FULLER: SLIDERS For Everybody, Destination WASHINGTON! BrAmStOcKeR’s Chords Of P.M.U.R.T. Played Worldwide By The Fandom Of the Shadow Band Leaded By Our President! This Is Not The FRENCH COP Saga But Just An Appetizer! “I Suppose It’s To Celebrate Our Move To Tokyo For The Spring. Patricia Appreciates!” VS

March 15, 2017

SLIDERS For Everybody, Destination WASHINGTON! BrAmStOcKeR’s Chords Of P.M.U.R.T. Played Worldwide By The Fandom Of the Shadow Band Leaded By Our President! This Is Not The FRENCH COP Saga But Just An Appetizer!


From: https://www.yahoo.com/tv/jerry-oconnell-reveals-the-checkered-history-of-211218691.html

Q & A  C L A R K  K E N T,



From: http://jackieocean.deviantart.com/art/Clark-Kent-43831669

Breaking News:
Jessie Andrews picture
selected by President Mike FULLER
to be National Icon
In republishing
as Presidential Art signed by him.
(March 18, 2017)
From Mike FULLER to Jessie ANDREWS, on TWITTER.
I never had an own(ed) phone on me SINCE my 1st day – part 3 in America (Part 1: the 90’s in New York for Passover, Part 2: 2003-2011 the immigration, Part 3 – October 16, 2015 until now: THE SUCCESS STORY). I apologize if you tried to call me (no kidding).
From WASH., I wait for next week to purchase a mobile to be AS USUAL LIKE the others. Jessica is a major GIRL of my new Program BUSINESS ANGEL and FEEDBACK LADY to win everything in one day:
A PHONE CALL (with her, with you!).
M   F
J’aime ANDREWS mais elle me hait peu-etre.
I love ANDREWS but maybe she HATES me.
In FRANCE, I created BrAmStOcKeR and in HOLLYWOOD, the FRENCH COP.
My name VIDAL is French, Spanish and JEWISH but my ALIAS NAME FULLER is higher: AMERICAN.
Jessica must know I’m a (MULTIPLE and BRILLIANT) MAN and not only two NAMES.
Do you have her number to give me?
I’m a sweet artist in politics.
Q & A

Hi everybody! (applause). It’s not a Press Conference as usual. You know that. President Mike FULLER is still at Camp David and I’m diffused https://t.co/NO0IcFo92j

in the US-B. (small laughs) YOU ADORE THIS STORY, RIGHT? So let’s believe in it. I will tell them I take a nickname CLARK like my friend https://t.co/zQxUx1nsR9

‘PETER did on Sunday. (laughed and applause). Clark like Clark KENT, their Superman, our SUPERMAN, I don’t look so much older than him!! https://t.co/YMEFkCJZdK

So, I’m new in the series and I will tell you my point of view. Frederic VIDAL exists! (laughs) It’s not the nickname of Mike! (applause) https://t.co/6b76hHzjO6

You know, here, we are busy on these problems of the KGB Next Gen in Africa and until now I didn’t follow 24/7 the subject. BUT I CAN TELL https://t.co/LcHLf5l2ub

I STUDY FAST (like Superman). The point is that the President, our President WAS RIGHT, absolutely Right. He and Mr. VIDAL, according to https://t.co/HemAcRl1rv

our knowledge, I mean our CLONE will be in WASHINGTON, DC, in the US-B, the other dimension for the very first day of the Spring!! The NASA https://t.co/kaRKDfLxjR

can confirm you: WE HAVE THE TICKET! (long applause) https://t.co/tbh3qpDq4l

This is wonderful. I’d like to be with them and fortunately we’ll try to continue to communicate probably first with their Twitter and Faceb https://t.co/SJaOWrotaa

-ook accounts, the Internet of USBs! (applause) I know you have questions, there the political weather is too bad but Mike jokes a little https://t.co/bMJH4i0xeD

about it. NEW YORK TIMES! CK: Yes, welcome! NYT: is Mr. SAUVAN invited for the TRIP? CK: you know thanks to NASA and the President, we’re https://t.co/WBGMsbYw6p

discovering things hat could have been from the domain of FANTASY previously. NYT: The FRENCH COP is ready for Japan? CK: Mike FULLER is https://t.co/W2wXl8WeMn

monitoring HIMSELF this mission with the entire stat major of the C I A. In Cameroon, it’s the bad news: we lost against KGB Next Gen provis https://t.co/KxP4ohwVZK

-ory some kind of field fights. I must confirm Russians rebels against Moscow, according to our intelligence, are in these evils troops. https://t.co/zdbJqebb7I

This can threaten the USB but they have NO RISK. It’s Mr. VIDAL, Mr. SAUVAN protege & oblige, who informed us already in 2006 of the risk! https://t.co/Yx8rf1e7Gx

They are FRENCH comrades. So I told you the bad thing is that WE ARE ALLIED 1000% with RUSSIA in the US- and you know they have this problem https://t.co/twPWtumCGb

of COLD WAR in the other dimension. Mr. TRUMP can be sure Mike is his MAIN ALLIED and nobody will say Vladimir PUTIN controls the US-B!! https://t.co/JRIgp8kFLS

WASHINGTON POST: these important guys must know they represent equivalent persons with other names in OUR DIMENSION. It’s not everybody! https://t.co/fxoXdDi19K

Donald TRUMP is the main opponent of Mike FULLER, Canadian and American and was about to succeed to defeat him for the 2nd term in November! https://t.co/90gLdYbgDE

Clark KENT: right, absolutely right, it was kind of secret until now, IT SO NEW this Interdimensional NASA-CIA. I can say he’s splendid! https://t.co/2mOCLjpu9x

Marco RUBIO is the equivalent of the Vice-President of Mike FULLER and last but not least, Vladimir PUTIN is Vladimir PUTIN. By the way, https://t.co/Gz7T3yAPgh

there is also the Prime Minister MEDVEDEV in the US-B according to our intelligence. The good & great news, yes? WP: the SCRIPT! CK: exactly https://t.co/W8qLtf5s4m

right: you’re well informed Washington Post. We’re recommending Mr. VIDAL to write THE SCRIPT of WIN-WIN during his 3 days trip all across https://t.co/iFTo8r7Ci5

HIS COUNTRY, the United States. We have not his problems to be BrAmStOcKeR and to sign all the contracts for a film and a disc. LA Times: https://t.co/HJZ32Qbngh

I know that Mr. FULLER wants to have Frederic VIDAL totally operational for him and us, he says but VIDAL signs FULLER and was said DEAD?! https://t.co/KWsqUws451

Clark KENT: You don’t mind these details! (laughs and applause) You right, let’s say he is the Young Mike FULLER for our Made in Japan and https://t.co/JhVRVmfLnZ

he likes Martial Arts, he will support on location Vince SAUVAN and Patricia HUNTER who are in emergency at the eve to leave! (applause) https://t.co/pHWomwBn1K

DISCOVER: your mean in INTERDIMENSIONAL? CK: yes, basically. Et je terminerai en franca is, MONSIEUR FULLER S’EST ENGAGE A CE QU’IL SE https://t.co/Pny5gVM4PC

MARIE, Monsieur Frederic VIDAL, un jour prochain, il tiendra ses promesses! LE MONDE: they know in the US-B, we are your 51st STATE in this https://t.co/6SwGaPrm6C

dimension? Clark KENT: he! On vous a annexe pour votre bien. THANK YOU, FOLKS, for your SOLIDARITY. This story has A HAPPY END! God bless!! https://t.co/uizsTXBdcB

(March 15)

Editorial of Peter PAN, nickname in the US-B about Nashville and Dracula.

About the cover of an album featured on our WordPress blog, there is no article in Wikipedia but there was a previous BRAM STOKER, from England, real name of the author of DRACULA (us, it’s BRAMSTOCKER in one word). But it’s our ROOTS, ORIGINS even if the Band didn’t know them (according to some sources). About the SHADOW PRESIDENT function of Mike FULLER in the US-B. it means IT IS FREDERIC VIDAL, nicknamed Mike FULLER with the agreement of our President, WHO IS MANAGING this Position. I propose to Mr. VIDAL to write a Speech Tomorrow (meanwhile your President, Donald TRUMP will be in NASHVILLE according to the press). Basically, it could be appreciated a lot by our dimension. If it is not possible, we will check about aPOSSIBLE CONFUSION about this function as we are informed that you, in the states, you speak about shadow jobs A BAD WAY. This is not at all the case in the UK that are the STANDARD for Parliamentary regimes and generally for Democracy, moreover your previous regime. Than you, PETER (Chief of Staff of Mr. FULLER in the US-A). Have a great Web!

On TWITTER https://twitter.com :

Mike FULLER – mikefuller2020

March 13

I don’t know if it’s a joke but to speak about a MICROWAVE to spy somebody is bad idea that reminds us WORST TIMES of Humanity! Mike FULLER

I was informed Kellyane CONWAY apologized on Facebook and Co. I copy that. Mike FULLER

March 14

Ok guys. Mr. FULLER is at CAMP DAVID (US-A) right now. I’m sure he would accept IMMEDIATELY. It’s C C G G – C C F D – D Am Am Em Dm FM Peter

WHEN AUDIO TAPES of BrAmStOcKeR’s new songs as: DRAFTS for your WEB in the US-B (you like lot USBs! Laughs)? You have already the CHORDS. MF

Fred KELLY – timeframes2020

March 13

Now we have ”sexiest’ men in politics!’ United States are NOT AT ALL maybe helped by CANADA to Focus on Reality of BRAIN not SEX. F. KELLY

Thomas SPEARS – vidalfuller2016 :

13 March

This story of microwave is unacceptable. MF via Thomas SPEARS

No, I mean, I’m interdimensional. In my Dim. there was no HITLER but in yours, GERMANY used lot of microwaves to kill the poor JEWS. SPEARS

It’s about SEMIOTICS, you speak about Microwave, you don’t think about a TV! Meanings of concepts, I CONTROL THAT for TIMefraMES. T. Spears

14 March

‘BrAmStOcKeR’s first rehearsals’ since Summer 2015 ‘Exile on Main Street’s style Sessions’ in France creates a fantastic HOPE as

on the FRENCH COP Parallel Earth, they never succeeded to SEND US AN ALBUM! President FULLER wants FAKE PUNK to be released in YOUR DIM! TS

15 March

@BRAMSTOCKER @Timeframes2020 This is emotional and spectacular! You made it! This great HAMBURGER will be served in every Restaurant, in America and worldwide. FV

@BRAMSTOCKER This is huge Bram Stoker Original Album, but I will tell you more tomorrow (or this afternoon). So Far So Great. Thomas SPEARS https://t.co/KvId9msRqh



18 March

TRUMP IS DEAD and JESSICA has her UNIFORM of new program JESSICA, spokeswoman of MERCURY GOD that is to be BUSINESS ANGEL and FEEDBACK LADY.

We demand the CANCELLATION of the FRENCH REPUBLIC PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION for the reason that Frederic VIDAL is prevented to be PRESIDENT! https://t.co/bHoePFbS2Z

15 March:

At 6 PM PT, Mister Mike FULLER will be represented by his SPOKESMAN for a Q&A. Frederic VIDAL in the US-B accepted to be also evocated. BrAm https://t.co/Sln4q9dgpg

The Beatles – Revolution https://t.co/mkcIjy75uL via @YouTube YOU SAY YOU WANT A REVOLUTION but you’re not SINCERE!! Be your mea culpa. BrAm

I’m gonna give you the chords for the song P.M.U.R.T (for GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, it was the same: not debut hit but diffused): (G C G G) x 2 – https://t.co/w0jlvT47pZ

On Facebook, the second part:

(D D G G) x 2. Tu fais tourner la musique et c’est pas du 78 tours (mais du 77!) Frederic VIDAL from his White House (that is this screen)?

Frederic VIDAL could have been elected PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (who you are: US-B). He needed someone in NASHVILLE to record his CD. https://t.co/qGguWFUwIl

Anyway, VIDAL (our founder) has still a Best Friend Forever or even TONS OF THEM. He said he’s communicating (really) ONLY with WHITE HOUSE. https://t.co/HvlJAB7Mlc

Consequently, this cultural POLITICS by our Group will be commented today and tomorrow by the SPOKESMAN of Mike FULLER and Frederic VIDAL. https://t.co/cd8c7MYHtJ

Nirvana – The Man Who Sold The World (MTV Unplugged) https://t.co/lt7OCRgQPS via @YouTube BOWIE died in January 2016. Frederic in NASHVILLE.

Today, the program continues. You cannot stop the Success. It’s the same everytime. BrAmStOcKeR (not) in NASHVILLE in Nov 2015, it’s over. https://t.co/eKBmLhlfZR

14 March

If you want 2 play HAMBURGER and LEGEND(S) OF MIKE FULLER, have a GUITAR & sing the lyrics. You help us to find melodies (kidding). See you. https://t.co/KFwf4Wnn3C

A lot of noise in the US-B. We are obviously the EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS of the FRENCH COP saga for the CONSORTIUM TIMefraMES. SFSG, all ROCKS! https://t.co/gs80pV3w8Y

The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up – Official Promo https://t.co/yZrnCsdrtR via @YouTube START ME UP did the ADS of WINDOWS’ Microsoft ALOT.

@mikefuller2020 We recommend to Mike FULLER to release the CHORDS of his Song ‘LEGENDS’ now. Thank you. Pressure of the fandom. It’s great. https://t.co/LhCp7fLCIw

From Mike FULLER: Ok guys. Mr. FULLER is at CAMP DAVID (US-A) right now. I’m sure he would accept IMMEDIATELY. It’s C C G G – C C F D – D Am Am Em Dm FM Peter https://t.co/regxc0hSuz

LEGENDS OF MIKE FULLER to be B-Side of 1st 2 songs CD of ours, from album FAKE PUNK. Chords are C C G G – C C F D – D Am Am Em – Dm FM. BrAm https://t.co/ooUPzQtq0B

3 HOURS OF JAM SESSION by BrAmStOcKeR with special GUESTS in the US-B and parallel Earth FRENCH COP (where this movie replaces STAR WARS). https://t.co/jWWohYJOLQ

Jesus Fred KELLY: there’s also BrAmStOcKeR on PARALLEL EARTH. Very important! There, the Band is multi-Platinum!! NOT US! (laughs) in US-B. https://t.co/0Nmxskf5qN

IT IS LIKE the Original! We’re on ANOTHER EARTH playing ‘My song is a HaMbUrGeR’, our SINGLE for the US-B. All these Dimensions!!! BrAmS https://t.co/LjBkN21INh

FREE AS A BIRD. https://t.co/sPCBJQptv5

In the US-B we are glad to share with our FANDOM the chords of the draft version of HAMBURGER. Enjoy! E C A G – B E D E – D Am E B – E B https://t.co/Pazn2LX2Cb

BrAmStOcKeR is also REHEARSING. ”My song is like a HAMBURGER’ is my favorite says the singer.’ https://t.co/9SutWTiEPN

In a PARALLEL EARTH, https://t.co/KKG42Viw61


Jesus Fred KELLY: in US-B, I can check LINKIN PARK is playing the piano like us. It’s tendency to play SOFT, vintage to magnify the MELODY. https://t.co/qsspfXvFyJ

ALT PRESS (US-C): you’re so legendary nowadays, you equal the US-B Beatles, right? For your Historiography, these sessions a Golden Agenda! https://t.co/W262BJw0Mp

JFK: it’s recorded BY THE COMPUTERS of the Original dimension! Everything is automatically TIMED now! Hapilly for the band, we live like be https://t.co/Q8ofKOw47f

-fore. Just SciFi from Mike FULLER in the MAIN dimension is attracting us. It’s STARGATE SG1 that studied a little and Philip K Dick, a TV https://t.co/taBtHkOsUf

show for the teens also: these theories are REAL but w e d o n ‘ t m I n d. AP: you live your life for music? JFK: BEATLES LEGACY first!!!! https://t.co/xbw7tmtaEY

AP: you mean their SOCIAL CONTENT. In America right now, your manager and the opinion FEEL TRUMP has NO FUTURE? (laughs) JFK: yeah, ALL OF https://t.co/7tgHcWDrfl

THAT, Thomas SPEARS fight against Nazi Germany of the US-B in the 30-40’s. I decide with FULLER what WE WILL EMPOWER for AlTeRnAtE America!! https://t.co/HrXrcYJK4W

AP: The BEATLES, John LENNON, had a Special Unique Message for the NEW AGE we couldn’t start yet? JFK: there is New Age and New Age. George https://t.co/KTqNtWDNY1

HARRISON let us HIS WILL: HeRe CoMeS ThE SuN! AP: Not the NUKE!!? Jesus Fred KELLY: it’s not the US-B the locomotive, it.s the US-A, right? https://t.co/YGY7Rvmmzi

ALT PRESS: Thank you, Jesus! You fascinating with these new Songs of FAKE PUNK and project of tour, who knows, interdimensional (in 3D)!!! https://t.co/pyiP2JD7vy

@vidalfuller2016 Bravo for your intervention Thomas. We in Studio fulltime but I accepted some questions of ALT PRESS (we in the US-C). JFK https://t.co/AYiCelHMeV

Heavy (Official Lyric Video) – Linkin Park (feat. Kiiara) https://t.co/BOlQfbz45l via @YouTube One more album in MAY for LINKIN’ PARK. BrAmS


This version of SHADOW PRESIDENT is really different, not anymore with acoustic guitar or a capella: in our ABBEY ROAD kind of machine, more https://t.co/pwgrBpf9At

a new song possibly on the album or BONUS TRACK? About KORN, it’s not kidding. We can be ready this Summer? I will contact their Management. https://t.co/hclKj6lEWp

Anyway, we continue now to be back OPERATIONAL in a short while. BrAmStOcKeR. Postcript. In AMERICA this time. Thanks to you!!! https://t.co/OHQrBw10cO

There is this story going on about spying TRUMP in his TOWER in December??? Frankly speaking, it’s in the song: P.M.U.R.T. See you at noon. https://t.co/qlz4Dk1uJo


Hello! It’s Monday and FULLER quotes: TO WIN IS TO LOSE. https://t.co/2ytp8suzhe

We’re rehearsing this morning SHADOW PRESIDENT of the previous session of SONGWRITING. It’s a BLUES old school. WE LIKE IT. https://t.co/1YZl1JCGFU

Basically, we gonna release THE CHORDS of our CHORDS before PMURT in NASHVILLE. This is for our FAN(S). Don’t forget we ASCAP (and SACEM). https://t.co/ecEGKO2ZN0

I mean the CHORDS of our SONGS, Lord. We’re not enough awake this morning! It’s because it’s only DRAFTS yet. ChOrDs like 6 strings Guitar. https://t.co/IcINQMjn8k

I used to play this old SG when I was a kid (77) and it gave me LOT SATISFACTION. Songs must be more BrA, less BeAtLeS (to open for KORN). https://t.co/273cpERvFk


Vince SAUVAN (on WordPress) https://fredvidal.wordpress.com

“I Suppose It’s To Celebrate Our Move To Tokyo For The Spring. Patricia Appreciates!” VS

Freddie HAIM (on Vid) http://vid.me/bramstocker

with the link to this post:

Jonathan FOUNDERS (on Blip) http://blip.fm/TheBRAMSTOCKER :

Gerald KLEIN (on Myspace) https://myspace.com/mikefuller2016 :

I am not alone, I miss only her when she’s gone. GK

Brian SUMMERS (on LinkedIn) https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikefuller2016 :

John EVANS-STREET (on REDDIT) https://www.reddit.com/r/FredVidal/

I love by John EVAN-STREET alias Frederic VIDAL, the man with the 1000 Names of his alter ego Mike FULLER.

Don McKENZIE (on Youtube) https://www.youtube.com/user/thebramstocker :

Comments on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012 :

With Youtube:

The Beatles – Revolution https://t.co/mkcIjy75uL via @YouTube YOU SAY YOU WANT A REVOLUTION but you’re not SINCERE!! Be your mea culpa. BrAm

If you carry pictures of Chairman (not Mao this time) but TRUMP INVERSED, do you know what’s gonna be? Lennon/McCartney

I’m gonna give you the chords for the song P.M.U.R.T (for GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, it was the same: not debut hit but diffused): (G C G G) x 2 – https://t.co/w0jlvT47pZ

(Suite du Tweet) (D D G G) x 2. Tu fais tourner la musique et c’est pas du 78 tours (mais du 77!) Frederic VIDAL from his White House (that is this screen) & BrAmStoCkEr!

Bon Jovi Performs ‘This House Is Not for Sale’! https://t.co/0fs31xW7nL via @YouTube Was he one of the guests of BrAmStOcKeR this afternoon?


According to Washington, the spokesman of the dimension A President will focus on Nashville and Dracula but also on morality in the US-B. At the White House of Mr. FULLER, TO SPEAK TRUE is the medication that is proposed to cure the B version of our Country. TS – 15 march

Republicans are threatening to expose Trump as the emperor with no clothes


It’s the Ides of March today. Caesar does not cross the RUBICON. Frederic VIDAL & Mike FULLER – 15 March

THE WASHINGTON POST https://www.washingtonpost.com :

Trump drags key foreign allies into controversy over unproven wiretap claims


TRUMP is my new Jacques MEDECIN. BANNO was already there. Let’s have in mind permanently NOW HE’S DEAD after the WIRETAP ACCIDENT (his brain’s damaged, his EGO DEAD and previous personality). With a microwave and a television to record the brains and the voices of the people, YOU KILL THEIR LIFE PARTLY with a dose of RADIATIONS and TERRIBLE WAVES of the Secret Service, the Secret Service and the CIA for a BrAiMsToRmInG. Mike FULLER improving Frederic VIDAL
Postscript. I have to inform the Authorities (United Nations) that FRANCE also must be involved in the ASSASSINATION OF DONALD TRUMP because I’m TRUMP’s OMBUDSMAN (Shadow President) and President HOLAANDE and SARKOSY were my competitors with also their fathers painters but not from MONACO.


 Comment of this Post on FACEBOOK:

In Sciences Po Paris, INTERPOL: this school of spies and politicians, not enough accepting my career of spectacular Presidential FAME and GLORY of BrAmStOcKeR deserves a good investigation and maybe prosecution by the French Judge that will see WHY THEY ERASED MY NAME. VIDAL FULLER

More about / against FRANCE:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmanuel_Macron PUTIN, VALET: Emmanuel MACRON that I refuse to be President of the French Republic. He will not last one more week with high polls, according to my INTELLIGENCE. The United States always reply to those who spy or organize a SABOTAGE. Frederic VIDAL / Mike FULLER

THE NEW YORK TIMES https://www.nytimes.com :

Trump Offers No Apology for Claim on British Spying

DEAD, this man is DEAD. Now, he fires UK, tomorrow the cemetery for who? For him, OBAMA shot him in the head. Jails must be the punishment for the LIAR who RECORDED like NIXON did little Donald (looking like a homeless on this picture) delusional fellows and himself destroyed I the brain by the MICROWAVE and the TV. It’s for that reason TRUMP not the same, thinking in his brain not anymore, equivalent flat liner and REPLACED POSSIBLY by a Robot of skin and flesh but computerized without artificial intelligence (from MARS industries of NASA described in the BrAmStOcKeR’s song P.M.U.R.T. as cyborgs). After his mental and political death that are definitive, the President has to be invited to LEAVE FOR A FINAL TRIP TO HIS CAREER’S LAST STEP in a Military Hospital for Veterans and Mental Diseases TO PASS AWAY DEFINITELY (maybe in or 20 years – Reagan kind of treatment).


USA TODAY https://www.usatoday.com :

Russian parliament orders probe of U.S. media in Moscow


The Russians have the obligation to know why they are accused daily by the United States of spying. It looks like the worst of the Cold War in the 50’s and the 60’s. EUROPE, with the FRENCH being the coordinators of the association of the US and the ex-USSR, i GUILTY OF MISCOMMUNICATION. UK criticized by TRUMP, Germany attacked by me, VIDAL-FULLER.


THE GUARDIAN https://www.theguardian.com :

Donald Trump’s disregard for words – and truth – is finally catching up with him

THE ROBOT: this his how we have to NAME the President after he was probably replaced by a genetic machine called CYBORG by the Authorities TO KEEP SECRET HE HAS BEEN KILLED BY BARACK OBAMA December’s TV, Microwave and more by-devices scans of HIS BRAIN CONTENT and CONVERSATION with others. This is Science Fiction and this is not. This is not fiction and this is Science. This is not so FAKE and this is PUNK. This is from BrAmStOcKeR and this is Mike FULLER – VIDAL Campaign for the Truth Main Information that is a part of the RUSSIANGATE prosecution file, ABOUT TO BE READY.



LE MONDE http://www.lemonde.fr :


INCIDENT DIPLOMATIQUE. Je demande au specialiste du Rubi-con de Jules Cesar, REX TILLERSON de mettre en garde solennellement la France, en mode diplomatique, CONTRE L’ANTI-AMERICANISME. De mon cote, j’ai diffuse ce communique Tweet en Anglais sir le compte BrAmStOcKeR: We demand the CANCELLATION of the FRENCH REPUBLIC PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION for the reason that Frederic VIDAL is prevented to be PRESIDENT!



by BrAmStOcKeR

(Frederic VIDAL music & Lyrics)

P.M.U.R.T. by BrAmStOcKeR: Welcome, Mister the worst Entertainer, you are the Man who has the Name that means BAD DREAMS. Your identity is https://t.co/rp7FK1NQZQ

like the Statue of Liberty, UNIVERSAL but for a short while as you are the permanent reminder with these TONS of PICTURES of yourself that https://t.co/33pUXbQYQs

AMERICA has an UGLY face when she wants to be too PRETTY and a billionaire. (to be continued) P.M.U.R.T. by BrAmStOcKeR. https://t.co/SkDqDVUXVw (3/6/2017)

In fact, I have nothing against you, it’s not personal. I just want you to leave AND I KNOW HOW TO DO, It’s rational, By impeaching you for https://t.co/Rp5N73lxYu

your Russian collaboration that made you the winner of the election in 16. We will remember it like the Pearl Harbor of our democracy, would https://t.co/HQbf3Z9Wg1

say the military. BrAmStOcKEr lyrics for ‘P.M.U.R.T’. https://t.co/bzjw3s3rfw (3/7/2017)











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