I Am Your Vince SAUVAN, Super Hero Of Another Dimension. I Can Be Your Secretary To Write The Letters You Will Send To Your Congress People!

February 1, 2017

I Am Your Vince SAUVAN, Super Hero Of Another Dimension. I Can Be Your Secretary To Write The Letters You Will Send To Your Congress People!

Read the beautiful letter from Mike FULLER to our President: http://fredericvidal.tumblr.com/post/156676077842/this-is-my-letter-to-donald-trump-received-by-him

On Blip http://blip.fm/TheBRAMSTOCKER

Mike FULLER is proud of his Letter to TRUMP proposing him to be his OMBUDSMAN, the Delegate for the Shadow Presidency. http://fredericvidal.tumblr.com

On Twitter: https://twitter.com

February 1:

BRAMSTOCKER (for Frederic VIDAL): Play your guitar to demonstrate you’re not frozen like people who’re about to leave us because their melody isn’t likable. FULLER OMBUDSMAN.

Mike FULLER mikefuller2020: There was nothing valuable to share with you. I am about to visit every State of the Union to congratulate our Justice. My next move is DC.

Thomas SPEARS vidalfuller2016: Once upon a time, the fairy tale vanished in the air and we have now a new chance to keep our Land free to reach the next White House ASAP.

Fred KELLY timeframes2020: Frederic VIDAL was a fairy tale hero that scheduled his name would win without him. It’s today my name is associated for a success story. FK

Vince SAUVAN (WORDPRESS): I Am Your Vince SAUVAN, Super Hero Of Another Dimension. I Can Be Your Secretary To Write The Letters You Will Send To Your Congress People!

Rolling Stones – Blue & Lonesome (Full Album) https://t.co/MG5QtIh2b8 via @YouTube Breaking news! https://t.co/fwT9UcowBi FV LETTER 2TRUMP!

February 2:

BRAMSTOCKER (for Frederic VIDAL): Call Elvis, tell him about TRUMP. He’s a singer with no voice but a signature he likes too much to show he’s a new King: not without FULLER.

Mike FULLER: This month, I’ll have every phone to be number one on my agenda to call you to tell you about the Constitution to reinforce. TRUMP needs me!

Thomas SPEARS: My favorite contact will be you if you retweet me this tweet. It’s a tweet of words meaning more than you think about our network of TRUMP.

Fred KELLY: TV shows mentally are sectarism of the cast and business only for the crew. The APPRENTICE is not produced by the White House but by others.

Vince SAUVAN (WORDPRESS): The tweet of WordPress, it’s the best to tell us what to do every week of this month. I’m Vince SAUVAN to show you the way.

February 3:

BRAMSTOCKER (for Frederic VIDAL): We’ll sign a contract in April or in May to be in the charts as newcomers, 40 years after our foundation to support America.

Mike FULLER: There will be November for a new Election Day or December for a lawsuit that will not last at all.

Thomas SPEARS: This month, it’s a SEMINAR about DOING GREAT with our Institutions that are our marvelous gift from the old times we could break without Harmony.

Fred KELLY: Hollywood against Washington that is the reply of the fame to calm down the power.

Vince SAUVAN (WORDPRESS): I’m looking for my wife in the Hollywood Hills , She’s a pretty lady. I will find her with the DARKPOL thanks to (Shadow) President Mike FULLER.

February 4:

BRAMSTOCKER (for Frederic VIDAL): Washington system is automatical. The Congress play the drums but the bass player must be replaced. He had a cold and his fever don’t inspire good lyrics.

Mike FULLER: People don’t think anymore there can be 12 months like January. This was a bad wave of a weird style, we prefer old school or new trends.

Thomas SPEARS: They repeat the same thing about Frederic VIDAL showing they have no imagination to see he was the name to open all the doors because his mood was the key of our dreams.

Fred KELLY: This weekend, they protest like every other days, the poor citizens to secure their future.

Vince SAUVAN (WORDPRESS): In this desert of a territory with a population that is not sure about its possible success, my story is inspiring a film titled FRENCH COP.



https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrei_Sakharov Using the Frederic VIDAL’s name, Mike FULLER proposes to Donald TRUMP literally to be his OMBUDSMAN against the chaos of a dispute that could become worse, for the OPPOSITION to be expressed by an only man, DELEGATE FOR THE SHADOW PRESIDENCY that is Mrs. CLINTON dedicated. READ THE LETTER that was received by President TRUMP this morning: http://fredericvidal.tumblr.com To Andrei SAKHAROV, our superior name!
Four states sue Trump administration over ‘un-American’ travel ban

I want to be TRUMP’s OMBUDSMAN to find a solution to prevent these lawsuits to go to the court. For now, it’s just filing forms with lawyers to prepare the trial. If I am confirmed as the Delegate for a Shadow Presidency, I will be able to show my talent for a deal that could be historic, reducing the TRAVEL BAN and improving our democracy with a new meeting concept. Mike FULLER read my letter to Donald http://fredericvidal.tumblr.com

Senate confirms Rex Tillerson for secretary of State


http://www.usatoday.com/…/senate-approves-rex-til…/97349470/ Rex TILLERSON is a famous personality of the Economy and also Politics. He is an international actor of a system that is complicated but not never understandable. We give him the Department of State and he will find the right policy to have the United States more important than ever among the other Nations that are admiring us since the first day. About Russia, the new Secretary of State will follow his tradition to be really available for a good talk and Success Story. Read my Letter to the President http://fredericvidal.tumblr.com Mike FULLER mike.fuller@mail.com

Trump Says ‘Go Nuclear’ as Democrats Brace for Gorsuch Fight

Justice is a challenge now. We appreciate the President motivation to see his choice confirmed by the Opinion. It can be his best decision if I can participate in this exercise of Power with my skill to coordinate all about Opposition. Read my Letter to TRUMP received by the White House this morning http://fredericvidal.tumblr.com Mike FULLER mike.fuller@mail.com

As Supreme Court nominee meets with senators, Trump ramps up pressure for swift confirmation


To go nuclear must be controlled. There is a way to negotiate with the Power. My Letter to Donald TRUMP is fair http://fredericvidal.tumblr.com We will write together a new page of History when the Success Story will be unstoppable, in a short while from now. Mike FULLER mike.fuller@mail.com

Affaire Penelope Fillon : une nouvelle journée « pas agréable » pour le candidat Les Républicains


Un autre programme mais toujours autant de problèmes pour FILLON. Nous sommes sortis du conte de fees pour intégrer la SUCCESS STORY comme disent les Américains. Il faut que la Droite se retrouve autour d’un Francois qui n’a pas dit son dernier mot. Il était toujours la quand il fallait. Il ne partira pas tout de suite, c’est notre souhait qu’il écrive son Business Plan. Mike FULLER



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