Brilliant Q&A For Mike FULLER About SOLIDARITY! “I’m Important (But I’m Not Sure About The Dimension Of It (I Never Inspired A Biopic Yet!)” VS

February 9, 2017

Brilliant Q&A For Mike FULLER About SOLIDARITY! “I’m Important (But I’m Not Sure About The Dimension Of It (I Never Inspired A Biopic Yet!)” VS

On Twitter this Thursday morning:

Devo – [I Can’t Get No] Satisfaction (Video) via The Q&A of Mike FULLER begins on Twitter BrAmStOcKeR now.

Press #1: Hi, Mike FULLER, you look like you feel really good today, right? Mike FULLER: it’s obvious. We are living a year that is historic

for a lot of reasons. TRUMP, President: it would have been not understandable in the XXth century or even 8 years ago. Now, it is a reality

that is a progression or a regression. We are the ones to decide about it. There is never a fatality preventing you to find what is good in

what can be bad. President Donald TRUMP received on his official WHITE HOUSE Website 2 letters from me, his Shadow President, almost adviser

of him, more than a National Leader of his Social Opposition: a responsible politician, previously Presidential candidate with THE DUTY to

represent Hillary CLINTON, Michael MOORE and all other kind of great Personalities who don’t agree with him. Press #2: Hillary also received

a letter of yours, do you schedule to write to Michael MOORE? MF: that’s correct, Sir. It is my project. Michael is an important celebrity

of our movement. He is our Lech WALESA (Wałęsa). BrAmStOcKeR can be his SOLIDARITY (Solidarność). We’re not in POLAND during the Communists

but our movement needs to be less “Entertainment” to be A SOCIAL FUN organized  like a FEDERATION inside the Federation, the UNION of us ALL!

Devo – Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! Deluxe Remastered Version [Ful… via Mike FULLER replies to YOU!

Press #3: otherwise there is still NO REPLY from the Donald TRUMP secretary or himself? Mike FULLER: it’s normal 100%. They receive hundreds

of letters everyday at the White House. Especially for the new President who attracts FEEDBACKS! Press #4: so, SO FAR, SO GOOD? MF: I think

so. On Monday, eve of VALENTINE’S DAY, I will communicate a last time with the present Administration for a LETTER ABOUT AN AMENDMENT. The

Constitution can be MODERNIZED. We are about to do it together, it’s programmed! Press #5: programmed by the Nation agenda? MF: TRUMP must

update his TIME FRAME and everything will be all right. It’s not a mystery, WE WILL SUCCEED to Break the Ice with him and with the Congress!

We are in a SUCCESS STORY that won’t stop. Horrible FAIRY TALE is over since January. Press #6: and you’re the HERO OF THEM! MF: Thank you!


Picture from:

About Lech WALESA:



Have liberals found their combative new leader in … Keith Olbermann?–keith-olbermann/2017/02/08/deefd3a8-ea23-11e6-b82f-687d6e6a3e7c_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-top-table-main_keitholbermann-1210pm%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.cce00cfb46b6#comments

Welcome to Keith. I’m Liberal too. He will be the Leader of the upscale part of our Coalition. Read my Q&A on it’s all about doing like SOLIDARITY in America and WALECHA is Michael MOORE. BrAmStOcKeR is yours to be the new Union, cultural this time but also social like before! This is a federation inside the Federation we are to stay and move. Mike FULLER

Kellyanne Conway Promotes Ivanka Trump Brand, Raising Ethics Concerns

The problems of the TRUMP family are our problems. This is the White House that is involved in the solution of them and We, The People can help by commenting and following the evolution of the situation. We are buyers and voters MERCHANDISING is one their activities, this family is like a commercial universe to be rehabilitated by our Federation of Solidarity, around me and BrAmStOcKeR. Mike FULLER

Who is Jeff Sessions? We’ll let him tell you.

SESSIONS has the name that is expressing he is somebody very organized to build his time with President TRUMP professionally and politically like a Senator who accepts to be the Civil Servant that Justice was looking for. Our Federation will network with him. Mike FULLER
‘This is not over’: Dakota Access pipeline work restarts amid tribe’s legal challenge
This is our crucial dispute with the Power. OBAMA said it was cancelled. TRUMP updates: it will continue. What they decide is what they understand is necessary but sometimes, they need to be under pressure like President OBAMA who was for the pipeline first. Donald will change his mind if the Native Americans are inviting teh whole Federation of the Oppositions to TRUMP to amplify their fight. BrAmStOcKeR will play a song for the end of this DAKOTA project against the environment. Mike FULLER
En direct : les avocats des Fillon demandent au parquet de se dessaisir de l’enquête

C’est l’histoire qui s’ecrit au Palais de Justice en France. C’est dommage que la Presidentielle soit ainsi contentieuse a Droite mais FILLO reussir a s’imposer come a l’epoque de la Presdence de l’UMP. En tout cas, souhaitons-le, a Gauche et au Centre. Mike FULLER

From Youtube to FACEBOOK:

Less communication on the Web for Mike FULLER after his today’s Q&A as the news are promoting a routine before the next update that could be an upgrade. We are specializing our Federation of Solidarity in Breaking news! Thomas SPEARS



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