COMEY & TRUMP have (or had) a LAW AFFAIR. Unacceptable, This Situation Between A POTUS & His Ex-FBI Director Is The Subject #1 Of My THE USA Book! Frederic VIDAL, PhD, Shadow President On The Web, BrAmStOcKeR Leadsinger!

June 8, 2017

COMEY & TRUMP have (or had) a LAW AFFAIR. Unacceptable, This Situation Between A POTUS & His Ex-FBI Director Is The Subject #1 Of My THE USA Book! Frederic VIDAL, PhD, Shadow President On The Web, BrAmStOcKeR Leadsinger! 




James Comey testifies: Former FBI director says he helped reveal details of conversations with Trump

AMERICA A CHAOS IF FBI MISSING. Former Director COMEY to remember the SENATE this morning to schedule his next week as a retired agent famous like Eliot NESS.

Frederic Vidal, PhD,
Shadow President on the Web.

Comey testifies: ex-FBI director says he helped reveal details of conversations with Trump COMEY, MR. CIA for 1 day! (WP Tweet)

Comey Testimony: Special Counsel Has All the Memos

A giant is a man taller than Senators and he is one of them, a Senator for one day. Tomorrow, he will reply to the journalists who will call him on the phone and this weekend he will leave with his family for the campaign, we imagine smartly. James COMEY is a national hero, he was attacked by politics after the election.

Frederic Vidal, PhD,
Shadow President on the Web.

Full coverage:
James Comey’s testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee

PROBLEMS, a Sex Pistols song of 1977 and a concept around James COMEY and his dispute with President TRUMP.

Frederic Vidal​, PhD,
Shadow President on the Web.


Q&A FULLER / COMEY. @BBC1: President Mike FULLER 2, are you with Senator Mark WARNER, Intelligence Committee Vice-Chair? @mikefuller2020:

@CBSnews: President FULLER, are you in touch with SEN. RICHARD BURR Intelligence Committee Chair? @mikefuller2020: I’m more than you think!

@WashTimes: SEN. MARK WARNER, Vice-Chair is in USA, not only USB? @mikefuller2020: JC: “diner was an effort to build a relationship” 2 STAY.

@VOANews: WARNER: “I really appreciated your testimony.” @timeframes2020: JC: “I could be wrong, I’m 56 years old.” one of my conversations

with the President was classified.” @cspan: SEN. JIM RISCH: “He said I hope.” @timeframes2020: Ok. JC: ‘I don’t know well enough to answer.”

@UN: SEN FEINSTEIN: “when he described Russian investigation as a CLOUD.” JC: “maybe other people would be stronger in these circumstances.”

@nypost: SEN MARCO RUBIO: “I didn’t do something because you told me it’s a good guy.” @timeframes2020: JC: “1st time I said, I’ll see what

SEN. SUSAN COLLINS. @AFP: a pause! @mikefuller2020: see you after the end!

we can do.” “it creates a duty to correct.” @PBS: SEN. RON WYDEN: “about this diner you had with President, HE ASKED FOR YOUR LOYALTY.” You?

@TMZ: SEN JOE MACHIN: “I don’t know if you had chance to watch our hearing yesterday? What’s your concern? Big deal Russian investigation?”

@mikefuller2020: JC replied “we are this big messy wonderful Country where we fight each other all the time.” and I think he’s right 4 USB!

@VanityFair: SEN. TOM COTTON: “allegations of collusion. Do you think Donald TUMP colluded with Russia?” and you? @mikefuller2020: JC: “I

try always to be fair.” I do want you see today as A TOUR DE FORCE. USB crowd of VIPs & Co is receiving this BLIND 75%. So, Q& A, Hearing B!

@rollingstone: SEN JOHN CORMYN JC: “we saw that in the CLINTON email investigation! I know you do!” Weird? @mikefuller2020: SEN. JACK REED

asking fine question, RELATIONS 2 THE INVESTIGATION. I published in January a personal REPORT about RUSSIANGATE including me. USA + USB! @ABC

@bloomberg: SEN JOHN McCAIN: “tell me the difference between your conclusion about Hillary CLINTON and Mr. TRUMP?” @timeframes2020: = COMEY.

The PRESS = 0 in their dimension of Twitter, USB. If there was INTERVISION, WEB.2.0, it could work. I will LEARN THEM from Friday on @tumblr

@USGPO: SEN. RICHARD BURR ENDING THE HEARING: “that’s to represent the entire body of the Senate and the American People.” @vidalfuller2020!

Last Tweets to 10AM ET

SYSTEM OF A DOWN: this morning in WASHINGTON, Male AMERICANS are TOO RUDE with Women! Females = Leaders, Locomotives! COMEY + TRUMP = LGBT??

System Of A Down – live at Pinkpop 2017 [Full Show] via @YouTube SEE YOU AT 10, WOMEN JUDGE TRUMP, COMEY & the USB!

(on Facebook Wall) LIVE IN 30 MINUTES.

Frederic Vidal​, PhD,


Comey Recounts Uneasy Meetings With Trump, Demands for Loyalty

He already testified for Close People. TRUMP INVITED HIM FOR A FAKE DINER! He wanted James to be his ROBERT but he was NIXON just JFK. He’s the victim of a CONSPIRACY like the whole FBI.
FRANCE must be investigated, not only RUSSIA and other Countries. MACRON met PUTIN like Megan KELLY but not only for a TV show. It is suspect. The Attacks punished Great Britain, terrorists are a part of this game!
TRUMP in our song P.M.U.R.T and in his reality (show) (THE APPRENTICE) deserves HOLLYWOOD and Arnold (ex-Governor) to realize his dream: to be the billionaire of the Power (a new currency).
THE ANCHORS – episode #0 – Origins have, after the CANNES Film Festival, a context that is not anymore a GLAM back-ground-stage but a PUNK upscale-red-carpet at 18 of the H-HOUR.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,

Your guide to watching Comey’s Senate Intelligence Committee testimony

An excellent article of the LA Times. All the Congress members who will interview James COMEY. I will be there, watching it on TV and available for more questions already this evening on Twitter about the FBI and the elected President. Transparence is my main quality. This is historical event like the end of an era, the deadline to KNOW WHAT IS RUSSIA since the D-day, THE OTHER POLE.
Frederic Vidal, PhD
Shadow President on the Web.

The After-TRUMP is scheduled for June 9, 2017 or 2018?

Or maybe it was in 2016 already!
After the Memorial Day weekend, the GATE(FRI)DAY for a RUSSIA PROBE on Monday!
Never too late for a Senate Hearing, COMEY did 3 in 3 months, this one without his BUREAU.
Follow me on and at 8pm et on C-SPAN, rerun of ex-FBI director.
Let’s stop the ANTI-NETWORKING of the TRUMP Administration. FACEBOOK is our community.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,
‘THE USA’ book
My blog:

THE WALL (Facebook) 6/8

How to Watch James Comey Senate Testimony Live

At 10AM ET. We will be online to comment the ex-director of the FBI replies to the Senators. He knows the ex-President soon, COMEY & TRUMP have (or had) a LAW AFFAIR.

Frederic Vidal, PhD,
Shadow President on the Web,

Trump Impeachment Process Set to Begin As
Democrat Al Green Files Articles

It will take 6 months to finalize this lawsuit, the CONGRESS can be a Judge. This is obviously compulsory after today’s hearing. FBI is not DC assistant, the White House is another BUREAU, not for investigations.

Frederic Vidal, PhD,
Shadow President on the Web,

First TWEETS 6/8

President Trump impeachment process officially set to begin as Democrat Al Green files articles @newsweek Q&A at 10!

How to watch James Comey Senate testimony live via @nbcnews at 10am et. From New York, I will comment what is said.


To Chris, this day of Glory for our Democracy. He did not do enough politics and passed away before our FLOWER POWER METAL HOUSE next year!

Frederic Vidal, PhD

THE BEST LEAVE THE FIRST: Rock hated by WhiteHouse! SOUNDGARDEN-Hyde Park-Hard Rock Calling-7-13-12 via @YouTube @AP (YOUTUBE tweet)


To the Army

Q&A FULLER @USArmy @USNavy @USArmyReserve @usairforce @USMC @USNationalGuard @uscoastguard @the_USO
@NASA @NASA_Astronauts @PentagonPresSec

@HISTORY: a 2nd D-day? @mikefuller2020: you will judge. James COMEY Senate meeting is the last time FBI is featured to impeach TRUMP in DC.

An IMPLOSION in WASHINGTON for a REASON: PUTIN. To: @TIME @Newsweek @AP @WSJ @FinancialTimes @ReutersUS @business @BloombergTV @MSNBC @CNN

COUPLE Russia – United States is ILL. POTUS is guilty. ROOSEVELT & STALIN also were too connected. RUSSIANGATE has WWII roots. To: @FoxNews

@nytimes: the US are disabled? @mikefuller2020: arty & poor. After-Trump a new start age! For Moscow, 2 NUKES on UFA & VLADIMIR if obliged!

@washingtonpost: it’s World War 3? @mikefuller2020: I repeat it everyday, HITLER is not DEAD! His name is MEDVEDEV or OBAMA. ZERO NUKES. .

@USATODAY: denuclearization unilateral? @mikefuller2020: POTUS did the contrary, another IKE 2 WAR. Camp DAVID only solution. IN 2018: VOTE.

@TVGuide: like the Man on the Moon? @mikefuller2020: COMEY is almost NASA. We will build military UFOS for 2020. TVgoers, watch that BI Man!

@Militarydotcom @MilitaryTimes @Military1Source: when the Move? @mikefuller2020: on Friday, the 9, the PRESS will print millions of copies.

@BreitbartNews: a BLACK FRIDAY? @mikefuller2020: exactly like the BEATLEMANIA! This weekend we will appreciate these 2 towers collapsing,

TRUMP & COMEY or TRUMP & CLINTON! @TMZ: There’s only 1 Trump Tower. @mikefuller2020: so, it will be the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING. A Ground 0!!

To the Press

Q&A MIKE FULLER 2. @guardiannews: you and Close COOPERS are the spectators of WASHINGTON COLLAPSING?! @mikefuller2020: This is IMPEACHMENT.

I will be the next President of the USBusiness. This dimension’s delusional. In the USA WE ARE READY to govern them. Close will be 1st Lady!

It will take ONE YEAR, 12 months. The impeachment process starts IN JUNE (THANK YOU DEMS!), in June 2018, we’ll have until NOVEMBER to VOTE!

@MiamiHerald: it’s a PRESS WAVE or a COUP D’ETAT? @mikefuller2020: A REALITY SHOW: THE Freelance APPRENTICE! (laughs) The Pope received my

letter today. IT IS A MORAL AND SPIRITUAL CONFLICT. A pussy is not a game or a toy, it is SACRED TO, BELOVED FEMALES, ADMIRE! I mean women

deserve THE POWER IN AMERICA. This is the New Age of the Humanity! @ELLEmagazine: you’re French? @mikefuller2020: and US. LAFAYETTE again!

I see you tomorrow after COMET COMEY! (laughs) JUSTICE by the CONGRESS. FBI never lie!! Cheers, guys, Close says HELLO! @reuters @FT @WSJ: !

@MTV: one told me you recorded a HAMBURGER? @mikefuller2020: I did it for @CarlsJr MY SONG IS LIKE A HAMBURGER, acoustic guitar + my VOICE!


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