BrAmStOcKeR On The ROLLING STONE Desk Before To Be In The Magazine! Meanwhile, “In This Desert Of A Territory With A Population That Is Not Sure About Its Possible Success, My Story Is Inspiring A Film Titled FRENCH COP.” Vince SAUVAN.

February 4, 2017

BrAmStOcKeR On The ROLLING STONE Desk Before To Be In The Magazine! Meanwhile, “In This Desert Of A Territory With A Population That Is Not Sure About Its Possible Success, My Story Is Inspiring A Film Titled FRENCH COP.” Vince SAUVAN.

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On Twitter, February 4:

BRAMSTOCKER (for Frederic VIDAL): Washington system automatical. Congress plays the drums but bassist must be replaced. He had a cold, his fever doesn’t inspire good lyrics.

Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot – Bonnie And Clyde (Music Video) via Welcome to a BrAmStOcKeR Universe!

CRIMINAL PLANET: 5,543 views. BrAmStOcKeR will be the subject of a ROLLING STONE article after receiving their BIO.

NO WOMAN, NO LIE: 5,029 Views. After a letter to Hillary CLINTON, Mike FULLER emailed to ROLLING STONE BrAmStOcKeR.

Readeez Presents The U.S. Presidents Song via BrAmStOcKeR managed by Mike FULLER plays for the Government!

Mike FULLER – mikefuller2020: People don’t think anymore there can be 12 months like January. This was a bad wave of a weird style, we prefer old school or new trends. MF

Thomas SPEARS – vidalfuller2016: They repeat the same thing about Frederic VIDAL. They have no imagination to see he was the name to open doors because his mood was the key.

Fred KELLY – timeframes2020: This weekend, they protest like every other days, poor citizens to secure their future. THANK YOU THE JUDGE WHO DECIDED TO STOP TRAVEL BAN.

Vince SAUVAN (WORDPRESS): In this desert of a territory with a population that is not sure about its possible success, my story is inspiring a film titled FRENCH COP.


Borders Reopen to Banned Visa Holders; Trump Attacks Judge

A President attacking a Judge, this a Premiere in the US and we already know that the winner is THE CONSTITUTION giving to the Judiciary Power the right to prosecute any tendency to govern without a Court to control what is decided at the White House that is not the TRUMP HOUSE. Mike FULLER

State Dept. reverses visa revocations, allows banned travelers to enter U.S.

This is a victory for Liberalism and a defeat of the project to close our frontiers. This goal will not be accepted by the United Nations. There are no States that are United if they don’t invite the other States of the World to visit them and socialize. American Justice shows OT’S THE POWER #1. Mike FULLER

Travel ban: US temporarily suspends order as Trump derides judge


This is THE GOOD NEWS of this weekend. President TRUMP must acknowledge the American Justice is improving his decisions that are made by the NEWCOMER he is. If he has a dispute with the Justice, it won’t be the first one and his lawyers will advice him to call the Congress TO VOTE A LAW to confirm or not his Executive Order. Mike FULLER

Protests erupt globally over Trump actions for third Saturday in a row

This is not a nightmare but a success story we have to coordinate for more interactions with the White House. I will write a new letter to the President tomorrow SUNDAY as the situation is unstable and the fairy tale that was in the mind of these Presidential candidates including TRUMP was FAKE and could send them to a worse CHAOS we will prevent: their ambition was too high and they were BLIND without us. Mike FULLER

Emmanuel Macron : « Ce qui s’installe dans notre pays, c’est une lèpre démocratique »

MACRON est un nom nouveau comme d’autres incluant le mien. La lèpre dont il est question, c’est de croire que tout est decide d’avance. On peut être sur que le vote populaire désignera celui qui restera le plus indépendant des enjeux médiatiques. Il n’y a pas d’election sans que la démocratie soit consultée. Mike FULLER

Trump Named in More Than 50 Lawsuits Since Inauguration

50 lawsuits to be the introduction of a possible impeachment of Donald TRUMP by the Congress, the lawsuit at the highest level for dysfunctional Presidency. Mike FULLER


Listen to the music of Yes and say No to the silence. MF


These characters are historic. The LEGO of TRUMP is missing but he has already so many figurines of himself but too much as a Bad Guy. MF


All our Presidents reunited for more than two songs. We have to necessity to call them to improve the present Presidency that’s really perfectible. Mike FULLER Shadow President


President(s) of the States is almost on stage. The concept album by BrAmStOcKeR is the 2017 Punk music that we need to have Donald TRUMP on a stamp of the Federation like a commemoration for his role to wake up the Nation: not a second time. Follow our advice to be a real President with the participation of the Opposition. Mike FULLER


This is the wave of BrAmStOcKeR in the United States. The Punk group is rehearsing SHADOW PRESIDENT, the 12th song of their breakthrough album! Mike FULLER. BONNIE Y CLYDE, a French song to be the B-side of the single that you will listen more than one time.


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