Before the Q and A: PEOLE ARE STRANGE Is BrAmStOcKeR’s Message To Mike FULLER, Their Manager From The US-A. The Band Will be Rehearsing Their New Songs In A Virtual Studio Until The Spring And The Possible Release Of P.M.U.R.T. On The Web! A First Music Label Would Be Interested! “This Original Mike Is At The Highest Level of a MARVEL Comic and, One More Time, I’m Impressed By The Talent of Mr. FULLER!”

March 10, 2017

Before the Q and A: PEOLE ARE STRANGE Is BrAmStOcKeR’s Message To Mike FULLER, Their Manager From The US-A. The Band Will be Rehearsing Their New Songs In A Virtual Studio Until The Spring And The Possible Release Of P.M.U.R.T. On The Web! A First Music Label Would Be Interested! “This Original Mike Is At The Highest Level of a MARVEL Comic and, One More Time, I’m Impressed By The Talent of Mr. FULLER!”



This is the post where will be published all the tweets of the Press Conference of President Mike FULLER from the US-A. This must be a campaign of promotion of his dimension but it’s also important as a contribution for the resolution of our Russian crisis in the US-B. Moreover, for the fans of the FRENCH COP, this is huge how much new content is diffused this March to complete the TIMefraMES Universe environmental 3rd and last mission-episode in Japan (FRENCH COP: WiN-WiN). This is to celebrate the 10 years of this heroic saga and the 40 years of the group-context BrAmStOcKeR that can be proud to be sponsor and origins of these stories that rejuvenating POP CULTURE.

Mike (before the Live Q&A on Twitter, I’ll publish my last preparation talks with ROLLING STONE and a science magazine tomorrow morning). March 10, in the evening.

THE Q & A (March 11 in the afternoon).

Mike FULLER: Hello everybody! It’s Saturday and I am proud to welcome you, the 3 journalists I invited (in the US-A obviously!): LOS ANGELES


BBC1: so, Mr. President, this is far away the time when (sorry for my English, we’re not in the US-B!) you were in London before the White

House!? Mike FULLER: yes, I’m nostalgic of these times but, you know, my duty is not to regret the past!

Los Angeles Times: you remember Tom? Mike FULLER: no, basically, I met a lot of Tom in my campaigns and I am still connected with them!

FOX NEWS: to be back to our main subject that is the US-B file you call also the RUSSIANGATE, what are you deciding about our US-A attitude?

Mike FULLER: good question, the others also, anyway. I think I knew a TOM on Myspace, the coordinator? There is also Tom CRUISE in the US-B.

All these people of HOLLYWOOD, they don’t validate too much this election of Mr. TRUMP who is a ‘fake election’ according to Michael MOORE.

Los Angeles Times: we have not this HOLLYWOOD thanks to the TIMefraMES consortium? Do you continue you program to advice them the same?

Mike FULLER: yes and no, there is a PRIORITY now to inform our population nicely ‘WE’RE NOT ALONE’. This interview, for example, will be

on FOX tomorrow Sunday. There is for my seconde mandate this incredible project to HELP THEM more! Also, they could create a disturbance if

their chaos that is not huge but bigger than usual would last. BBC1: your opposition in the US is reproaching you to monitor their Internet.

Mike FULLER: that’s not a big deal. This cannot be bad for us. I don’t believe so much in this knowledge that it’s SYNCHRONIZING us.

FOX NEWS: you don’t realize how much the Americans know already about US, I would say! The other dimension is a detail for them. PAUSE.

Mike FULLER: well, it’s not exactly what one told me but I will verify. I propose you to comeback next Saturday to speak more about this.

BBC1: about BrAmStOcKeR, people say in the Music Biz, you hired the Beatles in the 1960’s to ‘help’ them to compose their FAKE PUNK album?

Mike FULLER: it’s the US-B that welcomed the BEATLES for the famous BEATLESMANIA. I suppose Frederic VIDAL was involved in it. I’M NOT US-B.

Los Angeles Times: I will have questions next week about your delegate in the US-B. Will he be able to present and represent OUR DIMENSION?

I would have loved Mr. VIDAL friend with President OBAMA. With Donald TRUMP, you be sure HE IS THE REAL FRED! Look at this 1st Q&A new style

that appears like before but he’s ORIGINAL MIKE FULLER. Frederic can use my name but now his MISSION IS TO MAKE US KNOWN in his US.

FOX NEWS: you unbelievable, Mr. President. Mike FULLER: no, it’s natural, it’s normal! (laughs) We live together and our objective is ONE:

to have a better world including ALL THE DIMENSIONS, right? You gave me lot of motivation TO CARRY ON! BBC1: thank you, Mike. See you 3/18.

Talk between Mike FULLER and journalists (US-A), this week.

ROLLING STONE (US-A): Hello President!

Mike FULLER: Hello America! Hello guys. I wanted to see you reunited here in the Oval Office. (laughs)

RS: why not? They have no more CBGB in the US-B.

MF: I can see you received my first note about this incredible story there.

RS: yes, President.

MF: you understand why I had the obligation to manage this group by myself.

RS: a group of another dimension.

MF: this is it that is spectacular and almost insane. This Saturday, I will tweet to this other civilization I AM FOR THEIR DEVELOPMENT.

DISCOVER (US-A): no kidding! (laughs)

RS: so, BrAmStoCkEr was a brother of the Sex Pistols.

MF: for sure, I studied on their website Wikipedia, I will play Malcolm McLaren. (laughs) (their manager)

D: and it works.

MF: I’m confident it works. You know, it’s like these EXOPLANETS they discovered.

D: planets looking (like) Earth. We have not that in the US-A.

MF: that’s it. There is only one Earth. Only one Earth but several dimensions!

D: and our history is not exactly the same.

MF: thank you, Lord. We will tell them.

RS: you have the lyrics of several songs already: PMURT, 77, STORIES, MOVIE STAR, HAMBURGER, (Legend of Mike FULLER).

MF: right! You know more than me, it’s exciting this music processing. Now, we rehearse on music sites and all at once we have melodies for PMURT and 77 but it’s maybe not definitive. We wanted to diffuse these drafts but technically, it’s not possible right now.

RS: sure, you’re on JAM STUDIO.

MF: he is.

RS: who?

MF: Frederic VIDAL. I want this to be clear. It’s him BrAmStOcKeR for those who have no imagination.

D: but, in fact, this band has an inter-dimensional support.

MF: in 77, from San Francisco, SF like SciFi, (laughs) they motivated underground science and culture to stay connected to some reality of career.

RS: because it was too early for them.

MF: I suppose. It’s a famous story, almost nobody knows. But I van check it’s about to be the end of this tape. I needed you guys for an introduction.

D: to a very long Press Conference?

MF: no, I will reply to more questions every Saturday. I’m not ready to be the victim of their RUSSIANGATE. Communication is the main word. One day, I will met their President Donald TRUMP.

RS: of course and we will be there.

MF: thanks, fellows, Godspeed!

(end of the talk)

Talk between Mike FULLER and journalists (US-A), this week, previously on our 4 Twitter accounts (March 8).

With BRAMSTOCKER: Hello guys! I invited you today because I propose this Press Conference for the US-B (laughs), Saturday. Why do you laugh? Mike FULLER talks

Mike FULLER talks continues. Until now, it was confidential but I can tell you I will make the news this weekend! WE’RE NOT ALONE. New York

Times (US-A): Are you declassifying some secret files about SciFi stories that could be true? MF: exactly, New York Times, you’re not alone.

There is a New York Times US-B, we call that the other reality, like another planet like ours but a little different. NYT: there, you’re not


With SPEARS: Mike FULLER talks -2. MF: absolutely and you there, WASHINGTON POST of my dimension, you’re not published by the White House & the Congress,

you’re still a private newspaper! Washington Post: but it’s not possible to go there? MF: no, happily! They are people who are not like us.

With FULLER: Mike FULLER talks -3. The are not enjoyable, they’re never satisfied. TIME: it’s what you have in mind but maybe they have other qualities.

MF: go there to check, TIME of my dimension, we just succeeded to spy what they call their Web. You did articles about it in 2012 then there

was this good comic strip OBAMA in the New York Times in 2013, the President of another dimension. New York Times: absolutely, perfectly.

Then, the National Security told us to be careful and not to speak too much about them. MF: it’s possible but now I would like the contrary.

Mike FULLER talks (recorded) continue. MF: I would like a special issue, a coverage of their problem with Russia. Washington Post (US-A):

why not? They don’t think it’s possible we exist, right!? They even don’t believe in extra-terrestrials except in their films and books. MF:

MF: they are a little naïve. I know you criticized our research about them, they are too often secret.

With KELLY: RECORDED BEFORE: Mike FULLER talks with journalists before LIVE Q&A of Saturday (in his US-A). Diffused in the US-B via Twitter! TIME: it’s

something that has to do with Vince SAUVAN, our FRENCH COP? Mike FULLER: I totally agree. There is in the US-B the equivalent of Vince, Mr.

Frederic VIDAL.

With BRAMSTOCKER (March 9):  We finishing the diffusion of Mike FULLER’s conversation with journalists, recorded yesterday evening in the US-A and diffused on their VoA.

TIME, US-A: you follow all these guys on their Internet only? MF: only. It does not communicate their phone or TV with us. New York Times:

so, we received a memo from your Security advisor. They have a President who is restless and potentially a threat for them, for us? MF: WE

HAVE TO SEE THAT TOGETHER. They are never quiet. We have this brave Frederic VIDAL on location. HE CAN HELP US. WP: he’s our promoter there!


Mike FULLER – mikefuller2020

Around 6pm, I will publish a post on VIDAL’s Blog: last talk with US-A ROLLING STONE and DISCOVER before Sat. Q&A! (3/10/2017)

Fred KELLY – timeframes2020

TO Mike FULLER COPY! You’re perfect Mr. FULLER, especially as US-A President! Me and Mata HARI Jr. will be at your Q&A tom. (3/10/2017)

Thomas SPEARS – vidalfuller2016 :


All these politics in the A or B dimensions, it’s so complicated especially with our INTERNET. It’s like there’s too much synchro, so MUSIC!

BrAmStOcKeR invites, President of other dimension US-A, Mike FULLER to reply to his journalists guests on our Twitter account. Starts 2:45.

Very satisfied with Mike FULLER management from the US-A. This SciFi is definitely Punk. WRITE YOUR OWN SONG about/against TRUMP! P.M.U.R.T. (3/9/2017)

To Mike FULLER COPY THAT! That’s very good before TRUMP IN NASHVILLE. Don’t forget to feature the TIME cover of this week! (3/10/2017)


Vince SAUVAN (on WordPress)

“This Original Mike Is At The Highest Level of a MARVEL Comic and, One More Time, I’m Impressed By The Talent of Mr. FULLER!”

Don McKENZIE (on Youtube) with Original Mike FULLER :

About The Doors – When You’re Strange

The DOORS, they were obviously in SAN FRANCISCO a lot. Not only UCLA for Jim and Ray but also the US-C, the third dimension! Original Mike FULLER

When You’re Strange is a breathtaking journey into the hypnotic world of The Doors. This documentary film uncovers historic and previously unseen footage of the illustrious rock quartet and provides new insight into the revolutionary impact of the music and legacy. Written and directed by Tom DiCillo, narrated by Johnny Depp, and produced by legendary producer, Dick Wolf, this film is a riveting account of the band’s history.

This song is BrAmStOcKeR’s message to me, according to the blog. They mean Who is the Stranger? Original Mike FULLER


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