A Last Letter To President Donald TRUMP, For The Road! “FAKE PUNK Is The Title Of The Mike FULLER Managed BrAmStOcKeR’s Debut Album For Their COOL ROCK To Be In The US Charts.” VS & PH.

February 13, 2017

A Last Letter To President Donald TRUMP, For The Road! “FAKE PUNK Is The Title Of The Mike FULLER Managed BrAmStOcKeR’s Debut Album For Their COOL ROCK To Be In The US Charts.” VS & PH.


From: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/428932/donald-trump-constitution-ignorance


Dear President,

You know I am committed to your main guest from the Opposition. I suppose it is my quality and my duty, for our conversation to be the occupation of the two of us as a progress to calm down this wave of people in the streets. I will wait a few weeks for your reply, sending you this third and last letter to finish the introduction to our dialogue.

Shadow President working like a social Ombudsman, promoter of a Secretary of the Arts, I will prepare with the draft of a nonprofit, I recommend also to your majority the principle of an Amendment of the Constitution.

This is the basic text I submit to your authority today, hoping you will be inspired by it. To reinforce our Civilization, we must modernize our Institutions. This reform could be the solution to your problems of miscommunication that are recurrent.


“Every American citizen can be candidate if there is an election compatible.

There are only direct elections.

Naturalized citizens have the same rights than the natural born citizens,

The Constitution gives to the women the additional right to be the first to prosecute segregation with the judge.

Racial and cultural minorities must be appreciated like the majority and laws will organize their activity.”

I stay your newcomer possible future political associate if you think my PhD in communication studies and my degree in political science are pertinent enough. Thanks to them and my personal motivation, I will write more content on the Social Media to prevent crisis.

My report about a RUSSIANGATE is a document for less tensions and more appreciation of the role of Russia, in order to have your Presidency not disturbed anymore when you will have followed my advice of sharing my motto: ” READY FOR THE WORST, PREPARING THE BEST.”


Frederic VIDAL
aka Mike FULLER

On Twitter, February 13: https://twitter.com (more tomorrow)


The AMENDMENT is introducing the Album FAKE PUNK (but cool rock!) by us and nobody else. Jesus Fred KELLY and Mata HARI Jr. are the lineup~!

BrAmStOcKeR will be OFFICIAL & MAINSTREAM this year of the ROOSTER 2017 because to be Unofficial and Underground is not their plan anymore!

For FAKE PUNK’s BrAmStOcKeR, 2017 is a LIGHT-YEAR, astronomical distance that light travels in 1 year, 9.4607 × 1012 km (6 trillion miles)! https://t.co/AdGssiQDI2

Mike FULLER – mikefuller2020

For Valentine’s Day, I won’t be alone but with my darling who is so glad BrAmStOcKeR is higher and upper today with the FAKE PUNK campaign!

Thomas SPEARS – vidalfuller2016

Monday was fine for my Team! Mike FULLER’s letter presents a pertinent AMENDMENT, to be extended. BrAmStOcKeR’s ‘FAKE PUNK’ brand is HUGE!

Fred KELLY – timeframes2020

For Valentine’s Day, it is official I’ll be in the definitive Lineup of BrAmStOcKeR with Mata HARI Jr. Our Duet is so excited by FAKE PUNK.


Vince SAUVAN (on WordPress) https://fredvidal.wordpress.com

“FAKE PUNK Is The Title Of The Mike FULLER Managed BrAmStOcKeR’s Debut Album For Their COOL ROCK To Be In The US Charts.” VS & PH.

Jonathan FOUNDERS (on Blip) http://blip.fm/TheBRAMSTOCKER : tomorrow

Freddie HAIM (on Vid) http://vid.me/bramstockertomorrow

Gerald KLEIN (on Myspace) https://myspace.com/mikefuller2016 : tomorrow

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for our Shadow President, Mike FULLER. TRUMP knows him now!

Brian SUMMERS (on LinkedIn) https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikefuller2016 :


Don McKENZIE (on Youtube) https://www.youtube.com/user/thebramstocker :

Listen to Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (Full Album) https://youtu.be/qhEhQk0VK-s via @YouTube FAKE PUNK to be our BrAmStOcKeR debut album!

Daft Punk (feat. Julian Casablancas) – Instant Crush [Random Access Memo.. via BrAmStOcKeR plays FAKE PUNK!

ON FACEBOOK today, February 13: https://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012

Trump impeached? You can bet on it.


This is what I think, unfortunately. I never wanted a President to leave just after being elected but I can see he won’t reply probably to my third letters before months, too late! I could have helped him to counter-attack with an AMENDMENT of the Constitution that must be too liberal for TRUMP anyway, even after his meeting with Canada Liberal Prime Minister, Justin TRUDEAU, today. Mike FULLER


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