that was not published is published now for you!

The New RUSSIANGATE Report Is In Progress On TUMBLR. 4 Letters To President Donald TRUMP In February To Introduce Him To The Procedure Of GOVERNING TOGETHER Proposed By Mike FULLER, The SHADOW PRESIDENT!


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GOVERNING TOGETHER: Mike FULLER 4 letters to Donald TRUMP, February 1, 8, 15 and 22 will introduce the RUSSIANGATE Report conclusion: SHARE THE POWER.

On Twitter
(vidalfuller2016, mikefuller2020, BRAMSTOCKER, timeframes2020)

This is not the right time to REFUSE THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY. FULLER is not GREENPEACE. Activists must follow Democracy with Mike to NETWORK

In HOLLYWOOD, they wait for their ACADEMY AWARDS. I never received one OSCAR because I am REPUBLICAN but not from WASHINGTON, from New York.

Activist worldwide against TRUMP must be 100% confident Mike FULLER is their best chance to win. He’s SHADOW PRESIDENT without a press link.

Mike FULLER is preparing his Lawsuit for SLANDER about him and his team. We’re not EVIL at all but FAIR. DC GOP was TRUMP FAKE gossip maker.

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Patricia HUNTER photo double! The other SPEARS is singing about a number that is the right one of the FRENCH COP trilogy! In Japan, Vincent SAUVAN will understand he was French only to be the Hero of the extra-terrestrials who were waiting for him in America. TS


CRIMINAL HOLLYWOOD: it’s the subject of FRENCH COP3: WIN WIN. Where is Patricia HUNTER, Vince SAUVAN’s wife? She’s missing but known to be networking while being threatened with insiders of the famous wood. Meanwhile at the USB’s White House, the new President has the choice: to stop the anti-FULLER policy of his predecessor preventing any FRENCH COP film release in its dimension or to continue BUT THE USA (the major dimension, unknown by us) WILL PROSECUTE the blackout of the RESCUE of PATRICIA by the commandos of the Army (exclusive new preview of the film project). Thomas SPEARS

TV Icon Mary Tyler Moore Dead At 80

HOLLYWOOD is again invited to the Cemetery. Just after the publication of the selected people and films for the Oscars, it’s a sign for this entity of entertainment to calm down and to accept TRUMP a little more and not to refuse FULLER anymore. Mike is good for MOVIES. Bye Mary, you would have been our main FAN in ANOTHER CONTEXT, with no hate. THOMAS SPEARS

Trump Expected to Sign Order to Fund Border Wall: Administration Official

This wall is a waste of money and time. The best way to secure the border between Mexico and the US is a popular unanimity that Mexicans stay in Mexico. It can be done with a propaganda America is toxic for Hispanics. Mike FULLER

Anarchy gives way to tourism as punk hits 40

77, 40 years ago. No more Anarchy but CIVISM we are looking for. Our mistakes of the 70’s, it’s time to prepare them by contacts in DC for our Super Hero, Mike FULLER to be Donald TRUMP main chance to stay or to leave: he’s the only one who can decide. BrAmStOcKeR

Trump seeks ‘major investigation’ into unsupported claims of voter fraud

It is a PANDORA BOX for the Donald TRUMP’s team. This major investigation can conclude the Presidential election was really fake and, consequently, it must be cancelled. It’s what we want, Justice to tell us if November 8 is validated or is a suspect Election Day to be replaced by a new one FOR A TRUMP CONFIRMATION OR NOT. Mike FULLER

La stratégie anti-Hamon divise le camp Valls

Les deux frères ennemis VALLS et HAMON! On croit rêver. Il nous faut un seul candidat pour remonter la pente. Qui sera MITTERRAND et qui sera ROCARD? L’élu prendra son perdant comme Premier ministre s’il devient President de la République. Mike FULLER

Les partisans d’une interdiction des armes nucléaires veulent mobiliser

La campagne internationale pour abolir les armes nucléaires (ICAN) promeut depuis 2007 un traité d’interdiction pure et simple et c’est le souhait de Mike FULLER qui aux Etats-Unis entreprend actuellement un programme de rapprochement avec le President TRUMP. Pour ce faire, le rapport RUSSIANGATE sera prêt le 1er février pour une concertation nationale avec l’Opposition anti-TRUMP. Mike écrira a la Maison Blanche pour lui signaler qu’en mars, il faut agir de concert afin d’établir une Shadow Présidence irreversible. Thomas SPEARS

Without evidence, Trump tells lawmakers 3 million to 5 million illegal ballots cost him the popular vote

TRUMP is not FULLER but Mike will control the votes with Donald, he’s his Shadow President but illegal ballots would be a new reason to cancel the election. Thomas SPEARS

A Questions & Answers you did not read previously, diffused today to celebrate the last day of January.

Q&A Mike FULLER 1/18/2017 about the RUSSIANGATE, Report to the US Supreme Court (Washington vs Hollywood).

Press 1: how are you, President?

Mike FULLER: a lot better than this poor Donald TRUMP and his problem to find a successor that his 3 sons will never be. I AM HIS SUCCESSOR but he doesn’t want me at all to be his SHADOW PRESIDENT meaning his equivalent without Federal power but with the SOCIAL POWER of the whole Opposition, replacing Hillary CLINTON who was not able to accept such a role because she has been INJURED by the result of the election. Such A FAVORITE LADY WAS ALMOST SURE TO BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT. In our system that is not really respecting the Bill of Rights, it is a big surprise that the Outsider is the winner. Unfortunately for us the Alternates meaning the politicians of the Subculture that is the MINORITY in America, the elected-President is our pure anti-ICON, he’s the evil of the underground, Wall Street itself with a policy UNACCEPTABLE

Press 3: What policy?

MF: the policy to continue a same old song with a new orchestra introducing projects like THE WALL without PINK FLOYD and a Foreign strategy that is pro-RUSSIAN, so anti-PUSSY RIOTS. (laughs)

Press 4: consequently, your Report?

MF: exactly. It is now the right time to prosecute the President and his two predecessors (OBAMA and BUSH) connected to Vladimir PUTIN, the President of RUSSIA since September 11 or even before. Donald TRUMP told us on TWITTER: “are we the NAZI GERMANY?” He is right to acknowledge the World War II is not totally finished. What about the Soviet Union? He is obviously a supporter of RUSSIA and cannot continue to call Moscow probably everyday.

Press 5: thank you, Shadow President for this 1st part of our Q&A on the BrAmStOcKeR TWITTER account. See you on Thomas SPEARS’s TWITTER. TRUMP SEXUAL HARASSER: The new Trump defamation lawsuit is daring Trump to incriminate himself in court: via @slateQ&A


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