BrAmStOcKeR Songwriting On TWITTER For FaKe PuNk Album Project: It’s Mike FULLER Decision To Have Web Quality Lyrics To Attract The Best Music On Earth! “I Like Songs But I Have Not Time To Listen Too Much To Them.” VS

February 26, 2017

BrAmStOcKeR Songwriting On TWITTER For FaKe PuNk Album Project: It’s Mike FULLER Decision To Have Web Quality Lyrics To Attract The Best Music On Earth! “I Like Songs But I Have Not Time To Listen Too Much To Them.” VS



About George HARRISON:

George HARRISON was more than one of the four Beatles, he was the guitarist who could have played with the most famous rock stars and mainstream great names because he had the flexibility to express his various moods and great attitudes of tenderness for melodies and verses background. These sessions of songwriting are dedicated to him. He was born yesterday, February 25.


On TWITTER, February :

Mike FULLER – mikefuller2020

SONGWRITING TWEETS. LEGEND of Mike FULLER is not known by everybody but it’s a SECRET for nobody. This guy came on day with a new PROJECT of (2/24/2017)

completing a GAME, you know the rules because it is FAMOUS. LEGEND of Mike FULLER is unknown by somebody. We don’t know if I was the WINNER. (2/24/2017)

LEGEND of MIKE FULLER is about a guy who was never in the newspapers or on TV. He was President in another dimension, here just a shadow. (2/26/2017)

Mike was a politics fan since he was a kid. He became teen and decided to be involved in it. He chose the GOP to start an electoral career. (2/27/2017)

Fred KELLY – timeframes2020

SONGWRITING TWEETS. I walk in the street, thinking what it could be if I was a MOVIE STAR. I would be seen by the people really differently. (2/24/2017)

I would go to their STUDIO to shoot another scene of my next FILM on the same SET with the ACTORS selected to play with me FOR MY OWN FAME. (2/24/2017)

If I was a MOVIE STAR, I would read scripts every week to select the movies I want to improve my career & show my talent to the moviegoers. (2/26/2017)

I would be looking for my 1st ACADEMY AWARD for a 2nd role then for the BEST PICTURE OSCAR. If I’m not selected, I’d wait for the next year! (2/27/2017)

If I was but I’m not. I’m just a MOVIEGOER, looking for a manager, a big screen NEWCOMER, not a star but a PLANET EARTH outsider or almost. (2/28/2017)

He was different from the others. He looked more like a painter, not a real politician. He could have been sooner a State Senator but he

needed to follow the orders. It’s the LEGEND of MIKE FULLER.

Thomas SPEARS – vidalfuller2016 :
SONGWRITING TWEETS. I feel not the same than before with more & more stories in my head I would like to explain but I have not enough pen. (2/24/2017)

STORIES, they explain what happens for you, for me. They are never the same or they copy each other, you must follow their order. They lie. (2/24/2017)

STORIES, they’re all around your present life. You can read them in books or watch them on a screen. They’re proposing a world to be unreal. (2/26/2017)

Funny or not, short or longer than you expected, they are about a hero and his history so far. If it is a routine, you will find it boring. (2/27/2017)

STORIES, they happen all the time, they can surprise you by all means. You like to read them, page after page, you like to watch them or to (2/28/2017)

listen to their content.


Let’s start new SESSIONS OF SONGWRITING for the FaKe PuNk project Album. This album will never be released without very good LYRICS from us. (2/24/2017)

My SONG is like a HAMBURGER. You can listen to it like you eat a SANDWICH, with mayonnaise, ketchup or mustard. My song is like a HAMBURGER. (2/24/2017)

My SONG is like a HAMBURGER. You like it or not but be sure it is not a steak or an ice-cream. It’s a fast-food for the lunch or the diner. (2/25/2017)

YOUR SONG is like a DREAM MAKER, a fortune teller. It inspires my brain and my soul. Let’s play them together to have only one super-song. (2/26/2017)

Eat my passion for music. I give you FRENCH FRIES for the lyrics, with salt and pepper, you will like them all. MY SONG IS LIKE A HAMBURGER. (2/27/2017)

Some prefer Macaroni & Cheese, some are vegetarian, so they can prefer instrumentals but the best when you’re hungry is to eat my HAMBURGER! (2/28/2017)


Vince SAUVAN (on WordPress)

“I Like Songs But I Have Not Time To Listen Too Much To Them.” VS

Jonathan FOUNDERS (on Blip) :

George HARRISON birthday, yesterday. Coincidental, we begin with BrAmStOcKeR a lyrics songwriting session on TWITTER.

Freddie HAIM (on Vid)

New lyrics tweet after tweet, it’s a new way of songwriting for BramStOcKeR that could be the right one for its FaKe PuNk project album. MF (for TIMEFRAMES SECRETARY

Don McKENZIE (on Youtube) :

DYLAN, HARRISON. It was George birthday, yesterday. One of the best live album to commemorate. MF (Concert for BANGLADESH).

With the diffusion of this article:

Gerald KLEIN (on Myspace) :

George HARRISON was a great composer with The BEATLES we miss a lot! GK.

Brian SUMMERS (on LinkedIn) :

Yesterday’s birthday of George HARRISON is the reminder the BEATLES were the top of the Pop music. BS.


Read about this album:

Comments ON FACEBOOK, February :


White House blocks CNN, New York Times from press briefing hours after Trump slams media (2/24/2017)

Now there are the welcomed journalists and the others who are not well seen and must accept to be refused because of their opinion that is not appreciated. Mike FULLER

Tom Perez elected as first Latino leader of Democratic Party (2/24/2017)

It’s a good sign. Latinos represent the new composition of the Nation. They are concerned by its future more than anybody else because they want the best for their community and for everybody. Mike FULLER


Trump at CPAC: Right’s Unlikely Hero Renews Attack on Press (2/24/2017)

It’s his main subject of critics right now: the Press has an enemy and it won’t change until the President will have the Press on his side, meaning never? Mike FULLER


‘Titanic,’ ‘Aliens’ star Bill Paxton dead at 61 (2/26/2017)

He was a part of the spectacle that cannot be imitated. He left us before the Academy Awards with his spectacular movies to remember his talent and his great image of action hero. Mike FULLER


Dress to protest: why tonight’s Oscars red carpet is set for a revolution (2/26/2017)
These artists must say what they feel about the political situation if they think it can disturb their career. Mike FULLER


Présidentielle : les électeurs écologistes approuvent l’accord entre Hamon et Jadot (2/26/2017)

C’est un accord historique qui donne beaucoup plus de chance a la gauche de l’emporter. Il faut y croire, le candidat de rassemblement, c’est HAMON. Mike FULLER


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