Is It Linked? FRENCH COP 1st Script About UN Russian Ambassador’s Daughter Was Purely Fictional! The American James BOND Interviewed By Mike FULLER About Donald TRUMP Problems With Moscow! “I Would Have Been Punk If I Was Born In 1977 Or Before!” Vince SAUVAN.




Mike FULLER: Hi, Vince SAUVAN, it’s good to speak with you on VOICE OF AMERICA in our dimension and diffused on WORDPRESS with the best moments on TWITTER on the USB.

Vince SAUVAN: it’s me. I’m impressed, the President of the United States is interviewing himself a personality like I am. I appreciate it a lot. You are my hero to a great extend.

MF: How is Patricia? We had many concerns about her destiny before to interfere to liberate her. You know, we missed the two of you for a long while!

VS: She’s Ok. She’s perfect. We follow a little training now in West Virginia before to be your Ambassador in Japan. It’s really exciting to represent the President of the United States.

MF: for sure. You will do it the best you can. This is a definitive Win-Win mission for you and Pat, a second honeymoon, for our Country the chance to organize with the Japanese the next step of our Computer Age, the Virtual Reality.

VS: it’s a way to stay the #1, better than our competitors of the other dimension, the USB.

MF: you know what? These guys, they have a tough time with their new President.

VS: he appears to be deeply inspired by your own Presidency, your projects, your style but in a bad manner mainly.

MF: it’s not the matter. I wanted my lawyer there, Frederic VIDAL, elected President but I think he’s not welcomed, I’m not sure. We receive their computer transmissions, they call the Internet, it’s like that we know everything but not the details and the real life.

VS: you don’t watch their TV?

MF: no, thank you lord.

VS: Mr. VIDAL was replaced by you, I could check when I was myself having some troubles before you rescued me!

MF: I believe it was a game of communication. He’s not dead at all, he’s using my name as his personal political mark and I’m proud of it. When he signs FULLER, we speak the two of us.

VS: you wanted to interview me about the Russian connection, I suppose, the fact our first memorable action after we founded DARKPOL with the CIA, Patricia HUNTER and me, has been to find the location where Natasha STANISLAVSKY was living after she disappeared.

MF: why Paris?

VS: we had indications at that time, in 2005, she could have been networking in this European capital.

MF: it’s a strange coincidence Donald TRUMP has many difficulties about his relations with Russia and especially their President in this dimension, Vladimir PUTIN.

VS: difficulties because Moscow sponsored him too much, I read the Internet too. Natasha was the daughter of the Russian Ambassador at the United Nations. When we came back with her in the States, it was an international ovation. Some were afraid she was dead. It was a symbol of the US and USSR friendship. They don’t know maybe in the USB, it’s still the Soviet Union in our dimension, the regime of them.

MF: to my point of view, it’s Russia and there could have been a little confusion there. The movie in the other dimension was never released. One more time, Frederic didn’t find the breakthrough.

VS: previously, it was for BrAmStOcKeR. I’m not superstitious but with DRACULA’s author name spelled differently or not, there must be possibly some supernatural effect. You could take care about it. Like a malediction.

MF: great idea, French Cop. Mr. VIDAL said I’m the manager of the band. I will audit all these bizarre things that could prevent our Debut.

VS: or the fact people are not comfortable with the name and its context of scary situations. About TRUMP, I don’t like him so much. Him and his staff, they read Frederic VIDAL, a wonderful person who has his strategy 100% Internet to compensate and they were impressed.

MF: absolutely, otherwise they have no information about us.It’s the only one who is authorized and it’s experimental.

VS: sometimes, they say WE DON’T EXIST, I’m sure.

MF: Fred, he’s still too isolated. There is this blackout. Anyway, Vince, thank you. I understand more what is the link that is not secondary because this RUSSIANGATE could destroy his Presidency. This TRUMP is fragile.

VS: I will call Natasha to ask her if she has some feedback. Thank you, President.


Mike FULLER – mikefuller2020

He has the population with him because he could be the King. He has this sense of authority that creates around him in Washington some jea-

lousy. He was elected by surprise but nobody was thinking someone else could be President. (3/3/2017)

VS: you wanted to interview me about the Russian connection, I suppose, the fact our first memorable action after we founded DARKPOL with

CIA, Patricia HUNTER & me, has been to find the location where Natasha STANISLAVSKY was living after she disappeared. MF: it’s a strange

coincidence Donald TRUMP has difficulties about his relations with Russia and especially their President in this dimension, Vladimir PUTIN. (3/4/2017)

Fred KELLY – timeframes2020

More than a MOVIE STAR, I could be a celebrity, accepting to promote some perfume, some brand, some car, some services. Invited on many red

carpets, I would be with my wife an example of what you’re looking for when you’re AMERICAN. (3/3/2017)

VS: Mr VIDAL was replaced by you, I could check when I was myself having some troubles before you rescued me! MF: I believe it was a game of

communication. He’s not dead, he’s using my name as a personal political mark. I’m proud of it. When he signs FULLER, we speak the 2 of us. (3/4/2017)

Thomas SPEARS – vidalfuller2016 :

Some stories deserve confirmation. Is it hard to believe? Is it sad to comment? It is the right way to understand what is arriving to your

HEROES : some problems always to manage with expectations. (3/3/2017)

VS: difficulties because Moscow sponsored him too much, I read the Internet too. Natasha was the daughter of the Russian Ambassador at the

United Nations. When we came back with her in the States, it was an international ovation. Some were afraid she was dead. It was a symbol. (3/4/2017)


NEW SONG. 77, we were young but not crazy, lazy maybe, not ready to be commercial, singing for the kids and the people in their 30’s a revo-

Enough, 77 was the year of the consideration of nothing except our motivation to have NO AMBITION. (3/3/2017)

VS: previously, it was for BrAmStOcKeR. I’m not superstitious but with DRACULA’s author name spelled differently or not, there must be pos-

sibly some supernatural effect. You could take care about it. Like a malediction. MF: great idea French Cop. Mr VIDAL said I’m the manager. (3/4/2017)


Vince SAUVAN (on WordPress)

“I Would Have Been Punk If I Was Born In 1977 Or Before!” Vince SAUVAN.

Freddie HAIM (on Vid)

with the link to this post:

Jonathan FOUNDERS (on Blip) :

This RussianGate is not in Stalingrad but in the USA! JF.

Gerald KLEIN (on Myspace) :

When it’s about Russia, everything’s possible. GK.

Brian SUMMERS (on LinkedIn) :

Moscow is invited to reply to the Americans who accuse it: Washington is not welcomed in Russia. BS.


Don McKENZIE (on Youtube) :

Comments on FACEBOOK :


Russia is the slow burn of the Trump administration, and it’s not going away (3/4/2017)

Nobody was so much criticized to be in touch with Russia since the movie people prosecuted by McCarthy team in the 1950’s. This time, it’s a network of VIPs in the White House environment that could be not authorized supporters of Moscow. Will the Congress about to write a blacklist of them? Mike FULLER


Trump Team’s Links to Russia Crisscross in Washington (3/4/2017)
This must be studied daily to be sure it will be a general investigation later but sooner would be the best. Russia is so attractive for which reason? It’s not personal, it’s collective like the Soviets. Capitalism from Wall Street and the Republicans of TRUMP were what Moscow wanted to copy, maybe but the Win-Win was too spectacular and probably wrong, legally speaking. Mike FULLER


Who’s who with Trump and Russia? A look at the key players (3//2017)

What they did, who they are: this team of people who are a part of President TRUMP’s entourage have another proximity that is suspect: is Russia their second partner? Mike FULLER


Who is Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador rattling Trump’s presidency? (3/3/2017)
Russian Ambassador to the UN passed away, Russian Ambassador to the US is appearing in the medias. He would have preferred not to be involved in a global issue developing a juridical and political threat around the two Presidencies he is decided to support, the long-term PUTIN one, the TRUMP’s beginning one. Mike FULLER


Les centristes de l’UDI retirent leur soutien à François Fillon (3/3/2017)

Francois FILLON n’est sur de rien mails i peut compter sur sa conviction d’être élu s’il compte continuer a être candidat. Il décidera s’il reste dans la course après la rencontre avec les juges. Il en a vue d’autres. Mike FULLER

On Monday, Dec 19, The Electoral College Will Decide To Confirm TRUMP PRESIDENT Or, If Hillary CLINTON Gets Their Majority, It Would Create A Crisis That Could Finish By The Cancellation Of The Presidential Election! Mike FULLER, Shadow President, Will Comment The Vote Result on Tuesday, Dec 20, To Give Us His Appreciation Before The Challenge Of The New Year 2017: TO BE A NATION NOT DIVIDED ANYMORE!


Donald TRUMP is the author of great books to share his magic career with the population but for the White House, we are into the unknown. He can be too much, he can be fine. I am committed to study this all year long in 2017 if he’s elected by the electoral college Dec 19. If he’s not, I will change my mind and considerate he was not the right President for our Country in these times of confusion of the Internet and the social disease.

TRUMP is not REAGAN, he’s FULLER, meaning me, partly. I’m the anti-TRUMP because I’m his SHADOW PRESIDENT. This is not a title like to be King or Prime Ministrer. This is a function that represents a social involvement in politics nationwide about evaluating the situation for the others, from the other side: THER OPPOSITION, more than that as an ALTERNATE CANDIDATE. I was write-in Nov 8 in 7 States, promoting the STEIN vote in 43 others.

I’ll be in New York City pretty fast next year to play the guitar and sing, following so many other songwriters and performers who let us, IN A FOLK ATTITUDE. I want my role in Washington, DC to be cultural and FAIR. My advice is not cute but I believe in a great partnership between THE GREENS and even THE PIRATES with the POWER. How this can happen (because I’m not a daydreamer)? It can be a miracle or we have the chance to have a Business Hero in the Oval Office in January. This man can decide to listen more and more to us (until the creation of a Secretary of the Arts!). From the beginning, I will be in NYC managing my nonprofit AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT (ACD) at the highest level.

My recommendation for the VIP voters of next Monday: don’t think twice, you’re all right! If you were elected to vote TRUMP, do it without hesitation. If you feel bad about Russia hacking, DON’T VOTE THIS TIME. It’s abstention, the solution in that case! Donald TRUMP with a short majority on Monday: it can be not enough to confirm his Presidency for some politicians or not WHO REALLY DON’T WANT HIM after Obama (I’m NOT ONE OF THEM).

Don’t worry if the Presidential election is blocked, I’m here, ON THE WEB, monitoring all of that. It won’t be blocked at all. There will be a SECOND ROUND. We cannot forget 2 million more voters chose Hillary CLINTON. THIS IS TOTAL SPECULATION BUT TO BE ready for the worst is my motto, more than ever. I’m also a filmmaker, I manage all possibilities in my mind to share them with you: we must imagine the dangers and the contrary, the BENEFITS of it.

Politicians are unable to organize our national debate the right way ALONE. They are confused, ISOLATED in Washington, overdosed by their Mass Medias diffusion. THEY NEED ME and YOU, readers, too. They need a new PARTY OF THE PRESIDENTIAL POWER, I call also the GOP2 or inside the Grand Old Party of the Republicans that I still support strategically as I was 25 when Ronald REAGAN gave me my chance to be a politician of another style, being an artist too, comedian, filmmaker and songwriter, performer.

Dec 14, 2016


I found the picture I selected today to illustrate my self-
nomination as Shadow President (indie and alternate)
at this address:

Visit this interesting site:


Electoral college

Could the electoral college dump Trump?

Clinton Campaign Wants Electors Briefed on Russian Sabotage Allegations.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Another 19 Electoral College members join demand for briefing about Russian hacking before casting votes.

To strip Trump of an electoral victory, electors would have to deny him the 270-vote majority he needs to win. Trump has won 306 electoral votes, while Clinton has won 232, meaning that at least 37 electors would have to flip their votes or abstain.

On Twitter (vidalfuller2016, mikefuller2020, bramstocker, timeframes2020) 12/14/2016

The Petroleum Industry: 1 of our best commercial activities worldwide. So, we can be sure our Diplomacy will be reinforced by Rex TILLERSON.

Social Corporate with Rex TILLERSON, Secretary of State, REVIVAL ROCK for the synchronization of this global US Entrepreneurship diplomacy.

Congrats for the nomination of an Entrepreneur. You follow my guidance, I’m your Shadow President. REX TILLERSON will be our IMAGE ABROAD.



In 2020, Mike FULLER certainly will be US Presidential candidate again. It’s now Donald TRUMP to be United States President for 4 years. TS

BrAmStOcKeR in New York: it’s next year, in 2017 for the BOWIE YEAR concerts. Donald TRUMP President, it’s Mike FULLER, US Senator in 2018.

I disagree with the Electoral College: tomorrow, I will tell you why Donald TRUMP is not a right choice for our Presidency. Mike FULLER, SP

In 2017, it will be the 1st year of the new Presidency. I hope Donald TRUMP will be the President we need to build my spectacle in New York.




This THERAPY PROGRAM sponsored by our punk band will continue on Twitter. Appreciate FULLER like your own candidate and you’ll feel better.

Every day, in the morning, afternoon or evening, meditate about this: Mike FULLER could have been the WINNER of the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

The therapy is the way to improve your talent to network for more OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE FOR THE MINORITIES, social, financial, personal.

The US are CHANGING EVERY DECADE. They STAY THE SAME since 1776 otherwise. How it’s possible? You know the reply: We’re DIFFERENT, so FINE.

FREEDOM is the Liberties Victory, American Independence that Mike FULLER is using to empower you. His program is available for you to study.

This therapy program is based on TOLERANCE. ALTERNATE politics are good for the NATION. Our candidate is cultural, FREEDOM fan. He’s yours.

Mike FULLER supporters must know we propose a THERAPY for the persons who don’t like him enough. Are they anti-TRUMP too? Probably or not.

Youtube Video: MY COVER OF GODZILLA WILL BE THE OPENING OF MY SHOWS IN NEW YORK, with rock, humor and a Folk attitude to promote my talent off-Broadway and BUILD MY STYLE attracting politics worldwide. MF 2016: VISIT TEAM USA NOW. Meanwhile VIDAL Confirms FULLER TEAMWORK Program, The Use Of 7 Alternate Names Of The Heroes He created For Films And Comics To Be HIS NICKNAMES More And More During The Campaign, Not Only FULLER At All. This is For A Political GAME MARKETING And Appreciation Of His Guest Candidacy In Order TO BE The ELECTED Candidate! No Joke!! But Mike Stays THE NEXT PRESIDENT FIRST NAME #1 AND LAST ONE WILL BE FULLER!

You like Sports, you are a Patriot, you want to participate in this great organization every 4 years created by a French, Pierre de Coubertin, meaning a HALF-AMERICAN (51st State jurisprudence since Lafayette) who was inspired by ancient times Greeks to have a celebration of all sports together, visit and use the following:



We got so many gold medals since the creation of the
Games, thousands and thousands. In this electoral
year, let’s imagine there will be a last winner November
8, not in Rio but here in the USA (I’m in SF). So, it
will be a man or a woman or a kid (me at 57!). 

VIDAL FULLER is still in progress. 

Find and read again all Vidal Fuller writings for Web novelism dedicated to Movies producing and Comics publishing:

Visit and enjoy the old draft site on Google still updated regarding VIDAL FULLER PROGRAM in 2015:

Then on WIX, you will have the ATLANTA WEBSITES (politics and culture) still important a lot in the campaign and inspiring us:


First written on Sunday, August 7, on TWITTER:

Hi Attorney:

it’s Sunday and I like to call you attorney because I’m more than a Perry Mason fan! You know this TV show of the 50’s with Mr. Raymond Burr. It’s at the screenplay level FIRST A GREAT SUCCESS OF BOOKS, you must know that. I will send you the Wikipedia link about Perry and his author, another Agatha Christie. Regarding me, I was injured last week as I collapsed on the ground the morning of the press briefing. I think I WAS TOO MUCH EXHAUSTED, not sleeping a lot since I arrived in Frisco. I collapsed even a 2nd time the following night. I can swear I didn’t drink beer or whatever, then I took care more about me and last night I slept more than the last 3 weeks. So I feel good this morning with some pain on the knee and the head BUT IT’S OK. I will explain in this 3RD LETTER TO YOUR FIRM that I am the happy owner of a franchise of a dozen of HEROES, each one having his own movie story in PRE-PRODUCTION in Hollywood.

I’d like like to work with the great Steven Spielberg if things were simple and not complicated by politics and social problems. TRUMP must be the author of another franchise there of DEFAMATION telling to the crowd of the actors, directors, producers that I am SICK more than a little, C R A Z Y to a great extend but not like a genius, more like an idiot. You understand that consequently I CAN’T MEET SPIELBERG, I can only meet PROFESSIONALS OF LAW AND DEFENSE OF CIVIC RIGHTS like you, my dear Attorney. It is the reason why I decided to include this COMMERCIAL UNIVERSE looking in the future like THE MARVEL UNIVERSE itself (I want more and more SciFi and Super Heroes in my writings) in THE RACE FOR THE PURE WHITE HOUSE IN WASHINGTON, DC.

This is a race that could be validated by RIO 2016 if we were a dozen of competitors in the same stadium for a medal and a winner. THIS IS NOT. You have again TRUMP who has a deal with THE OLD FIRST LADY prosecuted for her Emails 2 TIMES NOW since the truth was known about SANDERS SOCIAL EXCLUSION. You could check how does it works in American politics these days, it’s obvious there is the same purpose from Donald to me as I’M ALWAYS STRONG LIKE THIS MORNING ON TWITTER and it can disturb the computers  of people who are not democrats or anyway not FOR DEMOCRACY AT ALL.

Back to my characters I can tell you the one I prefer is FREDERIC VIDAL, hero of the TV show project THE MAN FROM 25 and already a famous fellow at an international level, thanks to French and Belgium comics because his stories ARE HOMAGE TO HERGE, GRATON, WEINBERG, GOSCINNY even!!! I’m a gifted writer you know, not only a politician and future President.

It’s a ‘Pretty Art’ to prepare comics for politics BECAUSE I MUST ACKNOWLEDGE I WANTED THIS FRANCHISE (VIDAL & CO) IN POLITICS like Tintin could have been more a journalist in his stories. CLARK KENT, according to me, is the AmericanTINTIN and also an example of AN ALTERNATE FREDERIC VIDAL. I told you in my 1st letter TRUMP = LUTHOR. All of that, COMICS, it’s a question of fantasy too and you can understand how much it’s easy to say that somebody has a mental illness like BIPOLAR and is DANGEROUS for his community because STAN LEE WAS NOT A LAWYER or a celebrity himself and could not oblige the establishment, beginning the 1960’s, To Follow HIS BUSINESS MODEL and Plan with MARVEL.

So VIDAL and SAUVAN, #2, the FRENCH COP, bad reputation for this movie from 2007, Hollywood. There was an incident organized by

THE MAN FROM 25 and already a famous fellow at an international level, thanks to French and Belgium comics because his stories ARE HOMAGE TO HERGE, GRATON, WEINBERG, GOSCINNY even!!! I’m a gifted writer you know, not only a politician and future President.

It’s a ‘Pretty Art’ to prepare comics for politics BECAUSE I MUST ACKNOWLEDGE I WANTED THIS FRANCHISE (VIDAL & CO) IN POLITICS like Tintin could have been more a journalist in his stories. CLARK KENT, according to me, is the AmericanTINTIN and also an example of AN ALTERNATE FREDERIC VIDAL. I told you in my 1st letter TRUMP = LUTHOR. All of that, COMICS, it’s a question of fantasy too and you can understand how much it’s easy to say that somebody has a mental illness like BIPOLAR and is DANGEROUS for his community because STAN LEE WAS NOT A LAWYER or a celebrity himself and could not oblige the establishment, beginning the 1960’s, To Follow HIS BUSINESS MODEL and Plan with MARVEL.

So VIDAL and SAUVAN, #2, the FRENCH COP, bad reputation for this movie from 2007, Hollywood. There was an incident organized by TRUMP’s friends (I will give you details in a 2nd time). Sad because the synopsis was excellent. I CONTINUED ON THE WEB 24/7, year after year UNTIL NOW and proud of it. I believe A LOT OF NOTORIETY is connected to Vince SAUVAN but a social (or official) censorship prevents the HERO OF MY DREAM to really be the model of Super Hero of A NEW GENERATION he could be with wife PATRICIA HUNTER, Super Heroin like WONDER WOMAN. 3rd hero of mine I built from history of the XXth century: SILENCE THOMAS SPEARS, a fantastic guy who was involved in formidable stories TO PREVENT DEFINITIVE HOLOCAUST of the Planet’s population.

This 30’s drama and serial was also refused by Spielberg associates who were NEVER AVAILABLE FOR ME during all these years. I don’t criticize them, I think the contrary, they are good professionals BUT LIKE MICHAEL CIMINO who passed away at the eve of Independence Day, close to me, BETWEEN BEVERLY HILLS AND UCLA, what a bad coincidence!, Trump and his FANATISM, different than HITLER’s one, more from A WALL STREET dictator of the Americans who are nice moviegoers, deciders less great, THEY WERE PRESSURIZED, not entertain at all by the owner of A BABEL TOWER in Manhattan. I pray for CIMINO, I’m sad for the others and I am a victim like them, until now.

AFTER SPEARS, following SAUVAN and VIDAL, I needed a 4th personality I found in Prague, also in the 30’s like Spears: THE MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES, Jonathan FOUNDERS, an American Diplomat between 2 wars. Also, great human beings that won’t stay fictional like the others THANKS TO THE IMAGINATION AND ESTIME OF merchandising buyers WHEN I will have the money of the first investment necessary: BRIAN SUMMERS, another US President, creator of THE PAST MACHINE and GERALD KLEIN, the PARALLEL PEOPLE film leader in Seattle, Washington for a shooting on location, who knows?

Right now, with my routine talent, I am giving you all the information about MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES and you will tell me IF I DESERVE A COMPENSATION, I would like to, the movie industry in the 2000’s was frozen by Trump personal act ivity and the Authorities, probably, supported his enterprise of boycott. He could not accept a STEPHEN KING AGAINST HIM, I’m against nobody dy but I’m a KING, I could publish 2 books a year, Donald was too rich to see IT WAS NOT AN ATTACK. He said no, was powerful with ‘THE APPRENTICE’ and adios AMIGOS.

So, I decided TO BE MYSELF A SUPER HERO and to write about myself FOR semi-fictional stories, LIKE IF I WAS also a character. It’s a proceed that is well known, spectacular also, TO PLAY YOURSELF in additional stories on the screen. I wanted it and I don’t mind if it is dangerous. I know it’s like that I will be really APPRECIATED. When President by the way, I STOP FOR 4 YEARS preparing movies. I let MY COMPANY TIMEFRAMES releasing 3 films the Cop in 17, the Spy in 18 and the Eyes in 19 WITHOUT ACTORS, High Tech CARTOONS like video games, no networking in LA-Hollywood, EVERYTHING FROM SAN FRANCISCO, fro anti-corruption reasons.

The past is CLOSED, PRESENT NOT A REVENGE AT ALL. These properties are delegated by me TO BE PATRIOTIC AND CIVIC CONTENT supporting my Presidential campaign obviously and in fact THE INSTITUTIONS THEMSELVES that are in danger with TRUMP extremist and CLINTON weak-lost. So, I decided to nominate each of the 8 main programs a GOVERNMENT LIKE MINE must have beginning January next year WITH THE NAME OF MY ALTER EGOS. These names already were kind of NICKNAMES for me, on the WeB certainly and in my permanent office in town.

I am proposing you to read now A NOTE ABOUT THE PERFECT TRACT I’m preparing for next week with my ‘celebrities’ and friends: 8 people from my imagination ready TO HELP THE REPUBLIC in a new Saga like if MICKEY helped his dad WALT to be a Senator, I’m sure he would have done that for DISNEY.

I see you next week too, in NY?



Note about the perfect TRACT.

Hi again:

I am giving you the basics of it, the texts that could be the right ones. “To organize an evolution for the XXIst century. ALTERNATE AMERICA. Liberalism vs Ostracism. JUSTICE (Frederic Vidal program). BORN IN 59, A MAN LIKE JFK IS ALWAYS ON THE WEB. Just before the 1960’s, he began his life when Kennedy finished his own, replacing him on the Internet until now. DEFENSE (Mike Fuller program). PREZ IN 17, A COP CAN FIND HIS WAY IN THE PRESS. Scheduled to be the next President, the author the FRENCH COP film is also the singer of MY WAY for the press. EDUCATION (Thomas Spears program). PHD SINCE 99, A SPY FROM WW2 LIKES THE RADIO. Doctor in communication, the writer of the GERMAN SPY studied WW2 with the quality of a radio host. CULTURE (Fred Kelly program). PUNK IN 77, A STAR BY GRACE KELLY DESERVES TV. The punk rock guitarist is today a star as he always has been the protégé of previously Hollywood diva Grace Kelly. POLICE (Vincent Sauvan program). ABROAD (Jonathan Founders program). ENTERPRISE (Gerald Klein program). ADMINISTRATION (Brian Summers program). FILES: for POLICE Department, Human Trafficking, Minorities, USID, GOP2. For ABROAD Department, USW, ISIS, 51st State, Israel. For the ENTERPRISE Department, USB, California, Intermission, Governance. For the ADMINISTRATION Department, 2025, Amendment, One and Only, ACD (American Cultures Department). I will let you know the details of each file in a few words later, each file IS A PROPOSITION.


I am going to copy all these tweets on my WordPress blog before.


First written on Monday, August 8, in the morning, on TWITTER:

Hello Dear Lawyer,

I did not finished yesterday to tell you what is important for you to know about Donald Trump and me. Obviously, we we never directly in touch as it’s not possible for someone to disturb somebody else who is close to him OR IT’S A LOT MORE DIFFICULT. Trump as a billionaire with business problems was networking on a daily basis inside the Washington world of political leaders, democrats and republicans but more republicans than democrats.

This is not fair what he did when he was communicating with the White House. According to observers and insiders, his relation with George W Bush was partly secret, partly unknown for the press that is not anymore like the Washington Post of Richard Nixon, INVESTIGATING. I suppose it’s BUSH HIMSELF or his Chief of Staff who attracted TRUMP TO BE THE GOP NAME for the election of the President. They were thinking about 12 but there was ROMNEY AGAIN.

So, they understood 16 would be the great celebration of the GOLDEN MAN from NYC as others were too light or too much inspired by previous times. I could have been one of them at the CNN & co debates that began in September 2015. TRUMP, from the 2000’s did not want this. He knew I was different and advised Bush to blacklist me. This President was a person who did not like my style, you know: actor, screenwriter, musician, Marshall McLuhan explained in his studies that the XXIst century will feature artists in politics like Vaclav HAVEL in Europe, A DISSIDENT of COMMUNISM who was elected President of the Czech Republic. Maybe they said I’m a kind of dissident of the US.

It’s totally wrong, I would die for George Washington or almost, I mean. He must be never criticized but INCREASED almost 250 years after the 1776 Revolution vs the British. So, no spot for me in September and already NO CAREER POSSIBLE in this party of mine even at a LOCAL LEVEL. I tried, I understood. Donald Trump was behind all of that, Bush had a protege. With Barack Obama, some solidarity about the management of the files of his predecessor gave him the obligation TO CONFIRM I WAS DOWN.

No Congress, I have been in 2010 proposing my candidacy for the US Senate. I was informed I was not ON TIME, too late for the primary. I continued freelance as A WRITE-IN to check I had and I still have a GOOD POPULAR SUPPORT but, dear Lawyer, it’s not enough. Obama, great President for the entourage that must be pertinent, said probably to TRUMP, I would never be a problem for his Democracy. I find Barack Obama a little too much personal and hard managing the population: for instance, I was networking to conclude my project to marry the actress Blake LIVELY and I was surprised it was something like a crazy idea of mine, A CUTE GUY LIKE ME with 1 MILLION VIEWS on my blog in 2010!!

That makes sense to think it’s White House connected because I ALREADY DIFFUSED MY GOAL TO BE PRESIDENT, if possible, IN 12. Afterwards, you cannot prevent tons of persons and authorities to have you in mind. So, Dear Lawyer, to conclude, there will be NO BLAKE FIRST LADY, sadly, unfortunately, I EVEN NEVER MET HER finally!! Strange United States of the 2000’s after the alternate end of Kubrick’s 2001: TERRORISM BROKE SOMETHING IN OUR AMERICAN DREAM? I don’t believe in this. Donald Trump is the product of the American Dream to tell me YOU ARE FIRED like in his TV Show.

I don’t agree. I studied that I inspired him a lot with my blog content and my tweets TO LOOK AND APPEAR LIKE ME a brilliant politician but he’s not and I am sure IT WAS PLAGIARISM his use of my EGO: I’m the only MIKE FULLER with a great reputation of an election winner, in the Midwest and the 2 coasts. I will call you this week, we have to organize the judiciary action against Trump and FIRST A STRATEGY OF COMMUNICATION to help me not to be anymore refused by the Press, most of the time. This is a JOKE anyway.

THE SILICON VALLEY is the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA and my passion for computers and their ultimate network the WEB-FLOWER tells me I’ll BE IN THE MASS MEDIAS ASAP WHEN SCHEDULED BY HISTORY and it’s next this time! ISIS IS A GODDESS OF ANCIENT TIMES EGYPT PANTHEON. The Silicon Valley is only the SOUTH of SF Bay Area. What can we do against Terrorism?? A lot more than BEING AT WAR AGAINST THESE WAR CRIMINALS.

Barack has a Peace Nobel Prize, I was disappointed he reacts like a MILITARY, it must be Trump influence. All these Americans with a machine gun in their mind, they lost an episode of my saga with Donald. I am the MASTERMIND of our conflictual team, always preparing the next step. Now that the question is to neutralize the fanatics of a Goddess, I MUST STAY THE ONLY ONE, alone with the us voters. Donald propaganda I’m dysfunctional IS INSULTING TWITTER and the NEW AGE. He’s too old to understand it’s him who is ridiculous, not me and Twitter or me alone with TWITTER with him. This, I don’t think so. I’M IN SAN FRANCISCO to show to the World THE FLOWER POWER is the POWER OF THE WEB.



End of my Letter to my Lawyer in four parts, from Friday to Monday.




I have several names of political brands and nicknames of mine to find the right medication for your problems to be solved. Do you need a reset or an upgrade? I can also update you or download you the BEST CURE.


BORN in 59, a MAN like JFK is always on the WEB.
Just before the 1960’s, he began his life when Kennedy
finished his own replacing him on the Internet now.

VINCENT SAUVAN, his deputy, is managing for you:

a. Human trafficking
Human trafficking is a system of slavery that must be investigated first inm Hollywood (actresses).

b. Cultural minorities
The Minorities are raciasl but also social and cultural. They must be managed in order to empower them with Flower Power and New Age.

c. The USID
The project of a nationwide database of the population is supported by a coordination of the present databases (driver licenses, social security).

d. GOP2
The reform of the Republican Party is necessary for rationalization ble to realize of American politics (multi-partism, Presidential Power) with a GOP2.


PREZ in 17, a COP can find HIS WAY in the PRESS.
Scheduled to be the next President, the author of
the FRENCH COP film is also the singer of MY WAY
for the press.

JONATHAN FOUNDERS, his deputy, is managing for you:

a. The United States of the World.
The United States of the World are an objective that stays impossible to get. With the UN, we can have the ambition to be the Country #1.

 b. ISIS.
ISIS is now the Terrorist organization fighting against us. On location in Iraq, they are also a military and government Power. This war can stop.

c. The 51st State
France was too much forgotten in the past. Its population is very close to America and it would be great to invite them to join the USA.

d. Israel.
Israel is the evidence we are united worldwide to prevent forever a new Holocaust thanks to the eternal friendship with the Hebrew State.


PHD since 99, a SPY from WW2 likes the RADIO.
Doctor in communication, the writer of the
GERMAN SPY studied WW2 with the quality
of a radio host.

GERALD KLEIN, his deputy, is managing for you:

a. The USB
I don’t want anymore poverty to be back like in the 1930’s. Let’s reduce unemployment and homelessness with credit.

b. California
California must be the richest State of the Nation. Its business model and its economy can inspire and be connected with the 49 other States.

c. The Intervision
The Internet is the greatest success of us since the first man on the Moon but this new media must create a real INTERVISION.

d. The Gouvernance
The new Governance proposed to the American population companies include a smart relation with the Presidency, cultural guest and adviser for liberalism.


PUNK in 77, A STAR by GRACE KELLY deserves TV.
The punk rock guitarist is today a star as he always
has been the protégé of previously Hollywood diva
Princess Grace Kelly.

BRIAN SUMMERS, his deputy, is managing for you:

a. 2025
In 2025, we will celebrate the 250th ammiversary of the Union. This deadline is good to organize our reforms, having in mind this date would be world’s end too.

b. The Amendment
The Country needs an Amendment to modernize the Constitution without changing it, also to improve the liberties.

c. The ‘One and Only’
I decide not to plan to have a second mandate after my election for 4 years of presidency, my ‘one and only’ mandate.

d. American Culture(s) Department
The creation of a Culture Department (ACD) wil be sponsored by entrepreneurship and exemplary of the change in Washington.


Participate in our campaign financing wit a small amount! (end)











RELEASE #4: 4 PRESS BRIEFINGS In SF For TImefraMES & BrAmStOcKeR’s Next President In Town. Movie & Music, 2 Groups Of Mike FULLER To Present A Liberal Message To The Journalists: CLINTON And TRUMP Need A DASH! 


The French actress Marion Cotillard is the symbol OF FRANCE IN AMERICA like all these brands of THE FASHION INDUSTRY we are proud to export in the US (I’m French-American for always more union and association). Her film career is great and emblematic of a Hollywood partnership with Marion’s system, compatible with my sweet ambition to be ELECTED, TO ATTRACT THE MEDIAS, THE SAME I NEED to be pertinent, social media is not enough to be efficient nationwide. 


PRESS BRIEFING #1: 84 killed in Nice because I am in Frisco?

PRESS BRIEFING #2: World War II: And The Winner Is?

PRESS BRIEFING #3: My Lawsuit against Trump.

PRESS BRIEFING #4: Liberty of Expression.  

Thursdays, August 4, 12, 19 and 26, 3pm,
201, Powell Street, SF, CA 94102

All the journalists available are welcomed for a coffee with some MILK.

Read other article dedicated to Cimino (DEER HUNTER): 

French Cop, German Spy, Velvet Eyes, stories of mine for feature films can be produced in 17, 18 and 19 after the Presidential election. Possible PRESIDENT OF THE STATES in 2017, now I’m registered with the FEC as a Presidential candidate while I’m releasing a new song THE WEDDING SONG in September. In France my previous State, they don’t support enough. My professional project about motion pictures & music business. I’m an artist and politician who hopes to get the votes of the poor and the disabled. But Bush and Obama must pay for their mistakes against me before my career victory TO BE AN ELECTORAL THREAT AGAINST DONALD TRUMP.

2nd email to the press (August 3, 6pm)

Hello guests to Thursday Press Briefing:
This is a reminder that I, Mike Fuller a.k.a. Frederic Vidal, I will welcome you for a first press touch and a good coffee break at the STARBUCKS on 201 Powell (close to Union Square and St-Francis Hotel) around 3pm, this Thursday August 4 in SAN FRANCISCO .
I definitely chose your city with in my mind the old times of the GOLD RUSH, the quality of San Francisco to build something strong after a discovery: ME IN POLITICS, it’s brand new and SO IMPORTANT according to me, when TRUMP’s COLLAPSING.
The contextual subject of this Thursday press briefing will be the MASSACRE IN NICE FOR BASTILLE DAY (84 killed). I’m a dual citizen (French and American) and you have to know NICE IS MY HOMETOWN since I was born there in 1959.
Sincerely yours.
Presidential candidate Frederic Vidal alias MIKE FULLER, FEC validated (# 1678, ID P60021870).

Welcome to my campaign! I need more press, radios, TVs to diffuse my Presidential candidacy. Relocated in San Francisco, FEC registered, my message stays the same as a Web candidate: NO TRUMP, NO JOKE! As a GUEST candidate (outside the Web), I will tell you on Thursday why we have so much to share with you, Medias, in order to IMPROVE our American Democracy, Culture and Economy!

Frederic a.k.a. Mike

Ready, Steady, Go for the Race to the White House.

First San Francisco PRESS BRIEFING.

MEET Indie Republican Candidate Frederic Vidal a.k.a. Mike Fuller:

Thursday, August 4, 3pm,
201, Powell Street, SF, CA 94102


After 9 months of campaign on location nationwide, Frederic Vidal a.k.a. Mike Fuller (alias Fred Kelly for movies and music) is definitely in San Francisco to promote his ideas for A NEW PRESIDENCY.

to restore American Pride AND WAS PREVIOUSLY:

Well BORN IN 59

(20 years after 39), like the Vietnam war, just before the famous 1960’s, WITH GRACE KELLY IN MONACO TO PREPARE HIS PRESIDENTIAL RACE TO WIN LIKE JFK (with and without MM) but as a Republican like REAGAN, Screen Actors Guild President, other family friend for 57 years of great memories to share now with the population, Washington and Lafayette.

Civic PUNK IN 77

in France and Great Britain using Rock music politically for social progress (10 years after Sergeant Peppers), WITH JIMMY CARTER REFUSING HIS BAND BY MISTAKE UNTIL NOW (Anti-Semitism?) but Ike Eisenhower finished Hitler previously. No segregation in America! All of us are fans of The Beatles and our BRAMSTOCKER. IVth Reich for the Jews.

Great PHD IN 99

(40 years after 59) just before Year 2000 of the Millennium and September 11, 2001 attacks against the World Trade Center in New York, WITH STAN LEE’s DAREDEVIL AS MASTERMIND OF A SCIFI LIFE, Timeframes, HIS COMPANY. HE WILL BE, HOPEFULLY

New PREZ IN 17

(40 years after 77) one century after the Russian revolution and Americans in WWII, WITH star JESSIE ANDREWS, FIRST LADY AND NO BLAKE. ONE AND ONLY MANDATE DEDICATED TO THE GIRLS IN THE UNITED STATES, too much victims of Human Trafficking. They were not available for me until now and Jessie will manage the ACD (AMERICAN CULTURES DEPARTMENT) for the New Age and Flower Power in DC. No more corruption with these new Bonnie and Clyde.


To improve the Republicans and welcome the Democrats who want more reforms.

Read my blog:
Email me:




READ THESE ORIGINAL TEXTS HERE. Mike Fuller Speeches For The GOP Convention Are A Progression To Confirm And Explain Why Frederic Vidal Is The Best Presidential Candidate: USA Need Modernization And Reforms All At Once!


paris match paris match 2

Grace Kelly, first movie star then Princess of Monaco
was also a mother for Frederic Vidal, born resident of
the Principality in 1959 and resident there until her
death in 1982.

On Wednesday and Thursday (for the introduction and the conclusion),
July 20 and 21, Mike Fuller tweets from San Francisco.

Human Trafficking versus Human Being.
INTRODUCTION OF EXPOSE by Frederic Vidal alias Mike Fuller
for the Cleveland Republican Convention.

I have to be really proud to speak to you from THIS SYSTEM and definitely, ABOUT THE 2000’s, a century that is not yet OURS, JUST A CONSTRUCTION that is ARCHITECTURE of a Culture we don’t know. In this new LAND OF FAME and OF PAIN sometimes, my duty is to REFUSE what is not GOP connected in the XXth century. A democratic program will stay DEM. A REP in 2016 cannot look like a DEM in 1998. So be sure I’m not a GUEST.

I will tell you MY MOTHER was the contrary of A DIVA LOOKING LIKE A SLAVE FOR LOVE or glam. Hollywood is my activity because GRACE was his MASTERMIND OF SPIRITUAL SENSUALITY, from a Blonde to a Brunette I lost on Bastille Day 2003, Katie Holmes on the set of a scene with me featured. Not more like THE PRESS & THE MEDIAS until now. It’s not what my Super Mom PRINCESS GRACE KELLY of MONACO wanted. She prepared, if I would like TO BE ELECTED PRESIDENT OR EQUIVALENT, a list of subjects NEVER to forget ABOUT: Cold War, Pop Culture, Global Warming, Cable TV.

4 Times, the press will remember HUMAN HOLLYWOOD TRAFFICKING is a shame and will be not anymore pretty soon AS 2025 not far away, 9 years of HUMAN IMPROVING. KODAK and APPLE, BRANDS of PAST and FUTURE to refuse WOMEN LIKE BEINGS FOR networking only. 1945, END OF WAR with no more HATE and SLAVERY OF THE JEWS. We will see each other for the 4th point that is Blake without prostitution.

Part 1. 2025. Is there a planet available for us after Earth? This planet was maybe already there before. We must think that NASA has already identified it. NEW EARTH is not only a project, it’s basically what will be our new home. REPUBLICANS, I am afraid this planet where we were so much happy and powerful during these 250 first years of the United States of America IS ABOUT TO BE DESTROYED BY A COMET because JESUS DID HIS WILL LIKE THAT. (some laughs) No kidding, the Christ DECIDED FOR US to schedule our end and it will be in 2025. 9 years, we have 9 years to organize OUR MOVE. It’s not easy but George Washington was another MIKE FULLER and space time is our tool TO CELEBRATE INDEPENDENCE DAY a last time.

This final countdown is necessary because according to the BIBLE, we are also guilty: HOLLYWOOD is a center of HUMAN TRAFFICKING. GOD does not want HUMAN BEING to be a prisoner, a slave or a prostitute of companies that diffuse FICTIONS meaning lies with ACTORS obliged to obey. The ecosystem is DOWN 50%. The sun would finish us in less than one century. So. guys, us, Republicans, we have to call the AIR FORCE and the NASA to tell them: build us an UFO to leave the Milky Way, for a new Adam, our President Frederic VIDAL (IF Medias accept to feature him) and his beloved Lady, EVE #2, Jessie Andrews alias Close Coopers (laughs). WE WANT US TO BE the couple of New Earth to raise a new fame about human kind WITHOUT HUMAN TRAFFICKING that means death of personality, identity and availability to communicate with the others. So, we do that, Reps, tell it to Trump, Donald will finance with me and let’s focus on this YEAR 2016 to end any kind of alternate script!!!!

I’ll be back for KODAK, the previous sister of APPLE COMPUTER. We have in our Party to be proud of the REAGANOMICS. The President is the CEO of the Nation and I propose to Dr. Trump to be our Chairman!!! (laughs) I come back after some ads and the singer of BRAMSTOCKER.

Part 2. Kodak. I’m back. With a lot of good businesses in the States, we cannot be in a crisis like this one. WHAT HAPPENED previously? Barack Obama? W? I think if the US are disabled 10%-25%, it’s because we are not CREDIT MANAGERS!! We are too much DAYDREAMERS! This is time for A WAKE UP!! Create your company, I can tell you it’s the best. But we have to study why we are so much rich and not able to HAVE KODAK BACK ON TRACK. The example of the company is crucial according to me TO SHOW WE ARE NOT TOTALLY LIKE BEFORE. KODAK was the symbol of the CAMERAS. Where is this REALITY OF OUR FEDERATION now? Nowhere unfortunately. The Congress must vote in 2017 a law to reopen the Worldwide COCA-COLA of the communications. IT WILL BE LIKE A US OWNED Kodak COMEBACK. Take it or leave it, Republicans, KODAK next gen is yours if WE WIN THE VOTE OF WEBBERS.

APPLE COMPUTER CAN DO BETTER, after some ads and a song by BRAMSTOCKER singer, Fred KELLY! See you for this with your laptop. Not bad, not bad at all. This expose is signed by me with a special guest that could have been APPLE COMPUTER. Obviously, they were not alone. Personal Computer, the PC, empowered by MICROSOFT is also a part of my LOGISTICS FOR THIS TRIP TO WASHINGTON. We are all AMERICANS. But I want you to know that I am a special fan of APPLE, not invited by THE BEATLES of UK, but BY HISTORY OF WALL STREET. Steve JOBS was a GURU of the XXth century, another Bob DYLAN, a MEDIAS MAN like a Donald TRUMP and this place (DC) is for him too. My PC is good, my laptop is not down. APPLE, we are obliged to stay optimistic about ITS CULTURE IMPROVEMENT.

My Presidency of 4 years (BEFORE TRUMP) is a PREAMBULE of OUR CONSTITUTION indispensable Amendment that we will vote (normally) between NOVEMBER and January as I’M NOT US NATIVE but FRENCH FIRST. This amendment WILL BE ANTI-HUMAN TRAFFICKING. No Traffic in the USA Main Text of highest LAW since 1787, after 1776, before 2025. YEARS are important to know, to remember.

Presently, APPLE is this fruit that is not well understood in the Bible. EVE DID NOT EAT AN APPLE but a FRUIT OF KNOWLEDGE. The company of Jobs will have the opportunity to be selected for a federal program to IMPROVE THE CITIES TERRITORY with a network of SUPER-SCREENS, it’s not a massive budget at all!!! (laughs) It’s QUALITY TIME! I want INTERVISION in this Country. The McLuhan Galaxy IS SCREEN GALAXY. Human Beings are welcomed IF FREE and EMPTY of Corruption of the Human Trafficking (when you work without being paid but not for a nonprofit, definition of the H.T.).

I’m POST-DOC and PhD since 1999, my goal is a White House University! The Professors will be the Ministers and the first one the SECRETARY OF STATE will teach DIPLOMACY in the COMPUTER AGE. The Web must leave, the post-Web will be called SCREEN, BEAT, FLOWER. Flower, I like it. The Flower Power has been huge in the 60’s. It’s back for our New Era, AGE, with our success against Hillary CLINTON. This charming Lady has to be prepared for a teamwork FULLER-APPLE that is more than necessary: WE CHOSE THE BRAND WE WANT. You can be sure I need a new TABLET.

In a second time, I will write to the Congress to organize a McCARTHY COMMISSION II about investigating H.T. in Hollywood with possible victims: FEMALE SUPERSTARS. The Flower is not appreciated enough there. APPLE for the Administration 2017-2020, it will appear COMPULSORY to rewind probable CORRUPTION RISK Wash.-Holly., Washington-Hollywood. We need the best tools at the White House and to FEEL CLOSE TO EACH OTHER IN THE US. So, great ideas, fine drafts, I had in mind for you to know. NEXT 1945, HITLER MUST BE NEUTRALIZED a second time. He’s still too much present in 2016. Danger is WWII syndrome, terrorism. SEE YOU, I have to call Trump!!

PART 3. 1945

Roosevelt is not responsible but I must inform you that it is now almost sure our 50 States paid for Hitler and his dark circle of Nazis to be in charge of Germany, from 1933 UNTIL THE END. The end is a song BY THE DOORS but also a concept meaning NOTHING AFTER!! (laughs) This is sad and surprising bu American BANKS financed CONCENTRATION CAMPS built by the IIIRD REICH and franchise… No joke, no Trump! We cannot let that in this state OF SECRET, also a state of EMERGENCY. JEWS killed by GERMANY are forgotten too often according to me and Donald! ENJOY CURRENT America, not celebrating our Victory of 45. Two Atomic BOMBS (on Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and millions of warriors killed: this horrible war could have been STOPPED BEFORE TO BEGIN, in 1938 IN MUNICH: an agreement was find between Germany, France, Great-Britain and Italy.

WE HAD TO PARTICIPATE IN IT, not as a guest BUT AS A CHIEF of the Free World, not including USSR. Roosevelt, one more time, was WRONG. This President is famous for his NEW DEAL, US comeback after 1929 crisis in Wall Street. He underestimated DANGERS OF THE SVASTIKA for Earth. The war itself was a CHAOS OF BATTLEFIELDS. Very bad, very destructive of the planet. 77 years later, MY WHITE HOUSE WILL REOPEN THIS file. I told you on Monday for my Speech about September 11 my deep admiration, it’s my choice, for the Jewish State, ISRAEL. It compensates HATE of some extremists, CRITICS of too many fake friends of the STATE AFTER AUSCHWITZ. The State after Auschwitz, it could be the title of a Win-Win story, a business and cultural one between our 2 people to be FORGIVEN for the MISTAKES OF FRANKLIN (D-Day also was too brutal).

The killed jews of the DEATH CAMPS won’t never live again, my friends. They are a part of the CEMETERIES. There, we must invite GOEBBELS and the basic rule of this provisory GERMANY and a terrible decision against the XIXth century. Progress is, FOR US, HUMAN RIGHTS. Let’s call his troops to REGRET WHAT THEY DESTROYED, beings looking human anyway, even with a religion to follow. HUMAN TRAFFICKING until death was Hollywood a concentration camp or a death one IF THE PRODUCERS AND ACTORS refuse to C H A N G E methods and salaries. We’re sick of our TVs and theaters BIG SCREENS. Hardware, software, CONTENT. This is the content that hqas to be improved, CLOSER TO JEWISH ORIGINS and FAIR for everybody, including the poor, including the disabled, TRUMP and ME, we know Human Beings can be UPGRADED in this industry. We compare it to the Reich.

My speech against Human Trafficking is a speech I am dedicating to France, our sister-Country, our 51st State if I am elected President all at once, a delinquent Nation right now supporting bad treatment of good actors or not in Los Angeles, Hollywood and first in Paris, their capital. After almost one century of movie industry, a new art ready to represent our civilization with the talent of ITS DIRECTORS like Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams, we must be ambitious and severe to stop the brainwashing of the mass medias that are almost democratic only.

Part 4. KELLY. Blake Lively, the actress I met on the Web in 2009 for my blog expression and on the Warner lots, not personally, when I was BACKGROUND ACTING as Fred Kelly, member of the Screen Actors Guild, is still the AMBASSADOR of French FASHION (Dior, L’Oreal, Marie-Claire magazine headlines, etc.) while she is not anymore the star of GOSSIP GIRL. She’s older now after 7 years since I SAID ONLINE SHE’S HUMAN TRAFFICKED. Nobody said the contrary UNTIL NOW. I was homeowner in Hollywoodland and starting my career of SCREENWRITER after decades of SONGWRITING for my pleasure and commercial plans.

THE FRENCH COP, THE GERMAN SPY, VELVET EYES, you know about them. These films will be released in the United States in 2017, 2018, 2019. They represent the best prevention of the HUMAN TRAFFICKING. HUMAN BEINGS, heroes of the 3 motion pictures, are supporting THE POLICE OF THEIR ENVIRONMENT to erase all crimes that could be INSPIRED BY SLAVERY. In 2020, Blake who is our WITNESS, for a lawsuit also possibly, will be 3 years OLDER. What will be the result of all of this IF I CONTINUE TO BE BLACKLISTED IN THE MEDIAS. In that case, I won’t be President at all. This is a shame we have to refuse immediately.

It’s why I am with you favorable also to a NUREMBERG TRIAL II, not only a McCARTHY COMMISSION sequel. Crimes against humanity include to CANCEL CAREERS of producers, directors, actors ALL LIFE LONG until DEATH. We’re Americans, DREAMERS OF REALITY. We got 50 States, beginning with only 13 COLONIES and A REVOLUTION to have them INDEPENDENT. Let’s do the same, we can’t accept NEO-SLAVERY. Female actresses, HUNDREDS OF THEM, actors, OTHER PROFESSIONS, SAME PROBLE, UNEMPLOYMENT ILLNESS: this is all about the body and the Mind missing for basic functions OF LIBERTY.

REPUBLICANS, NOW IT’S OVER. DICTATORSHIP OF OBAMA MUST COLLAPSED. He din’t created the system BUT IMPROVED IT INVERSED. Call the journalists YOU READ, Americans, Republicans, tell them we are upcoming WITH Donald TRUMP and even our competitor Hillary CLINTON if she agrees TO REFORM THIS NORTH AMERICA, in 4 years, after the vote of the laws, the change of the TRADITIONS. The ones who will refuse the Progress of US ALL will go nowhere and stay in 16. Speak after the Convention to your village. Thanks.


So Now, no more day of convention to continue with us our HUMAN BEING versus HUMAN TRAFFICKING speech. THis is the CONCLUSION of the confrontation. H.T. will end when the judge will decide to prosecute MORE PEOPLE on a daily basis. What we can do is ALSO TO VOTE A LAW IN 17 to increase the fact THIS IS A CRIME AND ITS REPRESSION AND PREVENTION will be more DEFINED and CONFIRMED. Grace KELLY wanted Hollywood-FREE of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and corporate PRESSURES not compatible with the Liberty of Expression.

As a part of this community, I FEEL DEVASTATED we are not able to WELCOME MEDIAS when it’s not commercial (films). In Nice, 84 deads on the Promenade des Anglais for Bastille Day 2016!! Worldwide they are waiting for us on their SMALL SCREEN, moviegoers, TVgoers for news. I CANNOT BE A MAN SO REPUBLICAN AND PROGRAMMING MY VICTORY if I don’t conclude MY SPEECH by more a THREAT A COMPLAINT. Finally, TRUMP is yours, I AM YOUR UNOFFICIAL CANDIDATE offering him A LAWSUIT and not at all a new business suit but LIST OF SUBJECTS to control he wants me NO FUTURE in the Medias. This won’t happen. Thanks!!

Frederic Vidal a.k.a. Mike FULLER

On Monday, July 18, 2016, Mike Fuller tweets from San Francisco.

Study for the Republican Convention in Cleveland. SEPTEMBER 11: WHY BUSH WAS A DYSFUNCTIONAL PRESIDENT? by Frederic Vidal aka. Mike Fuller.

We must have in mind, fellow Republicans, September 11, 2001, today because Mrs. Hillary Clinton will not forget to use our recent history to reinforce her leadership with her protege Barack Obama, a President known for his bad faith and his reduction of freedom of expression in America. Why these cops killed? Why this international terrorism striking in France, in Florida? Our population is like in USSR in 1977: it is not the same punk than in London with the Sex Pistols. No underground, no alternate press, no radio with new messages, JUST BLAH BLAH of TWITTER HATE for political fight anti-Clinton, anti-Trump. This is EXTREME AMERICA, nobody new and different in the news: ME BY EXAMPLE.

I am your leader anyway WITH THE SOCIAL MEDIA. It’s enough, we can communicate LIKE DISSIDENTS, proud to be the GOP, the DISSIDENTS PARTY. Bush created this system. You read that well, my friend, Bush, student of Ronald Reagan himself! There were 2 Bushes, him is nicknamed W. This letter W is attracting the letter Z in the alphabet and we could check W presidency was a Z one. His father gave him a reputation he did not understand: HE WAS A SILLY PREZ AND A PITY ONE. Don’t be afraid my friends, we have to tell him here in Cleveland if we want to counter-attack against his cousin from Africa, Barack.

W CREATED THE HOMELAND SECURITY SYSTEM = NSA + FBI. NO, THANKS, too much cops kills the cops themselves, WE SEE THAT EVERY WEEK! Cop, I am, THE FRENCH COP, my Hollywood masterpiece movie, cop, I stay by telling you: the Bush family is delinquent and W has too much organized with Jeb fiasco of the States and sabotage of this Trump convention AND MORE: IRAQ ISIS!!!

This is W, the author of our bankruptcy in Iraq. NOW ISIS is his HORRIBLE SON! Our US Army was in Bagdad WITHOUT A PROBLEM. We left the Country LIKE DELUSIONAL IDIOTS. We had to stay for 30 years, to invite them to be 51st State of Africa. The UN don’t decide for us, WHO DID? MONEY, OIL, BAD ISLAM OF BILLIONAIRES friends of this Reagan family of a century finished forever! YOU CAN, Convention friends, decide to improve our situation in this file by voting a lawsuit against W. I know it’s a lot for you, so I will represent you with no vote eventually to find a Judge and to PROSECUTE THIS LIAR who told us MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Some things must be decided BETWEEN REPUBLICANS. ISIS vs OBAMA is a fairy tale we don’t like at all for the sponsoring of the election of Clinton.

ISIS, give it to me, I was Bush lieutenant in the 2000’s and I will neutralize them in less than a year WITHOUT WAR, with the weapon OF DIPLOMACY. I can swear. Think about it, Republicans, you want us to be elected. Obama like a white shamble for 2 more mandates: that means 16 years with no power for the party of RONALD. We have DONALD now who will cry like a kid if he’s punished and not Bush, this guilty W, an ex-friend anyway, not the devil, a FOOL to politically erase.

I am a veteran of our Constitution and its elections since JFK and previously Ike Eisenhower and I can see we are a little late to manage all of this before November BUT IT’S NOT SO SURE. We can have a deal to share and sign in September with, not Hillary BUT HER HUSBAND BILL.

We want this Country United States SAFE and FREE of terrorism and corruption, corruption too, my friends as there is no gun without money!! In France, in Nice, MY MOST IMPORTANT CITY SINCE 1959, year of my birth, the friends of Bin Laden killed our HOPE a last time. OBAMA is unable to give me the press to reply. I will do something else with you: an invitation to W Bush lawsuit in SEPTEMBER, I was born the 10. To be elected with DONALD TRUMP, you would have to have Bush judged previously! Not really possible in several weeks. So, you will be elected WITH ME, WITH ME, my friends! No more Obama, no more W Bush, not anymore this good partner Trump who will stay a PROPHET of us all.

Only AN OUTSIDER like A ROCKET can beat the nasty Democratic candidate. Politics is like sports sometimes, good sports. I have the training for this MIRACLE to take her victory, decided by their GOD OBAMA, since he replaced her at the White House in 2009. Their popularity is massive. We need to be STRATEGIST. DONALD is about now to speak to you to welcome you here in Cleveland, Ohio. THINK SMART, SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL, there is still a way to get the job of President… A second candidate was just behind Trump, a 2nd driver of the truck GOP, ME.

So, well, well, well, when one is busy, the other waits and there is ENOUGH TIME to compensate the polls that are not so good, these days. 2 is better than 1, 1 means nothing and 3 is not possible. WE CAN HAVE ONLY TWO CANDIDATES: call us the FREDERIC TRUMPS, the MIKE VIDALS. IT’S LEGAL, I’m not really in Cleveland today BUT IN SAN FRANCISCO WITH AN APPLE AND A LOT OF IDEAS. I continue to control your discussions and you wait for me tomorrow, Tuesday, for more feedbacks ABOUT OUR VICTORY, your PRESIDENCY anti-obama. DREAM, GOP members, you will be so surprised to be invited in Wash to celebrate our MAJORITY of November 16. It’s historical, for the both of us. Have grand Convention.

Mike Fuller

Otherwise I stay available for more conversation at I’m also Screen Actors Guild (my mom was Grace). Godspeed for the Conv!

On Tuesday, July 19, 2016, Mike Fuller tweets from San Francisco.

Q&A: Mike Fuller at Cleveland Republican Convention.

Q: you are not supported by Mr. Trump to be a second GOP candidate if he is too weak. How can you manage this situation with the blackout of the press?

A: I don’t care. He is with his environment, I am with mine. I don’t know say the contrary. I am on Twitter right now, on the account of mine, Mike Fuller, to tell you I AM CANDIDATE AND I WILL GET THE MEDIAS AS I AM SOMEONE WHO NEVER CHANGE MY MIND. Trump candidacy is not enough to make me change my mind. I told you, I am a Republican candidate like him and I don’t need this Convention to confirm me. I DON’T VALIDATE THIS CONVENTION THAT IS FREELANCE & DYSFUNCTIONAL like you could check for the primaries thanks to many TV CNN style debates that showed how much HE WAS A GUEST NOT WELCOMED BY MANY, a guest not welcomed by many with the plagiarism scandal of Mrs. Trump. We are not a party, at the GOP, to be the party of the SHOW BUSINESS. Trump is a SPECTACULAR CANDIDATE but a BUSINESS MAN with a WALL STREET REPUTATION that creates a strange mood in America. DOLLARS, ARE THEY WELCOMED IN THE OVAL OFFICE? Projects, they are welcomed in the Oval. DONALD IS NOT REAGAN, I feel empty if I follow him, forgetting me. (LAUGHS!!)

Q: you mean, Trump is like an actor of the old GOP, for a Presidency with no real content?

A: you right, certainly. He is an elephant with a trumpet playing some jazz that is not really new but a kind of potpourri of old tunes. I am a SONGWRITER, YOU KNOW and these guys think I won’t be important in the next few weeks. LOOK AT THEM, THEY ARE THE RESULT OF A DISPUTE PROCESS. Trump finished badly all the other candidates Republicans, leaders and voters. TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE OUTSIDE THE PARTY, in the midwest. You must never underestimate somebody or want to exclude him or her. THIS WILL BE THE SAME FOR ME THIS SUMMER. I am not a Trump but I am not somebody different than Donald. I have no BFF at the Republican Party. I am certain I have not only enemies there. Don Trump is the candidate of the MARKET, I represent THE ESTABLISHMENT as I am, me, Mike Fuller alias FREDERIC VIDAL, immigrant from France, PhD insider of the United States, THE RIGHT NEWCOMER at 57!! (laughs)

Q: some of them at the GOP are victims of the NSA campaign against you? (laughs)

A: THEY ARE VICTIMS OF THEIR TRUMP-MANIA after their TRUMP-HATE. They must be BIPOLAR. They forgot to see a doctor. ME, I’M OK. My writings on the Web SHOW SINCE OCTOBER 16, 2015 when I came back from Nice, France HOW MUCH I BUILD MY PRESIDENCY I WILL GET IF I’M IN THE MEDIAS: strongly, smartly, definitely. I am never impressed by a NO SHOW of journalists or a DEFAMATION of the Authorities. USA 2016, it’s the Olympic Games without Pierre de Coubertin! (laughs) Where is George Washington, HE WILL BACK WITH ME THIS POOR MAN!! Obama is a junior President who was not a historian at all. He is leaving with his dream power. I won’t miss him AT ALL this Barack of the military of Bush. Let’s speak about Iraq and the American Beat to conclude.

Q: Ok. ISIS, Iraq, Beat generation, Mike?

A: I’M HERE. You know, I am a perfect believer about ISLAM I know a lot. ISIS will be at the CDC, the CAMP DAVID CONFERENCE in 2018 when I will tell it, Iraq is OURS if we DECIDE TO STOP WAR WORLDWIDE. Regarding BUSH, the lawsuit in New York. I just arrived in the US in 2003 and war started FOR NOTHING. It is a danger to fight for nothing. We finished Alqaida enough WITH DIPLOMACY. Bin Laden is not anymore, not because we killed Sadam Hussein but thanks to the UN. I WILL OFFER you THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED NATIONS. You, PRESS, you are my guest at the White House and the United Nations. The CONGRESS will vote the laws in 17 and 18 TO REFORM THE AMERICAN SOCIETY.

Meanwhile, I will be a GLOBE-TROTTER (laughs) visiting more than 20 countries in one year! 50 Countries in 24 months with AIR FORCE ONE, This is what we need to be THE UNITED COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD. With France, OUR BEST ALLIED from LAFAYETTE, I will build MY DOUBLE PRESIDENCY as I am a French native, SO SAD ABOUT NICE INJURED by terrorism.

Q: 84 murdered in your INTERNATIONAL HOMETOWN, who will pay?

A: I will with your money!! (laughs) It’s true, according to the Roma Law, that THERE IS ALWAYS A COMPENSATION AFTER A CRIME! This one was BIG AND UGLY, organized to kill my CANDIDACY, a high tech tragedy to stop my campaign AND BREAK ME! It did not work, or just 50% reduced to now. You medias, YOU DESERVE TO BE THE 4TH POWER at my side TO PREVENT totalitarism and justice with no court. Self-defense is ok but A GUN LAW MUST TELL WHAT IS WRONG IN THE US ABOUT VIOLENCE. I want John Boehner to be my special lieutenant TO MEET A LOT OF AMERICANS UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR for a dialogue about GUN CONTROL. Our previous Speaker will write a WHITE REPORT personally for me, Frederic Vidal alias your MIKE FULLER, that I will read in January 2017 after my meeting with John G. Roberts, our Supreme!!!

If I am able to cancel ISIS terrorism in 2018, the least I can do is also to have a deal with our population regarding our HOMELAND: Nothing will be like before at that time. In SF, I build a program for you, Cleveland, that is not SciFi but conclusion of an old plan.


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