CROP: RECADRAGE, May 3 Press Release Updated May 22 For More Diffusion And Understanding Of Frederic VIDAL Strategy To Win Win!

May 22, 2017

CROP: RECADRAGE, May 3 Press Release Updated May 22 For More Diffusion And Understanding Of Frederic VIDAL Strategy To Win Win! 

HARVEY MILK, Mr. LGBT. He was an activist, from San Francisco, murdered in 1978. We composed the 12 songs of FAKE PUNK in SF in February and March, to improve the situation of all the minorities, LGBT of course on CASTRO. My 5/3 press communique updated the 5/22, today, is dedicated to Harvey., a wonder man, always smiling and happy to be our friend, us BrAmStOcKeR, from France to California!

Frederic Vidal, PhD
Picture from:

Do you like mine? write your own
Hello Sir:
I manage on the Social Media what I call a SCHOOL OF POWER. This is a way to be more in touch with important persons like yours.  On the Web, I am proud to represent what is necessary for the Democracy to stay strong and active in the present times of Presidential crisis called by me the RUSSIANGATE: the SHADOW PRESIDENT, permanently available to reply to the questions of anyone involved in the Institutions agenda and the relation Majority – Opposition.
I am inviting you today to read my Press Release and to become a member of my Team that could be one day soon a Shadow Government (in a good way, like in Great Britain, to anticipate the change of President next year, in November, if Donald TRUMP impeachment is decided by the United States). It is free and unofficial, what it will cost you is to share with me a minimum of confidence and solidarity.
I believe in your membership acceptation that will give you the opportunity to receive one email every week, our newsletter CAESAR’S COMET (first issue with the press release). To be on my list without unnecessary delays, I scheduled a deadline for your reply by your secretary, I suppose: May 25, this Friday, before Memorial Day.
Sincerely yours.
Frederic Vidal
Postscript. Read my press release:

CROP 2: the Recadrage is about to be done

by Frederic Vidal, PhD


FACEBOOK, TWITTER and WORDPRESS are the first sites to participate in the ‘Pilot on the Web and in the streets (texts, pictures and videos)’ of the Reality Show THE ANCHORS, the Making Of FAKE PUNK (the 12 songs debut album of the 40 years old BrAmStOcKeR).
The ‘Menage a 4‘ I want to do with the model, DJ and porn star Jessie ANDREWS is a about to be together as President and CEO of the nonprofit ACD (American Culture(s) Department) with a Vice-President and a Secretary of the State of the Arts.
June 6, me and her we will celebrate the 1944 D-day, like the first time we met, around the building of this Organization (ACD), downtown Manhattan, in SOHO, where we have the project to buy a Loft for its Headquarters.
I did not meet Donald TRUMP on May 4 because he cancelled his visit to New York (he decided only to go to the USS INTREPID and to stay for the weekend in New Jersey. In France, Emmanuel MACRON has been elected President and it is now the CANNES Film Festival diffused on our social media as a background content for THE ANCHORS.
Tomorrow, May 4, Donald TRUMP will be in New York, my City, for the first impeachments Washington trip (with weekends in Florida). The new President finished his 100 days on Saturday.
The RUSSIANGATE is the evidence this man is too close to Vladimir PUTIN, the Russian President. The FBI is investigating and the impeachment of Donald TRUMP is COMPULSORY. The deadline, obviously, is July 4, 2017 before the Summer of the Americans and their vacation, one year after the Conventions. It is an investigation against corruption that can be worse if the judges do nothing.
A SNOWDEN, I am not! I just want to be a Web Shadow President and next year your candidate for the US Senate election in New York. Meanwhile, our disabled Country deserves a medication: a project to judge the Presidencies of BUSH and OBAMA too.
I will meet Donald TRUMP on the 5th Avenue to give him a copy of this press communique. I am sure he can do something like NIXON did, to resign one day. Previously, he must be informed I am contacting the US Supreme Court about the PORN INDUSTRY to tell them it’s not normal to prevent this culture to be diffused with a MAINSTREAM validation. Pornography cannot be persecuted anymore in America. About the Web, this agreement between the Adult Entertainment and Washington could have another result: no more anarchy and viruses on the Internet.
In fact, there is the management of a kind of SLAVERY in Hollywood, the actresses (like Blake LIVELY, identified by us in 2009 as a victim of it) have a value like the Africans sold to work in the South of the US in the XIXth century. The actors too but, like George CLOONEY, they are accomplices, according to us, of the producers and directors. This HUMAN TRAFFICKING must be prosecuted now and the Senator Joseph MCCARTHY legacy is our basics to study if it is connected to the RUSSIANGATE.
This is not acceptable to be in 2017 as US citizens pressurized by the White House that could have been Hillary CLINTON one. She was beaten too much, neutralized because she is a woman and the wife of a President not only know for his MONICAGATE but for their last mandate not totally dysfunctional. I was homeowner in the 2000’s of a house in Hollywoodland. In 2010, US Senate candidate in the State of California, in 2016, US Presidential candidate nationwide. I could have been elected, I have been boycotted potentially since my immigration in 2003.
In France, a new President will be elected on Sunday, Emmanuel MACRON, unknown until now and my apartment in Nice (my birth hometown bad known in the 80’s as the Mayor Jacques MEDECIN was in jails) is still there, nobody told me if I am welcomed or not to be back in the second Land of the Free. I want to know why I am not in the Medias in the States since BrAmStOcKeR origins in 1977.
For now, I am scheduling this year with my TIMefraMES organization:
1. My book ‘THE USA’, I write it on my WordPress blog on Facebook and Twitter: Sci-Fi is possible when reality is too dark and fiction too brainwashing the crowd.
2. My debut album, FAKE PUNK, BrAmStOcKeR signed, to be recorded in Manhattan, 12 songs already composed, a New Age symphony of METAL and HOUSE.
3. A film and a comic book with me in semi-fictional stories like Eliot NESS in his UNTOUCHABLES TV  Show: THE MAN FROM 25.
There will be a lawsuit next year or not about the slander I would be ‘EVIL’ (and the risk of STALKING) in the Federation of the BILL OF RIGHTS. For now, Jessie ANDREWS is the woman I want to marry like ROMEO was in love with JULIET but more IN A SUCCESS STORY WITH A HAPPY END.
End of the communique. 

ON TWITTER 5/22-23


THE DEVIL: What do you think about TRUMP in ISRAEL? MIKE FULLER (alias Frederic VIDAL): he’s there to forget ROOSEVELT financed AUSCHWITZ.
THE DEVIL: TRUMP? Frederic VIDAL: he will meet the POPE now.
THE DEVIL: TRUMP? Frederic VIDAL: he will meet the POPE TOMORROW. @CNN @TIME @nytimes @washingtonpost
THE DEVIL: there is this Attack in Manchester. Mike FULLER: we are sad, 19 deaths, & angry. TRUMP said no more terrorism in vain.
THE DEVIL: it was for a concert. Mike FULLER: this Arena was the best place for this show. The audience was punished 4 nothing.
THE DEVIL: MANCHESTER? Fred. VIDAL: terrorists, they want to give a sign, must be against TRUMP.
The DEVIL: TRUMP the target? Frederic VIDAL: TRUMP the origins! He insulted terrorist then ARENA.
The DEVIL: ISRAEL? FVIDAL: you don’t mix like that Arabians & Jews. TRUMP = 22 UK DEAD! LOVE’s a REPLY!
The DEVIL: all you need is love? F.VIDAL: not at all, I have already all this LOVE with Jessie. LENNON was like TRUMP.
The DEVIL: BrAmStOCkEr? F, VIDAL: MANCHESTER will have my 1st SPEECH abroad when I’ll have replaced TRUMP, with Jessie ANDREWS.

The DEVIL: Roger MOORE? Frederic VIDAL (Mike FULLER 2): he was in MANCHESTER yesterday but not with Blake LIVELY who is in CANNES.

THE DEVIL: TRUMP? Frederic VIDAL: he will meet the POPE now.
THE DEVIL: TRUMP? Frederic VIDAL: he will meet the POPE TOMORROW.
The DEVIL: POPE on Wednesday? Frederic VIDAL: in Rome, tomorrow, I want the President to congratulate FRANCIS.
The DEVIL: and in BRUSSELS? Frederic VIDAL: it’s EUROPE Headquarters, a JFK speech for NATO promotion.
FATAL CONCERT BLAST IS CALLED TERROR. The DEVIL: who is your RAINMAKER? Frederic VIDAL: NSA is my own Adviser & CIA too late.
The DEVIL: LOVE ATTACK? F. VIDAL: it begins tomorrow 24 with a definition of the COUPLE by
DEVIL: are you Sex Symbol or LOVE ICON? FV: I like this expression. I’m a SWEET BIZ FREELANCER with Jessie ANDREWS.
The DEVIL: goodnight. I see you at 2pm for the Q&A. F. VIDAL: Eventually, I found you to reply the BE(A)ST. I feel comfortable to be SEXY.
THE USA is a Super America with no BOEHNER, no PELOSI, retarded proteges & amateurs TO BE REPLACED.
DEVIL: FRANCE not favorable? F. VIDAL: there’s no FRANCE right now, we’re in the States to MAKE LOVE not WAR, me and ANDREWS.
Wednesday afternoon
The DEVIL: BrAmStOcKeR? Frederic VIDAL: I’m interested in FAKE PUNK for I wait for 40 years to RECORD A LP!!! Not 1 more!
DEVIL: ANCHORS? F. VIDAL: very cool location in BROOKLYN of our recording STUDIO, SAVARIA, audio & video for our REAL. SHOW + 2 songs DEMO!
Tomorrow, the Postscript of the email. The DEVIL: ANDREWS? Frederic VIDAL: for WIN WIN, we’re 2 of a kind. Our LOVE BUSINESS is Real. Show.
Tweets of Thursday, June 25
The DEVIL: BROOKLYN? Frederic VIDAL: I go back there DAILY. It’s BrAmStOCkEr Sanctuary after the BRONX & MANHATTAN 2 rehearse the new songs.
The DEVIL: what about PORN? Frederic VIDAL: the PORN is America POISON because it’s badly managed. With BrAmStOCkEr, it is MEDICATION.
The DEVIL: it’s not like before, you have a team. Frederic VIDAL: Matt BEACON is my new PR & Tamas VAJDA, my SAVARIA studio manager.
The DEVIL: TRUMP back in DC. Frederic VIDAL: he’s dangerous as he’s EXTREME & CONTROVERSIAL. ‘Terrorists are LOSERS’ he said, a compliment.
The DEVIL: Losers? Frederic VIDAL: Losers are Lovers for the BEATLES and SHAKESPEARE. Those who killed in MANCHESTER are abominable WINNERS.
PORN, a poison or a medication? NEW TEAM or PR Studio? LOSERS or minable WINNERS? TRUMP or P.M.U.R.T.!! Q&A with the DEVIL, more and more.
The DEVIL: OBAMA and MERKEL? Frederic VIDAL: they are accomplices to promote MY JOB OF POWER & LIBERTY in GERMANY and in NEW YORK CITY.
Q&A with the DEVIL until FRIDAY, June 26! Frederic VIDAL alias Mike FULLER II is a Honest Person with no SECRETS.
DEVIL: PRESS? FV: never imagined myself in the press, it’s bad for the BRAIN. I’m a SEX SYMBOL, a LOVE ICON thanks to my Business Romance!
The DEVIL: JUNE will be the month of your DEGREE, COMMENCEMENT? Frederic VIDAL: WITH HER, on Tuesday, 6/6, REUNION of our Band BrAmStOcKeR!!
The DEVIL: MONEY? Frederic VIDAL: Personal CREDIT is fine for Young Couples. For us, ACD INC, our nonprofit, will PAY CASH our “WARDROBE”!!
The DEVIL: your NICHE is in each WEBGRAM you write? Frederic VIDAL: exactly. All in my book THE USA. Do the same: PUBLISH YOUR WEB with INK!
Email to Jessie ANDREWS
Email from Frederic VIDAL to Jessie ANDREWS! Hi Jessie: for our BrAmStOcKeR debut album FAKE PUNK recording sessions to be also filmed for
our Reality Show THE ANCHORS, I propose you SAVARIA STUDIOS in BROOKLYN. Visit the website and be sure I WAS THERE
yesterday & today & they told me: CONGRATS after we had a great conversation about the Band, the Show and the Book, the USA. They’re METAL!
Beavis & Butt-Head from MTV are for us the REFERENCE to keep in mind: for the 2 songs DEMO, your HOUSE will be @CNN
on the 4th TRACK, a 1st track will be METAL (bass & rhythm guitar), a 2nd one will be for the LIVE DRUMS of Tamas VAJDA, the studio manager!
have a call this week to decide what’s the best & to confirm our D-day for JUNE 6. With the Broker I visit +apartments in Soho for our Loft.
All my best & my love from New York City, I think about you Night&Day! Frederic VIDAL to Jessie ANDREWS. @CNN @TIME @nytimes @washingtonpost
LOVE ATTACK today is the reply. It’s World War III, Web and Terrorism and TRUMP CHAOS worldwide. So, let us have fun to reduce pain and tension of the others. Our attack is just SEMIOTICS and DIALECTICS, FV & JA
Times Square is not in MANCHESTER but almost Frederic VIDAL
Artwork for a concert TRIBUTE for MANCHESTER.
Frederic VIDAL, PhD,
The LOVE ATTACK continues today in BROOKLYN for BrAmStOCkEr’s FAKE PUNK and REAL METAL with a dose of HOUSE for Discotheques like the sugar is in the CAKE.
Frederic VIDAL, PhD,
Frederic Vidal, PhD
BrAmStOcKeR & TIMefraMES co-producers

of the reality show and the album.


It is not possible to criticize al the time the USB (a Sci-Fi definition of our dimension) because John LENNON was too aggressive in his Love Story with Yoko ONO and the USA (our dimension of prestige and distinction) did not validate enough this troubadour who was killed in 1980. This time, 22 killed in a concert in MANCHESTER in his Country, England, after Ariana GRANDE concert.

Our USA are available to HELP the victims of the frustrations of its Sci-Fi competitor. In Cannes, Nicole, my favorite 2017 Actress, is presenting 4 films at 49: this is a miracle or a routine, WE MIND OPPORTUNITIES and SYNERGIES in our coverage of the Film Festival, THE ANCHORS, our inter-dimensional Reality Show that is not only promoting BrAmStOcKeR’s debut FAKE PUNK but also the REAL STARS of the Medias and the Movies.

Our LOVE ATTACK is a new literary initiative of our program that will be published: THE USA is a book you read everyday on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and WORDPRESS, a triumvirate named the SOCIAL MEDIA with tons of other sites, associated or not yet federated by us, for the Modernization of the USB: this Civilization must evolve, progress, reinforce its principles of AUTHORITY and LIBERALISM. I will direct this LOVE ATTACK on TWITTER mainly:

Love never killed somebody, except Romeo & Juliet.
To Nicole KIDMAN: you are not my JULIET but I am your ROMEO!

Frederic Vidal​, PhD

ARIANE GRANDE ARIANA GRANDE was confused yesterday night like never before. She is not MADONNA or LADY GAGA but a newcomer for me who is not a wannabe but a serious American Outsider of Donald TRUMP, a Man who speaks too much like this time in Arabia and in Israel to attack the terrorists with speeches not with a military strategy! My LOVE ATTACK on Twitter is maybe paramilitary but TOTALLY anti-WAR.
Frederic Vidal
TRUMP TRIP TRUMP IN ITALY: this is the Roman Empire welcoming the President of the States, one time, this year before BRUSSELS, the Capital of EUROPE, a kind of Empire like ours: The United States of the World we are, to somer extend and we have a mission of coordination of the Planet.
Frederic Vidal, PhD
MANCHESTER AFTER THE ATTACK. The United States of America are concerned and sad: I, Mike FULLER II, replies on TWITTER to the journalists of the USA (with Sci-Fi content for our Real. Show THE ANCHORS of BrAmStOcKeR for the debut album FAKE PUNK): are the USB (the US of TRUMP responsible of this bombing)?
THE ANCHORS reality show is cyber-networking in Cannes this year before the shooting for the Pilot: REUNITED AT THE END! The title expressing the challenge to be two in 2017 with a 2 before the 017 but not more: our societies not like men and women connecting each other for a deal associated with love! ELLE is a French name that is a word meaning SHE. SHE IS FANNING, a love star maybe one day when she will be older (joking!) or already now, she’s not anymore the little child she was with her serious and happy sister DAKOTA, a star of the stars planning more to have a NICHE for her sister ELLE.
This is exactly the NICHE waiting also for us the BrAmStOcKeR, not only playing METAL HOUSE but NAKED POP MUSIC with a guitar and a camera. The market of audio and video is wide enough for ELLE and LIU, HIM meaning ME, Frederic VIDAL looking for another HER who is about to arrive thanks to JFK (airport), ANDREWS being too far away and military airport. FANNING and Jessie will be friends after an interview in MANHATTAN for a while and covering as journalists and artists of the personal contact HER career and Fame for love of us all.

Frederic Vidal
NOT-FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION: this is the Status of ACD INC, American Culture(s) Department Incorporated, est. 2017, in JUNE, for the Summer, June 21st, a Wednesday, the 25th week of the Year, in New York CITY with more people than necessary, id est nobody else than the associates and founders of this so important corporation supporting SUBCULTURE and FINE ARTS in North America!
ACD INC will publish books like mine THE USA (Sci-Fi Self-Biography), release RECORDS like FAKE PUNK (BrAmStOcKeR’s debut 40 years later!), THE ANCHORS, a Show of Reality (remake of a lot of old WIN WIN SEX & FUN stories of the American tradition, amusement and dream until 2000, later it’s not ROUTINE anymore).
You can be a sponsor or a stockholder of the Corporation. Just send me an email: with your objective and motivation. You are BEAUTIFUL!
Frederic Vidal
Trump calls for investigation of U.S. leaks in Manchester bomb probe
TRUMP was not inspired by me when he said LOSERS and before ANTI-TERRORISM. Sometimes, he follows my advice to say MIKE FULLER is the KEY-NAME, think about THE USA, we’re not there, here is not A but B , so we have to confirm our talent by demanding more motivation to everybody.

I finish my Q&A with the DEVIL for him, he’s too much Q&A with GOD, the Lord of the Founders who left for another Land. This weekend, TRUMP and me will have to discover another FLORIFA for MEMORIAL Day on Monday. After, it’s a change of direction if he accepts to produce this feature with me and my Town (NYC): to resign after an election as a dispute can’t stop otherwise.

MIDTERM TRUMP FREE. Thank you, Donald. Understand your US Administration and Authorities did not find the way to neutralize me partly AT ALL. I’m more and more and more ALIVE AND WELL in Manhattan TO BREAKTHROUGH FOR THE D-day!

Frederic Vidal, PhD

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