Breaking News! In FRENCH COP3: WIN WIN, HUNTER And SAUVAN Reunited By Mike FULLER For VALENTINE’S DAY, In The USA (the fictional dimension A)!

February 14, 2017

Breaking News! In FRENCH COP3: WIN WIN, HUNTER And SAUVAN Reunited By Mike FULLER For VALENTINE’S DAY, In The USA (the fictional dimension A)!


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I succeeded with the help of the DARKPOL – CIA to rescue this morning the wife of the FRENCH COP. Patricia HUNTER is now safe with Vince SAUVAN, our beloved French Cop, ready to prepare their trip to Japan for the mission I scheduled for them. In the other dimension (USB), information about the destruction  of the HOLLYWOOD Sign has to be confirmed. I don’t destroy signs like that with F-22 Raptors. Patricia was the victim of a commando of KGB Next Gen. We interfered this morning with Vince with our own Commando! Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!”


For an eccentric breakthrough this year of the rooster, BrAmSToCkEr sending LOVE all around the 50 States! Jesus Fred KELLY and Mata HARI Jr.! (from Youtube to Facebook).

On Twitter, February 13 and 14: (more tomorrow)


My VALENTINE is a cute LADY with a wonderful BODY and a pretty MIND that is not connected to other PEOPLE than the 2 of US. Jesus Fred KELLY

The AMENDMENT is introducing the Album FAKE PUNK (but cool rock!) by us and nobody else. Jesus Fred KELLY and Mata HARI Jr. are the lineup~!

BrAmStOcKeR will be OFFICIAL & MAINSTREAM this year of the ROOSTER 2017 because to be Unofficial and Underground is not their plan anymore!

For FAKE PUNK’s BrAmStOcKeR, 2017 is a LIGHT-YEAR, astronomical distance that light travels in 1 year, 9.4607 × 1012 km (6 trillion miles)!

Mike FULLER – mikefuller2020

For Valentine’s Day, I won’t be alone but with my darling who is so glad BrAmStOcKeR is higher and upper today with the FAKE PUNK campaign!

Vince SAUVAN and Patricia HUNTER can celebrate now this famous VALENTINE’S DAY 2017, thanks to DARKPOL – CIA that succeeded its mission! MF

Thomas SPEARS – vidalfuller2016

Monday was fine for my Team! Mike FULLER’s letter presents a pertinent AMENDMENT, to be extended. BrAmStOcKeR’s ‘FAKE PUNK’ brand is HUGE!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to all the Couples around the world who read me on TWITTER and know how much their LOVE means for the PLANET EARTH! TS

Fred KELLY – timeframes2020

For Valentine’s Day, it is official I’ll be in the definitive Lineup of BrAmStOcKeR with Mata HARI Jr. Our Duet is so excited by FAKE PUNK.

Happy VALENTINE’S DAY, Mata HARI Jr.! This is our day to be PROUD OF FAKE PUNK new BrAmStOcKeR repertoire. Together, we will PLAY LOVE! JFK


Vince SAUVAN (on WordPress)

“FAKE PUNK Is The Title Of The Mike FULLER Managed BrAmStOcKeR’s Debut Album For Their COOL ROCK To Be In The US Charts.” VS & PH.

Jonathan FOUNDERS (on Blip) :

This is VALENTINE’S DAY! BrAmStOcKEr presents its 2017 NEW LOOK with FAKE PUNK album repertoire and a lineup of 2: Jesus Fred KELLY and Mata HARI Jr.!

Freddie HAIM (on Vid)

Remember this song that is still scheduled for the FAKE PUNK concerts of BrAmStOcKEr in 2017! Happy Valentine’s Day to all our fans and lovers! Jesus Fred KELLY

Gerald KLEIN (on Myspace) :

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for our Shadow President, Mike FULLER. TRUMP knows him now!


Brian SUMMERS (on LinkedIn) :



Don McKENZIE (on Youtube) :

Listen to Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (Full Album) via @YouTube FAKE PUNK to be our BrAmStOcKeR debut album!

Sex Pistols: Spunk – FULL ALBUM + BONUS TRACKS via This is BrAmStOcKeR 77 cousin band for Valentine’s Day!


Pence did not learn that Flynn misled him on Russia until last week

This is a bad context and a bad environment. The RUSSIANGATE system is not good and has to be cancelled. There is not enough communication between Americans together because Moscow is the communication destination that is not functional. Mike FULLER


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