LOVE LETTER POSTCRIPT: I Wanna Marry You! For The Summer, June 21, In New York, Let’s Shoot On Location The Premiere Scene Of Our Online Script! A BrAmStOcKeR Soap Reality Opera! A Draft Recording of P.M.U.R.T. Done This Morning With An Acoustic Guitar For The D-day!


Q&A. : love is not easy on Earth? : it depends, the people who don’t support LOVERS are wrong and disconnected. I

think it does not matter, some are nasty, some are gentle persons to help and attract the right beautiful mood we need to BE HAPPY, if poss-

able. “POSCRIPT. I forgot to tell you how much I’m busy to anticipate everything that will be useful & surprisingly wonderful later, Jessie.

It is June 6 today and I checked on GOOGLE that you can be in New York with VIRGIN AMERICA, for instance, June 21 for the Summer and forever

with me, in 2 weeks from now, for $564 in 5 hours and 42 minutes! 1:30PM – 10:12PM, from LAX to JFK! It looks great! The deadline of June 6

was too early, I arrive on the East Coast March 21, your turn June 21, from a season to another! Otherwise, I wanted to speak about wedding!

I am excited by the project to marry you, the sooner will be the better I believe, you too? For the vacation time, we have the BAHAMAS and

other islands to visit in August for 2 weeks potentially to have a SUNNY HONEY MOON (we can get married there! Las Vegas another destination

and possibility). We have the time until then. What else? THE ANCHORS, on YOUTUBE for the pilot, like The OSBOURNES you remember, about our

couple & love story. Think a lot about it, it’s so important love and business follows.” : thank you. You’re so cute! : !




LETTER TO MY LOVE. Frederic VIDAL words of personal involvement and deep proximity are WEB GIFT 2 SHARE. Q&A @AP STS

The Rolling Stones – Miss You – OFFICIAL PROMO via @YouTube I MISS YOU, YOU MISS ME? Q&A @PEOPLE & @WSJ. I feel OK.

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1978, after the PUNK YEAR, huge success for THE ROLLING STONES, in the Discotheques especially, we danced on this song, to calm down, to relax when there is a waiting time, before the next fast sequence on the dance floor. Time’s waits for no one, this is a bright synchro!
Frederic Vidal​, PhD,

Tweets last night

: Are you an EMERGING TALENT? : of course, I wait for the PRESS in the USB. FOX SEARCHLIGHT could produce FRENCH COP.

Q&A: WHAT ARE THE USA. @Newsweek: you cannot stop the Q&A right now? @mikefuller2020: No, the Country has 2 dimensions. It’s good to TALK.

: are you a FASHION GURU? : especially for BIKINIS, I like 2 be like Yves SAINT-LAURENT, FASHION designer for WOMEN.

: your REALITY SHOW is TRENDY? : our TREND is WALL STREET, the DOW JONES. The Stock Exchange is about sweet BRANDS.

Q&A. : your band BrAmStoCkEr is Jean-Paul GAUTIER or Stella McCARTNEY! :

I was GLAM then PUNK in the 1970’s, just a T-shirt and 2 or 3 Jeans can be enough, with a JACKET that is unique with our motto: FAKE PUNK.

: are you ready to play PMURT 1st time on your guitar? : it will be a demonstration this morning at the GUITAR CENTER.

: some folks say you’re an Eric CLAPTON of the 6 strings? : I prefer to feel like I am, actor, DONOVAN and KEITH.

: do you play for MONEY? : I sing too, for FUN. Money is a motivation, I never play, I have to be RICHER, with SONGS.

: THE ANCHORS on YOUTUBE? : Hopefully a WEB ONLY for the Pilot, Episode #1: COMEDY, not PARODY, provisory title.

: BrAmStOCkEr is a CONCEPT? : a CONCEPT of COUPLE, a CONCERT of ideas mixing lyrics & chords to evaluate WHAT is LOVE.

: and this is a DRAFT? : alot more. We can’t accept the FAILURE OF THE SYSTEM. So, episode #0, Internet Origins.

: England is like New Jersey? : absolutely. We’re Cousins of these guys from Europe on an Island. PAIN.

June 6, 1944: the LONGEST DAY, famous D-day and the H-hour was? NOW.

LETTER TO MY LOVE. Frederic VIDAL words of personal involvement and deep proximity are WEB GIFT 2 SHARE. Q&A STS

Latest Tweets

There’s a POSTSCRIPT: 2 IMAGINE OURSELVES TOGETHER. Sometimes you see your partner 24/7 & you’re alone! Sometimes the contrary.

Q&A. : you played it? : I RECORDED IT. P.M.U.R.T. for the 1st time, this morning at GUITAR CENTER, online soon.

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The OSBOURNES are the ANCHORS kind of prequel:
they were a Reality Show about a Family, we are a Reality Show about a Couple LOVE STORY, some people don’t understand that: A LOVE STORY with the word LOVE and the word STORY.
Other people understand immediately what is it all about: to be in love and to show it even if there can be tensions in a couple or a separation but never forever. There is no other man for the woman and there is no other woman for the man.
In The OSBOURNES, it is the same, it could have been a family, not like a regular family but it was not the case at all. A family means a father, a mother and the children and their objective was to relocate in Hollywood.
In The ANCHORS, we are a couple and a couple is the basics of a family, a NEW COUPLE, before a wedding, before the children, before to buy a home but all of that is included and will appear in the film.
The ANCHORS is not a copy of The OSBOURNES, the father is a musician, me too but the mother is not a DJ!
Frederic Vidal,
Postcrip. Thank you, Ozzy, for your METAL with Black SABBATH.

For BrAmStOcKeR, SAVARIA STUDIOS In BROOKLYN, WTC For LOGO: PUNK METAL – FAKE HOUSE! It’s The NO-MUSIC Concept With The ANCHORS, Show Of Reality In NYC! Frederic VIDAL Meets Matt BEACON, Metal PR To Evocate THE USA, A Book On The Web!


Portrait of a Public Relations


Matt, a friend and a brother with his long hair like nobody. My interview of him

The text of this is upcoming this evening! This is the morning now and I must go to the 5th avenue for business with a woman: Samira.

Soon, it will be the Summer, we don’t mind in fact the season when we are in a hurry to get what we are looking for like in a mission commando.

We have two new soldiers in BrAmStOCkEr, Matt BEACON and Tamas VAJDA, a Rock Critic and a Drummer,  for the creation of our Fan Club for MALES, titled SOLDIERS & SINNERS.

Frederic VIDAL

The World Trade Center,
new LOGO of BrAmStOcKeR.

For the Cover of the Album FAKE PUNK,
T-Shirts, Posters, more merchandising.
(by ACD INC RECORDS, New York Nonprofit). 


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More pictures:

World Trade Center on Wikipedia


The DEVIL: your NICHE is in each WEBGRAM you write? Frederic VIDAL: exactly. All in my book THE USA. Do the same: PUBLISH YOUR WEB with INK!

The DEVIL: MONEY? Frederic VIDAL: Personal CREDIT is fine for Young Couples. For us, ACD INC, our nonprofit, will PAY CASH our “WARDROBE”!!

The DEVIL: JUNE will be the month of your DEGREE, COMMENCEMENT? Frederic VIDAL: WITH HER, on Tuesday, 6/6, REUNION of our Band BrAmStOcKeR!!

DEVIL: PRESS? FV: never imagined myself in the press, it’s bad for the BRAIN. I’m a SEX SYMBOL, a LOVE ICON thanks to my Business Romance!

Devil: Who?

Q&A with the DEVIL until FRIDAY, June 26! Frederic VIDAL alias Mike FULLER II is a Honest Person with no SECRETS.


The DEVIL: good morning! Frederic VIDAL: the D-day is JUNE 6. Jessie ANDREWS and me, we want you to be sure of it, NEW YORK, NEW YORK.

Q&A with the DEVIL last Day. Frederic VIDAL, SELF-MADE-MAN, ONE-MAN-SHOW, with the AMERICAN PRESS in the USA, a SCI-FI dimension.


Alienware, Star Wars 40 years, the INVADERS, Stargate SG1, UFOs are a culture that is not official but fictional. Brooklyn Bridge is Real.

WARNING! Nobody has only a FAN CLUB. Everybody has also an ANTI-FAN CLUB. Mine is reduced to ZERO. 100% of the POP loves me & my WIFE.

THE DEVIL: 100% of Americans? Frederic VIDAL: I’m the Right MAN, at the Right PLACE, at the Right TIME: 9:44am.

MEMORIAL WEEKEND, Special WORLD TRADE CENTER Q&A: before Ground Zero & 9/11! New BrAmStOcKeR LOGO: WTC! FV-MF2 with @CNN @TMZ in Sci-Fi USA!


The DEVIL: Ariana GRANDE? Frederic VIDAL: with Larry STYLES, Justin BIEBER, they’re not MADONNA & David BOWIE at all. @AP @TIME @TMZ @PEOPLE

The DEVIL: The MAJORS? Frederic VIDAL: SONY, UNIVERSAL & WARNER own HUNDREDS OF LABELS, it’s not anymore acceptable. @AP @TIME @TMZ @PEOPLE

The DEVIL: MANCHESTER? Frederic VIDAL: Ariana GRANDE communique is very well, personal and emotional, commercial? No. @AP @TMZ @TIME @PEOPLE


The DEVIL: see you at the HOTEL? Mike FULLER 2: last evening of Q&A! In 2001, ANDREWS AIR FORCE in DC could have prevented 9/11!

The DEVIL: Science Fiction? Frederic VIDAL: it’s dangerous but this Country is not enough real to be stable without science & fiction.

The DEVIL: weekend? Frederic VIDAL: to pray for our victims, for a REPUBLIC in Great Britain, a MEMORIAL in MANCHESTER!

DEVIL: 22? VIDAL: a tragedy. MUSIC BIZ MAJORS must sold their dozens of labels = FAKE PUNK message. The 22 victims of The BEATLES.

DEVIL: tomorrow? Fred VIDAL: HATE rules the world. TRUMP will be neutralized by my MONDAY DISSERTATION, RUSSIANGATE2!

The DEVIL: disabled? F. VIDAL: this Golden Idiot is enraged, sad to see how much he continues BUSH & OBAMA bad job to INCREASE POVERTY.

The DEVIL: disabled? F. VIDAL: this Golden Idiot is enraged, sad to see how much he continues BUSH & OBAMA bad job to INCREASE POVERTY.

The DEVIL: WOMAN? Fred VIDAL: ANDREWS (Jessie). Tabloids don’t like us because what I say in my MEMORIAL DISSERTATION.

100 years of KENNEDY: it’s enough for everyone. He was against CUBA, he was against the Middle-East, he was a Berliner 4 nothing.

The DEVIL: PORN ON TWITTER? Frederic VIDAL: it’s your last question & the reply is THANK YOU.


THE 2 UFOS: Anchor #1 and Anchor #2 to release FAKE PUNK by BrAmStOcKeR, a Music for 2025! GREGG ALLMAN IS DEAD LIKE BOWIE, ET! @billbloard



by a real one, Dr. Frederic VIDAL. She is the STAR OF THE DAY for THE ANCHORS, a production Sci-Fi USA by FELLINI, KUBRICK, LELOUCH and LYNCH (with disciples of these 4 masters of the 7th Art, Cinema, why this name?).
The agony of the USB is captivating, this dimension is not about to die but to collapse positively LIKE IF their WORLD TRADE CENTER would have destroyed by TONS OF FLOWERS.
OIn our dimension, Sci-Fi USA, Diane KRUGER is a MONSTER of LOVE INDUSTRY, the FILM CONSORTIUM of HoLlYwOoD, our TIMefraMES & ACD INC nonprofit business, commercial for the SOCIAL CONTENT. Diane will innaugurate our SECIAL LINOUSINE o the 5th Avenue & BROADWAY to reply to our questions and show to the camera her BEAUTY, we are the BEAST of the Mass Medias with THE ANCHORS, show of the BrAmStOcKeR reality & fiction.
CANNES last days Festival are the moment to use for a celebration of our ONE CENTURY OF FEATURES FILMS, from 1917 to 2017: no music first, music only in 2025? Why not but there was music in the silent movies, MUSIC & VOICES in a new generation of soudtracks, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 is an example ofthis comeback of a tracklisting that STRUCTURE THE MOTION PICTURE.
Mike FULLER 2, my Facebook nickname!
DIANE, A STAR FOR 2017 or for 2027?
You can decide with the Jury of CANNES:
she deserves it! For me, she has the FRENCH OSCAR.

Diane Kruger shows off her enviable legs at Cannes Film Festival in baby blue outfit.

At least 105 civilians killed in US-led strike on IS in Mosul, Pentagon says MORE TERRORISM, LESS NEW AGE: why are we WRONG and GUILTY like one century ago, WWIII is a massacre of civilians 12/12. It has to be reduced to 0 with the deadline 2025, the 250 years of our Empire (Sci-Fi USA). Our ideology is the result of HOLLYWOOD2 & WASHINGTON, DC. Do something (Britney SPEARS) or I will make it happen my own way (with a guitar and a camera too!).
Frederic Vidal, PhD
Jared Kushner now a focus in Russia investigation
JARED in the BREAKING NEWS on CNBC yesterday evening: IT IS ANOTHER EPOCH since I was in BROOKLYN and confirmed my cultural tendency, THE METAL, conceivable with THE HOUSE ad THE PUNK but also THE COUNTRY (my previous album attracted NASHVILLE, TN, I was there!).
JARED is IVANKA husband, he has his own brand, thanks to Department of State and he is too famous for the FBI. The RUSSIANGATE is his SHOW OF REALITY like me and my wife we have THE ANCHORS in New York. Extraordinary Ambassador of TRUMP, his connections with MOSCOW are unknown 50%, hi PUTIN is not mine. My Vladimir is a city like UFA, not UFO. He is a LEGAL PUTIN, not a LEGAL JESUS of Depeche Mode.
What is a crime potentially is the ATTACK AGAINST HILLARY COMPUTER before the election. Without a normal Web acces, she could not win! Her bug was? I support the FBI to know its name!
Frederic Vidal​, ACD INC
BrAmStOcKeR presents the WORLD TRADE CENTER (1973-2001)
BrAmStOcKeR presents the WORLD TRADE CENTER (1973-2001), a building of legend and glory for FAKE PUNK, debut album of THE ANCHORS (the VIDAL / ANDREWS, the best signature in the music publishing). 12 songs, 24 songs with previously Web album PRESIDENT OF THE STATES (2015-2025).
Frederic Vidal
JOINT BASE ANDREWS The Americans needed PEARL HARBOR to fight against GERMANY, in 1941: this is a shame. The Americans needed September 11 (2001) to fight against TERRORISM.

The Joint Base ANDREWS is the US AIR FORCE military airport of the AIR FORCE DISTRICT OF WASHINGTON. So many F-16 there, why they were not closer to New York to neutralize the planes that destroyed the Twin Towers?

This is one of the subjects of THE ANCHORS, a show of reality not only to interview female celebrities and to record the Making of FAKE PUNK. Let’s be Patriot before to be SUBCULTURE activists.


Frederic Vidal

Egypt fights back after 28 Coptic Christians killed

The Middle-East in the middle of World War III, as the US are not able at all to acknowledge the new PEARL HARBOR was the WORLD TRADE CENTER.
Frederic Vidal, PhD

8 BILLIONS OF PEOPLE We will be 8 BILLIONS OF PEOPLE in 2025 for the 250 years of the United states of America to celebrate July 4, 2026 in the Sci-Fi USB? Fortunately, everybody will be in the Sci-Fi USA mode at that time. We are disabled right now after the 2001 attack and bad military reply.

WWIII will be a victory in 2020: it’s our goal, it’s my mission to be President in 2018 if possible after the resignation OF THE WHOLE TRUMP TEAM! We cannot continue to call losers terrorists who are liars:

they accepted to stop the war, according to me, in the 2010’s to negotiate a Treaty of Anti-Terrorism, with me as the President of the US but, in fact, they used to prevent my candidacy?

Frederic Vidal, PhD,
Shadow President of France & the US. 


The JOINT BASE ANDREWS: US AIR FORCE (ready for MONDAY, MEMORIAL DAY for Mike FULLER 2, GOP2 like MT2) to neutralize any Terrorist on our Territory or abroad who would try to prevent the D-day of June 6, 1944 and its commemoration in 2017.
USA not less, not more, 3 letters in Sci-Fi or in normal.
If you’re USB, you’re wrong.
Silence Thomas SPEARS

Memorial Day 2017 in NYC


BrAmStOcKeR to regret THE WAR DEATHS and to present the new MALE FAN CLUB of the group: SOLDIERS & SINNERS. Reminder: the female Fan Club (BARTENDERS, CHEERLADERS, PORN STARS, TOP MODELS & TIMefraMES ACTRESSES) will be also motivated to appreciate the military on Monday with ACD INC.

Frederic Vidal



WORLD WAR III after World War II: it is time to organize with or without the UNITED NATIONS a conference about PEARL HARBOR, AUSCHWITZ and the D-day. The failure of the agreement against GERMANY between the US and the USSR (RUSSIA) is the reason why there is this new World War since 2001.

This weekend the WORLD TRADE CENTER Attack but also the VIETNAM WAR will be studied in the realty show THE ANCHORS on Twitter that is not only a business romance for the artistic and financial success of the 2 protagonists we are, me and my girl.

The Americans we are were not inspired to blackout their dispute with the USSR creating a chaos until 2001 and after 16 years of terrible battles killing so many civilians, NOTHING FROM THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION. The contrary of a pertinent policy, this is the program of a House that is more than grey and totally not white but DIRTY, extremely close to a garbage we have to CLEAN ASAP.

This is the RUSSIANGATE with the Congress and the FBI doing their best but not enough to PROSECUTE the BUSH-OBAMA-TRUMP dysfunction or SYNDROM of FAKE POWER and true self-destruction of our investments worldwide and our LEADERSHIP to become for 2025 (USA, 250 years old in 16) the United States of the WORLD, like COCA_COLA and PEPSI are GLOBAL DRINK BLOCKBUSTER!

As the SHADOW PRESIDENT, never invited in Washington, DC but so motivated to write the expression of the Opposition on the SOCIAL MEDIA on the Web, I will appreciate to have with the Press 72 hours, 3 days of Q&R about the Sci-Fi USA / USB problem, including the overdose of bad Hollywood with too much super heroes, and the terrible repression against HAPPINESS managed by a society to reinforce as a CIVILIZATION of:


Frederic VIDAL, PhD,
from New York, New York, USA. 

MAY 28, 2011


6 YEARS LATER, I am JULIUS CAESAR for THE ANCHORS. Caesar and Cleopatra in New York, WHAT IF? The reply on YOUTUBE in a couple of weeks and on Cable TV in a couple of months.
THE ANCHORS, a show reality, in MAN-HATTAN, a strange name for a bizarre CITY, with 2 HOT HOSTS, CLEO & CAES, SPINOFF of FAKE PUNK’s BrAmStOcKeR, the metal dance Rock Opera of 12 songs written Vidal / Andrews and not 2 names of the 60’s who did nothing for the SOCIAL CONTENT.
NONPROFIT is our motto of two words in one to give all the money of the benefits of THE USA, our SONGBOOK (plus a Sci-Fi Self-Biography) to ACD INC, NY, NY, our record label and publisher, not-for-profit.
This will finance REAGAN CITY, the concept of new capital to replace Washington we have to build, first, in the imagination of the US Citizens, a program to rewind the ANTI-NETWORKING with SOLIDARITY and FAITH. On Monday, our MEMORIAL DISSERTATION will give the details of our Plan to the US Supreme Court, the institution we select to be our Principal Allied to finish CORRUPTION in America!
Frederic Vidal, PhD,
Shadow President & BrAmStOcKeR.
on Monday, the Golden Years of Frederic VIDAL?
Without women, without clients, in Hollywood from 3 to 11. The Authorities Politicians and the Show Biz Establishment networked to open his eyes (“you’re not welcomed”), HE PREFERRED EYES WIDE SHUT, a KUBRICK revival: TO PARODY!
FAKE PUNK, RIGHT HOUSE, BrAmStOcKeR is a locomotive with no Harbor but GRAND STATION headquarters.
Silence Thomas SPEARS,
New York, New York. 
Welcome to THE ANCHORS, Eva, it’s almost a FEATURE FILM with a script by KAFKA and ORWELL. KUBRICK, FELLINI are the main directors inspiration but also LELOUCH and LYNCH for the 2nd team. In our Limousine in New York, New York, you will have the most exciting interview of your career TONIGHT (in a dream) and tomorrow on the Cyberspace and for MEMORIAL DAY, a space time travel in another dimension.
YOU WILL BE HERE WITH ME AND JESSICA, for sure, when we will have sign with you THE CONTRACT OF PROMOTION OF YOUR FILM BASED ON A TRUE STORY. This story is really true. You were improving your career when I was in Hollywoodland, a newcomer from Paris looking for a career, on a set for Bastille Day 2003 meeting Katie HOLMES for the 1st time of my long life.
Now, I am in New York, BrAmStOcKeR needs to record this debut album we rehearse and promote on the Web 24/7 to make a buzz, MAKE A BUZZ, networking 100% on the social media, fascinating innate by your red carpet BASED ON A TRUE STORY. I am the PICASSO of the New Age, a sequencer of films, songs, pictures and texts for my SCI-FI-SONGBOOK titled THE USA.
Godspeed for you and all the Festival, tomorrow the PALMARES. 7o is a great number, not too young, not too old. I am UNDERCOVER, blackout by the medias thanks to the US & French Authorities, WHAT A JOKE, BASED ON A TRUE STORY. I was a Civil Servant, 15 year, they say I’m EVIL, they say I’m a POLANSKI. They don’t want me with a girl but her name is ANDRES based on a FAKE story.
Take care, you, Eva, you are FEATURED and on the list of the FAMOUS PEOPLE, available for the GOSSIP magazines and the MOVIE PAPERS. Say Hello to ROMAN, he’s a little like me, criticized TO HAVE BEEN A VICTIM, sabotage of his 1960’s Love Story. This society is BASED ON A WRONG OLD STORY but SAD YET TRUE. 
There will be an UNDERGROUND invitation you will receive from us in June, our local SUBCULTURE is strong and wise like the CANNES FESTIVAL but ALTERNATE. Be ready to be BASED in another STORY for 1 hour of dialogue with us, the ANCHORS COULE of a Boat that is a Train, in Manhattan, by the way. 

Gregg Allman, Soulful Trailblazer of Southern Rock, Dies at 69

Gregg. He’s the winner of the dedication of the WTC special Q&A until MEMORIAL DAY on His memory of WARRIOR OF THE ROCK CONFLICT WILL GIVE HIM ARLINGTON.

Frederic Vidal, PhD
alias Mike FULLER II,
(Shadow in the USB) President in the (Sci-Fi) USA!

CROP: RECADRAGE, May 3 Press Release Updated May 22 For More Diffusion And Understanding Of Frederic VIDAL Strategy To Win Win! 

HARVEY MILK, Mr. LGBT. He was an activist, from San Francisco, murdered in 1978. We composed the 12 songs of FAKE PUNK in SF in February and March, to improve the situation of all the minorities, LGBT of course on CASTRO. My 5/3 press communique updated the 5/22, today, is dedicated to Harvey., a wonder man, always smiling and happy to be our friend, us BrAmStOcKeR, from France to California!

Frederic Vidal, PhD
Picture from:

Do you like mine? write your own
Hello Sir:
I manage on the Social Media what I call a SCHOOL OF POWER. This is a way to be more in touch with important persons like yours.  On the Web, I am proud to represent what is necessary for the Democracy to stay strong and active in the present times of Presidential crisis called by me the RUSSIANGATE: the SHADOW PRESIDENT, permanently available to reply to the questions of anyone involved in the Institutions agenda and the relation Majority – Opposition.
I am inviting you today to read my Press Release and to become a member of my Team that could be one day soon a Shadow Government (in a good way, like in Great Britain, to anticipate the change of President next year, in November, if Donald TRUMP impeachment is decided by the United States). It is free and unofficial, what it will cost you is to share with me a minimum of confidence and solidarity.
I believe in your membership acceptation that will give you the opportunity to receive one email every week, our newsletter CAESAR’S COMET (first issue with the press release). To be on my list without unnecessary delays, I scheduled a deadline for your reply by your secretary, I suppose: May 25, this Friday, before Memorial Day.
Sincerely yours.
Frederic Vidal
Postscript. Read my press release:

CROP 2: the Recadrage is about to be done

by Frederic Vidal, PhD


FACEBOOK, TWITTER and WORDPRESS are the first sites to participate in the ‘Pilot on the Web and in the streets (texts, pictures and videos)’ of the Reality Show THE ANCHORS, the Making Of FAKE PUNK (the 12 songs debut album of the 40 years old BrAmStOcKeR).
The ‘Menage a 4‘ I want to do with the model, DJ and porn star Jessie ANDREWS is a about to be together as President and CEO of the nonprofit ACD (American Culture(s) Department) with a Vice-President and a Secretary of the State of the Arts.
June 6, me and her we will celebrate the 1944 D-day, like the first time we met, around the building of this Organization (ACD), downtown Manhattan, in SOHO, where we have the project to buy a Loft for its Headquarters.
I did not meet Donald TRUMP on May 4 because he cancelled his visit to New York (he decided only to go to the USS INTREPID and to stay for the weekend in New Jersey. In France, Emmanuel MACRON has been elected President and it is now the CANNES Film Festival diffused on our social media as a background content for THE ANCHORS.
Tomorrow, May 4, Donald TRUMP will be in New York, my City, for the first impeachments Washington trip (with weekends in Florida). The new President finished his 100 days on Saturday.
The RUSSIANGATE is the evidence this man is too close to Vladimir PUTIN, the Russian President. The FBI is investigating and the impeachment of Donald TRUMP is COMPULSORY. The deadline, obviously, is July 4, 2017 before the Summer of the Americans and their vacation, one year after the Conventions. It is an investigation against corruption that can be worse if the judges do nothing.
A SNOWDEN, I am not! I just want to be a Web Shadow President and next year your candidate for the US Senate election in New York. Meanwhile, our disabled Country deserves a medication: a project to judge the Presidencies of BUSH and OBAMA too.
I will meet Donald TRUMP on the 5th Avenue to give him a copy of this press communique. I am sure he can do something like NIXON did, to resign one day. Previously, he must be informed I am contacting the US Supreme Court about the PORN INDUSTRY to tell them it’s not normal to prevent this culture to be diffused with a MAINSTREAM validation. Pornography cannot be persecuted anymore in America. About the Web, this agreement between the Adult Entertainment and Washington could have another result: no more anarchy and viruses on the Internet.
In fact, there is the management of a kind of SLAVERY in Hollywood, the actresses (like Blake LIVELY, identified by us in 2009 as a victim of it) have a value like the Africans sold to work in the South of the US in the XIXth century. The actors too but, like George CLOONEY, they are accomplices, according to us, of the producers and directors. This HUMAN TRAFFICKING must be prosecuted now and the Senator Joseph MCCARTHY legacy is our basics to study if it is connected to the RUSSIANGATE.
This is not acceptable to be in 2017 as US citizens pressurized by the White House that could have been Hillary CLINTON one. She was beaten too much, neutralized because she is a woman and the wife of a President not only know for his MONICAGATE but for their last mandate not totally dysfunctional. I was homeowner in the 2000’s of a house in Hollywoodland. In 2010, US Senate candidate in the State of California, in 2016, US Presidential candidate nationwide. I could have been elected, I have been boycotted potentially since my immigration in 2003.
In France, a new President will be elected on Sunday, Emmanuel MACRON, unknown until now and my apartment in Nice (my birth hometown bad known in the 80’s as the Mayor Jacques MEDECIN was in jails) is still there, nobody told me if I am welcomed or not to be back in the second Land of the Free. I want to know why I am not in the Medias in the States since BrAmStOcKeR origins in 1977.
For now, I am scheduling this year with my TIMefraMES organization:
1. My book ‘THE USA’, I write it on my WordPress blog on Facebook and Twitter: Sci-Fi is possible when reality is too dark and fiction too brainwashing the crowd.
2. My debut album, FAKE PUNK, BrAmStOcKeR signed, to be recorded in Manhattan, 12 songs already composed, a New Age symphony of METAL and HOUSE.
3. A film and a comic book with me in semi-fictional stories like Eliot NESS in his UNTOUCHABLES TV  Show: THE MAN FROM 25.
There will be a lawsuit next year or not about the slander I would be ‘EVIL’ (and the risk of STALKING) in the Federation of the BILL OF RIGHTS. For now, Jessie ANDREWS is the woman I want to marry like ROMEO was in love with JULIET but more IN A SUCCESS STORY WITH A HAPPY END.
End of the communique. 

ON TWITTER 5/22-23


THE DEVIL: What do you think about TRUMP in ISRAEL? MIKE FULLER (alias Frederic VIDAL): he’s there to forget ROOSEVELT financed AUSCHWITZ.
THE DEVIL: TRUMP? Frederic VIDAL: he will meet the POPE now.
THE DEVIL: TRUMP? Frederic VIDAL: he will meet the POPE TOMORROW. @CNN @TIME @nytimes @washingtonpost
THE DEVIL: there is this Attack in Manchester. Mike FULLER: we are sad, 19 deaths, & angry. TRUMP said no more terrorism in vain.
THE DEVIL: it was for a concert. Mike FULLER: this Arena was the best place for this show. The audience was punished 4 nothing.
THE DEVIL: MANCHESTER? Fred. VIDAL: terrorists, they want to give a sign, must be against TRUMP.
The DEVIL: TRUMP the target? Frederic VIDAL: TRUMP the origins! He insulted terrorist then ARENA.
The DEVIL: ISRAEL? FVIDAL: you don’t mix like that Arabians & Jews. TRUMP = 22 UK DEAD! LOVE’s a REPLY!
The DEVIL: all you need is love? F.VIDAL: not at all, I have already all this LOVE with Jessie. LENNON was like TRUMP.
The DEVIL: BrAmStOCkEr? F, VIDAL: MANCHESTER will have my 1st SPEECH abroad when I’ll have replaced TRUMP, with Jessie ANDREWS.

The DEVIL: Roger MOORE? Frederic VIDAL (Mike FULLER 2): he was in MANCHESTER yesterday but not with Blake LIVELY who is in CANNES.

THE DEVIL: TRUMP? Frederic VIDAL: he will meet the POPE now.
THE DEVIL: TRUMP? Frederic VIDAL: he will meet the POPE TOMORROW.
The DEVIL: POPE on Wednesday? Frederic VIDAL: in Rome, tomorrow, I want the President to congratulate FRANCIS.
The DEVIL: and in BRUSSELS? Frederic VIDAL: it’s EUROPE Headquarters, a JFK speech for NATO promotion.
FATAL CONCERT BLAST IS CALLED TERROR. The DEVIL: who is your RAINMAKER? Frederic VIDAL: NSA is my own Adviser & CIA too late.
The DEVIL: LOVE ATTACK? F. VIDAL: it begins tomorrow 24 with a definition of the COUPLE by
DEVIL: are you Sex Symbol or LOVE ICON? FV: I like this expression. I’m a SWEET BIZ FREELANCER with Jessie ANDREWS.
The DEVIL: goodnight. I see you at 2pm for the Q&A. F. VIDAL: Eventually, I found you to reply the BE(A)ST. I feel comfortable to be SEXY.
THE USA is a Super America with no BOEHNER, no PELOSI, retarded proteges & amateurs TO BE REPLACED.
DEVIL: FRANCE not favorable? F. VIDAL: there’s no FRANCE right now, we’re in the States to MAKE LOVE not WAR, me and ANDREWS.
Wednesday afternoon
The DEVIL: BrAmStOcKeR? Frederic VIDAL: I’m interested in FAKE PUNK for I wait for 40 years to RECORD A LP!!! Not 1 more!
DEVIL: ANCHORS? F. VIDAL: very cool location in BROOKLYN of our recording STUDIO, SAVARIA, audio & video for our REAL. SHOW + 2 songs DEMO!
Tomorrow, the Postscript of the email. The DEVIL: ANDREWS? Frederic VIDAL: for WIN WIN, we’re 2 of a kind. Our LOVE BUSINESS is Real. Show.
Tweets of Thursday, June 25
The DEVIL: BROOKLYN? Frederic VIDAL: I go back there DAILY. It’s BrAmStOCkEr Sanctuary after the BRONX & MANHATTAN 2 rehearse the new songs.
The DEVIL: what about PORN? Frederic VIDAL: the PORN is America POISON because it’s badly managed. With BrAmStOCkEr, it is MEDICATION.
The DEVIL: it’s not like before, you have a team. Frederic VIDAL: Matt BEACON is my new PR & Tamas VAJDA, my SAVARIA studio manager.
The DEVIL: TRUMP back in DC. Frederic VIDAL: he’s dangerous as he’s EXTREME & CONTROVERSIAL. ‘Terrorists are LOSERS’ he said, a compliment.
The DEVIL: Losers? Frederic VIDAL: Losers are Lovers for the BEATLES and SHAKESPEARE. Those who killed in MANCHESTER are abominable WINNERS.
PORN, a poison or a medication? NEW TEAM or PR Studio? LOSERS or minable WINNERS? TRUMP or P.M.U.R.T.!! Q&A with the DEVIL, more and more.
The DEVIL: OBAMA and MERKEL? Frederic VIDAL: they are accomplices to promote MY JOB OF POWER & LIBERTY in GERMANY and in NEW YORK CITY.
Q&A with the DEVIL until FRIDAY, June 26! Frederic VIDAL alias Mike FULLER II is a Honest Person with no SECRETS.
DEVIL: PRESS? FV: never imagined myself in the press, it’s bad for the BRAIN. I’m a SEX SYMBOL, a LOVE ICON thanks to my Business Romance!
The DEVIL: JUNE will be the month of your DEGREE, COMMENCEMENT? Frederic VIDAL: WITH HER, on Tuesday, 6/6, REUNION of our Band BrAmStOcKeR!!
The DEVIL: MONEY? Frederic VIDAL: Personal CREDIT is fine for Young Couples. For us, ACD INC, our nonprofit, will PAY CASH our “WARDROBE”!!
The DEVIL: your NICHE is in each WEBGRAM you write? Frederic VIDAL: exactly. All in my book THE USA. Do the same: PUBLISH YOUR WEB with INK!
Email to Jessie ANDREWS
Email from Frederic VIDAL to Jessie ANDREWS! Hi Jessie: for our BrAmStOcKeR debut album FAKE PUNK recording sessions to be also filmed for
our Reality Show THE ANCHORS, I propose you SAVARIA STUDIOS in BROOKLYN. Visit the website and be sure I WAS THERE
yesterday & today & they told me: CONGRATS after we had a great conversation about the Band, the Show and the Book, the USA. They’re METAL!
Beavis & Butt-Head from MTV are for us the REFERENCE to keep in mind: for the 2 songs DEMO, your HOUSE will be @CNN
on the 4th TRACK, a 1st track will be METAL (bass & rhythm guitar), a 2nd one will be for the LIVE DRUMS of Tamas VAJDA, the studio manager!
have a call this week to decide what’s the best & to confirm our D-day for JUNE 6. With the Broker I visit +apartments in Soho for our Loft.
All my best & my love from New York City, I think about you Night&Day! Frederic VIDAL to Jessie ANDREWS. @CNN @TIME @nytimes @washingtonpost
LOVE ATTACK today is the reply. It’s World War III, Web and Terrorism and TRUMP CHAOS worldwide. So, let us have fun to reduce pain and tension of the others. Our attack is just SEMIOTICS and DIALECTICS, FV & JA
Times Square is not in MANCHESTER but almost Frederic VIDAL
Artwork for a concert TRIBUTE for MANCHESTER.
Frederic VIDAL, PhD,
The LOVE ATTACK continues today in BROOKLYN for BrAmStOCkEr’s FAKE PUNK and REAL METAL with a dose of HOUSE for Discotheques like the sugar is in the CAKE.
Frederic VIDAL, PhD,
Frederic Vidal, PhD
BrAmStOcKeR & TIMefraMES co-producers

of the reality show and the album.


It is not possible to criticize al the time the USB (a Sci-Fi definition of our dimension) because John LENNON was too aggressive in his Love Story with Yoko ONO and the USA (our dimension of prestige and distinction) did not validate enough this troubadour who was killed in 1980. This time, 22 killed in a concert in MANCHESTER in his Country, England, after Ariana GRANDE concert.

Our USA are available to HELP the victims of the frustrations of its Sci-Fi competitor. In Cannes, Nicole, my favorite 2017 Actress, is presenting 4 films at 49: this is a miracle or a routine, WE MIND OPPORTUNITIES and SYNERGIES in our coverage of the Film Festival, THE ANCHORS, our inter-dimensional Reality Show that is not only promoting BrAmStOcKeR’s debut FAKE PUNK but also the REAL STARS of the Medias and the Movies.

Our LOVE ATTACK is a new literary initiative of our program that will be published: THE USA is a book you read everyday on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and WORDPRESS, a triumvirate named the SOCIAL MEDIA with tons of other sites, associated or not yet federated by us, for the Modernization of the USB: this Civilization must evolve, progress, reinforce its principles of AUTHORITY and LIBERALISM. I will direct this LOVE ATTACK on TWITTER mainly:

Love never killed somebody, except Romeo & Juliet.
To Nicole KIDMAN: you are not my JULIET but I am your ROMEO!

Frederic Vidal​, PhD

ARIANE GRANDE ARIANA GRANDE was confused yesterday night like never before. She is not MADONNA or LADY GAGA but a newcomer for me who is not a wannabe but a serious American Outsider of Donald TRUMP, a Man who speaks too much like this time in Arabia and in Israel to attack the terrorists with speeches not with a military strategy! My LOVE ATTACK on Twitter is maybe paramilitary but TOTALLY anti-WAR.
Frederic Vidal
TRUMP TRIP TRUMP IN ITALY: this is the Roman Empire welcoming the President of the States, one time, this year before BRUSSELS, the Capital of EUROPE, a kind of Empire like ours: The United States of the World we are, to somer extend and we have a mission of coordination of the Planet.
Frederic Vidal, PhD
MANCHESTER AFTER THE ATTACK. The United States of America are concerned and sad: I, Mike FULLER II, replies on TWITTER to the journalists of the USA (with Sci-Fi content for our Real. Show THE ANCHORS of BrAmStOcKeR for the debut album FAKE PUNK): are the USB (the US of TRUMP responsible of this bombing)?
THE ANCHORS reality show is cyber-networking in Cannes this year before the shooting for the Pilot: REUNITED AT THE END! The title expressing the challenge to be two in 2017 with a 2 before the 017 but not more: our societies not like men and women connecting each other for a deal associated with love! ELLE is a French name that is a word meaning SHE. SHE IS FANNING, a love star maybe one day when she will be older (joking!) or already now, she’s not anymore the little child she was with her serious and happy sister DAKOTA, a star of the stars planning more to have a NICHE for her sister ELLE.
This is exactly the NICHE waiting also for us the BrAmStOcKeR, not only playing METAL HOUSE but NAKED POP MUSIC with a guitar and a camera. The market of audio and video is wide enough for ELLE and LIU, HIM meaning ME, Frederic VIDAL looking for another HER who is about to arrive thanks to JFK (airport), ANDREWS being too far away and military airport. FANNING and Jessie will be friends after an interview in MANHATTAN for a while and covering as journalists and artists of the personal contact HER career and Fame for love of us all.

Frederic Vidal
NOT-FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION: this is the Status of ACD INC, American Culture(s) Department Incorporated, est. 2017, in JUNE, for the Summer, June 21st, a Wednesday, the 25th week of the Year, in New York CITY with more people than necessary, id est nobody else than the associates and founders of this so important corporation supporting SUBCULTURE and FINE ARTS in North America!
ACD INC will publish books like mine THE USA (Sci-Fi Self-Biography), release RECORDS like FAKE PUNK (BrAmStOcKeR’s debut 40 years later!), THE ANCHORS, a Show of Reality (remake of a lot of old WIN WIN SEX & FUN stories of the American tradition, amusement and dream until 2000, later it’s not ROUTINE anymore).
You can be a sponsor or a stockholder of the Corporation. Just send me an email: with your objective and motivation. You are BEAUTIFUL!
Frederic Vidal
Trump calls for investigation of U.S. leaks in Manchester bomb probe
TRUMP was not inspired by me when he said LOSERS and before ANTI-TERRORISM. Sometimes, he follows my advice to say MIKE FULLER is the KEY-NAME, think about THE USA, we’re not there, here is not A but B , so we have to confirm our talent by demanding more motivation to everybody.

I finish my Q&A with the DEVIL for him, he’s too much Q&A with GOD, the Lord of the Founders who left for another Land. This weekend, TRUMP and me will have to discover another FLORIFA for MEMORIAL Day on Monday. After, it’s a change of direction if he accepts to produce this feature with me and my Town (NYC): to resign after an election as a dispute can’t stop otherwise.

MIDTERM TRUMP FREE. Thank you, Donald. Understand your US Administration and Authorities did not find the way to neutralize me partly AT ALL. I’m more and more and more ALIVE AND WELL in Manhattan TO BREAKTHROUGH FOR THE D-day!

Frederic Vidal, PhD

Q&A With US TABLOIDS (Gossip Magazines): VIDAL’s Love Story & FULLER’s Fairy Tale Are Success Guaranteed Thanks To Monica BELLUCI And The CANNES Film Festival! 


It’s vacation time for THE ANCHORS in Cannes. The FRENCH TV is on location with CANAL +, HBO plus SNL, and today Monday we PROGRAM semi-fictional CONTENT we are on their SET. This is the promotion of BrAmStoCkEr and our DEBUT ALBUM FAKE PUNK. Our Reality Show THE ANCHORS script is published in the Book THE USA: how the movie industry produced an American Dream made of a fantasy that was a poison for France!

Monica BELLUCCI is an old Actress from CINECITTA that was destroyed by HOLLYWOOD. CANNES 2017 say Thank you to the American majors because the Indies of today refuse the right tradition of the previous decades to say NO to permanent red carpets.

EISENHOWER must be replaced, he’s still the President of an obsolete Country, I call the USB.

The USA are not a dream but an objective of a minimum of perfection and justice that can be reached if ALL THE FESTIVAL SAY: YOU’RE FIRED to TRUMP, Wall Street in DC, also the title of a song of the project album PRESIDENT OF THE STATES by BrAmStoCkEr composed in August 2015 by me.

Monica BELLUCCI is not invited to participate in our reality show. She is like Carla Bruni, a Lady of the Authorities, doing the contrary of the great RULE #1 of the Cinema, the INDEPENDENCE. The culture of the Police, let it for the Judges.

There is a risk of corruption in that case but the money of the State of France and the US will never go in the pocket of the producers because the Authorities are not the politicians only.

I am the Shadow President of FRANCE and the UNITED STATES and I recommend also the Republic in Great Britain.

Human Trafficking  Blake LIVELY STATE in North America is an abomination. Adolph HITLER inspired OBAMA and BUSH to chose this Actress I wanted for a Romance to be their Prime Minister for Show Business of the Human Trafficking. TRUMP and MACRON are REAL BROTHERS in this story of SLAVERY of WOMEN who are celebrities.

Donald TRUMP is prosecuted worldwide for his HARASSMENT AGAINST WOMEN and his dysfunctional style of capitalism. MACRON after VALLS, HOLLANDE and Nicolas SARKOSY, Carla BRUNI’s husband, is his confidential associate to oblige the filmmakers and their cast to obey.

There will be a new election to confirm or not Emmanuel MACRON in June. The National Assembly will have a majority to cancel his mandate if we refuse the neutralization of the political parties he did with HOLLANDE.

So, our community must be motivated like before to stop these colleagues of mine who did my SCHOOL in Paris, the INSTITUTE OF POLITICAL STUDIES (HOLLANDE, SARKOSY and MACRON) or noas as they are anti-Culture, a Minister unknown in the US, certainly not to help the artists.

BRAMSTOCKER is the group #1 in the world like SOLIDARITY in Poland to REWIND fascism, communism and this new extremism of the present Bureaucry: the Power to Political actors like MACRON and CLINTON, wife of a President.

Our DEBUT ALBUM titled FAKE PUNK is like a motion picture thanks to our Reality Show THE ANCHORS, you read now and I will conclude by telling you I love Jessie ANDREWS and Love is in the BILL OF RIGHTS.

Frederic VIDAL, PhD aka Mike FULLER


Q&A with the DEVIL: Frederic VIDAL AKA Mike FULLER II replies to its worst enemy or an EVIL WITNESS: Bible’s DEVIL!

WARNING: Frederic VIDAL presents a special SCI-FI Questions & Answers, a Twitter Webisode of THE ANCHORS, BrAmStOcKeR Real Show!

“THE DEVIL: what about the United Kingdom? FREDERIC VIDAL: it must not be a Kingdom anymore. We must be organized to finish ROYALTY in G.B.”


NO+UK=GB @OKMagazine @usweekly @intouch @people @nytimes @washingtonpost @NBC @ABC @CBS @FoxNews @Newsweek @BFMTV @lemondefr @lefigaro @LCI

VIDAL = FULLER? @nytimes @washingtonpost @latimes @variety @NBC @ABC @CBS @PBS @FoxNews @Newsweek @BFMTV @lemondefr @lefigaro @LCI

THE AMERICANS ARE NOT ANYMORE PEOPLE WITH SOCIAL QUALITIES LIKE BEFORE. I’m there to empower them after 16 years of World Trade Center 9/11!

@nytimes @washingtonpost @latimes @variety @NBC @ABC @CBS @PBS @FoxNews @Newsweek @BFMTV @lemondefr @OKMagazine @usweekly @intouch @people


I’m there to empower them after 16 years of World Trade Center 9/11! @OKMagazine @usweekly @intouch @people @TMZ @TIME @Newsweek @AP @CNN


I’m there to empower them after 16 years of World Trade Center 9/11! @nytimes @washingtonpost @latimes @variety @NBC @ABC @CBS @PBS @FoxNews

Frederic VIDAL’s Q&A WITH THE DEVIL: Fred is MIKE FULLER II, accepting to reply to HELL’s #1! @TMZ @OKMagazine @usweekly @intouch @people

Frederic VIDAL’s Q&A WITH THE DEVIL: Fred is MIKE FULLER II, USA President (our USB’s other dimension) accepting to reply to HELL’s #1! @TMZ

THE DEVIL: American women, they are free?

Mike FULLER II: WARHOL gave us his MARILYN in the 60’s to have this ICON ready to use. Girls aren’t, enough Leaders, for sale for men.

THE DEVIL: they are pretty attractive with their makeup for your Real Show ANCHORS?

Mike FULLER 2: well, I’m a guitarist. I will film them like a filmmaker. Their fiction is their hope to be sexy.

THE DEVIL: good night, Frederic. We continue the Q&A tomorrow. Dream about Jessie!

ON TWITTER 5/21-22/2017

Let’s go back to our office on the 5th Avenue. I have tons of files to check for one more week of THE ANCHORS by BrAmStoCkEr of FAKE PUNK!

THE DEVIL: do you MISS FRANCE? FULLER? I MISS MONACO. In 1977, my band played in NICE. Our PUNK was GREAT. FASHION is our new BRAND.

THE DEVIL: when the end of this RADIO SILENCE? FULLER: when I SPEAK. The others have nothing to say, except her.

Q&A WITH THE DEVIL: FULLER replies for the USB to a religious BAD Star, nasty & dangerous?

CIA in a Chinese Newspaper. Picture by FAKE PUNK / THE ANCHORS co-host and BrAmStOCkEr frontman Frederic VIDAL alias JFK2.

Adult entertainment is fascinating about women for people who like them a lot, not only for their body. FV


Controversial, eccentric, not politically correct, SUBCULTURE: THE USA, a book by a songwriters DUET you will appreciate +. STS

My Sunday morning photo activity was so lucky to be at the right places in MANHATTAN. Frederic VIDAL, PhD for THE ANCHORS




New mythology. Picture by Frederic VIDAL, today in Manhattan.

APM. Pic by me. FV / PUTIN in the STREET. FV

For your walls. Picture by Frederic VIDAL, today on Times Square.

A bridge to the WHITE HOUSE for Frederic VIDAL when TRUMP will be done thanks to New York, his Waterloo. STS

On strike. Picture by Frederic VIDAL, PhD, today in Manhattan.


@usweekly @intouchweekly @OKMagazine @star_magazine @people @TIME PEOPLE: when will you be in the press? Mike FULLER II: never with you!?

@usweekly @OKMagazine @intouchweekly @people @TIME OK: you published on your blog Blake LIVELY was victim of Human Trafficking? MF II: yes.

@usweekly @intouchweekly @OKMagazine @star_magazine @people @Time STAR: are you still homeless? MF II: NO, I live in a Hotel about to buy a

@TIME @people @usweekly @OKMagazine @intouchweekly LOFT in SOHO for BrAmStOCkEr Reality Show THE ANCHORS to record FAKE PUNK 12 songs there.

@TIME @people @TMZ @USATODAY @nytimes @washingtonpost @Newsweek @usweekly @OKMagazine @intouchweekly US: Jessie ANDREWS told SHE LOVES YOU!

@TIME @Newsweek @nytimes @washingtonpost @TMZ @intouchweekly @usweekly @OKMagazine @people MF II: June 6, it will be my 2nd D-day: HER HERE.

@TIME @Newsweek @nytimes @washingtonpost @people @USATODAY @usweekly @intouchweekly @OKMagazine OK: McCartney on Tour, what for BrAmStOCkEr?

@TIME @Newsweek @nytimes @washingtonpost @people @OKMagazine @USATODAY @usweekly @intouchweekly MF II: The BEATLES were a lie and a mistake.

@TIME @Newsweek @nytimes @wahingtonpost @USATODAY @intouchweekly @usweekly @people @OKMagazine This band never understood I’m not the Fool

@TIME @Newsweek @nytimes @washingtonpost @USATODAY @OKMagazine @usweekly @people @intouchweekly on the Hill. Their music’s anti-BrAmStOcKeR.

How US accepted that 4 idiots and their illegal drugs? @TIME @Newsweek @nytimes @washingtonpost @people @usweeky @intouchweekly @OKMagazine

@TIME @Newsweek @nytimes @washingtonpost @USATODAY @intouchweekly @usweekly @OKMagazine @people USA: this is your FAKE PUNK opinion? MF II:

@Newsweek @nytimes @washingtonpost @people @usweekly @OKMagazine @intouchweekly

METAL HOUSE stronger WHITE. Party = FAN CLUB. @TIME @Newsweek @nytimes @washingtonpost @USADAY @intouchweekly @usweekly @OKMagazine @people

BEATLES= FAKE LOVE. BrAmStoCkEr= REAL LOVE SHOW. Our METAL HOUSE stronger than White House. Our Party: our Fan Club. @TIME @Newsweek @people

@OKMagazine @usweekly @intouch @people @people PEOPLE: these British attracted your franchise of REVELATIONS, the US too? Frederic VIDAL:

@TMZ @people @usweekly @OKMagazine @intouchweekly @AP @NBCNews @ABCPolitics @CBSNews @FoxNews Chris CHRISTIE, Ma. RUBIO, Jeb BUSH, Rand PAUL

@AP @TIME @people @NBCNews
@CNN @OKMagazine and Ted CRUZ are pro-BEATLES a lot too much. I invite them to change in a WEBGRAM emailed today

from New York: BE A PART OF MY SCHOOL OF POWER, My GOP2 Government project. Reply before 5/27. @TIME @people @TMZ @CNNPolitics @usweekly

Special CANNES 2017 by TWEETS.

Special CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2017 on Twitter & Facebook for Mike FULLER II. PEOPLE: are

you casting new talents in CANNES? Frederic VIDAL: every name with a sweet face & a great

body is my star more than for a film, for a LIFE WITH ME on the Cyberspace of THE ANCHORS @people @OKMagazine @usweekly @intouchweekly @TMZ

soon online and produced by BrAmStOcKeR. OK Magazine: is Jessy jealous? FV – MF II: not at @people @OKMagazine @usweekly @intouchweekly @TMZ

all. She’s a professional, it’s my turn to be PORN and her to be PUNK. The other women, it

is for the computerized program we’re developing and figurines hopefully. Me & her, we’re

our guests, not actors, I’m very jealous. Jessy is a girly Lady who likes females like me.






Frederic VIDAL, PhD,
THE ANCHORS, Pilot background & backstage. (5/22/2017)

(a cyber-episode), 5/21/2017.


All the Youtube videos of the Cannes Film Festival 2017 to be the prestigious background and the cultural backstage of THE ANCHORS, our reality show in pre-production for a Pilot on Youtube and 12 webisodes on FACEBOOK:

From American Culture(s) Department (ACD INC),
TIMefraMES record label:
FAKE PUNK will be the debut album of BrAmStOcKeR. The reality show THE ANCHORS is THE MAKING OF IT in New York.

Watch: PRESIDENT OF THE STATES, 2015 project album online

12 songs with instrumental variations by Frederic VIDAL (ASCAP-SACEM) on SOUNDCLOUD too:
Also on SOUNDCLOUD, the songs of Jessie ANDREWS: and
the actress, model and DJ, second locomotive of BrAmStOcKeR for a duet with:

Frederic Vidal, PhD, founder of the band, est. 1977.

5/21/2017. Youtube address:



May 15: The D-day is Upcoming And The Duet Of BrAmStOcKeR Is Programming A First Picture Together On TIMESQUARE, They Are In Love And Proud To Be Featured In The ANCHORS by ACD, Music Label And TIMefraMES, Hollywood 2!

AT 5PM, Frederic VIDAL Q&A with the “Gossip” Magazines, our US Tabloids, to show ROMANCE (on the 5th Avenue) is STRONGER THAN TRAGEDY (on Times Square). The RUSSIANGATE (TRUMP Impeachment), CANNES (Film Festival daily coverage) and THE ANCHORS (BrAmStOcKeR’s reality show) will be the 3 other subjects of this press conference on TWITTER starring also TMZ, BFMTV (French) and TIME magazine.
Visit the sites:
All my best from the Big Apple.
Frederic Vidal
TWITTER 5/18/2017
Q&A at 5PM with STAR Magazine, OK magazine, US magazine, INTOUCH magazine, PEOPLE, TMZ, BFMTV of the other dimension, the USA of FRED + USB!

Q&A of Mike FULLER II, today with TIME magazine, NEWSWEEK and The OBS.

Q&A of Mike FULLER II, May 15, 17. TIME Magazine: the deadline for Jessie ANDREWS to be with you in New York for the filming of THE ANCHORS

was today, after draft D-day on April 15. It was scientific study that confirmed she could have been with you today? Mike FULLER II: I am

Frederic Vidal, you can be sure THIS DELAY will be anecdotical after a short while! I don’t understand why some folks (millions in the USB?)

were hostile to our JUNCTION in the BIG APPLE. According to the NASA of my Country, the USA, my life could have been a lot different in this

dimension in 2017, in the regular version, with an African-American girlfriend in the BRONX and some buddies to play the music with me. I

would have continue, step by step, until 2025, selected to be the ASTRONAUT to leave EARTH before THE END OF THE PLANET. Jessie ANDREWS with

another name would have been selected also, to be the second pilot of the vessel looking like an UFO. To find NEW EARTH would have been our

mission. For NASA, it looks like this REALITY we’re living is a computerized VIRTUAL PROGRAM the vessel is diffusing to the 2 of us during

our ARTIFICIAL HIBERNATION. As my brain does not remember all the memories of these 8 years until 25, THIS IS AN ALTERNATE VERSION proposed

by the MACHINE FOR THE USB. NEWSWEEK: you would have never been President, Mr. FULLER II? MF II: not at all, a business man in WALL STREET!!

So, in the reality of this fiction, IT IS IN 2024 I will meet my Jessie ANDREWS, scientific researcher and NASA athlete trained for Space

Travels. The OBS: when will be the real D-day for our true reality in the USA and in France where Emmanuel MACRON is the new President? MF

II: JUNE 6, 2017 like in 1944, the date of the first D-day against the Nazis in Germany with the landing of 2M soldiers in NORMANDY! I think

it will work. We cannot wait until 2024 like in this version we have to rewind (World’s end). Sci-Fi-Fi sometimes helps to understand what

is right, what is wrong. Emmanuel MACRON and his Prime Minister, Edouard PHILIPPE, are permanently connected to me FOR US TO IMPROVE OUR CO-

OPERATION to prepare the possibility for FRANCE to be our 51st State. The Constitution of 1958 must be reformed according to me and I advice

the new President and his Government to be ready for the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY election in June 11-18, with MY SUPPORT. TIME: more Q&A tomorrow!


Q&A with Frederic VIDAL (Mike FULLER II). TIME mag.: so we’re back on the set of your favorite APPLE STORE on the 5th Ave. Mike FULLER II:

YES. It is my world preferred place like a FREEWAY to Central Park, the Eden Garden is not anymore for us, ADAM and EVE. I was on the set of

EL GORDO Y LA FLACA, UNIVISION program from Miami, Florida, LIVE FO US, THE ANCHORS, in front of THE PLAZA, the Landmark Luxury Hotel. TMZ:

you like a lot women, Frederic, if I can call you with your most sensual 1st name. Do you plan a lot of girls, almost naked in THE ANCHORS?

MF II: I’m your Frederic, I began to read with PLAYBOY and I got my degree of journalist with PENTHOUSE. I’m proud of it. Girls of the VIPS

are welcomed in BrAmStOcKeR Fan Club: CHEERLEADERS, BARTENDERS, PORN STARS & TOP MODELS. My Band is still PUNK but Fake Punk tendency & now

Porn oriented as, according to me and so many Americans, tHIS MARKET OF THE PORN MUST BE REHABILITATED, EMPOWERED and not anymore insecure!!

US WEEKLY: I have a question about your GOP2 and a 2nd about your Porn Star #1. MF II: sure. TIME: what about a 3rd about Vidal’s New York?

MFII: my New York is yours, my Club is the GOP2, I will go to the ROTARY to present it. I was a ROTARIAN in the 2000’s in LA. My #1 is CUTE.

Who is she? She is about to arrive in NYC, she is so young, she’s a little famous and will attract for the two of us PRESS, SPONSORS, FAME!

NEWSWEEK: Larry FLINT is for you an example of American Personality who could have been more popular and politically involved in Politics?



MFII: he could have been Senator but he was the victim of a murder attempt in 1978, the year after 77. The OBS: you were playing at the GOLF

DROUOT in Paris with BrAmStOcKeR 1st Lineup your French Repertoire featuring OUVRE TES YEUX (Open your eyes). MFII: right, Edouard PHILIPPE!Édouard_Philippe

The OBS: I’m not the French Prime Minister. MFII: I don’t like him too much. You, French, I was born in 1959 to be your LOCOMOTIVE and in

2019, I would still be a passenger waiting for a train VERY LATE. The OBS: DE GAULLE was your enemy? MFII: he was not informed I was born.

The OBS: he was not anymore with your cousin, GENERAL EDOUARD CORNIGLION-MOLINIER? Did he call the PRINCESS GRACE to recommend you? MFII:


You are brave guys, with this system of information control in France, you are HEROES to interview me on the WEB. This Emmanuel MACRON does

not like I AM AT THE ELYSEE, the Presidential Palace, 24/7, replacing DE GAULLE, as a permanent FIGURE OF FRANCE HISTORY to coach him and tell

him in his DREAMS WHAT TO DO FOR THE POPULATION AND THE COUNTRY to wake up every morning at 7 and go to work WITH AMBITION TO PREVAIL! The

OBS: you are a MONUMENT in France like VERCINGETORIX but we know you prefer compare yourself to JULIUS CAESAR. What about your CLEOPATRA???

Mike FULLER II alias Frederic VIDAL: she is having a rest but not with MARC ANTONY, alone in her own Palace in Thebes meaning the Big Apple.

TIME: you have several lieutenants with her, MARC ANTONY (your Gallic Wars General), PTOLEMY XIII (her fake husband and real brother), you

like so much ROLE PLAYS & BOARD GAMES (great song of PRESIDENT OF THE STATES by the way, Mr. BrAmStOcKeR!) MFII: fascinating, Mr. TIME is on

my side. My ORGANIZATION is really up-to-date, meaning from 2017 with a President who is SICK like a lot of other politicians who refuse to

OPEN THEIR EYES: Corruption is everywhere in DC with PUTIN domination in the U.S. Mind because WE DON’t FIGHT BAD RUSSIA LIKE BEFORE. Good

Russia is the RUSSIA of 1944 of the D-day. My MARC ANTONY and my PTOLEMY help me to have a SUPERB CLEOPATRA for a Duumvirate of the U.S.A.

NEWSWEEK: you’re the real President of the United States of America. Mike FULLER II: you know it. We were speaking about the USB until now.

I am inter-dimensional. I go in the USB of TRUMP, this strange PHARAOH in this dimension B of OBAMA, the BLACK GOD, and W BUSH, a SUB-MAN!?

They will never be a part of OUR EMPIRE, the real USA. I mean, it is in my book of these Tweets and FACEBOOK comments, archived on WORDPRESS

IT IS SCIENCE FICTION presentation and LITERACY about to express there are 2 US, the bad and the right. TMZ: we’re

in the GOOD DIMENSION with you, Master! US WEEKLY: what about “HER”?

Fred: HER TOMORROW IS MY TODAY? Poetry is my VIOLIN OF INGRES. I’ll love to say all the truth about SHE. Invite other TABLOIDS. US: 5 of 5.

TOMORROW, MIKE FULLER II Q&A MID-MAY 2017. STAYED TUNED. Your next President replies to the Journalists. The US will not anymore be B but A. (Mike FULLER II)



Mike FULLER II Q&A by the American GOSSIP PRESS and French BFMTV. US WEEKLY: why are you in New York and no more in LA? Is she OK with that?

Fred (Mike FULLER II): it is the City of the FASHION and SHE is SO TOP MODEL but not in the Charts. Manhattan is welcoming the cute PEOPLE.

OK Magazine: are the other girls JEALOUS of your extreme LOVE story with your CHINA GIRL? MFII: on the contrary, they are so involved in it.

BFMTV; one told me YOU ARE SO POPULAR IN FRANCE since Sunday maybe? MFII: MACRON is a little ME and PHILIPPE is my publicist automatically.

BFMTV: what about a FRANCE INVASION by you 2 and also by us in America sponsored by you 2? MF II:

it is a fantastic voyage we are living in a TGV below the ATLANTIC OCEAN, you replaced the UK that did it in the 60’s. The WORLD CUP in 98

gave us the VIBS of the SOCCER for a PENALTY in 17 (like 1917 of WWI and Soviet Russia) of the 2000’s: FRANCE IS A MIRROR OF FINE ARTS. The

question is to have an AUCTION SALE to buy it for a MUSEUM. (laughs) PEOPLE @people : you are still in the EDEN GARDEN, you say, what about

GOD, the OWNER? MF II: New York is not a vacant land. The EDEN, we have to leave it, I mean the EASY LIFE, the EASY LISTENING . GOD IS ALL

and WE ARE SOMETHING me and my Pattie BOYD, Jessie ANDREWS. But our BEATLES collapsed and we don’t mind the PRICE: the Owner said: YOUY’RE

FIRED and we replied: THANK YOU? No, we replied

FIRED and we replied: THANK YOU? No, we replied: NEVER MIND. PEOPLE: stay tuned, some commercials.

IN TOUCH Magazine: you’re Host & co-Host of THE ANCHORS – FAKE PUNK. When will you start filming? MF II: we live in a society where it is

necessary to be politically correct. I don’t agree with that. It can be good to be eccentric and alternate. ARTISTS are never ROBOTS. We

must know how to REFORM THE USB. Warning: I say, this is the Sci-Fi part of this Q&A, the semi-fictional for those in the USB who think

they are the USA. If you believe in the theory of THE 2 DIMENSIONS, I show you the useful direction: to be LIBERAL and FLEXIBLE. This TV-Web

Program starts TODAY for the Cannes film festival WITH A 24/7 COVERAGE of the Competition in my 2nd Country, France, CANNES, neighbor-City

of NICE, my first hometown since 1959, MONACO suburb! In NEW YORK, I network to find an apartment for ME & JESSIE, also a RECORDING STUDIO

for our group BrAmStOcKeR to play the 12 songs of FAKE PUNK, our debut album after 40 years of composition! In CANNES, all the films are

in THE ANCHORS because we are TIMefraMES and our nonprofit ACD promotes the program and PALMARES of the World most FAMOUS FILM market. I

cannot stay in the backstage and the background until the end of times. I was there, as a spectator already in the 60’s. This year, THEY ARE

Festival de Cannes- Press Conference 17 via@YouTube THE ANCHORS welcomed the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL in its BACKGROUND.

[LIVE] TV Festival de Cannes 2017 – English Version via @YouTube BACKSTAGE of THE ANCHORS, BrAmStOcKeR presents F.P.

70th Cannes Film Festival Jury Dinner | Will Smith, Jessica Chastain | 2… via @YouTube FAKE PUNK is the guest! STS

Our Guest, THE BACKGROUNG AND NOT THE BACKSTAGE but sometimes of Our PILOT ‘Fake & Punk, their 1st time was not the last!’. The Prestige of

CANNES is the MAGIC of us! IN TOUCH Magazine: you are ADORABLE. This Festival content is a shining environment for your LOVE STORY to film!

Is this LOVE of you & Jessie ANDREWS a MIRACLE or a ROUTINE? MF II: Call her and ask her! It’s a MASTERPIECE, she will be in New York JUNE 6

for the D-day of our relationship and THE END of OUR TRAGEDY: not to be enough close as the US are anti-networking for LOVERS. IN TOUCH: Ok!


To counter-attack against the terrorists (on Times Square today, probably attacking the crowd with a crazy car), Frederic VIDAL Q&A at 5PM.

BrAmStOcKeR’s CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2017 Day 2. Follow us on of 666, the number of the Beast (IRON MAIDEN lyrics). TS

CANNES FILM FESTIVAL: Day 2. THE ANCHORS reality show is in FRANCE virtually, from NEW YORK, United States. Our 1st Red Carpets ONLINE! STS

To US: Jessie ANDREWS says she loves you!

MF II: I’ll see her here 6/6 for the D-day.

More Mike FULLER II Q&A tonight Made in USA:

O N  F A C E B O O K

FACEBOOK comment: On TWITTER, Frederic VIDAL is defeating his opponents for the Presidency by explaining the Science Fiction reasons of the delay to join his SOULMATE.
The USB, as he calls the system of TRUMP and the present POWER in Washington- Hollywood, are partly DOWN now as everything is confirming that the virtual reality he’s explaining (him and her, ASTRONAUTS meeting each other only in 2024 or 5, just before the take off of their UFO style of vessel for NEW EARTH, several days before our Planet’s End) must be an allegory of a FANTASTIC LOVE STORY IN PROGRESS between Frederic and his beloved WOMAN!
The Q&A will continue tomorrow, May 16 on Twitter.


CHRIS CORNELL He paid his IRS enough. DEAD, he’s ME more than ever. We don’t mind the ROCK INDUSTRY of our enemies, the FAKE MAINSTREAM.

He will play on our FAKE PUNK album (samples) eccentric, iconoclaste, controversial for the delusional people who did take care enough to GIVE YOU FORTUNE and FELICITY in SEATTLE, my LOVETOWN.

Believe is me and my woman, we are THE ANCHORS, a real show of our culture)! You passed away, not for nothing. The problem is corporate, our record labels are too busy and CAPITALISM can be understood as a system helping POOR ARTISTS LIKE US who must be billionaires.

See you after 2025, in the machine of the UFO (read my book THE USA).

Frederic VIDAL

IN MEMORIAM. THE ANCHORS special episode with TIME Magazine: CHRIS SAMPLES ON FAKE PUNK. (on Twitter)


TIMefraMES presents its coverage of the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2017 with YOUTUBE and the organizers films in diffusion and videos of the social content and the corporate cultural:
“Diffusion lancée il y a 11 heures
TODAY’S AGENDA – Wednesday 17th May 2017
06:15PM Red Carpet Opening Ceremony
Join us for live coverage of all key moments of the 70th Festival de Cannes from May 17th to May 28th 2017: Photocalls, Press Conferences, Red Carpets, Interviews, etc.
Join us for live coverage of all key moments of the 70th Festival de Cannes from May 17th to May 28th 2017: Photocalls, Press Conferences, Red Carpets, Interviews, etc.
Abonnez-nous à la chaîne du Festival de Cannes pour ne rien rater de la Compétition:
Le site officiel du festival de Cannes:
Twitter :
Facebook :…
Tumblr: http://festivaldecannesofficiel.tumbl…
Films et animations
Licence YouTube standard”THANKS TO ALL.
THE ANCHORS, from Cannes (Webbed) to New York (lived)!!
Permanent coverage of the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL for THE ANCHORS, reality show BACKGROUND and not BACKSTAGE for the pilot of a series of 12 webisodes produced by ACD – TIMefraMES. All the films of the market will be featured and the Palmares diffused in the FINALE of the season 1. Frederic Vidal​, PhD
In 2009, I was in Hollywoodland, ready for my US Senate candidacy the following year, in 2010: I had to study the American History a second time after my naturalization in 2006 but I knew it was a challenge a lot more competitive and that I was not welcomed so much to be a leader of the Country I joined a few years before because I was a Webber, a Joker (like in the song).
Frederic Vidal, PhD, US Presidential candidate 2016,

Shadow President for the Web and NYC.

She is LAUREN and I am FREDERIC. In THE ANCHORS, you will see we are friends, even if she cannot confirm it to PEOPLE right now. It’s UNOFFICIAL like the JULIUS CAESAR TRIUMVIRATE with 2 other Senators of the SPQR.
Frederic Vidal​, THE ANCHORS co-host
THE FIRST COMPUTER WAS ancient times GREEK. JULIUS CAESAR, I play in my BOARD GAME, commercialized it when he had his Love Affair with CLEOPATRA. He needed Artificial intelligence to keep ROMA powered by him, after the RUBICON and THEBES was their VENEZIA.
The Q&A with the GOSSIP PRESS starts on Twitter (5/17. 1:53PM ET). “The Antikythera mechanism (/ˌæntᵻkᵻˈθiːrə/ ANT-i-ki-THEER-ə or /ˌæntᵻˈkɪθərə/ ANT-i-KITH-ə-rə) is an ancient Greek analog computer and orrery used to predict astronomical positions and eclipses for calendrical and astrological purposes, as well as a four-year cycle of athletic games that was similar, but not identical.” SHE WAS ON THE LIST for THE ANCHORS, she’s still in the entourage of Frederic, he does not know her a lot or enough. A Rea;lity Show is the occasion for conviviality.
Silence Thomas SPEARS

Frederique VIDAL is my NICE, hometown colleague as I have a doctorate of communication. Congratulations to her and I am sure we are Cousins already politically. FRANCE will accept the CHANCE to merchandise MAY 7, 2017 for nonprofit.
In French:C’est ma Presidente de l’Universite de Nice. Elle porte mon nom sans alliance. Elle represente la tendance forte du Gouvernement a exiger un progres sans dispute, une coalition dont je ferai partie.
Les Francaises et les Francais ont voulu me faire savoir le 7 mai et le 14 qu’ils m’aimaient et je leur rend bien maintenant boen que mon nom ne soit pas MACRON.
LE CHANGEMENT, ce n’est pas MITTERRAND, La Force Tranquille, c’est VIDAL MACRON, la France Unie a notre portee sans oublier les LEGISLATIVES qui ont valeur de D-Day, au 6, au 11, au 18 juin et aux Ides de Juin a ROME, le 13 du mois.
Bien sincerement,
Frederic Vidal, PhD

VIDAL / ANDREWS, the duet of ASTRONAUTS, in the real reality with 2025 PLANET’S END, a marvelous upgrade of THE ANCHORS for the FAKE PUNK album, May 15, 2017 in the Q&A of Mike FULLER II on TWITTER! Silence Thomas SPEARS.
Postscript. Smarter than JAGGER / RICHARDS, wiser than LENNON / McCARTNEY. A S T R O N A U T S for Pop Music, BrAmStOcKeR worldwide, Made in USA and Made in UK and Made in France and Made in MONACO!

Duran Duran Astronaut Live via @YouTube Jessie ANDREWS & Frederic VIDAL, 2 ASTRONAUTS of 2025 together JUNE 6 in NY!


HOLLYWOOD2 is devastated. BRAD GREY is now the name of this program: THE ANCHORS – FAKE PUNK. The Brad Grey Program to be a blockbuster. TS


My CLOUD & WEB participation UPGRADED in HOLLYWOOD2 thanks to TIMefraMES’ THE ANCHORS & ACD’s FAKE PUNK. BrAmStOcKeR waits for its DUET. TS




I know Police helps the Couples to exist. I write you this message for Mother’s Day, to inform you I want to be with Jessie ANDREWS and she wants to be with me, Frederic VIDAL.

I am an Artist and a Politician about to be commercialized. I have a problem of isolation and I cannot contact her. I need you to control our environment and to prepare it for me & Jessie together.

My album FAKE PUNK and my Reality Show THE ANCHORS are for us, VIDAL & ANDREWS, the good Productions to be less Porn & Punk but Lovers and Associates.

I know you will do your best to create the right nationwide Mood for our Happiness.

Best regards to you and your Mom!

Frederic VIDAL, PhD.




In my Brainstorming & Brainwashing program TO U(S)PGRADE YOU, it is a REMINDER, BE MY FRIEND ON FACEBOOK:

Smile, here’s your Empire State photo MY SOUVENIR PICTURE OF MOTHERS DAY 2017. After the WEBGRAM to the POLICES. FV

The Web Isolates the People, NOT US! LINKEDIN TUMBLR For MOTHER’S DAY. About Vidal & Andrews

Comments about Jessie ANDREWS And WEBGRAM To The Police To Secure Our Reality Show! by @Timeframes2014 on



Old phones, same vibs. Call. Fred

NY Love is Pure feeling for the Body NAKED with colors. Fred


Rockefeller Center for Mother’s Day. TS by FV

The filming of the context of THE ANCHORS is for FACEBOOK. TS

Reperages for THE ANCHORS. Yesterday, in Manhattan. TS

The girl had OPENED EYES. Chanel on my mind, Paris with Jessie, why not? To call MACRON to schedule something. VIDAL FULLER.

CHANEL. Her name is her brandy style. Frederic

Jessie ANDREWS? No, she’s not jealous, I feature also other girls. This one is athletic. Frederic

FAKE PUNK, it is immediately, not in 2 years. THE ANCHORS, it is the same, it is today, not tomorrow. You are my BODY, Jessie. Frederic

I like your ice cream and your hair, I love your eyes and your mouth. You are my SEX SYMBOL, Jessie ANDREWS. Frederic Vidal


I just communicated on XBiz with Michael KLEIN, VIVID President to invite him to participate in the production of THE ANCHORS.

The duet of BrAmStoCkEr has a Fan Club called CHEERLEADERS, BARTENDERS & PORN STARS.
I propose the Actress, Model and DJ Jessie ANDREWS to play with me in the BrAmStoCkEr album and reality film her own role in my life of LOVEMAKER.

Let’s corporate our New York connection.

Frederic VIDAL

commenting the article: High-Res Women To Excite Your Day


Former Paramount CEO Brad Grey Dies at 59

HOLLYWOOD2 is devastated. BRAD GREY is now the name of this program: THE ANCHORS – FAKE PUNK. The Brad Grey Program will be a blockbuster worldwide. Thank you.
Frederic Vidal

Real Estate in THE ANCHORS.

WED, MAY 17 | 12PM – 1:30PM, 100 RIVERSIDE DRIVE.
“Sponsor sale. No board approval. This beautifully proportioned and charming pre-war 3-bedroom home is a wonderful opportunity to own a classic apartment with many details still perfectly intact. This home features a gracious entrance gallery, sunken living room with corner exposures and a decorative fireplace, large windows, two original baths, a very large master suite, an updated, windowed kitchen, excellent closet space, and well-maintained hardwood floors.
100 Riverside Drive is a full-service pre-war Art Deco Cooperative with a full time doorman, gym, bicycle room, storage room, and is pet friendly. Situated on a prime block at the corner of RSD and 82nd St., this building is conveniently located moments from Riverside Park, wonderful shopping, restaurants, and all major transportation. Buyer is responsible for NYC and NYS transfer taxes.”
FOR FAKE PUNK THE ANCHORS, the Real Estate is one of the subjects to feature because EVERYBODY NEEDS A HOME.

Paul McCartney Tickets | Paul McCartney Concert Tickets & Tour Dates |

Tickets are on sale now for Paul McCartney at Prudential Center Sept. 12, Madison Square Garden Sept. 17, Barclays Center Sept. 21, and Nassau Coliseum Sept. 27. Hear all the classics from the most beloved catalog in popular music – and no shortage of surprises.


Il est parti, HOLLANDE, quelle sentiment de liberté sans lui!! Il représentait le dernier témoin, contemporain de DE GAULLE. Maintenant, nous pouvons faire ce que nous voulons. Fetons ca a l’elysée toute la nuit. C’est la victoire de mai 68 avec l’ex-UMP et le PS qui s’est rallie. ON DANSE COMME DES RATS. Votre SHADOW PRESIDENT, de Sciences Po comme le President, Frederic Vidal, PhD, jamais dissident, toujours President!!


Updates about Jessie ANDREWS: the woman waiting for me but I need a fine networking to join her as I am separated in New York, for politics. 




NICE, 5 years like the GALLIC WARS of CAESAR. 2011-2015, I selected Jessie ANDREWS, #1 of my casting, July 1, 2014, 3 days before INDEPENDENCE DAY. Fred


After my WEBGRAM to the US POLICES, a Souvenir Picture from this MOTHERS’ DAY in NEW YORK before BrAmStOcKeR and TIMefraMES commercialization PACKAGE after an ICE BREAKER at the TOASTMASTERS and the ROTARY.
Jessie ANDREWS is my DJ and for ACD, the prefiguration of the Secretary of the Arts the United States are missing in WASHINGTON, AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT, a Shadow Minister for me, SHADOW PRESIDENT, and the First Lady, for sure, programming a first picture together with me, promoting THE ANCHORS, the Making Of FAKE PUNK.
Have a great MOTHER’S DAY.
Frederic Vidal



Visit my MOTTO SITE again, Patriot who follows my challenge to be S. President in NYC:

STAY (with an Amendment), MOVING (to a Prime Minister), CHANGE (with a Shadow President by) BUILDING (an American Culture(s) Department).

Previous site when I was campaigning in SAN JOSE, CA:
titled: MIKE FULLER Accepted FEC: 1109472. Candidate ID: P 60023413 as a WRITE-IN (form filed 10/17).

Now that we are about the shooting of THE ANCHORS (FAKE PUNK debut album pilot, you have to remember the female co-star attracts the financing. The male host IS Mr. Politics with a PLAN to get the Oval Office next year!

Clients of SAM ASH and SONY MUSIC, The VIDAL / ANDREWS are competitors of the LENNON / MCCARTNEY and the JAGGER / RICHARDS. Obviously, BrAmStOcKeR is the result of the equation X + Y = Z
(Z: BrAmStOcKeR).

WARNING: be in our songwriting ROMANCE, a regular one, and appreciate TO REINFORCE OUR CIVILIZATION, Motto of the SAN JOSE site, WITH US as Time waits for no one. The D-Day of TIMefraMES and ACD, our nonprofit is TOMORROW + 1 day,
A + B = Z.

Thank you.

Frederic Vidal


Hi Jessie:

I’m your man in New York City and there is something in the air that persuades me you’re upcoming in Manhattan to see me. We are sharing this passion for being wonderful in front of a camera and so pertinent when we write or when we are interviewed. Together, we can attract enough investors and diffusors to start our mainstream musical and TV career AS A DUET. 

I think it’s FUN and SMART. To be alone allthe time, it’s only when wen are beginners. There was Dean MARTIN and Jerry LEWIS, there was SONNY & CHER, why not you and me, me and you? I am building that goal. like the EMPIRTE STATE BUILDING, several more floors next week, from tomorrow Monday to Friday. 

I believe the 22 will be the following Monday available first day for you to come to visit me, I already proposed it on Twitter. With a camcorder, a network of nice people to invite us for some drinks in order to network, a recording studio in the Big Apple, we could rehearse our FAKE PUNK and THE ANCHORS during a couple of weeks. 

For the budget, think about it, you know so many contacts, journalists and producers. On my side, I do what I can do on the Web and in town. SOME GOOD NEWS AND GREAT SURPRISES ASAP. 

I love you!!!

Frederic Vidal, PhD

My (Fred) Tweets To You (Jessie)

LISTEN TO MY FAVORITE DJ. She’s cute and I want her with me for my band BrAmStOcKeR debut album FAKE PUNK. She’s Jessie ANDREWS, also a PORN STAR. FV

Jessie ANDREWS and Frederic VIDAL together for the 12 songs of the FAKE PUNK debut album of BrAmStOcKeR, it’s HOUSE music and Rock’n Roll and a MORE!

The HOUSE PUNK will be a surprise for you: it’s the 40th anniversary of 1977 and the 12 songs of FAKE PUNK are already drafted. 2 songs DEMO upcoming.

Little by little, since July 2014, I’m in touch more and more with Jessie ANDREWS but in this music business & porn industry, TIME IS MONEY AND FAITH.

Now that I am in NEW YORK definitely and promoting my band and album project, I believe in Jessie ANDREWS to accept to share the risk to WIN TOGETHER!

She already recorded great songs on CDs, she’s a brilliant performer. I am her fan #1, her music veteran, never commercialized before, “ASSOCIATE”. FV

Directly to you.

This week, I write my book THE USA on my Blog. It’s the manual of FAKE PUNK, our debut album, subject of the 2nd episode tomorrow. Frederic

I am at the GRAND CENTRAL Train Station in NY, networking with the environment for the preproduction of a short film and the album. Frederic

We are George HARRISON and Pattie BOYD in a role play and a reality show after my Gmail to you today about our concert in NYC the 5/5. Fred (25)

@jessielife Our Mexican Independence Day (5/5) NYC Concert is a great idea of mine, AS USUAL! I’m your MAN! You’ll be there, my DJ! Frederic

For the concert of the 5/5, we have our songs of the album PRESIDENT OF THE STATES of 2015, from NASHVILLE. Let’s play them all. Frederic (4/27)

Mood before coffee is not mood all day long: you’re my SUNSHINE. After a coffee, a good COCA-COLA or a COKE for some fun before the LUNCH. (4/28)

You’re the most valuable thing in my life. From a day to another, we’ll be singing together to express our feeling of UNITY and our CITY! FV (4/29)

You are so CUTE, I can’t wait. Your best memory will be our TIME SHARED with QUALITY and our INTENSITY. Frederic VIDAL to Jessie ANDREWS. (5/1)

HAPPINESS IS A WARM GUN, you are my Lovely RITA. I share with you my BEATLES knowledge of our ROMANCE, not at all only on the Web. Frederic (5/1)

Blake LIVELY will never be a part of our entourage, NEVER! She’s HOSTILE to our World according to us and the US. Never mind, we’re FINE! FV
CBS is on location when there’s a subject for the news. My new press release will fascinate them more than TRUMP. FV
I’LL BE YOUR PRESIDENT because I’m a Good Photographer, Jessie ANDREWS. No TRUMP, No JOKE, my old motto. SO FAR, SO GOOD to see us in DC? FV

Today, I play in NYC alone with the MEXICANS in town for the CINQUO OF MAYO. Free Love and Bill of Rights are inspiring us! Frederic VIDAL

USS INTREPID & US NAVY were the Presidential visit center. I would like them to be Nationwide Campaign Leaders for + WOMEN INDEPENDENCE. FV

MEDIAS will REWIND the Screen Actors Guild SAG-AFTRA, my Union from 2005 to 2011, TRUMP big SUPPORTER with SNL satiric promotion. Fred VIDAL

TRUMP didn’t invite me 4 a drink. I think it’s not fair. He takes the women of others. I think we’re lucky 2 be there, ON THE OTHER SIDE. FV

FAKE PUNK: the 12 songs of our DEBUT ALBUM this weekend by Tweets. For you Jessie, Frederic VIDAL

Song #1: 311. Chords: F C C F – F C C Dm Dm. FAKE PUNK. BrAmStoCkEr.

Song #3: LEGEND(S) OF MIKE FULLER. Chords: C C G G – C C F D – D Am Am Em – Dm FM. FAKE PUNK by BrAmStoCkEr, debut album.

Song #4: DO YOU HAVE HER PHONE NUMBER? Chords: Db Gm Cm Cm – Ab Ab Ab Ab. FAKE PUNK, BrAmStOCkEr debut album.

Another weekend alone, another weekend 2 be sad but another weekend 2 be frustrated positively thanks 2 our PLAN 2 DO the deal WE have. FV-JA

We could have our OWN REALITY SHOW on a TV channel or on the Web: ANCHORS (Hosts & Guests), a story of our New York FAKE PUNK networking. FV

With a low budget, it’s hard to find the right studio: WE’RE LOOKING FOR A LABEL. I have one, ACD, our USA nonprofit with a $ SUBVENTION. FV

So many months since we 1st met on the Web. Now, we’re in May 17 and I FEEL 100% SELF-CONFIDENT I build my BRIDGE 2 you 24/7. Frederic VIDAL

You’re the sunshine of my life, you’re my everything. I was at the DAM NY 2017, Digital Asset Management Convention this afternoon. F. VIDAL

The TEASING is a NETWORKING program at APPLE STORE now this morning. It is the 11 of our D-day. I want to call YOU on the PHONE! Fred VIDAL

Dear JESSIE, I’m promoting our REAL SHOW THE ANCHORS: The Making Of FAKE PUNK networking 24/7 in our SUBCULTURE of Fashion, Film & Music. FV

I am 😁networking 😃in the real estate 😄in MANHATTAN 🤣today 🙃for our LOFT 😆and I played 😇the guitar 😍at SAM ASH 😍this morning. Frederic VIDAL.

I’ll go to SOTHEBY’S tomorrow Friday 12 TO BE THEIR CLIENT for a LOFT IN SOHO to buy or to TO RENT for you&me, a subject for THE ANCHORS. FV

M O R E   S O C I A L   M E D I A


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