The Indie New Wave Of The CONSTITUTION AMENDMENT Draft By Mike FULLER! “The Underground TIMefraMES System Is The AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT Of BrAmStOcKeR Unofficial Context. Alternate FRENCH COP Is Its Environment With A Function Of SOLIDARITY For Our Shadow President & Ombudsman, The Avantgarde!” VS & PH.

February 12, 2017

The Indie New Wave Of The AMENDMENT Draft By Mike FULLER! “The Underground TIMefraMES System Is The AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT Of BrAmStOcKeR Unofficial Context. The Alternate FRENCH COP Is Its Environment With A Function Of SOLIDARITY For Our Shadow President & Ombudsman, The Avantgarde!” VS & PH.



The TIMefraMES Amendment Is Available For The Congress And The President!


Every American citizen can be candidate if there is an election compatible.

There are only direct elections.

Naturalized citizens have the same rights than the natural born citizens,

The Constitution give to the women the additional right to be the first to prosecute segregation with the judge.

Racial and cultural minorities must be appreciated like the majority and laws will organize their activity.

On Twitter, February 12:


The RUSSIANGATE is not the GOLDEN GATE but a Gate between WASHINGTON and MOSCOW, built or not, but not invisible anymore. Mike FULLER said.

Mike FULLER – mikefuller2020

My WORDPRESS Blog has terribly low statistics, it is at the same time the best RUSSIANGATE blog: thousands of readers receiving it printed.

Thomas SPEARS – vidalfuller2016

To investigate about what was not legal or even criminal during the Presidential election, it is the DUTY of Mike FULLER in the RUSSIANGATE.

Fred KELLY – timeframes2020

The Punk Group BrAmStOcKEr is the organization that plays music to entertain Politics by having a role in it. They sing about a RUSSIANGATE.


Vince SAUVAN (on WordPress)

 “The Underground TIMefraMES System Is The AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT Of BrAmStOcKeR Unofficial Context. The Alternate FRENCH COP Is Its Environment With A Function Of SOLIDARITY For Mike FULLER, Our Shadow President & Ombudsman Avantgarde!” VS & PH.

Gerald KLEIN (on Myspace) :

MOORE is the new WALECHA for FULLER! This is true as a fascinating compliment.

Brian SUMMERS (on LinkedIn) :

SOLIDARITY has been an Union before to be a Party. BrAmStOcKeR is a Punk group before to be a social movement.

Freddie HAIM (on Vid)

Juliet and Romeo died in Vegas by BRAMSTOCKER 3rd letter to Donald TRUMP on Monday about the new AMENDMENT project! (for TWITTER BrAmStOcKeR).

Jonathan FOUNDERS (on Blip) :

This is the right time to begin a promotion about the NEW WAVE Amendment that is diffused on WORDPRESS by Mike FULLER

Don McKENZIE (on Youtube) :

Mike FULLER is publishing his Amendment project, called the TIMefraMES Amendment, for more update in the text and the use of it. (for TWITTER BrAmStOcKeR).


Abraham Lincoln birthday

February 12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, President LINCOLN. You will be proud of us this LIGHT-YEAR. We are a NEW WAVE of the SOLIDARITY you missed during your mandate. As the SOCIAL OMBUDSMAN of my Shadow Presidency with the Opposition to the WHITE HOUSE, I will remember how much you are a LEADER TO FOLLOW. Mike FULLER

Al Jarreau Dead At 76

Bye Al. Frederic VIDAL is certainly welcoming you for a last Jam Session in his ANDROMEDA GALAXY, far, far away, at the end of the Universe with all the Rock legends he invited previously. The Rock is not only EARTH. Mike FULLER

Russian dossier on Trump gaining credibility with law enforcement

The RUSSIANGATE is for this new NIXON a Watergate that is not forgettable at all. In April, it could be a real problem of continuity for the White House. Mike FULLER

Le chanteur de jazz américain Al Jarreau est mort

C’est la fin du Show Biz a l’américaine. Le Jazz, la Salsa, la Pop et le Mainstream concurrençait le Rock en l’integrant mal a l’univers de la Hi-Fi pour l’Entertainment qui mettait en valeur Hollywood. Avec BrAmStOcKeR, le groupe “Unofficial” que je manage aux States et pour le monde entier, il y a la possibilité d’une musique sociale et sponsor d’une vague de SOLIDARITE aux Etats-Unis qui commence après l’election présidentielle ratée. Les artistes comme JARREAU, il en faut plus avec une carte géopolitique de ce nouveau pays: l’Amérique selon TRUMP et les partisans de son depart. Mike FULLER

Senior White House official refuses to say if Trump supports Michael Flynn

RUSSIANGATE: the report will be finished in March. Previously, the file is still the subject that is the most dangerous for the Presidency. There is no Russian who can help Donald TRUMP anymore. They were useful for him during the electoral campaign, they are hostile now obviously because they are aliens, not able to interfere normally in our system of politics, only available to the citizens of the US. They can be guests or commentators, they are accused to have been a lot more and it must have stopped. People too much communicating with Russia are wrong to be with this Country abroad. Mike FULLER

Court darkens Trump White House: Our view

Justice is the enemy of nobody, especially not the enemy of the United States President. We can be certain that it is the contrary than a fight, a conversation between two powers organized to collaborate by our Constitution. This one is waiting for an Amendment. I will propose a draft today on my WORDPRESS blog. It is to reinforce the old text not enough appreciated by the Establishment in WASHINGTON. The Justice will have a very decisive part in the future to inspire the US CONGRESS and the WHITE HOUSE for the Next Step: our New Age arriving like a WAVE of reforms about the Democracy, the Liberty and the Solidarity we have to welcome everywhere in the UNITED States we are and we stay. To move is to build. Mike FULLER

D.N.C. Contenders Agree on One Thing: Resistance to Trump

I promote a new Democratic Party victory in 2 weeks, showing to the world it needs to represent our main force in the coalition that is a SOLIDARITY kind of Federation with the cultural and artistic role of New Age sponsoring by BrAmStOcKeR. Shadow President of this incredible WAVE in movement, I will collaborate, even if I am GOP2, with the Democrats President TO BE THE SOCIAL OMBUDSMAN necessary to communicate positively with the US President who is Donald TRUMP, a business man first knowing that time is money and space is debate. Mike FULLER

About a picture online since January 2, 2009

Already in a cimetery, at the PERE LACHAISE where Jim MORRISON is located forever, Frederic VIDAL, our BrAmStOcKeR founder was in the 90’s meditating about the comeback of this unofficial Punk orchestra I manage 40 years later, commemorating his #1 place in the Rock history. Mike FULLER

Stephen Miller says White House will fight for travel ban, advances false voter fraud claims

I support Stephen MILLER partly. As the Shadow President of the Opposition, I think we can find a deal to accept more controls but to refuse extreme measures to prevent definitely some travelers to visit our 50 States. Mike FULLER




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