After WASHINGTON, On TWITTER And FACEBOOK, Frederic VIDAL In NEW YORK Is Mike FULLER For BrAmStOcKeR To Release FAKE PUNK 6 New Songs Lyrics And To Write ‘U-S-A’ On WORDPRESS, The Novel Where We Are Not Alone: There Are Other Dimensions Of Us Like In The VELVET EYES Or The Death Of Chuck BERRY!

March 27, 2017

After WASHINGTON, On TWITTER And FACEBOOK, Frederic VIDAL In NEW YORK Is Mike FULLER For BrAmStOcKeR To Release FAKE PUNK 6 New Songs Lyrics And To Write ‘U-S-A’ On WORDPRESS, The Novel Where We Are Not Alone: There Are Other Dimensions Of Us Like In The VELVET EYES Or The Death Of Chuck BERRY!


BrAmStOcKeR Presents FAKE PUNK, Mike FULLER Represents REAL NEWS! “PRESIDENTS’ DAY Is My Message To The Press Like Mike’s TWITTER Q&A Diffused As A Communique!” Vince SAUVAN. (2/18)

What Would George WASHINGTON Do If He Was Still There To Survey The White House And His President? “We’re Proud To Be Americans And To Celebrate Its Glory!” VS & PH. (2/20)

BrAmStOcKeR Songwriting On TWITTER For FaKe PuNk Album Project: It’s Mike FULLER Decision To Have Web Quality Lyrics To Attract The Best Music On Earth! “I Like Songs But I Have Not Time To Listen Too Much To Them.” VS (2/26)

Joint Session of Congress: The President’s Address Was About His TRUTH: The U.S. According To Donald TRUMP Are A Lot Perfectible! “They Call Me The FRENCH COP Because I Was A French Police Officer Before To Be An American CIA Agent!” Vince SAUVAN. (3/1)

Is It Linked? FRENCH COP 1st Script About UN Russian Ambassador’s Daughter Was Purely Fictional! The American James BOND Interviewed By Mike FULLER About Donald TRUMP Problems With Moscow! “I Would Have Been Punk If I Was Born In 1977 Or Before!” Vince SAUVAN. (3/4)

Vince SAUVAN And Mike FULLER About RUSSIA: The Phone Call! In Their Dimension, Our Problems Are Not Anymore Like A James BOND Film But A File They Are Reopening To Help Us! “In 2007, FRENCH COP, In The US-B, Could Have Been Cancelled Because Involving Too Much Washington And Moscow!” VS. (3/5)

This Time, It’s For Real: P.M.U.R.T. Could Be The New ‘GOD SAVE THE QUEEN’ For BrAmStOcKeR If The United States of Business Are Also The United States of SSENISUB, )With Some Support Of The United States Of America! (3/7)

Before the Q and A: PEOLE ARE STRANGE Is BrAmStOcKeR’s Message To Mike FULLER, Their Manager From The US-A. The Band Will be Rehearsing Their New Songs In A Virtual Studio Until The Spring And The Possible Release Of P.M.U.R.T. On The Web! A First Music Label Would Be Interested! “This Original Mike Is At The Highest Level of a MARVEL Comic and, One More Time, I’m Impressed By The Talent of Mr. FULLER!” (3/10)

From One TIME To Another, BrAmStOcKeR Gives The CHORDS To Mike FULLER In Order To RESIST (Against TRUMP In NASHVILLE, Prefer(r)ing KoRn In New York) For the US-A To Prevail! “Just SPEARS Can Go To The US-B, He’s (In A Program) Interdimensional. Us, We’re Just Famous There!” VS And PH. (3/15)

From One TIME To Another, BrAmStOcKeR Gives The CHORDS To Mike FULLER In Order To RESIST (Against TRUMP In NASHVILLE, Prefer(r)ing KoRn In New York) For the US-A To Prevail! “Just SPEARS Can Go To The US-B, He’s (In A Program) Interdimensional. Us, We’re Just Famous There!” VS And PH.

Is Menage a 3 (Not) Possible? On Earth. The Film FATHERS Will Be Released In 2020. Frederic VIDAL Has To Be Prepared. Blake LIVELY Is Already Prepared. Jewish Assets Stolen By The Nazis Must Be Returned In Israel! In Washington, FULLER Is Managing The After-TRUMP! SOLSTICE SPRINGS! (Spring Rocks!) Is ISIS Like The NSA Or ALQAEDA? Comey And Putin Must Resigned! It’s NUREMBERG 2 For A Trial! In France, SAUVAN And HUNTER Are Not The Heroes Of A TV Show! (3/21)

RUSSIANGATE Like DA VINCI CODE Literacy Masterpieces For Screen, Judge Or Historian Says BrAmStOcKeR, Anti-Sex Pistols! Hi FBI: Bye WW2! There Is FAKE PUNK, P.M.U.R.T., FRENCH COP 3: WIN WIN And TIMefraMES Ambition To Propose The IVth Reich To The Jews And The UFOS To The Americans, Before World’s End In 2025! (3/23)

TWEETS Of Mine! U-S-A, Russian GATE: A Book. FAKE PUNK And SciFi PORN: A Band! BrAmStOcKeR’s Mike FULLER SHADOW PRESIDENCY Reinforced By GOP FIASCO About New Healthcare Law Not Possible Vote! (3/25)


On Twitter BRAMSTOCKER around March 26.

‘NEW YORK’ by BrAmStOcKeR: it’s PUNK, SciFi, Porn and (White) HOUSE. The SHADOW GROUP is scheduling its OFF OFF BROADWAY FAKE 1977 Concert.
NEW YORK‘ (Mike FULLER/Frederic VIDAL, ASCAP), homage to the whole 70’s that KILLED ROCK music and create present (BrAmStOcKeR) MAINSTREAM.
‘NEW YORK’ lyrics on the FAKE PUNK GOOGLE SITE. Song’s CHORDS: G# B B G# / G# D D Am. Destroy no future like OURS.
Play our new songs – DESTROY NO FUTURE: (Bbm Gb) x 4 DC. COMPUTER GAME: A D A D F F. PHONE NUMBER: Db Gm Cm Cm / Ab x 4 – with your guitar.
This afternoon, we go to RECORD STUDIOS in MANHATTAN to visit them and find a DEAL to PRODUCE FAKE PUNK CD together on TIMEFRAMES Records. (28)

We need to know! When the NUREMBERG TRIAL will be reopened thanks to the UN and the US, let’s check McCARTHY COMMISSION files the same. FVMF (Twitter Mike FULLER)

In ‘U-S-A’, Mike FULLER (VELVET EYES) writes his best book with SCIFI political thriller about the UNITED STATES OF 4 DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS.

In NEW YORK, Frederic VIDAL alias Mike FULLER aka Thomas SPEARS is writing his new Breakthrough-Blockbuster for the INTERVISION: ‘THE USA’.

I believe in UFOs like I believe in GOD. They’re obviously the SPACE CARS of other human beings living in other GALAXIES + in our MILKY WAY.

In NEW YORK, U-S-A is the second masterpiece that I will sign with BrAmStOcKeR as a SciFi novel SEMI-FICTIONAL and about the RUSSIANGATE. MF

27 I want to tell you I’m back on to compose the music of COMPUTER GAME. 311, NEW YORK and the 3 other NeW sOnGs! FrEd


On FACEBOOK around March 26. Read this article about the concept of DIMENSION to understand better why I am President of the US in my dimension. Mike FULLER ‘U-S-A’ is the 2nd artistic program I included in my stay in New York. It’s about us, the US-B, and them, the US-A but there is also the US-C and the US-D that are DIMENSIONS of ours. It is science more than fiction. MF

FAKE PUNK BrAmStOcKeR’s 6 new songs.

Lyrics by Frederic VIDAL alias Jesus Fred KELLY (ASCAP).


To be homeless is a crime and a punishment at the same time.
Punks are homeless sometimes, they are fine, they call 311
for another reason: to speak with a record label, a major
or a different style of company,A SMALL BUSINESS.
YThe4 establishment is guilty about it responsabilitiy
for us to have no place to play our verse.


Destroy no future, you destroyed enough in the past.
Destroy no future, your hair is wrong, your face is right.
Destroy no future, you like the idea to raise a faqmily,
Destroy no future, but you didn’t hire enough employees
in your company.

Destroy the past, the legacy of the mistakes
you did with them to have more cash and credit cartds.
YOU DESTROY YOURSELF by resp[ecting no future.


I play with you, you a machine.
I want to finish, I want to win.
There is no othger solution than our temptation ro find a deal
that will be the solution for the characters
who are who we are in a context
that is not fair enough.


When you say you make it, you make it.
In the 50’s, I was born too late
to tell you there is the Rock’n Roll
BE CAREFUL, it’s a music to drive you crazy
with so many plauyers and dancers
and lovers of the revolutions it means.

NEW YORK, you’re my City from a reality higher,
in the sky, the sea is your partner,
NEW YORK, you are the town the most
asttractive for people networking together.

THE FIRST WILL BE THE LAST (it’s in the Bible)

God save the Queen and also The BEATLES
but at the same time they are still #1.
The first will ber the last, to be socially concerned,
they are the last band. After them, no more poplitical content
in the songs played on the radio, it’s a shame.
Rock music + politics equals a good cocktail.

Just a little dose of critics regarding our society.


Do you have her phone number? I know that you have not.
She’s not on the Web with some number,
she’s the accountant of her career herself.
Now, I think we are 2 to exchange some conversation.


Devin Nunes is making it very hard for Republicans to claim they can run an impartial investigation on Russia

No Russia here, it’s far away. This subject must be translated, it’s an allegory also. It’s about the use of the Power and the Democracy of a Federation with the risk of its dissolution. There are benefactors who are not ready to get their victory that is not a regular one. We must testify we were there on November 8 to accept the results of Election Day. Then, this tension arrived from Moscow or from New York. Now, it’s the end of March, in April let’s decide something like a new Election Day if there is no Hope to have a regular and quiet mandate without permanent investigation. Mike FULLER, 2017

Aleksei Navalny, Russian Opposition Leader, Receives 15-Day Sentence

What to say about RUSSIA? It’s not our Country but we have a duty to advice them. The Russians are accused in America: they would be allied of President TRUMP who could not vote but organize the election with more support for him and some chaos for his challenger. The Congress is investigating in Washington who knew what and what was done to network too much in a foreign State to prevent PUTIN not to be elected. Donald is the protege of Vladimir and his mandate is not enough validated by the US electoral law. So, there is a warning: this could be the end of a Presidency we won’t forget, except if THEY WERE INNOCENT. I will call Steve BANNON tomorrow to propose him to reinforce the White House decentralized team in order to have more time to think about 2018 and not only to continue the dispute around 2016. Mike FULLER, 2017

House Democrats Ask Devin Nunes to Recuse Himself From Russia Inquiry

This is the new episode of an already long saga: the RUSSIANGATE. In my upcoming USA book (half a novel, half a report), Devin NUNES is a person and a character who is like a central coordinator that the Democrats normally would accept and appreciate but it’s not the case. They were with the USSR smartly mixing partnership and threat. With PUTIN’s RUSSIA, they just don’t know if they are like TRUMP, proactive or like the Republicans negotiating partnership permanently. Mike FULLER, 2017


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