From One TIME To Another, BrAmStOcKeR Gives The CHORDS To Mike FULLER In Order To RESIST (Against TRUMP In NASHVILLE, Prefer(r)ing KoRn In New York) For the US-A To Prevail! “Just SPEARS Can Go To The US-B, He’s (In A Program) Interdimensional. Us, We’re Just Famous There!” VS And PH.

March 14, 2017

From One TIME To Another, BrAmStOcKeR Gives The CHORDS To Mike FULLER In Order To RESIST (Against TRUMP In NASHVILLE, Preferring KoRn In New York) For the US-A To Prevail! “Just SPEARS Can Go To The US-B, He’s (In A Program) Interdimensional. Us, We’re Just Famous There!” VS And PH.

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SUNDAY Tweets!

BrAmStOcKeR invites Definitive Mike FULLER’s Chief of Staff this morning to comment the press (of his dimension) after yest. Q&A. ENJOY him!

Hello everybody: you are welcomed to our White House, even if we call it more PRESIDENTIAL MANSION! Here are the US-A working for YOU, US-B!

I am the Chief of Staff of Mr. Mike FULLER. I will give you my name another time. Let’s say my nickname for you will be PETER, I know you

like a lot nicknames on your ‘Web’. Mr. FULLER told me yesterday evening to tweet you some comments we have about today press after his Q&A.

I will come back in this new program of DEFINITIVE MIKE FULLER we begin to improve our communication with you! There’s no other goal INDEED.

What is happening is that we are also with BrAmStOcKeR in their studio rehearsing! It’s particularly IMPRESSIVE. Now playing LEGEND OF MIKE

FULLER with 2 PIANOS melodies and now a Guitar ‘Sweet Child o’Mine’ style. You can check I know your MUSIC! It’s EVANESCENCE + LINKIN PARK!

We are like that in the US-A, we read the press but we play good old rock’n roll music too! I reproach to your dimension to be too much CLAS

-SICAL and SOMETIMES you are lost in your contradictions! There is Mr. FULLER and me, AND OBVIOUSLY FREDERIC and the Band, to SHOW YOU THE


We gonna have a lunch and I will tell you the PRESS. It will look like FAKE NEWS (laughs) for bad jokers! It’s our News, LOT DIFFERENT than


You are ROLLING STONES, we’re more BEATLES. See you later, alligator! PETER

We back on track! (laughs) I’m with Mike and the Band! This press review must not upset or impress you too much, this is a part of a Magical

Mystery Tour! PETER, CoS of Pres. FULLER (Def. Mike FULLER program)

LADY JANE, The United States of yours are like this Lady of the Rolling Stones song: it needs to be REMASTERIZED (the song). You will never

IMAGINE the cover of the NEW YORK TIMES in our dimension: YES, this is Mike FULLER and his Q&A for you in the US-B that is Subject #1! Peter

Otherwise, in the Us-A, we have the Environment that is not the same, GUYS! There are all these FRENCH COP stories all around! LOS ANGELES

TIMES, they print on their first page the name of your FRIEND, Frederic VIDAL. They want explanations about his ROLE in the B! Mike agrees!

By the way, we had a CONVERSATION for the LUNCH and Mike proposes to the Band to RELEASE the song ‘HAMBURGER’ and his ‘LEGEND’ story FIRST.

The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER and VARIETY titles in the US-A are about the CONSORTIUM and some critics. Mr. FULLER will reply about TIMefraMES.

That’s all for now. I see you AROUND! PETER

In the Washington POST, Dudes, it’s about the war, the Cover. Mr. FULLER told you about our Fight against KGB-Next Gen in CAMEROUN. Sad but

Mike told you that Vince and Patrica HUNTER, the FRENCH COP’s wife had some problems PREVIOUSLY. The Post is surprised our President did not

mention Mr. SAUVAN yesterday in the Q&A diffused tonight on FOX. Basically, he was thinking VIDAL-SAUVAN. The 2 are CLOSE. KGB Next Gen is

our worst enemy, people! This is not like in the US-B. Maybe connected to this Russian (Golden)Gate? (laughs) FULLER does his best but there

is no hope of a war’s end right now. It’s why Mr. SAUVAN is leaving for JAPAN with Pat. What about their rescue Natasha STANISLAVSKY? The

Washington Post replies to these questions. President FULLER will follow this file PERMANENTLY. It’s important for you too. The French of LE

MONDE, they see all of that from Europe. Mr. FULLER is more popular in the UK. They write ‘FULLER TALKS before the End of the Crisis’. They

mean this crisis situation that WE DON’T AGREE because some accusing the US-B. We believe in a difficult century beginning. USA TODAY is

focusing on Mike FULLER US-B’s Band BrAmStOcKeR, opening some contents about their origins and later, a deal with high drink MONSTER!? Cool!

I’d like you to read all these fabulous articles but YOU’RE NOT THERE! So, I’ll prepare you some copies, WE NEVER KNOW! You’re our GUESTS!

PETER (PAN?), President Mike FULLER’s Chief of STAFF, in the United States of AMERICA (Dimension #1) called the US-A. Thanks, US-B, so much.


Mike FULLER – mikefuller2020


Fred KELLY – timeframes2020


Thomas SPEARS – vidalfuller2016 :

Just a little HELLO of Thomas SPEARS, presently in another dimension (of course) as he’s inter-dim. Follow us on @BRAMSTOCKER for more news.

The Fuzz guitars are not yet Ok on ‘LEGEND’. On ‘HAMBURGER’ it’s better but it’s still a draft. That’s a Presidential SUNDAY, Folks! Peter

No, I mean, I’m interdimensional. In my Dim. there was no HITLER but in yours, GERMANY used lot of microwaves to kill the poor JEWS. SPEARS

It’s about SEMIOTICS, you speak about Microwave, you don’t think about a TV! Meanings of concepts, I CONTROL THAT for TIMefraMES. T. Spears



Hello! It’s Monday and FULLER quotes: TO WIN IS TO LOSE.

We’re rehearsing this morning SHADOW PRESIDENT of the previous session of SONGWRITING. It’s a BLUES old school. WE LIKE IT.

Basically, we gonna release THE CHORDS of our CHORDS before PMURT in NASHVILLE. This is for our FAN(S). Don’t forget we ASCAP (and SACEM).

I mean the CHORDS of our SONGS, Lord. We’re not enough awake this morning! It’s because it’s only DRAFTS yet. ChOrDs like 6 strings Guitar.

I used to play this old SG when I was a kid (77) and it gave me LOT SATISFACTION. Songs must be more BrA, less BeAtLeS (to open for KORN).

There is this story going on about spying TRUMP in his TOWER in December??? Frankly speaking, it’s in the song: P.M.U.R.T. See you at noon.

This version of SHADOW PRESIDENT is really different, not anymore with acoustic guitar or a capella: in our ABBEY ROAD kind of machine, more

a new song possibly on the album or BONUS TRACK? About KORN, it’s not kidding. We can be ready this Summer? I will contact their Management.

Anyway, we continue now to be back OPERATIONAL in a short while. BrAmStOcKeR. Postcript. In AMERICA this time. Thanks to you!!!

This Monday:

@vidalfuller2016 Bravo for your intervention Thomas. We in Studio fulltime but I accepted some questions of ALT PRESS (we in the US-C). JFK

Jesus Fred KELLY: in US-B, I can check LINKIN PARK is playing the piano like us. It’s tendency to play SOFT, vintage to magnify the MELODY.

ALT PRESS (US-C): you’re so legendary nowadays, you equal the US-B Beatles, right? For your Historiography, these sessions a Golden Agenda!

JFK: it’s recorded BY THE COMPUTERS of the Original dimension! Everything is automatically TIMED now! Hapilly for the band, we live like be

-fore. Just SciFi from Mike FULLER in the MAIN dimension is attracting us. It’s STARGATE SG1 that studied a little and Philip K Dick, a TV

show for the teens also: these theories are REAL but w e d o n ‘ t m I n d. AP: you live your life for music? JFK: BEATLES LEGACY first!!!!

AP: you mean their SOCIAL CONTENT. In America right now, your manager and the opinion FEEL TRUMP has NO FUTURE? (laughs) JFK: yeah, ALL OF

THAT, Thomas SPEARS fight against Nazi Germany of the US-B in the 30-40’s. I decide with FULLER what WE WILL EMPOWER for AlTeRnAtE America!!

AP: The BEATLES, John LENNON, had a Special Unique Message for the NEW AGE we couldn’t start yet? JFK: there is New Age and New Age. George

HARRISON let us HIS WILL: HeRe CoMeS ThE SuN! AP: Not the NUKE!!? Jesus Fred KELLY: it’s not the US-B the locomotive, it.s the US-A, right?

ALT PRESS: Thank you, Jesus! You fascinating with these new Songs of FAKE PUNK and project of tour, who knows, interdimensional (in 3D)!!!



Vince SAUVAN (on WordPress)

“Just SPEARS Can Go To The US-B, He’s (In A Program) Interdimensional. Us, We’re Just Famous There!” VS And PH.

Freddie HAIM (on Vid)

with the link to this post:

Jonathan FOUNDERS (on Blip) :

This is a remix BUT IT IS LIKE the Original! We’re on ANOTHER EARTH playing ‘My song is a HaMbUrGeR’, our SINGLE for the US-B. All these Dimensions!!!

Comments on FACEBOOK : This is the YV Show I was telling you! Watch it in DVDs, it’s about OTHER DIMENSIONS, really, like in the reality. BRILLIANT. Your Mike FULLER (busy in my Oval Office of the US-A) like in the reality (or a fiction if you don’t BELIEVE). (3/14/2017)


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