TRIUMVIRATE: A FULLER Short Film. The Tweet Of WordPress, It’s The Best To Tell Us What To Do Every Week Of This Month. I’m Vince SAUVAN To Show You The Way.

February 2, 2017

TRIUMVIRATE: A FULLER Short Film. The Tweet Of WordPress, It’s The Best To Tell Us What To Do Every Week Of This Month. I’m Vince SAUVAN To Show You The Way.

This important new project for filming is recorded on:

Biography on
Songwriter and moviemaker, Mike FULLER is the great name replacing the famous but obsolete Frederic VIDAL who was boycotted too long by the Americans because the Russians. Mike FULLER is a brand of SUCCESS STORY after the broken fairy tale of Frederic VIDAL. He’s also the 2016 US Presidential candidate who is proposing in a letter, yesterday, January 1st to Donald TRUMP to be “his delegate for a SHADOW PRESIDENCY”, kind of OMBUDSMAN to coordinate the Opposition to the new President for a dialogue that is compulsory in our Democracy. Read the RUSSIANGATE Report to the Supreme Court about V  IDAL down, FULLER up and TRUMP not Ok :




In a little village of California, Octavius was obliged to continue the destiny of his father Julius Caesar who was murdered several years ago by some gangsters who took his money. Caesar was about to transform his partnership in a corporation to be introduced in Wall Street.

This business of merchandising (T-shirts, badges, posters, more) could have been for this great entrepreneur an empire but he wasn’t sure about that, to be a billionaire was not his main goal. There could have been a malediction because he was married with a younger actress of Los Angeles, Cleopatra who was living like a celebrity.

On the contrary, Octavius who is single has the project to build this empire but not alone. His dad had also two associates who left and this is the model he has to follow to succeed. Marc Antony, a pretty brunette was the secretary of the partnership, so the ambitious successor and son normally proposes her to be his partner in business. The two fellows enjoy to be together and decide to leave for the next big city, San Francisco.

There, they meet Marcus Lepidus, a beautiful man looking like a woman that they invite to join their team after a short while of good networking together, including him in their privacy. The best way to build a corporation is to feel like being a family, especially when the founder passed away with his wife that Octavius is believing she’s also dead because she would have committed a suicide.

To compensate the two missing, Marcus Lepidus is proposing to the trio to create this empire by attracting by attracting investors to be a part of the board of the company that will definitely be a corporation exporting from California in the 50 States and abroad the most trendy T-shirts available on the market. To celebrate this deal, they prepare the party of the promotion of their brand in a discotheque.



On Blip:


RUSSIA to be Senate investigated. THIS IS A SHAME this bad reputation and reality of TRUMP for PUTIN. I invite Moscow in Midwest to build REAGAN CITY.

On Twitter

February 2:

BRAMSTOCKER (for Frederic VIDAL): Call Elvis, tell him about TRUMP. He’s a singer with no voice but a signature he likes too much to show he’s a new King: not without FULLER.

Mike FULLER: This month, I’ll have every phone to be number one on my agenda to call you to tell you about the Constitution to reinforce. TRUMP needs me!

Thomas SPEARS: My favorite contact will be you if you retweet me this tweet. It’s a tweet of words meaning more than you think about our network of TRUMP.

Fred KELLY: TV shows mentally are sectarism of the cast and business only for the crew. The APPRENTICE is not produced by the White House but by others.

Vince SAUVAN (WORDPRESS): The tweet of WordPress, it’s the best to tell us what to do every week of this month. I’m Vince SAUVAN to show you the way.



It’s the Day of the Shadows. I’m not alone to be behind Donald TRUMP, our President. Mike FULLER

Will Lady Gaga criticize Donald Trump in Super Bowl halftime show?

Yes and no: she will confirm, I am his partner because he needs a person for a constructive talk. Mike FULLER


To all my friends on FACEBOOK, let’s celebrate my Letter to Donald TRUMP, a message of admiration for his acceptation of my shadow of him because I like not to copy but to advice, as the contrary of a President but a useful fellow to feel together Friends! Mike FULLER aka until 2016 as Frederic VIDAL

Facebook, Apple and Google pen letter opposing Trump’s travel ban

The draft letter is a preview of the definitive one and it’s impressive. All these companies of the Social Media, located in the Silicon Valley are now the main organizations to commutate with the President about his EXCESSIVE ORDERS. Probably, Donald TRUMP knows that it’s necessary to acknowledge he can be not 100% right but just a little wrong. He needs me to confirm him, he’s the greatest President of all times BUT, there is a but, he’s perfectible. To be or not to be, to be FLEXIBLE (American Dream). Mike FULLER

HHS nominee Tom Price bought stock, then authored bill benefiting company

Commenting TRUMP is commenting PRICE. The price of the power is not expensive, it’s a question of CONFIDENCE. Tom will be the right selection for a reform of the government, like the others he has the profile to be available for the President at any time. If there is a cris or, on the contrary, if everything is perfect, Tom PRICE will complete Donald TRUMP policy with my participation in this victory’s management including some critics as to be negative is positive for the Authority in order to be more and more efficient. Mike FULLER

After Missile Test, War of Words Erupts Between Trump and Iran

This is the diplomacy according to Donald TRUMP. He’s the big boss of our planet and Rex, his lieutenant. We can be the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD if we have the talent to say also coll compliments to the good followers we can have on Earth as? He must tell us. President TRUMP is our leader, I’m only his Shadow for a more excellent purpose that is TO BE GLOBAL WITH A MESSAGE: President is a role to share with an association at the United Nations of all of us all! Mike FULLER

Donald Trump gave a doozy of a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast

The new President continues his 24/7 reality show in Washington, DC without the franchise The Apprentice but with the franchise of the Constitution. He’s spectacular, funny for a lot, threatening for a few, disturbing for many. I am his delegate if he’s confirming this job of mike FOR A SHADOW PRESIDENCY representing the duty and the normal role of Hillary CLINTON she cannot manage herself right now, injured by a defeat that was not natural. My letter of the 1st of February is in our memory and on the desk of the President who is about to reply me a nice feedback, I am sure! He’s a man of the entertainment in politics and a star of our 50 States who obviously is ready to improve his team. He was disappointed by Arnold, he won’t be disappointed by me, HIS SHADOW! Mike FULLER

L’Europe désarçonnée par Donald Trump

Dire non, ce n’est pas facile. Disons-lui oui SI vous nous écoutez plus et si vous acceptes notre difference: NOUS NE SOMMES PAS AMERICAINS EN EUROPE et votre politique nous fait peur. C’est a la base de mon programme SIGN OUT with the past, déconnectons-nous du passe. Hitler était le valet de Staline. Staline était l’associe de Roosevelt puis son concurrent sans Hitler qui avait démissionné et ne sera jamais remplace. TRUMP est l’allie de POUTINE mais veut être aussi son concurrent. Je propose un autre projet a la Russie en l’invitant sans sa délinquance mais avec ses investisseurs pour la CONSTRUCTION D’UNE NOUVELLE CAPITALE AMERICAINE, REAGAN CITY, au centre du territoire des US. Je suis conseiller du President Donald, ni plus ni moins, pas un valet, pas un associe, juste un opposant qui dialogue intelligemment avec son concurrent qui est au Pouvoir. Mike FULLER

Arnold Schwarzenegger responds to Trump’s prayer

The Apprentice is not the Accomplice. Mike FULLER

Senate subcommittee to launch Russian interference probe

Fantastic! This is so important to investigate about BAD RUSSIAN-AMERICAN relationships. We need a partnership with Moscow that can be Washington legally adopted by the Congress. Mike FULLER

Graham: I’m not happy until Russia is punished

I support Senator GRAHAM totally. MF

U.S. Military Probing More Possible Civilian Deaths In Yemen Raid

We have to be careful bout this news tomorrow. War action cannot killed for nothing. Mike FULLER

Poll: 4 in 10 support impeaching Trump

This will be more maybe in a short while if I cannot be the shadow of a so Presidential man. MF


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