RUSSIANGATE: Mike FULLER Continues His Survey To Know Why Donald TRUMP is So Favorable To Vladimir PUTIN! “In the USB, I Could Check They Have A Division Of Their World That Is Spectacular And Shows Their Problem Of Diplomacy, Not Enough Appreciated.” VS

February 11, 2017

RUSSIANGATE: Mike FULLER Continues His Survey To Know Why Donald TRUMP is So Favorable To Vladimir PUTIN! “In the USB, I Could Check They Have A Division Of Their World That Is Spectacular And Shows Their Problem Of Diplomacy, Not Enough Appreciated.” VS

This is a new text for the RUSSIANGATE Report of Mike FULLER about the United States of Donald TRUMP, favorable to his partnership with Russia, too much probably.

Donald TRUMP is not the name of a famous politician but he used to be closed to some of them all his life. Nobody was thinking he could replace them one day at the highest level of the US Institutions. The White House is not there to welcome an investor from Wall Street normally, this is a premiere with a red carpet: the Republican Primaries. During the Presidential campaign itself, a majority of the TV watchers understood that the 2 candidates had the same talent to speak and move in front of the camera. Maybe the Lady would have been a more gifted President but she was not able to compete with a guy who had the opportunity to tell us that Vladimir PUTIN  has been in his network for a while and he’s hesitating about informing him about what is wrong with the election, at that time.

I am a Republican of a new style to some extend. I introduced the concept of a GOP2 like MTV2 for the people who would like to join the Grand Old Party, keeping their conviction SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL, CULTURE CAN BE ALTERNATE, to be conservative and liberal is compatible. Donald TRUMP himself does not look like a regular leader of the Republican party at all. He’s different and was proud as a young man to receive the recommendation of President Richard NIXON. He met also Ronald REAGAN obviously because he was already a Rain Maker and a men and women manager fascinated also by HOLLYWOOD, REAGAN representing the great tradition of the most corporate HOLLYWOOD of the Screen Actors Guild.

It must have been at time that TRUMP decided to focus on the EAST, for his family (his daughter’s name IVANKA indicates his Russian interest, personally and culturally) but also HIS CAREER. Four decades are involved in his partnership, partly confidential, with the ex-USSR. The sons and daughters of President EISENHOWER who was not in the mood to accept an invitation to visit MOSCOW in the 1950’s (like we can understand!) were not like him staying far away from the Soviets (a regime not acceptable about the ideology, communism and its competition against the United States).

So, TRUMP followed a trend. Ronald was having some Russians contacts before Donald did a lot more than being in touch, he became almost a cousin of them. PUTIN appeared to be appreciated by every President of the United States , since CLINTON. Today, he is sad to be a tyrant and a criminal in the American Medias. President TRUMP shows his support to his Russian equivalent. We will study again with others details of the relations between the 2 men.


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US Intelligence Has Confirmed Parts Of The Dossier About Trump’s Alleged Ties To Russia

US intelligence has confirmed several details in the explosive dossier about President Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, an American intelligence official told BuzzFeed News on Friday.

Just how much trouble is Michael Flynn in?

Tomorrow, a new chapter of my RUSSIANGATE report on Twitter. This Washington Post article is also important for this subject that is a possible reason of impeachment of President TRUMP. Mike FULLER

Too Close for Comfort. How much do the early days of the Trump administration look like the Third Reich? Historian Richard Evans weighs in.

There is a trauma about HITLER and his Country at his time. In America, we are his main enemy until now. If someone is his friend in the US, he’s for the IIIrd Reich and he’s about to be prosecuted. Mike FULLER

For Kushner, Israel Policy May Be Shaped by the Personal

Interesting proximity between TRUMP family and ISRAEL. It could be useful to more understand the international and historic origins of this team of people around their leader and father: RUSSIA defeated GERMANY with AMERICA for ISRAEL to be created later. It was a long time ago and now the TRUMPs are in the middle of these relations between present and past, our Country and abroad, probably playing with the attractively they represent to be involved in new deals that we must know. Mike FULLER

Trump insists he can bring the cost of $21.6 billion border wall ‘way down’

The price of this Wall will be reduced to zero if the project is cancelled but, for now, I appreciate the motivation of President TRUMP to find the right little budget for a low wall to build (or not) during THIS LIGHT YEAR (a distance in space between two galaxies!). Mike FULLER

Immigrant communities fearful after hundreds arrested in what feds call routine ‘surge’

Police and Justice must work together to control illegal immigration and try to stop it. Legal procedures are the only ones acceptable. Meanwhile, TRUMp’s travel ban executive order will be rewritten to satisfy the Judges. Mike FULLER

Army veterans return to Standing Rock to form a human shield against police

Shadow President, I support the second cancellation of the Dakota Pipeline project that is necessary, the cancellation, not the project. Let’s feel confident it won’t take one year before this pipeline will be again an old memory. Mike FULLER

Immigration crackdown, travel ban and Russia links intrude on Trump weekend

Busy weekend as the RUSSIANGATE and the TRAVEL BAN trial are in progress. There is the Wall also to be an issue to intensify. Mike FULLER

Près de 2 000 manifestants contre les violences policières à Bobigny

La France doit être plus unie que jamais pour se reformer si nécessaire. Nous sommes une Nation qui a besoin de sécurité mais aussi de solidarité. Il faut s’exprimer quand ca va mal et le faire savoir quand ca va bien aussi. Mike FULLER

On Twitter. February 11:

BRAMSTOCKER (for Frederic VIDAL): TRUMP is the successor of NIXON, REAGAN and BUSH, father and son. FULLER will be the successor of TRUMP after a GOP upgrade of this DYNASTY.

Mike FULLER: We have to continue! Not a lot of SUPPORTERS to diffuse our REPORT on the Web and the PRESS except secretly probably. LET’S WAIT FOR MARCH!

Thomas SPEARS: Mike FULLER is the name that will attract a majority of voters in the 50 States when the next Presidential election will take place: in NOV?

Fred KELLY: Have a great weekend, guys! I do my best to improve myself on the Web and in my career of actor & campaigner for 2017 to be our LIGHT YEAR!

Vince SAUVAN (on WordPress):  “In the USB, I Could Check They Have A Division Of Their World That Is Spectacular And Shows Their Problem Of Diplomacy, Not Enough Appreciated.” VS

Jonathan FOUNDERS (on Blip): 2 articles written by Mike FULLER to diffuse his full SOLIDARITY. A Letter to Michael MOORE and a new RUSSIANGATE text:

Freddie HAIM (on Vid): Timeframes Secretary by BRAMSTOCKER This is almost the end of 40 years of the world with not enough BrAmStOcKeR. FH.

Gerald KLEIN (on Myspace): “I Like Reforms A Lot More Than Chaos.” GK. (yesterday). “I was never in Russia and have no project to go there.” GK. (today)

Brian SUMMERS (on LinkedIn): “By mail, your messages are welcomed by your readers” BS. (yesterday). “I never met President REAGAN. I was not in his network and his agenda.” BS. (today)

Don McKENZIE (on Youtube): AC/DC – Play Ball (Audio) via@YouTube Mike FULLER, Shadow President, is the author of RUSSIANGATE, a report FOR YOU!





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