Biography Of Frederic VIDAL, The Man From 25, About Propaganda And Harassment, Censorship And Slavery! According To Mike FULLER, The Invasion Of Baghdad Was A Mistake And The Reason Why The War Was Not A Victory! The 4th Power Is The Press If The Press Is Not Corrupted!

The Iraq War was a great victory for the United States. The defeat was the result of the WWII, America is still a Super Power to manage the situation. MF




I was born in 1959 in Nice, on the French Riviera, in Monaco I was a resident of the Principality of the Princess Grace, previously KELLY, a great Hollywood actress.

Ronald REAGAN who was President in the future, began his political career as President of the Screen Actors Guild in Hollywood. In 1959, he was not anymore an actor featured in many films as a star since the 1940’s.

As a kid, I used to like The Beatles and I was a neighbor of the Cannes Film Festival, the first James BOND, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE and THE LONGEST DAY, the D DAY against the Nazis.

I was also projecting to be an archeologist, studying ROME and ATHENS in the Ancient Times. In Nice, there is CEMENELUM, Cimiez, the Roman ruins of a thermal station of the Empire of the SPQR (government of the people by the Senate).

In Paris, I lived more than 15 years, for my political degree I got in 1981 and my executive position in a financial institution of the FRENCH Government.

In 2003 I relocated in the US and I became a citizen in 2006. In 2010, I have been a write-in candidate to be elected US Senator from California. I had my petition of 77 signatures but I was not validated, too young.

Hostile est l’environnement politique a mon egard. The politicians don’t appreciate me enough. I could replace them by other celebrities who would be my only contacts but I prefer to communicate. My network is HOLLYWOOD and WASHINGTON reunited. I like TRUMP, BUSH, BARACK and CLINTON. They are not available enough to be my friends, their activity is to control too much the Country.

I live in a residence in the BRONX that I call The Black House, the Presidential headquarters of Mr. Mike FULLER. I prepare a book, a comic book, a film and a disc. The comic is MAN FROM 25.

I will continue my writing directly for the book THE USA about this 3rd episode regarding my biography and my historiography. Discipline and Hierarchy are the two problems to solve.

Frederic VIDAL


It’s the weekend now. Just Friday and it’s the break on Melrose and everywhere for 2 days of vacation and the pleasure to be free too SOON.

In France, the terrorist attack on the Champs Elysees is one more 9/11 origins WWIII example of fight against Democracy. VOTE ON SUNDAY! FV

John BOEHNER, Eric CANTOR never replied in 12 to my email inviting them to help me to network in DC for a Homage to MARILYN. Never too late.

Tomorrow, I will study the double PYRAMID system of the United States POWER with a hierarchy of politicians and a NETWORK of celebrities.

12 songs for an album on the Web are not enough to express the new mood of the 2010’s. MY SONG IS LIKE A HAMBURGER.

I was at the SEX MUSEUM today to conclude SEX is a THERAPY refused in AMERICA like MARIJUANA. It’s about to change with the RUSSIANGATE. MF

THE LONGEST DAY IS NOT TODAY BUT TOMORROW, the D-DAY is a science of the notion of Deadline and the COUNTDOWN continues to fascinate us. FV


Back to the future, The Man From 25 is writing on WordPress THE USA, 1st episode tomorrow Monday. Time waits for no one. FV

AMERICA is a CONTINENT and the UNITED NATIONS are a Federation of STATES created after WWII. WWIII of terrorism started September 11, 2001.

To Jessie ANDREWS from Frederic VIDAL.

I’m writing about the New Deal, a concept that is important to study because there is often a WARNING to confirm IT’S POSSIBLE to Win. Fred


Gabriel Garcia Márquez est mort : décès du prix Nobel colombien de Littérature

3 years ago! I prepare an article on my blog about my career and his talent (to communicate my feeling: to wait and see). Frederic VIDAL alias Mike FULLER


In Paris, ISIS was wrong to attack the Police today. From New York, I am more French than ever to celebrate our Freedom and our Security and to criticize terrorism that is blind and the contrary of Justice. Frederic VIDAL aka Mike FULLER.

There is a little Statue of Liberty in the BRONX. FV – MF

A brand new day in the BRONX. It’s raining but I go to my meeting of contemporary art. Frederic

Trump predicts deadly Paris shooting will have ‘big effect’ on key French election

I don’t think so. The voters already decided the name of their President. Unfortunately, they are not voting for the right candidates sometimes, ONLY ONE IS ELECTED. The majority will be for the LEADER OF THE POLLS. Mike FULLER (Frederic VIDAL)

April 22 This music company is the owner of the first label of The BEATLES in America in 1964. This history is more than that, a part of their biography connected to mine. My preferred Beatles is George HARRISON. Mike FULLER aka FV. The Beatles were not totally welcomed in the United States. They found this Label to release their songs refused probably by the politicians because the difficulties to diffuse their music was monumental. Frederic VIDAL AKA MF.

‘T H E U S A’: Writing Of The First Post For EASTER! After VELVET EYES, The New Mike FULLER Novelism Program On The Web To Be Published As A Book!

Chapter 1 – THE USA

Vince SAUVAN is a cop who could have been President of the United States. He preferred the love o HUNTER and the secrecy of the CIA to settle down in Washington after France as a future hero, never an acivist. In 2016, his President in the USA, a lot stronger than us, Mike FULLER invites him to be his Ambassador in Japan with his wife Pat for a mission of benchmarking concerning Informatics.

This is now April 16 and tomorrow Monday, President FULLER is the guest of a videoconferencing starring the FRENCH COP IN JAPAN. From 2 to 4PM ET, Frederic VIDAL will diffuse on TWITTER Thomas SPEARS, Mike FULLER and BrAmStOcKeR the discussion of SAUVAN with FULLER and the guests of this mission.

THE LONGEST DAY is the day of the landing. When Vince SAUVAN arrived in JAPAN with his wife Patricia HUNTER, he was not ready to meet Japanese officials all at once. They were waiting for another ambassador of the President of the United States, Mike FULLER. They received the information it will be the FRENCH COP who will network in TOKYO for benchmarking in the computer industry, meaning there is a project of treaty between the two Countries. JAPAN did not ask for so much acknowledgement they are crucial for the American economy.

The computer age is the age of the New Era that started in 2000. In 2001, it is the World War III with the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York by Boeing of United Airlines obliged by Islamic terrorists of the Alqaida organization to become human bombs for the worst attack against the United States since Pearl Harbor. Immediately, the President George W Bush replied military in Afghanistan where Alqaida was based mainly and in 2003 in Iraq by invading this Country accused to be with these criminals a danger for the middle-East.

In the US-A, President Mike FULL ER is not at all a Donald TRUMP, managing the United States like a Corporation that would be a nonprofit. Vince SAUVAN is a hero in his dimension after the rescue of his student of GEORGETOWN University where he was Professor of Criminology. He’s CIA and could have been a possible President of the Country.  DARKPOL is the special unit he created with the daughter of a Senator he met at the White House (she was responsible of the relations with the personalities of the Arts), his future partner and woman, Patricia HUNTER.

In Paris, they were welcomed by 2 organizations, PYRAMID and KGB NEXT GEN, promoting their own vision of a world without the US. The second post-terrorist group is not at all BrAMsToCkEr, the Punk band and social and international of Frederic VIDAL, known as ‘The Man of 25’, a consultant of Mike FULLER, born in the US-B, upgraded in the CONRAD

The KGB NEXT GEN is still in 2017 the enemy of the American Power and the CAMEROON is in Africa the battlefield of a military dispute against the troops of the CIA’s DARKPOL sponsored by Mike FULLER. Wilfred CONRAD is not anymore the leader of this freelance power neutralized but not enough by the FRENCH COP in 2005. After this first confrontation in France, there was a second episode at the White House of his Legend and saga before the Presidency of Mike FULLER.

Last Summer, in 2016, the duet was reactivated by the Americans. Patricia was lost, a little like Natascha in 2005 (she was a daughter of the Russian Ambassador at the UN). Vince was also down, waiting for news of her in the SF Bay Area. In Hollywood, Pat was an escort girl on the phone. She was rescued by DARKPOL. Her friends were a bad entourage.

What will do Vince SAUVAN in JAPAN? Mike FULLER in the US-A is connected to Frederic VIDAL who is using his name as a nickname for his political career. Frederic is writing  his book THE USA with a second episode tomorrow on WORDPRESS.


Lithograph by Robert Delaunay for an edition of La Relève du matin (1928).
About Henry de Montherlant:

THERE IS ALWAYS A D-DAY LIKE THERE IS ALWAYS A H-HOUR when it is the right time to say NO to the enemy (that can be the doubt). MF



The Longest Day:
The Film:


HAPPY EASTER WITH TIMefraMES and ACD (AMERICAN CULTURES DEPARTMENT), publisher and producer of my work on the Web or for the stores!

FRENCH COP 3: WIN WIN is the story of ‘THE USA’ that is the episode of LEGENDARY ACTION to express what is HEROIC and what is BUREAUCRATIC is the other subject about THE 2 DIMENSIONS, the USB being our world of grey routine and dark memories about the FAILURE OF THE 1960’s.

I am a SPACE TIME TRAVELER and the author of this book BECAUSE I PUBLISHED SO MANY POSTS ON MY BLOG since 2009. My personal franchise ‘MAN OF 25’ is huge and I am proud to be a hero like Vince SAUVAN and his wife Patricia HUNTER but also Mike FULLER (my nickname as the SHADOW PRESIDENT) who is the USA President.

Also in this publication, there will be the UN CONFERENCE ABOUT WWII, a proposition to the US Government and the FAKE PUNK debut album of my band BrAmStOcKeR (songs lyrics & the marketing concept presentation).

The RUSSIANGATE is LAST and not LEAST subject. Follow the news and you will have the content of it.

Frederic VIDAL, PhD

Q&A Mike FULLER – 4/15/2017.

Wall Street Journal: how do you see the crisis evolution in the US-B?

MF: the Army is nervous, the President is fragile and there are a lot of programs in progress with Russia that need to be listed. One program is not acceptable: to commerce intelligence with Russia except when it’s certified CIA. PUTIN was supporting TRUMP candidacy in the newspapers and TRUMP threatened to call PUTIN to calm down the Americans against him. His entourage is now investigated by the Congress and the FBI. It’s spectacular how many collaborators of the controversial and eccentric New York billionaire are suspected by the US authorities to have been Russian guests about BEING MOSCOW’S PROTEGES we know why? 77 years since 1939.

USA TODAY: what you mean, (Shadow) President?

MF: it’s 2017, WWII was a joint venture of us with USSR. After the change of regime, the Russian strategy has been to invade our Country backstage. TRUMP wanted to be the new ROCKFELLER, he collapsed (bankruptcies) and selected the second super power to be his new victim. Russia and Easter Europe were proud to find a friend from HOLLYWOOD, LAS VEGAS, NEW YORK and WASHINGTON. Their union was a deal too business and not right for diplomacy.

VARIETY: well said, Mike.

On Twitter today. Q&A with Mike FULLER. (4/14/2017)
Be ready to read the SHADOW PRESIDENT replies to the US-A Press. Words and Pictures.

New York Times: Frederic VIDAL has now a lawyer and a business & marketing consultant. Will he publish THE USA book about the RUSSIANGATE?

Mike FULLER: of course. In the US-A, we are waiting for the manuscript for a release of the book before the Summer. FAKE PUNK in the US-B!

VARIETY: this BrAMsToCkEr debut album could win a GRAMMY?

MF: it will be released in January, next year, too late for the awards but not for the fame and the appreciation of this tour de force to record a commercial CD 40 years after 1977. The song DESTROY NO FUTURE explains it.

Washington Post: what about Vince SAUVAN who is not inter dimensional like Frederic, his biographer. Is he still in TOKYO?

MF: Yes. With Pat HUNTER, they are continuing their benchmarking in JAPAN to prepare our Country computer age that will include ROBOTS. P.M.U.R.T. is a song about a President replaced by a robot. (laughs). The FRENCH COP will be back in May, normally.

Los Angeles Times: after the ads, the WWIII?

Mike FULLER: I’m surprised you ask me this question, Los Angeles Times! It’s a Cyber War on the Web and in the press. It’s the subject of THE USA book. The RUSSIANGATE is a crisis a lot more than the Watergate: the candidate of Moscow was the nickname of Donald TRUMP. ISIS is the 3rd part of the WWIII. The US-B Bomb in Afghanistan won’t neutralize the terrorists. The UN Conference about WWII that I propose is the solution.

TIMefraMES: The Q&A will continue tomorrow morning for the EASTER WEEKEND with Mike FULLER, from the other dimension, the US-A. Stay TUNED!

The RUSSIANGATE is the LAWSUIT of all criminal activities against the Independence of the United States. The FBI will prosecute THEM ALL. FV

 GORE VIDAL, a cousin? An example of great author to follow in America.



ON FACEBOOK -April 17 I am pro-Airbnb for an upgrade of the situation on the Web, not enough connected to the basic society of our beloved America. Take care about your personal strategy on the Internet: select the sites you like, the social media is for everybody. Frederic (aka Mike)

Vince SAUVAN Replies To The American President. The FRENCH COP: WIN-WIN Is The Comeback Of Mike FULLER In The Universe of TIMefraMES Cinema Because The Storm Is Growing Around The Presidential Election He Wants Cancelled And Postponed In January 2017. 


Hello President FULLER:

I received your last letter. I think one is miss -ing but anyway (can you send them to me a second time). I miss France a little but I am happy to be useful for the United States one more time. It’s my job. I’m CIA since 2005 with Patricia and proud of it. This is so important in our life to manage DARKPOL but we were surprised to become after the success of our first mission kind of celebrities in the tabloids then years later I prefer to be like before an usual citizen.

I must tell you that Patricia and me don’t live together anymore since 2015. One told me she is in the Hollywood Hills but I don’t know more. So, I would appreciate so much your help to find her location and be in touch with her. She knew about the Japan mission and obviously she remember it is scheduled this year 2016. I am already in San Jose with some friends and I would need to have some team members to prepare the organization and the logistics of our plan you told me regarding Japan, Hewlett-Packard. This it it, President.

All my best,

Vincent (aka The FRENCH COP)


Picture from The Godfather III: This is a franchise that is connected to the FRENCH COP: WIN WIN. This is explained in the missing letter of Mike FULLER.


On Facebook

About New York Times article: Donald Trump Allies Focus Anger on Another Target: G.O.P. Leaders

Mike FULLER communique 10/26/2016. We are now just before the publishing of the #1 of my Newsletter THE COMET and I have the duty to inform you I propose the cancellation of the Presidential election on November 8. I cannot be the candidate of the Opposition to Barack Obama. The system prevents me to express my program in the press and the population. There is a dispute also that is terrible about Donald TRUMP but also Hillary CLINTON. It would be smart to give 2 more months to everybody to calm down everybody. I am ready to be candidate in January and I am confident I would be elected President. Who can say the contrary? I am no in the polls right now. I invite the television networks to prepare a one hour only program of interview with ONE of them. I am available beginning tomorrow, Thursday, October 27, 2016. You can write me at Thank you. Democracy deserves our dialogue to be more real. Mike FULLER shadow president

About Washington Post article: The GOP civil war is coming, and Trump will continue to destroy the party

A Civil War? It’s really bad the situation in America this year. We could cancel this election on November 8 and organize it in January with a better mood and less chaos. It’s what I am proposing this morning on FACEBOOK. We don’t need the end of our democracy that way. There is an ill-feeling here in the United States that we must reduce a lot before to start again a debate with me, if possible. Until now, I am nowhere in the Mass Medias and this is the definitive sign SOMETHING IS WRONG. Mike FULLER democracy The chaos of the dispute is destroying politics in America. Imagine Mike FULLER is a site available for everybody IN ORDER TO CALM DOWN thanks to me and my TIMefraMES universe including The FRENCH COP. Mike FULLER

On Twitter

THE COMET: Mike FULLER one week before Election Day will release his News & Web Letter for 4 years: 2017 – 2020, CONSERVATIVE & LIBERAL. TS

I’m back with the FRENCH COP WIN-WIN film development as the Presidential election is a CHAOS WITHOUT ME. I want it postponed in January. MF

Email To Reince PRIEBUS: THE TEXT. Record Diffusion For The Most Important Text Of Mike FULLER’s Political Career, All Week Long By The Shadow President’s Team!


Picture: It’s a good joke from Eisenhower and Reagan! Donald TRUMP was thinking he had finished me (and my pairs). NOT AT ALL and I will show it in DC: I’m not that kind of man to be afraid of a billionaire, even when I’m ZERO BUDGET! I’m the real GOP, he’s Wall Street, Garbage side. MF. Picture from:

Email from
sent at 3:14 PM PT on Monday.

From Fisherman Wharf, San Francisco, CA. Sunday, October 9, 2016.

Attn: Reince PRIEBUS, Chairman of the Republican National Committee

Hello Reince, Mr. Chairman:

I’m writing you this email at the end of the Fleet Week, here in San Francisco, after a last passage of the BLUE ANGELS, the flight demonstration Squadron of the US Navy.
You know I am a Presidential candidate, registered with the FEC since June. Songwriter, previously civil servant for 15 years, from France, Europe, I immigrated in 2003, became citizen in 2006 but my new profession, filmmaker, obliged me to wait for a while and to quit the Hollywood Hills.

With a PhD in communication studies and an important degree in Political Science, I participate in the campaign since I came back from Nice, October 16, 2015 when I stayed 4 years after the death of my old aunt my last family in Europe.

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, I have been able to write on my blog created in 2009 on WordPress my entire program on dozens of posts, commenting the news on a daily basis. Now that the TRUMP candidacy is at its worst, I am more than ever ready to run for the Republican Party as I selected Senator Marco RUBIO to be on my Ticket as Vice-President candidate.

I am volunteer to occupy the Oval Office for the next 4 years as a Republican with a New Look against the controversial candidate who is wrong and create an overdose of jerk.
If I am an apprentice, I am nevertheless sure that we must respect the Primaries message: WE, THE PEOPLE, the voters want something new. So I am and you can send me a flight ticket for more discussion because there is this tempest on US politics and we must take care and be fast.

Basically, I feel like the continuator of Lafayette partnership with Washington when I’m writing it: WE MUST REINFORCE OUR CIVILIZATION. It’s explained on my site: we need a change but the best has to stay. Conservatism and liberalism must inspire us together for the modernization of the Country to carry on.

A lot of Republican leaders said NO to the eccentric Donald TRUMP who diffuses a bad mood after his lack of respect about what is the most important in a population, WOMEN. We cannot accept that.

By being the second candidate UNOFFICIAL but not anymore OFF THE RECORD, we can organize our victory a new way against another person who is also controversial (emails), Hillary CLINTON. We don’t want burlesque situation American Politics anymore. I’m the only one capable to stop that, being myself a guest NEVER 2 WITHOUT 3.

Your other possible candidates will not decide to run now, it’s too late and why one and not another? I, it’s the contrary, I prepare since January this situation, when I understood It would not be possible to go to Desmoines, Iowa for the Caucuses. Something went wrong in this Presidential election, we’ll study what. For now, we have a chance to get the White House with the strategy I’m proposing you.

I can’t wait meeting you in Washington. We have 4 weeks and that’s enough. You won’t be disappointed by my presentation. I was never on TV yet or in the newspapers but I AM A PRO!

Sincerely yours,

Mike FULLER alias frederic vidal previously




Alert! From Fisherman Wharf, San Francisco, CA. Sunday, October 9, 2016. Attn: Reince PRIEBUS, Chairman of the Republican National Committee

The Debate about to begin. The BLUE ANGELS, the Flight Demonstration Squadron of the US Navy, were super great in the sky upon FISHERMAN’S

WHARF. Now time to diffuse the email text I prepared after the planes show. It will be the most diffused document of Mike FULLER’s career.

On TUMBLR, my very last day on the SOCIAL MEDIA before WASHINGTON, DC and The COMET, my new Format for the Web 2017

The Email That Mike FULLER Wants #1 Of Them All: Attn: Reince PRIEBUS, Chairman of the Republican National Committee. #MikeFULLER #DonaldTRUMP via @SkyrockOfficiel

Meanwhile on FACEBOOK

On TUMBLR, I have my very last day on the Social Media to diffuse the EMAIL before The COMET, my new program for the community sites beginning in Washington, DC on October 18 (press conference). See you there and then.

Meanwhile on TUMBLR

Title: The EMAIL that makes History! Fuller to Priebus: “you can send me a flight ticket for more discussion because there is this tempest on US politics and we must take care and be fast.”

Meanwhile on REDDIT

I am leaving the We that is social and for the community sites because I have not my place there as somebody like the others. I am a VIP and not only: I AM THE SHADOW PRESIDENT since my last stay in San Francisco, last week for the DREAMFORCE and FLEETWEEK. Now, back in San Jose, I prepare my move to DC and WASHINGTON can’t wait! I’m Presidential candidate too for a Happy End in the present crisis between Donald and Hillary and Trump against the GOP.  I’ll prevail. Call me the Breeze! I’m back on Reddit and Facebook, Oct 18 for my press presentation of The COMET, my web&newsletter for the Intervision (Internet + Television) and I DO THE PRESS.

Meanwhile on SKYROCK

FACEBOOK comment: The Email That Mike FULLER Wants #1 Of Them All: Attn: Reince PRIEBUS, Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

TWITTER Comment: On SKYROCK (French Radio): When Mike FULLER created the email as a way to replace the letters and to get a reply! TS


On BLOGGER: The Famous EMAIL From Mike FULLER To Reince PRIEBUS, Chairman Of Republican National Committee, Makes The Difference!
A great email for a great content: how to become President of the United States! Mike FULLER web

On LIVEJOURNAL: To replace TRUMP, Mike FULLER Emailed to Reince PRIEBUS From Fisherman Wharf, SF, Sunday, October.
In the Press (to conclude before one week of break)
About Washington Post article: The GOP tumbles toward anarchy: ‘It’s every person for himself or herself’

Last comment before New Start. I quit today the social media for ONE WEEK. One and only one week to build A PROJECT connected to my AMBITION: to replace a couple that was a bad partnership on Sunday Night for our American History. Mr. TRUMP, nasty and restless and Mrs. CLINTON, smiling and harassing him, this is the worst spectacle since the TV is diffusing programs to the families of our Country in the 1950’s. We never saw so much TENSION between a man and a woman except in JULIET JONES meets PERRY MASON. We cannot laugh about it. I will be the candidate of all the citizens of the US. More than that, I’m already a SHADOW PRESIDENT to control and criticize what Obama says and do. So be confident, readers and Washington Post, like the Social Media is, I WILL be OUR SECOND CHANCE to have 4 years of great Presidency, respecting the choice of the people not to have a professional Politician for the GOP. There won’t have anymore ANARCHY when I am in DC, let’s say next week. I’m unknown scientifically speaking by nobody. Everybody knows my WORDPRESS blog, everybody knows how much I write a lot on the Web the way I can be speaking, deciding, meeting the others at the White House, beginning January. If you are not sure, be at my press conference the 18: INTERVIEW ME. Mike Fuller press


ABOUT THE NEW YORK TIMES: ‘I’m the Last Thing Standing Between You and the Apocalypse’

Hillary Clinton declares ‘I’m the Last Thing Standing Between You and the Apocalypse’ . I DECLARE THE SAME. Mike FULLER myspace

ABOUT THE NEW YORK TIMES: Paul Ryan Turns Focus From Donald Trump to House Races, Roiling G.O.P.

Very bad weather before storm at the Republican party. Mike FULLER

TO BE OR NOT TO BE IN THE NEWSPAPERS, to be or not to be with a woman, to be or not to be in the mass medias, TO BE OR NOT TO BE FREDERIC VIDAL? That is the question. For the website to reply!!


Edwin Booth as Hamlet.

Letter from Frederic Vidal to Manuel Valls, Prime minister from France.
This text was first written on February 23 on Twitter

Read also my press release:

Dear Prime minister,

I did not think one day I would write you a message from the United States and that I would publish it first on this nice social media service, Twitter. It’s a surprise of 2016 and it’s a good thing, I suppose. I like communication and I want to improve mine as I’m still the Frederic Vidal of the XXth century who met Francois Mitterrand in December 1980, Gare de Lyon, just a few months before our Victory!! First, I want to congratulate you for your new Government and the changes that were necessary. Now, you are the leader of the best team in town!! Frankly speaking, I would like to be one of them but you know that it’s impossible because I made my choice and I was not the right choice in France for politics, being first an artist, a teenage decision that is still not obsolete!! Unfortunately, I did not do the career I could have behind me. Never mind, I joined the French State and I’m prouder than ever I have been a civil servant, attache of our great Country administration.

But it’s the past right now and the XXIst century is really different for me. I know why, I organized it and it’s the reason why I wanted to inform you what is it all about at the highest level, now that we’re in February 2016. My father, Ignasi Vidal, relocated in Monaco after the war, staid the painter from Barcelona all his life that fine. Consequently, it’s important for me you were first Spanish and from Catalonia, with your father also a painter moreover!! I see it like a sign and the evidence I can believe in you and be sure you are a person who is unique and favorable to me. I hope, in the future, to meet you in Paris or here, where I am now, in America, United States of America. You know I left France in 2003 after my 15 years at the Caisse des depots to realize my dream!! To be American, to live there, in Hollywood where all my beloved TV shows of the 1960’s were filmed and produced: that’s so much an exciting ‘pre-retirement’ project I succeeded to manage well the whole decade. At almost 57 now, I feel good to be in the 2010’s younger than ever (a physical and mental gift from my dad!) and TO DO IT AGAIN. The context is not the same. There is no doubt I had a fantastic previous decade, the 2000’s in Los Angeles, California. In 2006 I got my US citizenship, veritable accomplishment for me regarding what I did and wanted TO START A NEW CAREER. It’s in progress!! In fact, it’s longer than expected but for music like for movies, it’s a question of fame and publicity and I could check already in France before that there was some difficulty for me to access the medias (possibly coincidental or connected to my dad, Spanish civil war refugee?).

It’s not a big deal. What is more important is what I have to tell you now about my presence in America. I am lucky to be a dual citizen (thanks to a De Gaulle decree of the 1960’s). I think it’s great but it’s a little complicated. What I think and I do as a jurisprudence: when I’m in America, I’m American totally, when I’m in France, French 100%. But what about French in America? o%? Let’s say 25% additional!! What the people think about that? Because I must inform you that I decided (already in 2010 but it was postponed) to have a political career in my new Country that basically is the first one for me now I pledged allegiance to the American flag. I mean MY FUTURE IS IN THE UNITED STATES but France does not represent only the past at all for me, it’s my native Country and it’s still active and strong this second nationality!! I suppose even if it was weak, it would anyway be criticized somewhere there in the political establishment. Makes sense, a dual citizen, it creates possibly a problem for some people. I DON’T THINK SO. It’s a routine UN worldwide reality. I must tell you that because my blog on WordPress is the only library I have of my films (I couldn’t produce until now), I decided to INTENSIFY IN POLITICS. Maybe, probably, I’m more useful there and it’s unfortunately that I did not get the ambition in Sciences-Po, rue Saint-Guillaume to have the IEP Degree for the ENA directly and politics!! It’s like that, still BrAmStOcKeR in my mind certainly, you cannot change!! Never too late, it’s what I scheduled to wait until my 50’s. So, after all, my dear Prime minister, I confirmed the Web I wanna be candidate for the Presidential election this year.

Look at this strange candidate who has so much success at the primaries: Trump. It and political science. This guy (Donald) HE NEVER DID POLITICS and from a day to another, he’s future Prez!! No joke this is the evidence something is possible for me, obviously as a mini-candidate!! Trump is massive marketing more than really popular, billionaire even if he’s somebody who filed for bankruptcy. Extreme America. I would prefer regular one, I’m sorry, I didn’t find it. I came back in the United States 4 months ago from Nice. I left from a day to another, I had to go fast, already 4 years in France and nothing special except my plan was ready! It was time to move. I used this waiting time, since 2012, to meditate about my first US years. It’s not normal it was so slow. It’s not to criticize or to create problems but I must acknowledge I have been managing bad ANTI-NETWORKING around me. Too ambitious, too French? Who knows? I was a homeowner, I divorced and I lost everything. Time for a comeback!! In 2015, I was in Nashville for a musical pelerinage and with my new songs, we were not invited to play too much. It’s a shame, it’s about to change. In 2016, I’m in Atlanta, Martin Luther King Jr hometown. I feel comfortable I’m gonna make it and from the shelter of the Atlanta Mission where I decided to sleep as I am seen as a homeless by too many people, I finalize my plan TO BE BACK ON TRACK all at once!! I was a member of the Rotary in Los Angeles and of the Republican Party: it didn’t help. I was also a new entrepreneur intown with my creation TIMEFRAMES LLC.

These 4 months of bad reminder of the 2000’s gonna stop with the New York State primary of April 19 to prepare: it’s there I want to start my political CHALLENGE: I’m a winner and I have ideas for the US to WIN!! I put all my best about a Presidential program for the next 4 years on this site: I am sure and confident I can be useful IN THIS PREZ DEBATE as a mini-candidate! From New York to CALIFORNIA, June 7. It’s my motivation, it’s my goal. I have also a new film project, a big draft I begin like was my very first script THE FRENCH COP in 2006. So, I continue my blog on WordPress and LA FORCE TRANQUILLE!! My last comment about USA: so hard to meet someone after a divorce! There is the best and the worst here.


Frederic Vidal.


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