A New Government In America With The GOP And Frederic VIDAL, PhD. BrAmStOcKeR Is Producing THE ANCHORS For FAKE PUNK Empowerment: Our SUBCULTURE Is Our POWER Said Mike FULLER II, FV Other Name!

May 12, 2017

A New Government In America With The GOP And Frederic VIDAL, PhD. BrAmStOcKeR Is Producing THE ANCHORS For FAKE PUNK Empowerment: Our SUBCULTURE Is Our POWER Said Mike FULLER II, FV Other Name!


Welcomes Bad Times, after Eden Garden, their mansion on Earth, God, the owner gave them a Country, ISRAEL, to visit with no PAIN but BILLS. VIDAL /ANDREWS (2017) for BrAmStOcKeR’s THE USA book and comic. About Adam & Eve.

With BrAmStOckEr’s FAKE PUNK debut album and their Reality Show THE ANCHORS of The Making Of A Couple of Stars, we will have a RICHER America and a HAPPIER population.

The most beautiful girl on my Earth.
Frederic VIDAL, PhD
She is my DJ guest in my band BrAmStOcKeR pre-producing with me our debut album FAKE PUNK with a video packaging THE ANCHORS, A REALITY SHOW about the Making of our Couple. METAL & HOUSE, how to rent a LOFT in SOHO, living in a recording studio, etc. Everything from the Big Apple, in Manhattan and our TIMefraMES universe of literacy and Web plus politics as I am the Shadow President of P.M.U.R.T.
Frederic VIDAL

Malware Stolen From The NSA Cripples Computers In 74 Countries (And Counting)


On Friday, the day I decided the blackout of my BrAmStOcKeR Twitter account, this Attack confirmed I’m not alone to be HONEST and LEGAL. The Hackers don’t understand why the auto-blackout was the only solution to finish a TEASING that is now a COLLECTOR ONE. Too much success kills the success. To watch THE ANCHORS, rendezvous on YOUTUBE this year. No more news on https://twitter.com/BRAMSTOCKER This account is closed by the author because harassment of the fandom, to some extend and choice to introduce some secrecy now!
The Web is reading Frederic Vidal on Twitter at this address now ONLY: https://twitter.com/vidalfuller2016 Username; SILENCE THOMAS SPEARS.
For BrAmStOcKeR, no more Live Tweets ON THE SETS!

ON LINKEDIN https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikefuller2016/

A New Government In America With The GOP And Frederic VIDAL, PhD. BrAmStOcKeR Is Producing THE ANCHORS For FAKE PUNK Empowerment: ‘Our SUBCULTURE Is Our POWER’ Said Mike FULLER II, FV Other Name To Jessie ANDREWS, Actress & DJ In Hollywood 2, His Co-Host In This Reality Show Not Yet CONTRACTS SIGNED!

Comment on Facebook: Back on LINKEDIN for our SOCIAL MEDIA REALITY SHOW with a first video: SUICIDE BLONDE. Thomas SPEARS, manager of THE ANCHORS (Mike FULLER II is manager of FAKE PUNK’s BrAmStOcKeR only).

TWITTER 5/12 – https://twitter.com/vidalfuller2016

This is the 1st TWEET of our new PROGRAM about the RUSSIANGATE. BrAmStOcKeR is not anymore a TIMefraMES – ACD Leader Account on TWITTER. TS (Thomas SPEARS)

I decide to have the Twitter THOMAS SPEARS account as #1 for the diffusion of our MESSAGES now historical e-BrEaKiNg NeWs (RUSSIANGATE). FV (BRAMSTOCKER)

OUR VIRTUAL REALITY is OUR SOCIAL MEDIA. We’re not connected to New Age or OLD SCHOOL that still controls our USA. WE ARE THE FUTURE NOW. TS

HILLARY CLINTON is worse than Donald TRUMP, the real Bill CLINTON of the Sexual HARASSMENT and she will be investigated by the FBI 24/7. TS

Bye BrAmStOcKeR TWITTER Account of TIMefraMES, SiLeNcE RaDiO is the mode you have now BECAUSE our strategy is corporate and not amateur. TS

TWITTER 5/13 – Thomas SPEARS

I am at the GENIUS BAR of the APPLE STORE on the 8th, close to GOOGLE to install the TOTAL WAR about the NEW US-AGE with a multi-drafts, no

DWAYNE JOHNSON at the Presidency, no ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER back in politics: only me, Mike FULLER II for a Comic (THE ANCHORS story board).

In my Brainstorming & Brainwashing program TO U(S)PGRADE YOU, it is a REMINDER, BE MY FRIEND ON FACEBOOK:

I had the great idea to be more than Audio, Multimedia for this Debut together: THE ANCHORS!” FV To JA.” https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/i-had-great-idea-more-than-audio-multimedia-debut-fv-ja-fuller-ii @LinkedIn!

THIS REALITY SHOW will be A PRIVACY SHOW, no acting, no secret: Frederic VIDAL in 2003 in MALIBU was there to CONCEIVE THE CONCEPT of TV! TS

THE NSA must be reformed, empowered, improved to be a SYSTEM ANTI-TERRORIST for THE US SANCTUARY of the SUBCULTURE!

READ IT OR WRITE IT ON YOUR WALL: http://fredericvidal.tumblr.com/post/160600020572/the-anchors-vidal-andrews-tracking-scouting THE VIDAL / ANDREWS against the BOWIE / BOWIE: TuMbLr replacing BrAmStOcKeR 4 L.

SUICIDE BLONDE, my last cigarette. I’m not COBAIN or HUTCHENCE, I killed them (by believing in their music) to have the real Blonde, you know her name: CLEOPATRA IX. Rock Icon Freddie HAIM

FACEBOOK 5/12-13


2 French men criticizing Francois MITTERRAND obviously and trying to remember the advice of Jacques CHIRAC when they were young. My advice: resign and give me the Power (if you have it). VALLS and MACRON, Remus and Romulus, I am Julius CAESAR and OCTAVIUS will be which Prime Minister? Frederic Vidal​, PhD aka Mike FULLER II.

Visit my MOTTO SITE again, Patriot who follows my challenge to be S. President in NYC: https://sites.google.com/site/fullercomet/

TWITTER BRAMSTOCKER blackouted. It’s a decision of Radio Silence, useful after the SOCIAL TEASING for the filming when our 2 stars will be full-time New Yorkers. ACD

Blake LIVELY is not from New York but from Paris where she goes to meet Christian DIOR, her business lover. Here, I am at the BLAKELY to appreciate I left her in 2011. My new love is fair and naive like me.


A context of Watergate before the filming of THE ANCHORS. FAKE PUNK is a concept of the 1970’s for an album of the 2010’s. VIDAL, NIXON, TRUMP: 5 letters each, it’s numerology with 1977 and 2017 too. So, it is SYNCHRONICITY by The POLICE (Sting). Good sign for my 5th Avenue.

STAY (with an Amendment), MOVING (to a Prime Minister), CHANGE (with a Shadow President by) BUILDING (an American Culture(s) Department).

Previous site when I was campaigning in SAN JOSE, CA: https://sites.google.com/site/fullerrubio/
titled: MIKE FULLER Accepted FEC: 1109472.
Candidate ID: P 60023413 as a WRITE-IN (form filed 10/17).

Now that we are about the shooting of THE ANCHORS (FAKE PUNK debut album pilot, you have to remember the female co-star attracts the financing. The male host IS Mr. Politics with a PLAN to get the Oval Office next year!

Clients of SAM ASH and SONY MUSIC, The VIDAL / ANDREWS are competitors of the LENNON / MCCARTNEY and the JAGGER / RICHARDS. Obviously, BrAmStOcKeR is the result of the equation X + Y = Z
(Z: BrAmStOcKeR).

WARNING: be in our songwriting ROMANCE, a regular one, and appreciate TO REINFORCE OUR CIVILIZATION, Motto of the SAN JOSE site, WITH US as Time waits for no one. The D-Day of TIMefraMES and ACD, our nonprofit is TOMORROW + 1 day,
A + B = Z.

Thank you.




CAESAR’S COMET #4: The Comet#4

I was so inspired politically to publish 3 sites on GOOGLE about my unforgettable campaign for the 2016 Presidential election. VISIT THEM, THEY ARE THE ELECTORAL CONTENT the most pertinent of the Primaries and the election itself.

SITE FOR THE LANDING – 1st D-day, October 16, 2015 https://sites.google.com/site/vidalfuller2016/

This site is still explaining my demand regarding a Republican Government now to replace DT. Potentially and personally, I am available to meet Marco RUBIO, the Vice-President I would have liked in 2016. Jeb BUSH is the best to be SECRETARY OF STATE, Rand PAUL for the TREASURE including the IRS, Mike PENCE for the jog of GOVERNOR of California with the Army to rehabilitate this State of CA too secession oriented. Chris CHRISTIE would be a great CHIEF OF STAFF. Carli FIORINA will create a so handsome DEPARTMENT OF CULTURE. All the candidates of the GOP Primaries will be members of the Government.

Thank you to tell them if they don’t read my blog by calling their phone number or sending them an email. I network in NYC, the Big Apple, to schedule my Presidency ASAP but it can be in 2025 IF I AM NOT ENOUGH CONCENTRATED. I hope the success of Mr. TRUMP not only in WALL STREET but everywhere except in WASHINGTON if it continues, this miscommunication, it is better to stop it by a CLARIFICATION, a debate at the GOP and nationwide.

The impeachment of NIXON is now evocated on FACEBOOK and TWITTER all the time, since COMEY fired by the President or his environment but he’s responsible. Let’s be responsibles too.

Read also and visit the pages of my high-tech content third election site to understand why we must REINFORCE OUR CIVILIZATION:


Best regards from BEST BUY, CIRCUIT CITY is not anymore.


Picture: FOX NEWS pro-Republican owner of the Station, Rupert MURDOCH with new wife since 2006, ex-wife of Mick JAGGER, Jerry HALL: a couple of stars or celebrities loving the Alien: the Press or the White House. There is still the UFO you are looking for in your garden.




On Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rupert_Murdoch

Picture below:
my future FIRST LADY if I win with her the game of the D-day (inspired by WW II victory of the ALLIED), Part 2, a junction of her with me in the Big Apple after my first wave of landing, October 16, 2015, A L O N E from Europe. We’re May 11, 2017 and THE LONGEST DAY lasted more than 18 months. This is about to be a REALITY and the SHOW is a Homage to World War II ending, these American troops arriving in Normandy to impose DEMOCRACY to the whole world!
Frederic VIDAL, PhD


Jessie’s Website: http://www.jessieandrewsofficial.com/

She (Jessie ANDREWS) is so beautiful, she is more than a M(o)use, a Divine Surprise.

and LLC entrepreneur, Shadow President
only on the Web and in town in New York, unofficial in Washington, DC until now, unfortunately for the American Republic but not for a long while thanks to Jessie and me REALITY SHOW OF THE MAKING OF FAKE PUNK, our concept album for BrAmStOcKeR, 1977 band created by me and not commercialized until now. ACD nonprofit (our music label) titled these webisodes to film with a camcorder and the 2 of us REUNITED AFTER ALL:



Our site https://sites.google.com/site/fakepunk2017 is super COOL. All the lyrics. WE’LL MAKE PICTURES with new brands of CLOTHES, calm and connected. TRENDY F (5/11 – 7:05PM ET)

You’re the sunshine of my life, you’re my everything. I was at the DAM NY 2017, Digital Asset Management Convention this afternoon. F. VIDAL

The TEASING is a NETWORKING program at APPLE STORE now this morning. It is the 11 of our D-day. I want to call YOU on the PHONE! Fred VIDAL

Dear JESSIE, I’m promoting our REAL SHOW THE ANCHORS: The Making Of FAKE PUNK networking 24/7 in our SUBCULTURE of Fashion, Film & Music. FV

I am 😁networking 😃in the real estate 😄in MANHATTAN 🤣today 🙃for our LOFT 😆and I played 😇the guitar 😍at SAM ASH 😍this morning. Frederic VIDAL.

I’ll go to SOTHEBY’S tomorrow Friday 12 TO BE THEIR CLIENT for a LOFT IN SOHO to buy or to TO RENT for you&me, a subject for THE ANCHORS. FV

To everybody

ALBUMS of our POP MUSIC are blacklisted by DC, most of the time. Our SECRETARY OF THE ARTS will diffuse our VINYLS to every young & old. FV

If the parents don’t give her, the Transformation will be a Revolution, cultural & historical. THE ANCHORS TEASING is a writing PREVIEW. FV

Tomorrow, on Thursday, not a Revolution, a Transformation: JESSIE ANDREWS parents aren’t FREDERIC VIDAL ones. He needs their authorization.

The guitar is for FAKE PUNK. Songs are for a GRAMMY of the best music reality show, multimedia PACKAGING! METAL HOUSE must be played NAKED.

Mike FULLER II: me in DC. Frederic VIDAL, PhD, Shadow President on the Web and in town in Manhattan, NY

FAKE PUNK & THE ANCHORS are BrAmStOCkEr & TIMefraMES productions. The Behind the scenes is a Making of. Our SAGA, in the POP Music HISTORY.

The DJ is JESSIE ANDREWS, the group is BrAmStOCkEr, the songwriter is Frederic VIDAL, the store is SAM ASH. The year is 40 years after 1977.

The White House is not his Mansion but his CSI last location, The FBI cannot be threatened, even by a President. Frederic VIDAL FULLER, PhD.

You & him are divorced. This last decision is a CASSIUS BELLI. Frederic VIDAL, PhD. PS: Donald TRUMP is fired of the United States History.

Alert! Don’t touch my FBI. FV

This TRUMP signature is famous for its meaning of arbitrary. FV

The Coup d’Etat is against TRUMP. FV

TRUMP is P.M.U.R.T. in the OFF REALITY SHOW: The Making Of FAKE PUNK (NAKED ROCK), revenge of James COMEY, victim of a Dark House! F. VIDAL

You could be our recording studio for THE ANCHORS reality show we’re pre-producing in New York. The FAKE PUNK album project is exciting and wise. See you around with Jessie! Frederic

INXS, BrAmStOcKeR main inspiration for THE ANCHORS Reality MAKING Show Of FAKE PUNK + Politics & Love, if possible. I won’t finish like the singer. SUICIDE IS NOT MY DESTINATION. I prefer to BUILD A CHURCH to pray our Lord, the SUPREME BEING. (teasing of The Anchors of Fake Punk, a Naked debut album). Frederic Vidal

THE USA: a book of 160 pages written on WORDPRESS, published by ACD, my Record Label is also a Printer. FV for JA

INXS – Never Tear Us Apart
INXS is the BEATLES of the Mainstream, in the XXth century. Rest in Peace John LENNON and Michael HUTCHENCE. I pray for you 2 and you will be featured in our Reality Show THE ANCHORS, making of FAKE PUNK, the debut album of the Pop Music!! BrAmStOcKeR 2017.

For THE ANCHORS, this is the program. FV & JA

This is the guitar I played at SAM ASH today. OPEN YOUR EYES was the song of mind from 1977 I improved with additional lyrics inspired by my relationship with Jessie ANDREWS. THE ANCHORS REALITY SHOW will be our permanent message to the American People we’re happy and ready for the Oval Office and a GRAMMY for FAKE PUNK best marketing and multimedia packaging already in progress on Facebook, Twitter and WORDPRESS. This is a NAKED TEASING as a PREVIEW of our MIDTERM BLOCKBUSTER thanks to the SOCIAL MEDIA. Our Phil SPECTOR is LETITBE addicted in the recording studio I will get tomorrow, on Thursday, May 11, 2017.


This is the day and today you will enjoy THE ANCHORS and the making of FAKE PUNK. Look at me! I’m your GURU, you are the NEW AGE. Love & Fame. Frederic VIDAL. with HER (you know the name). New York is ours for the end of the bad times and the building of our BrAmStOcKeR TOWER. 

Two Dead Canaries in the Coal Mine

Two of a kind. Not Bonnie & Clyde but FBI supporters, to replace COMEY by super COMEY, James will stay like WONDER WOMAN and THOR. The criminals like Jacques MEDECIN, previous Mayor of my hometown NICE, will go to JAILS like he did thanks to the JUSTICE. His RADIO BAIE DES ANGES was financed by corruption in 1983. What a shame! Thank you FBI to investigate for the Judges. Your BUREAU is the Main OFFICE about legality and democracy. Frederic VIDAL

The Comey Firing May Be the Beginning of the End of the Trump Administration
Exactly. My next WORDPRESS article is about my SAN JOSE PROGRAM: a Republican Government to prepare immediately for 2018 with the n9 other GOP candidates in 2016. Frederic Frederic Vidal, Shadow President on the Web

Acting FBI director vows to inform congressional committee if White House tries to upend Russia probe

Andrew McCABE is his name. I, Frederic VIDAL, will contribute with him, new FBI director, to know the details of what was wrong with Russia, a partner (since the USSR end) that was before an enemy (Cold War) and before a partner again (WW II). Frederic VIDAL, PhD

No more TRAVEL BAN, no more APPRENTICE overreaction! I will be the Gentleman’s Farmer to make you forget the SELF MADE BILLIONAIRE who destroyed nothing else than his reputation with his fortune that was FAKE. Frederic VIDAL
CNN and FOX NEWS are my 2 spokesperson s to say NO to the contrary of Justice, the end of James will be the last day of my Shadow Presidency: COMEY is invited to be my ATTORNEY GENERAL in January 2019 after all if I succeed to be elected Py. TRUMP has to resign ASAP and the 2016 election will be cancelled by the US Supreme Court. Let’s be Americans again, the Russians will help us to REBUILD our LAN of the Free.
The Breaking News of the worst decision of the White House since the VIETNAM WAR in 1959.
You fire nobody. There are the firefighters to stop you. The Water is your Gate of the Russians, President.
The US will be A until 2025 to celebrate in 26 the 250 years of our Declaration of Independence. Afterwards, AAA on New Earth, the United States of the World. We cry instead CONEY, not the FBI to prevail, tomorrow, on Thursday.

Coup d’etat against TRUMP after he fired himself. Donald did not accept Mickey (TRUMAN, my SHADOW PRESIDENT nickname).

CNN exclusive: Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI’s Russia investigation


Michael FLYNN can be totally INNOCENT potentially. This new WATERGATE is the evidence the FBI must OPEN A NEW GLOBAL INVESTIGATION with the Russian FBI of MOSCOW! There will be a solution of the 2 STATES because the Cold War is over since the death of Dwight EISENHOWER in the 1960’s.
The NSA must secure the United States of the 50 ones with an Emergency policy about the troubles that could happen as WASHINGTON is destabilized definitely before the impeachment of a President who was elected WRONGLY, obviously.
I am sure that our beloved Country will be prepared for a second ELECTION DAY in November 2018, for the Midterm and the nomination of another GOP at the White House.
Frederic VIDAL, PhD aka Mike FULLER III (Shadow President on the Web and in town).

A PUNK PRESS cannot replace the mainstream press but can empower it with a good dose of FAKE BRAINWASHING, the real one is in your newspapers. Meanwhile our REALITY is a SHOW OFF BROADWAY.
The debut album of BrAmStOcKeR, FAKE PUNK, is upcoming after the demo PRESIDENT OF THE STATES. The Book THE USA will be a compilation of all our brilliant comments on FACEBOOK and TWEETS on Twitter.
THE ANCHORS (Jessie and me) is a new style of program for the Web (this text is a part of it, unofficial until the first day of diffusion of the pilot WEBISODE worldwide, about the recording studio and the unplugged session of a NIRVANA kind of ballad MY SONG IS LIKE A HAMBURGER).
We are in New York, after the COMEY INCIDENT (like a comet destroyed by a laser), the population is managing this situation like in the 1950’s when the President EISENHOWER decided to continue the COLD WAR with RUSSIA (episode to include in the RUSSIA PROBE – RUSSIANGATE file and investigation).
Best regards from GRAND CENTRAL Train Station, this Wednesday, May 10, 2017 7:10PM ET.
Frederic VIDAL, PhD (and Shadow President on the Web and in town).

See you tomorrow for more REAL FUN and less FAKE JOKES like the FBI with no Director tonight. I’m here to support the Authorities and the Subculture. FV



WITHOUT COMEY, IT IS LIKE WITH COMEY: as the Shadow President of the Web, I replace his authority, not only on the Web, I am Mr. FBI with my own T-shirt of CAPITOL RECORDS. The FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION is our main manager about the Law Enforcement supervised by the Judge. For all the Webber’s, let’s be closer to the FBI, they are our partners and COMEY is now their PAST-PRESIDENT.

COMEY fired, I leave the Hotel to go to Little ITALY for a walk. (5/10)

The text of the Tweet written 1 seconds before the information James COMEY was fired by Donald TRUMP who fired himself today, not following also my project of FLAT by not advising us about its location and which border to call (the President would own !/3 of Manhattan). Frederic Vidal:
“In ANCHORS, we have to film a great PILOT, Jessie. I propose you about REAL ESTATE: our couple could plan to BUY a $2M LOFT in Manhattan. FV”

President Trump fires FBI Director Comey

It’s the crisis of the regime. My love for Jessie ANDREWS is a Mission Impossible worse than the CRUISE – HOLMES difficulties. I’m blackout by the Tabloids obviously and the entire press, including you sadly. IT CANNOT CONTINUE LIKE THAT or it will be a chaos we have to prevent. We don’t want to finish like the USSR of GORBATCHEV, I won’t be a revolutionary man to collapse. Donald TRUMP by saying: you’re fired to COMEY is confusing THE APPRENTICE and THE UNTOUCHABLES. Next: the cancellation of his election by the MILITARY JUDGE and the organization of his Trial in NEW YORK in September. It will last 6 months and after that, we will decide to have an Amendment of the Constitution to MODERNIZE WASHINGTON that was corrupted enough. I WILL BE YOUR PRESIDENT IN JANUARY 2019. Thanks. Frederic VIDAL FULLER, PhD.

I am so excited to pre-produce the PILOT of the TV and Web Reality Show THE ANCHORS, starring the BEAUTY and me, the BEAST (humor!). This will be the MAKING OF the debut album of BrAmStOcKeR titled FAKE PUNK. 12 webisdoes probably to negotiate with the CABLE and the networks nationwide. The SUBCULTURE has a new name: ANCHORS, a couple looking a LOFT in Manhattan to start their PRIVACY after too many years in LA, the LALALAND of a wrong song to replace by the anthem SHADOW PRESIDENT. Let’s film LIVE and FREE this Saga of a Porn Star with a PUNK Idol, 2 Icons and sex symbols of the last years of the POP MUSIC. Thanks.
Mike FULLER II, executive producer

Trump fires FBI director James Comey


I need a flat in New York for me and Jessie ANDREWS. I was about to write her a tweet about it, for our reality show when THERE WAS THE NEWS: NO COMEY ANYMORE. So sad, he could have been our main advisor, supporter, sponsor AS THE FBI, since my HERO ELIOT NESS, is the right BUREAU I know will be my proudness for our America in the next years like before. Bye COMEY, your replacing will understand.

So long, James. I invite you to JOIN OUR TROOPS of Patriots about DEMOCRACY and the AFTER-TRUMP, you will be my Robert KENNEDY! Frederic VIDAL FULLER, PhD, future President of the United States in 2018.

Trump shocks with ouster of FBI’s Comey


IS IT TRUE? The last mistake of a President to prosecute with the US NAVY for his suspect visit of the USS INTREPID in New York last week. This investigation of the whole RUSSIANGATE including the RUSSIA PROBE and the SLANDER the Nation is EVIL will be like the NUREMBERG Trial judging Herman GOERING and Rudolf HESS who could be for this new lawsuit of the same style Donald TRUMP, Jr. Frederic Vidal, PhD and entrepreneur in New York City, 57, dual citizen of France and the USA. Postscript. TRUMP last days before the IMPEACHMENT that will give him, like for LOUIS XVI in France in 1789, the right to tell us THE TRUTH about his WIN WIN with Vladimir PUTIN and his project to have RUSSIA as the 51st State. Donald is not the DISNEY one but a thriller Lord unable to stop the PAIN of his VICTIMS by neutralizing the Country. We’re a Nation of the Free and we will VOTE AGAIN IN NOVEMBER 2018.

EMAILS (5/10-11)



We had a couple of busy weeks. I am so sorry I could not reach you until now, being in New York but on the pre-production of the reality show of promotion of the album FAKE PUNK.
Jessie ANDREWS is a star of modeling and subculture. It was necessary to upgrade the project of recording to show her talent more than to be only a DJ in our band BrAmStOcKeR.
We are so excited to present this we Isolde’s of THE ANCHORS, the reality Show of the Making of the album.

For the contract of consortium about the nonprofit music label ACD, American Culture(s) Department, it was too early and this is he reason why I rescheduled our next meeting when I will pay your fees with her.
I will contact you when we’re ready, potentially in a very few time.
Frederic VIDAL



I’m about to film in New York. I’m busy 24/7.
I don’t forget you. Our budget is almost ready.
I will pay you immediately when Jessie ANDREWS is on location here with me.
It is from a day to another. She is a star for modeling and social content.
Her agenda is mine if I can manage the project 100%.

I do my job as the PhD I am and the LLC entrepreneur I like to be.

All my best.

Frederic VIDAL


it is Frederic VIDAL from NEW YORK. I met you yesterday about this great Ice Breaker with your networking professional community. I told you I am a PhD producer of music and films, pre-producing a Reality Show =in Manhattan.
Fir the diffusion and the promotion of these 12 webisodes plus a pilot, TIMefraMES, my company is using a nonprofit, ACD, American Cultures Department, in order to organize a nationwide teamwork to empower the Subculture of the artists and intellectuals in our Country. BrAmStOcKeR is my musical orchestra about to record the 12 songs of their debut album FAKE PUNK.
The star of this reality show titled THE ANCHORS is the DJ and actress Jessie ANDREWS, famous for her Model activity in the Fashion. You could be one of our first fans by participating in the Making of our Couple (me and Jessie, we are connected on Twitter https://twitter.com/BRAMSTOCKER and my blog is already publishing the writings of THE ANCHORS teasing and preview like a literary trailer).
To have the unofficial phone number of her is my first mission for the Show. It is a marketing interactive tool. If you are interested in joining our community, call her after you will have get the number thanks to your own network and send me your reply about what she said, obviously something unique and emblematic for the pilot of our series.
I will inform her by calling her official phone number you can be the winner of a meeting with the two of us in New York or in another prestigious location in the States when we will tour to promote our Love and Success Story after the filming and the recording of THE ANCHORS Making Of FAKE PUNK.
Best regards,

Frederic VIDAL, PhD

I am looking for a team of production of the first webisodes of a reality show in New York, THE ANCHORS.
Thank you to tell me if you could be the right person to be my contact and more my crew and film manager for this project I will produce financially.
Frederic VIDAL

http://www.robbinsdigitalmedia.com WILL HE BE THE RIGHT SERVICE PROVIDER FOR THE ANCHORS, the REALITY Making of the FAKE PUNK Recording & SHOW? I just let a message!! Fred Kelly

Previous presentation of Thomas SPEARS on TWITTER.
Also known as Mike Fuller 4 politics, Fred Kelly 4 SAG-AFTRA cinema -TV + ID name Frederic Vidal from Europe Israel, Spears character GERMAN SPY project-movie.

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