Read My Letter to Hillary CLINTON About My Letter to Donald TRUMP! MF. Meanwhile, “I’m looking for my wife in the Hollywood Hills , She’s a pretty lady. I will find her with the DARKPOL thanks to (Shadow) President Mike FULLER.” Vince SAUVAN

February 3, 2017

Read My Letter to Hillary CLINTON About My Letter to Donald TRUMP! MF. Meanwhile, “I’m looking for my wife in the Hollywood Hills , She’s a pretty lady. I will find her with the DARKPOL thanks to (Shadow) President Mike FULLER.” Vince SAUVAN




Diffused to Hillary CLINTON thanks to:

Dear Hillary CLINTON:

I am proud to inform you I have a letter to President TRUMP that he received on the website of the White House on Wednesday, February 1st.

The content is about the necessary understanding by him of the Opposition to his policies. He knows his style is different than usual and not appreciated by everybody. He is the victim of his rude way of live since he is a business man, successor of his father as a Very Rich Man.

This is not a big deal if he accepts to LISTEN TO THE ASSOCIATES we are, you and me, who disagree with his decisions like the executive orders, too extreme to be politically totally correct. Normally, you are the best to confirm it as you were sa so enjoyable Senator of New York, IT IS TEH CONGRESS THAT VOTES THE LAWS including orders. Regular Presidency is a lot softer! But Donald deserves his quality time that we have to moderate smartly. I offered you a deal that could bring him to a higher lever of Government: TO BE HIS DELEGATE FOR A SHADOW PRESIDENCY.

You are the one who could pretend to the title that is not at all only Honorary of Shadow Presidency like in the United Kingdom there is a Shadow Cabinet representing the Counter-Government in the Opposition and collaborating with the Prime minister too.

I suppose your agenda is really too busy to accept this task and duty that is not traditional in America but could be so useful to convince our new President there are coalitions of men and women waiting for him to discuss the questions the power of the White House must deal with every day and night of the week.

WE ARE HUGE from the 1st to the 50th State of our Country and continent to compose a mass of opposition, a little more than a minority. Myself, I was the victim until now of our main problem: to be featured in the press, since the Presidency of George W Bush who did not like my projects of films FRENCH COP and GERMAN SPY. I replied to this first rejection by a strategy of having a political career  to replace the cultural role I would have appreciated by a social and historic position on the Web to be radically favorable to a CHANGE that your election would have expressed. It’s not too late if we think that President TRUMP will face possibly the risk to see his mandate cancelled if  he STAYS ALONE, REFUSING OUR SHADOW activity to ADVICE HIM about NOT OVERREACTING.

This is ambitious but I have a PhD  in Communication and Political Science. I am a brilliant insider of the world of the Institutions and I don’t believe in Fairy Tale but only in Success Story.

You could help me if you want and I hope so much you will by giving me the opportunity – I was thinking about this while I was writing the previous paragraph – of a RADIO SHOW for me to give to the President TRUMP the evidence of my talent and my gift for him to improve his job of Statesman by sharing my daily remarks about WHAT’S GOING ON matters to the both of us, day after day.

Thank you to indicate me the Station you could recommend me (before TRUMP to give me a spot at the White House in Washington and be sure I represent your ideas and your campaign in my new function of Shadow President of the charismatic Donald TRUMP.

Very sincerely yours,

Frederic VIDAL
aka Mike FULLER

Postscrip. As a veteran of the Punk rock group BrAmStOcKeR of 1977, I propose you to listen to my new repertoire of 2015, not yet recorded for a Music Label: with the 12 music videos of the demo songs.

MY LETTER TO DONALD TRUMP diffused to him with the White House website, February 1st:

You can also visit these other sites:

Today February 3, on Twitter:


We’ll sign a contract in April or in May to be in the charts as newcomers, 40 years after our foundation to support America, real PATRIOTS.

WATCH Silly, Nice and Porn Star by BRAMSTOCKER 12,722 VIEWS. Next SHADOW PRESIDENT, our song for 2017 to be like 77.

WATCH Sweet Porn by BRAMSTOCKER 10,770 VIEWS. BrAmStOcKeR in 2017 will invite you to WASHINGTON, DC for a CONCERT.

Mike FULLER: There will be NOVEMBER again for a new ELECTION Day or December for a LAWSUIT that will not last at all because FAKE was the 2016 result. MF

Thomas SPEARS: This month, a SEMINAR about DOING GREAT with our Institutions that are our marvelous gift from the old times we could break without Harmony.

Fred KELLY: Hollywood Vs Washington that is the reply of the FAME to calm down the POWER. The Fake ESTABLISHEMENT in DC is the reason why of this MESS.

Vince SAUVAN (WORDPRESS): I’m looking for my wife in the Hollywood Hills , She’s a pretty lady. I will find her with the DARKPOL thanks to (Shadow) President Mike FULLER.


Trump signs executive order to reconsider Wall Street regulations

It’s a President with his project to have Wall Street financing the United States without the control of the Administration. There will be the control of the Population with my Shadow Presidency supported by Hillary CLINTON. Read my letter to the First Lady:

Attaque au Louvre : les enquêteurs cherchent à savoir si l’assaillant a « agi seul, spontanément, ou sur instruction »

C’est la preparation de cette attaque terroriste qu’il faut enquêter pour savoir si le vrai objectif est de nuire a la Présidentielle qui est actuellement l’enjeu principal en France. Mike FULLER


BrAmStOcKeR is not anarchist but Punk and it is a GOUP AGAINST NAZISM too but with no violence and, on the contrary, Diplomacy and Security as Civic and Patriot MUSICAL AND POLITICAL PROGRAM managing the TIMefraMes films and Universe. Mike FULLER

François Hollande leads attacks on Donald Trump at EU summit

Thank you, French President. I remember your Frederic VIDAL and how much he could not produce his film in Hollywood in the 2000’s. Now it’s diffferent with my letter to Hillary CLINTON. Read it: Mike FULLER



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