In My Letter To Michael MOORE, There Is A SOLIDARITY Style That Is Powered By BrAmStOcKeR Through The Web and In Every American Town Via TIMefraMES!

February 10, 2017

In My Letter To Michael MOORE, There Is A SOLIDARITY Style That Is Powered By BrAmStOcKeR Through The Web and In Every American Town Via TIMefraMES!!

ON FACEBOOK this morning:

Still in waiting, more than 5 years later but to be commercialized by ACD, American CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT this year because 2016-2017. Mike FULLER

What does the power has? In my Letter to Michael MOORE, I continue my study of Political Science with The STROKES about America and Solidarity! Mike FULLER

My today letter to Michael MOORE:

Hello Michael MOORE:

I know you are busy in HOLLYWOOD and nationwide to network with your faith and your emotion against the evil power that took place in DC. This is your point of view and I don’t disagree at all, TRUMP is someone who has a lot of problems to solve and he’s disturbing the artists automatically preferring paintings that are investments than comedians who are disturbances sometimes for fake bankers.

IS HE A FAKE BANKER or a guy who will have to resign in April as I scheduled when I am pessimistic for him? In that case, he would be a TRUE BEGINNER finding everything fake because he was victim of a panic and excessive leadership given to him by a blind GOP.

I want you to read and appreciate the 2 letters written by me to the President Donald TRUMP to inform him:

  • I am his available adviser to be with him at the White House, his Shadow President delegate, in charge of a representation of the whole social and basic opposition against him, in order to INITIATE A CONVERSATION, useful for the both of us, especially for him to understand what is wrong about what he’s doing and how to improve his policy, to be more popular.
  • I think we have to be back to the proposition of 2008-2009 to President Barack OBAMA of a Secretary of the Arts (not included in the Secretary of Education anymore) to be the great organization that will give us, in HOLLYWOOD, everywhere in the United States, a team in WASHINGTON to improve our careers and our community of artists and entertainers WITH LAWS and SERVICES that TRUMP could offer us (some structures are preparing it: AMERICANS FOR THE ARTS, people-powered US DEPARTMENT OF ARTS & CULTURE and soon mine: AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT, a nonprofit corporation).

I am Songwriter of the Punk group BrAmStOcKeR and Screenwriter of TIMefraMES Universe film projects: FRENCH COP, GERMAN SPY and I said to TRUMP I am Shadow President of you, I was candidate beyond any joke, inspired by your independence, So, more than ever, I can be your spokesman and inversed. Let’s be together coordinated. This letter is for you.

I invite you, Michael MOORE, to be in this BrAmStOcKeR movement that can be for you like SOLIDARITY for Lech WALECHA to federate all the popular demonstrations refusing the TRUMP Presidency and preparing something really different if there is no feedback from him.


Frederic VIDAL
aka Mike FULLER

Postscript. What you’re doing to explain the wave of NO TRUMP since his election is admirable. I support you 100%! He won’t continue if he does not chose the negotiation. This is my part, I would like to be an OMBUDSMAN. I will let you know if he replies and if he doesn’t, how we can force him to change his mind or to resign!


Michael MOORE official website:

Michael Moore on Why Donald Trump Will Build a Wall and Ban Muslims (1/17/2017)


Picture from the article, by JAKE CHESSUM for Variety.

Thousands petition Barack Obama to appoint first ever US arts secretary (1/30/2009)

Michael MOORE contact information:

ON FACEBOOK this afternoon:

Just how much trouble is Michael Flynn in?

Tomorrow, a new chapter of my RUSSIANGATE report on Twitter. This Washington Post article is also important for this subject that is a possible reason of impeachment of President TRUMP. Mike FULLER

D’où vient le financement des partis politiques ?

Je viens d’ecrire a Michael MOORE pour lui proposer d’etre le Walesa du mouvement de SOLIDARITE autour du rejet populaire a l’encontre de Donald TRUMP. Notre groupe Punk BrAmStOcKeR peut representer et symbolizer aux Etats-Unis cette contestation positive grace a son action TWITTER. Par ailleurs, il semble qu’il s’agisse aussi d’un probleme de financement de partis. Le GOP a du payer trop cher la campagne victorieuse de son tenor-surprise. En France, rien de pareil. Mike FULLER




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