RUSSIANGATE Like DA VINCI CODE Literacy Masterpieces For Screen, Judge Or Historian Says BrAmStOcKeR, Anti-Sex Pistols! Hi FBI: Bye WW2! There Is FAKE PUNK, P.M.U.R.T., FRENCH COP 3: WIN WIN And TIMefraMES Ambition To Propose The IVth Reich To The Jews And The UFOS To The Americans, Before World’s End In 2025!

March 23, 2017

My letter to James COMEY, FBI Director is my last cooperation with the Authorities before NEW YORK on Friday as I leave WASHINGTON this Thursday, March 23 after 4 days of NETWORKING from the LIBRARY OF THE CONGRESS.

“I travel, from a century to another, to produce with the USA this perfect movie of SPIELBERG about the reasons of History. Synchronized Space-Time, with a team, I studied the History of Julius CAESAR with his wife CLEOPATRA during and after the WAR OF GAULS, the Empire in Roma waiting for promotion of the Republic. The second example of POWER and FATE is NAPOLEON BONAPARTE during the Battle of WATERLOO, a gentle French warrior networking with us, the MISSION JESSICA American Program.

Now, I leave for NYC, the Big Apple, to celebrate the famous trip I did from SF to DC, in a GREYHOUND Bus in 4 days. ”

Mike FULLER, calling the US AIR FORCE Intelligence, 5 AF to imagine a special commando for SciFi traveling ‘from time to time’ like in the movie project TIME MACHINE of Frederic VIDAL.




Hello Director:

I finished my previous mission on the West Coast in March, to project what is possible to do in the 2010’s and the 2020’s in the movie industry in America. I admire this business that is so lucrative when the box office is selecting the winning feature films during the weekend.

I assure the survey of the career of the famous #1 of the HOLLYWOOD community Blake LIVELY, known for GOSSIP GIRL and TRAVELING PANTS. There is a confusion about her, the moviegoers would have more on their big screens if she was more invited on TV and included in the US society and culture and civilization. It could happened the right way after also the end of all risks of corporate HUMAN TRAFFICKING about her.

On the other side of our maps of the Country, there are other genres of persons and organizations, including Jessie ANDREWS, my partner and future associate for the SCIFI PUNK music of my legendary group from 1977 BrAmStOcKeR, the ANTI-SEX PISTOLS, promoting the Civic Punk and a GOP2, alternate Republicans in Washington and nationwide for reforms and a President other than TRUMP. FAKE PUNK needs a RECADRAGE to be well known to encourage the poor and the sick TO AMERICANIZE THE WORLD a right way.

I see some troubles all around connected to the idea of blacklisting and I invite you to be fair by controlling these cities where I staid since 2015 for a while (Atlanta, Nashville, Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Francisco).

I used to be the US Presidential candidate Mike FULLER, recorded by the FEC and I know what I say. The Russian interference to reduce the CLINTON impact was involving NETWORKS IN EUROPE.  When I arrived in Nashville, in October 2015, ISIS attacked in Paris the BA TA CLAN, a concert hall.

(end part 1)


I’m in NEW YORK and I stay there one week to propose a nonprofit American culture(s) department to the New Yorkers. There is also main subjects for History I will diffuse during this week.

Mike FULLER, I have a great message I diffuse here: To Jessie ANDREWS on Twitter, today, 3/24/2017:

@mikefuller2020  I’m in New York and I want to see you there for my dream to come true, for my dream to come YOU! Frederic VIDAL alias MF

She’s a marvelous woman who is so gentle and fair, I need her so much to have a new feeling of LOVE, the mood you have when you are ASSOCIATED.


Republican repeal of Obamacare fails as healthcare bill pulled from House vote REPUBLICAN REPEAL OF OBAMACARE FAILS. This is a surprise that is not a mistake. I was at the TRUMP TOWER this afternoon to buy a new cell phone at the corner (CVS). It’s the 5th Avenue and I was telling to myself Donald could be a ‘good’ Prime Minister for me. To exchange powers and to modify them in Shadow Way is not something delusional or dysfunctional WHEN THE CRISIS knocks at our door. I will give you my number, I was in DC yesterday to say bye to the Congress for a little while but they didn’t hear me enough. I will complete my action for reforms next Month. Tonight, I have a meeting with friends of the music business to decide the complete tracklisting of FAKE PUNK album and see if BrAmStOcKeR is ready for the stage, in the army now. Tomorrow, I could have a diner with my CLEOPATRA as she’s my Pharaoh and Roman divinity. The diner is not sure at 8pm and tomorrow on Saturday but it will be the definitive talks about our geopolitics of Love and Passion of the Earth. TRUMP must be more ambitious to give me the universe we were anticipating before, an extension of our world with the discovery of a New America, a new continent like the planet that will replace Earth, do something like that, Don, people have to rest after this busy Friday. Their future is our responsibility. I am your Shadow Boss, you’re dead, I came back after life to send you this literacy, poetry from the FRENCH COP environment of TIMefraMES. CULTURE IS THE MASTER in our 50 States that are almost totally a Country #1. Mike FULLER known as Frederic VIDAL, March 24

IN NEW YORK after one week in WASHINGTON, we are in a program of projects that is perfectly operational, we just need some time and money.

The Time is on my side and the money in my pocket. I think about you in the past, the future, everywhere physically, somewhere else mentally

WHO ARE (FAKE) PUNKS or FREAKS like me and the other BrAmStOcKeR. One more Tweet for my book ‘U S A’ about FULLER & the Dims. Jesus F KELLY


Q&A with Mike FULLER, in the Oval Office of the US-A, the other dimension of our United States. On Twitter @BRAMSTOCKER the FAKE PUNK band.

NEW YORK TIMES: Welcome inn NEW YORK! Mike FULLER: it’s not me who is in New York but a DARKPOL officer who is a Marines and a great Lover!

It’s for the franchise FAKE PORN I had the duty to have a Clone of Frederic VIDAL in Manhattan tonight to celebrate the last year of Vince

SAUVAN on Earth. He has to leave the planet with the alien UFO that Patricia identified in FRENCH COP2: WHITE HOUSE. I mean it’s compulsory!

WASHINGTON POST: in the US-B, they have a deep crisis in Washington about HEALTHCARE. MF: I don’t mind the additional Earth reality that is


WP: Frederic VIDAL was there in our US-A from Monday to Thursday. WHAT HAPPENED? Did he find his DAUGHTER for a first diner together after

all these years of SEPARATION. Mike FULLER: it’s obvious he’s not RUSSIAN. His purpose was to tell us first the name of her 2nd mother that

is not bad: LIVELY, I like this lovely style of woman making me think about my ex-wife! USA Today: would you marry her again after you

showed us your LOVE for Close COOPERS, your present Secretary. (laughs) Mike FULLER: this is it, it is fascinating, they are the draft, we

are the final version, IN A SPACE TIME SYNCHRO. My NASA, dear journalists, studies 7 days a week, these shared scientific gifts NYT: from

WHO? Mike FULLER: from who they are. (ETs?) So, in NYC. my delegate is waiting fore his own travel to Japan and Frederic VIDAL will appear.

New York Times: he’s a photodouble of you in 2008. We have the population networking all around. What is your age? MF: old and young enough!

The GUARDIAN: so it’s too late to stop our offensive in the US-B, C and D. MF: a lot too late. His name is Peter LIGHT, from my West Wing.

I must go back to the PENTAGON now, it’s a busy day and night. WP, NYT, TG: goodnight, President. MF: we will see that with Fred!

A last image with a tweet for the readers to be viewers and time passengers of our film preparation from A to Z. MF. Postscript. This it it.


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