Mike FULLER proposes: PRESIDENTIAL POWER For Politics,  TIMEFRAMES To Replace Hollywood And The IVTH REICH To Reinforce And Promote Its Country, The USA And The USB!

In one week: Washington. Mike FULLER from SAN JOSE is preparing his definitive move for the 4 years of his ‘One and Only’ mandate 2017-2020. He will leave the week of the 29 of August for the capital of the United States to be his primary residence until 2025. From September 2016 until November, Mike will have a first location in town: one bedroom, one kitchen and one home office and restrooms.

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today, August 19, 2016. Historic Day of FULLER DECISIONS:

Welcome to MIKE FULLER! If you’re leaving TRUMP, be sure YOU ARE MY GUEST for Real American Conservative Campaign BUT NEW AGE FLOWER POWER.

PRESIDENTIAL POWER: to finish (daydreaming) of bad Republicans who support DONALD TRUMP. Join MIKE FULLER Group NOW!

The AMUSEMENT Industry must be back. With HOLLYWOOD replaced by TIMEFRAMES, a French word replaces ENTERTAINMENT and Mike is replacing Fred.

8/19: A DAY IN A LIFE. FULLER is Paul to tweet/sing no more HOLLYWOOD, TIMEFRAMES only ; PRESIDENTIAL POWER for GOP victims ; US IVTH REICH.

It was a special Day: A DAY IN A LIFE. TIMEFRAMES, PREZ POWER, IVTH REICH. Beatles – A Day In The Life

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Tomorrow, I will continue and complete my LETER TO THE JUDGE, I’m writing from TWITTER for the Los Angeles Justice that is the WASHINGTON one. It will be about The Beatles and The STAR WARS franchise to recommend NO JAILS AT ALL. Frederic Vidal

HOLLYWOOD must be closeD ASAP and the Silicon Valley must be sure that TIMEFRAMES is replacing it. Old brands when they are not enough commercial ambition (Hollywood) collapse: TIMEFRAMES Digital Cinema is in SAN JOSE to meet ADOBE SYSTEMS. Mike Fuller.

Fuller 3

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“BrAmStOcKEr is my band #1, I like Punk and alternate music since 77.” Mike FULLER, next ‘PotS’. NO WOMAN, NO LIE: https://vid.me/okKy

“Fred Kelly, Br. singer songwriter is fantastic with his 2016 debut album ‘PrEsIdEnT Of ThE StATeS’. MF. SWEET PORN: https://vid.me/BnsJ

BrAmStOcKeR!! NO WOMAN, NO LIE: 4,930 views. SWEET PORN: 10,571. PAINT IT GREY: 4,218, Thank you, all!!!

Paint it, paint it, PAINT IT GREY! From debut album PRESIDENT OF THE STATES by BrAmStOcKeR, Fred KELLY, leadsinger. https://vid.me/FLhA

FRENCH KISS PUNK 3,788 views. Don’t follow D STRAUSS-KAHN and all these politicians like REAGAN: sexually DISTURBED. https://vid.me/lBtz

CRIMINAL PLANET 5,387 views since August 17, 2016. We want the US strong to control this CRIMINAL PLANET BrAmStOcKeR

Mike FULLER likes: I WANT TO HOLD YOUR CHARTS (1,307 views). Watch One year after their recording, 12 GREAT SONGS.

JULIET AND ROMEO DIED IN VEGAS by BrAmStOcKeR, masterpiece still waiting for its Record Label: 3,930 views since 8/17/2015 for Mike FULLER.

JULIET AND ROMEO, NOT FREDERIC VIDAL OR MIKE FULLER. Watch the music video: From Shakespeare to the US of the 2010s.

WALL STREET IN DC: TRUMP calling PUTIN for Russian Support, UNACCEPTABLE, it shows this election IS NEUTRALIZED! MF https://vid.me/pXEp

Are the United States managed, governed by Moscow? Barack is international (Kenya), Is Vladimir his guest in the US?

SILLY, NICE and PORN STAR is an American song for a Freedom Country with a PRESIDENTIAL POWER and BrAmStOcKEr. It is about a Super Lady. MF https://vid.me/GWZN

Timeframes Secretary by BRAMSTOCKER. Recorded August 17, 2015. 4,024 views. https://vid.me/vp2T

Role Plays & Board Games, a pure BrAmStOcKeR song to play again and again for more Mike FULLER, President of the US.https://vid.me/OUH5

I am your PRESIDENT OF THE STATES: Mike FULLER by BrAmStOcKeR. To California and year 2016. Welcome to Washington!!

On Twitter https://www.twitter.com/timeframes2014

RIO 2016, Olympic Games: DEFINITIVE VICTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 121 Medals including 46 gold, 37 silver, 38 bronze. Mike FULLER

It is the first celebration of the IVth Reich: The UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD with the USA #1 as the Locomotive! MF

I LIKE Slade – My Friend Stan [totp2] THEY WILL BE AT THE WHITE HOUSE WITH ME… and you, The DOORS friends. MF

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