For BrAmStOcKeR, SAVARIA STUDIOS In BROOKLYN, WTC For LOGO: PUNK METAL – FAKE HOUSE! It’s The NO-MUSIC Concept With The ANCHORS, Show Of Reality In NYC! Frederic VIDAL Meets Matt BEACON, Metal PR To Evocate THE USA, A Book On The Web!

May 25, 2017

For BrAmStOcKeR, SAVARIA STUDIOS In BROOKLYN, WTC For LOGO: PUNK METAL – FAKE HOUSE! It’s The NO-MUSIC Concept With The ANCHORS, Show Of Reality In NYC! Frederic VIDAL Meets Matt BEACON, Metal PR To Evocate THE USA, A Book On The Web!


Portrait of a Public Relations


Matt, a friend and a brother with his long hair like nobody. My interview of him

The text of this is upcoming this evening! This is the morning now and I must go to the 5th avenue for business with a woman: Samira.

Soon, it will be the Summer, we don’t mind in fact the season when we are in a hurry to get what we are looking for like in a mission commando.

We have two new soldiers in BrAmStOCkEr, Matt BEACON and Tamas VAJDA, a Rock Critic and a Drummer,  for the creation of our Fan Club for MALES, titled SOLDIERS & SINNERS.

Frederic VIDAL

The World Trade Center,
new LOGO of BrAmStOcKeR.

For the Cover of the Album FAKE PUNK,
T-Shirts, Posters, more merchandising.
(by ACD INC RECORDS, New York Nonprofit). 


Picture from:

More pictures:

World Trade Center on Wikipedia


The DEVIL: your NICHE is in each WEBGRAM you write? Frederic VIDAL: exactly. All in my book THE USA. Do the same: PUBLISH YOUR WEB with INK!

The DEVIL: MONEY? Frederic VIDAL: Personal CREDIT is fine for Young Couples. For us, ACD INC, our nonprofit, will PAY CASH our “WARDROBE”!!

The DEVIL: JUNE will be the month of your DEGREE, COMMENCEMENT? Frederic VIDAL: WITH HER, on Tuesday, 6/6, REUNION of our Band BrAmStOcKeR!!

DEVIL: PRESS? FV: never imagined myself in the press, it’s bad for the BRAIN. I’m a SEX SYMBOL, a LOVE ICON thanks to my Business Romance!

Devil: Who?

Q&A with the DEVIL until FRIDAY, June 26! Frederic VIDAL alias Mike FULLER II is a Honest Person with no SECRETS.


The DEVIL: good morning! Frederic VIDAL: the D-day is JUNE 6. Jessie ANDREWS and me, we want you to be sure of it, NEW YORK, NEW YORK.

Q&A with the DEVIL last Day. Frederic VIDAL, SELF-MADE-MAN, ONE-MAN-SHOW, with the AMERICAN PRESS in the USA, a SCI-FI dimension.


Alienware, Star Wars 40 years, the INVADERS, Stargate SG1, UFOs are a culture that is not official but fictional. Brooklyn Bridge is Real.

WARNING! Nobody has only a FAN CLUB. Everybody has also an ANTI-FAN CLUB. Mine is reduced to ZERO. 100% of the POP loves me & my WIFE.

THE DEVIL: 100% of Americans? Frederic VIDAL: I’m the Right MAN, at the Right PLACE, at the Right TIME: 9:44am.

MEMORIAL WEEKEND, Special WORLD TRADE CENTER Q&A: before Ground Zero & 9/11! New BrAmStOcKeR LOGO: WTC! FV-MF2 with @CNN @TMZ in Sci-Fi USA!


The DEVIL: Ariana GRANDE? Frederic VIDAL: with Larry STYLES, Justin BIEBER, they’re not MADONNA & David BOWIE at all. @AP @TIME @TMZ @PEOPLE

The DEVIL: The MAJORS? Frederic VIDAL: SONY, UNIVERSAL & WARNER own HUNDREDS OF LABELS, it’s not anymore acceptable. @AP @TIME @TMZ @PEOPLE

The DEVIL: MANCHESTER? Frederic VIDAL: Ariana GRANDE communique is very well, personal and emotional, commercial? No. @AP @TMZ @TIME @PEOPLE


The DEVIL: see you at the HOTEL? Mike FULLER 2: last evening of Q&A! In 2001, ANDREWS AIR FORCE in DC could have prevented 9/11!

The DEVIL: Science Fiction? Frederic VIDAL: it’s dangerous but this Country is not enough real to be stable without science & fiction.

The DEVIL: weekend? Frederic VIDAL: to pray for our victims, for a REPUBLIC in Great Britain, a MEMORIAL in MANCHESTER!

DEVIL: 22? VIDAL: a tragedy. MUSIC BIZ MAJORS must sold their dozens of labels = FAKE PUNK message. The 22 victims of The BEATLES.

DEVIL: tomorrow? Fred VIDAL: HATE rules the world. TRUMP will be neutralized by my MONDAY DISSERTATION, RUSSIANGATE2!

The DEVIL: disabled? F. VIDAL: this Golden Idiot is enraged, sad to see how much he continues BUSH & OBAMA bad job to INCREASE POVERTY.

The DEVIL: disabled? F. VIDAL: this Golden Idiot is enraged, sad to see how much he continues BUSH & OBAMA bad job to INCREASE POVERTY.

The DEVIL: WOMAN? Fred VIDAL: ANDREWS (Jessie). Tabloids don’t like us because what I say in my MEMORIAL DISSERTATION.

100 years of KENNEDY: it’s enough for everyone. He was against CUBA, he was against the Middle-East, he was a Berliner 4 nothing.

The DEVIL: PORN ON TWITTER? Frederic VIDAL: it’s your last question & the reply is THANK YOU.


THE 2 UFOS: Anchor #1 and Anchor #2 to release FAKE PUNK by BrAmStOcKeR, a Music for 2025! GREGG ALLMAN IS DEAD LIKE BOWIE, ET! @billbloard



by a real one, Dr. Frederic VIDAL. She is the STAR OF THE DAY for THE ANCHORS, a production Sci-Fi USA by FELLINI, KUBRICK, LELOUCH and LYNCH (with disciples of these 4 masters of the 7th Art, Cinema, why this name?).
The agony of the USB is captivating, this dimension is not about to die but to collapse positively LIKE IF their WORLD TRADE CENTER would have destroyed by TONS OF FLOWERS.
OIn our dimension, Sci-Fi USA, Diane KRUGER is a MONSTER of LOVE INDUSTRY, the FILM CONSORTIUM of HoLlYwOoD, our TIMefraMES & ACD INC nonprofit business, commercial for the SOCIAL CONTENT. Diane will innaugurate our SECIAL LINOUSINE o the 5th Avenue & BROADWAY to reply to our questions and show to the camera her BEAUTY, we are the BEAST of the Mass Medias with THE ANCHORS, show of the BrAmStOcKeR reality & fiction.
CANNES last days Festival are the moment to use for a celebration of our ONE CENTURY OF FEATURES FILMS, from 1917 to 2017: no music first, music only in 2025? Why not but there was music in the silent movies, MUSIC & VOICES in a new generation of soudtracks, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 is an example ofthis comeback of a tracklisting that STRUCTURE THE MOTION PICTURE.
Mike FULLER 2, my Facebook nickname!
DIANE, A STAR FOR 2017 or for 2027?
You can decide with the Jury of CANNES:
she deserves it! For me, she has the FRENCH OSCAR.

Diane Kruger shows off her enviable legs at Cannes Film Festival in baby blue outfit.

At least 105 civilians killed in US-led strike on IS in Mosul, Pentagon says MORE TERRORISM, LESS NEW AGE: why are we WRONG and GUILTY like one century ago, WWIII is a massacre of civilians 12/12. It has to be reduced to 0 with the deadline 2025, the 250 years of our Empire (Sci-Fi USA). Our ideology is the result of HOLLYWOOD2 & WASHINGTON, DC. Do something (Britney SPEARS) or I will make it happen my own way (with a guitar and a camera too!).
Frederic Vidal, PhD
Jared Kushner now a focus in Russia investigation
JARED in the BREAKING NEWS on CNBC yesterday evening: IT IS ANOTHER EPOCH since I was in BROOKLYN and confirmed my cultural tendency, THE METAL, conceivable with THE HOUSE ad THE PUNK but also THE COUNTRY (my previous album attracted NASHVILLE, TN, I was there!).
JARED is IVANKA husband, he has his own brand, thanks to Department of State and he is too famous for the FBI. The RUSSIANGATE is his SHOW OF REALITY like me and my wife we have THE ANCHORS in New York. Extraordinary Ambassador of TRUMP, his connections with MOSCOW are unknown 50%, hi PUTIN is not mine. My Vladimir is a city like UFA, not UFO. He is a LEGAL PUTIN, not a LEGAL JESUS of Depeche Mode.
What is a crime potentially is the ATTACK AGAINST HILLARY COMPUTER before the election. Without a normal Web acces, she could not win! Her bug was? I support the FBI to know its name!
Frederic Vidal​, ACD INC
BrAmStOcKeR presents the WORLD TRADE CENTER (1973-2001)
BrAmStOcKeR presents the WORLD TRADE CENTER (1973-2001), a building of legend and glory for FAKE PUNK, debut album of THE ANCHORS (the VIDAL / ANDREWS, the best signature in the music publishing). 12 songs, 24 songs with previously Web album PRESIDENT OF THE STATES (2015-2025).
Frederic Vidal
JOINT BASE ANDREWS The Americans needed PEARL HARBOR to fight against GERMANY, in 1941: this is a shame. The Americans needed September 11 (2001) to fight against TERRORISM.

The Joint Base ANDREWS is the US AIR FORCE military airport of the AIR FORCE DISTRICT OF WASHINGTON. So many F-16 there, why they were not closer to New York to neutralize the planes that destroyed the Twin Towers?

This is one of the subjects of THE ANCHORS, a show of reality not only to interview female celebrities and to record the Making of FAKE PUNK. Let’s be Patriot before to be SUBCULTURE activists.


Frederic Vidal

Egypt fights back after 28 Coptic Christians killed

The Middle-East in the middle of World War III, as the US are not able at all to acknowledge the new PEARL HARBOR was the WORLD TRADE CENTER.
Frederic Vidal, PhD

8 BILLIONS OF PEOPLE We will be 8 BILLIONS OF PEOPLE in 2025 for the 250 years of the United states of America to celebrate July 4, 2026 in the Sci-Fi USB? Fortunately, everybody will be in the Sci-Fi USA mode at that time. We are disabled right now after the 2001 attack and bad military reply.

WWIII will be a victory in 2020: it’s our goal, it’s my mission to be President in 2018 if possible after the resignation OF THE WHOLE TRUMP TEAM! We cannot continue to call losers terrorists who are liars:

they accepted to stop the war, according to me, in the 2010’s to negotiate a Treaty of Anti-Terrorism, with me as the President of the US but, in fact, they used to prevent my candidacy?

Frederic Vidal, PhD,
Shadow President of France & the US. 


The JOINT BASE ANDREWS: US AIR FORCE (ready for MONDAY, MEMORIAL DAY for Mike FULLER 2, GOP2 like MT2) to neutralize any Terrorist on our Territory or abroad who would try to prevent the D-day of June 6, 1944 and its commemoration in 2017.
USA not less, not more, 3 letters in Sci-Fi or in normal.
If you’re USB, you’re wrong.
Silence Thomas SPEARS

Memorial Day 2017 in NYC


BrAmStOcKeR to regret THE WAR DEATHS and to present the new MALE FAN CLUB of the group: SOLDIERS & SINNERS. Reminder: the female Fan Club (BARTENDERS, CHEERLADERS, PORN STARS, TOP MODELS & TIMefraMES ACTRESSES) will be also motivated to appreciate the military on Monday with ACD INC.

Frederic Vidal



WORLD WAR III after World War II: it is time to organize with or without the UNITED NATIONS a conference about PEARL HARBOR, AUSCHWITZ and the D-day. The failure of the agreement against GERMANY between the US and the USSR (RUSSIA) is the reason why there is this new World War since 2001.

This weekend the WORLD TRADE CENTER Attack but also the VIETNAM WAR will be studied in the realty show THE ANCHORS on Twitter that is not only a business romance for the artistic and financial success of the 2 protagonists we are, me and my girl.

The Americans we are were not inspired to blackout their dispute with the USSR creating a chaos until 2001 and after 16 years of terrible battles killing so many civilians, NOTHING FROM THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION. The contrary of a pertinent policy, this is the program of a House that is more than grey and totally not white but DIRTY, extremely close to a garbage we have to CLEAN ASAP.

This is the RUSSIANGATE with the Congress and the FBI doing their best but not enough to PROSECUTE the BUSH-OBAMA-TRUMP dysfunction or SYNDROM of FAKE POWER and true self-destruction of our investments worldwide and our LEADERSHIP to become for 2025 (USA, 250 years old in 16) the United States of the WORLD, like COCA_COLA and PEPSI are GLOBAL DRINK BLOCKBUSTER!

As the SHADOW PRESIDENT, never invited in Washington, DC but so motivated to write the expression of the Opposition on the SOCIAL MEDIA on the Web, I will appreciate to have with the Press 72 hours, 3 days of Q&R about the Sci-Fi USA / USB problem, including the overdose of bad Hollywood with too much super heroes, and the terrible repression against HAPPINESS managed by a society to reinforce as a CIVILIZATION of:


Frederic VIDAL, PhD,
from New York, New York, USA. 

MAY 28, 2011


6 YEARS LATER, I am JULIUS CAESAR for THE ANCHORS. Caesar and Cleopatra in New York, WHAT IF? The reply on YOUTUBE in a couple of weeks and on Cable TV in a couple of months.
THE ANCHORS, a show reality, in MAN-HATTAN, a strange name for a bizarre CITY, with 2 HOT HOSTS, CLEO & CAES, SPINOFF of FAKE PUNK’s BrAmStOcKeR, the metal dance Rock Opera of 12 songs written Vidal / Andrews and not 2 names of the 60’s who did nothing for the SOCIAL CONTENT.
NONPROFIT is our motto of two words in one to give all the money of the benefits of THE USA, our SONGBOOK (plus a Sci-Fi Self-Biography) to ACD INC, NY, NY, our record label and publisher, not-for-profit.
This will finance REAGAN CITY, the concept of new capital to replace Washington we have to build, first, in the imagination of the US Citizens, a program to rewind the ANTI-NETWORKING with SOLIDARITY and FAITH. On Monday, our MEMORIAL DISSERTATION will give the details of our Plan to the US Supreme Court, the institution we select to be our Principal Allied to finish CORRUPTION in America!
Frederic Vidal, PhD,
Shadow President & BrAmStOcKeR.
on Monday, the Golden Years of Frederic VIDAL?
Without women, without clients, in Hollywood from 3 to 11. The Authorities Politicians and the Show Biz Establishment networked to open his eyes (“you’re not welcomed”), HE PREFERRED EYES WIDE SHUT, a KUBRICK revival: TO PARODY!
FAKE PUNK, RIGHT HOUSE, BrAmStOcKeR is a locomotive with no Harbor but GRAND STATION headquarters.
Silence Thomas SPEARS,
New York, New York. 
Welcome to THE ANCHORS, Eva, it’s almost a FEATURE FILM with a script by KAFKA and ORWELL. KUBRICK, FELLINI are the main directors inspiration but also LELOUCH and LYNCH for the 2nd team. In our Limousine in New York, New York, you will have the most exciting interview of your career TONIGHT (in a dream) and tomorrow on the Cyberspace and for MEMORIAL DAY, a space time travel in another dimension.
YOU WILL BE HERE WITH ME AND JESSICA, for sure, when we will have sign with you THE CONTRACT OF PROMOTION OF YOUR FILM BASED ON A TRUE STORY. This story is really true. You were improving your career when I was in Hollywoodland, a newcomer from Paris looking for a career, on a set for Bastille Day 2003 meeting Katie HOLMES for the 1st time of my long life.
Now, I am in New York, BrAmStOcKeR needs to record this debut album we rehearse and promote on the Web 24/7 to make a buzz, MAKE A BUZZ, networking 100% on the social media, fascinating innate by your red carpet BASED ON A TRUE STORY. I am the PICASSO of the New Age, a sequencer of films, songs, pictures and texts for my SCI-FI-SONGBOOK titled THE USA.
Godspeed for you and all the Festival, tomorrow the PALMARES. 7o is a great number, not too young, not too old. I am UNDERCOVER, blackout by the medias thanks to the US & French Authorities, WHAT A JOKE, BASED ON A TRUE STORY. I was a Civil Servant, 15 year, they say I’m EVIL, they say I’m a POLANSKI. They don’t want me with a girl but her name is ANDRES based on a FAKE story.
Take care, you, Eva, you are FEATURED and on the list of the FAMOUS PEOPLE, available for the GOSSIP magazines and the MOVIE PAPERS. Say Hello to ROMAN, he’s a little like me, criticized TO HAVE BEEN A VICTIM, sabotage of his 1960’s Love Story. This society is BASED ON A WRONG OLD STORY but SAD YET TRUE. 
There will be an UNDERGROUND invitation you will receive from us in June, our local SUBCULTURE is strong and wise like the CANNES FESTIVAL but ALTERNATE. Be ready to be BASED in another STORY for 1 hour of dialogue with us, the ANCHORS COULE of a Boat that is a Train, in Manhattan, by the way. 

Gregg Allman, Soulful Trailblazer of Southern Rock, Dies at 69

Gregg. He’s the winner of the dedication of the WTC special Q&A until MEMORIAL DAY on His memory of WARRIOR OF THE ROCK CONFLICT WILL GIVE HIM ARLINGTON.

Frederic Vidal, PhD
alias Mike FULLER II,
(Shadow in the USB) President in the (Sci-Fi) USA!

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