This Blog Was Started In 2009, 8 Years Later, I Write A Book And Stopped One Month Ago My Social Media Except INSTAGRAM! Read My WORDPRESS Years, After The Death Of Chester Bennington, The LINKIN’ PARK Singer I will Replace IN THE END!! (BrAmStOcKeR Is Proposing A Crossover Of Our 2 Bands To Play Again This Song!)




LOVE LETTER POSTCRIPT: I Wanna Marry You! For The Summer, June 21, In New York, Let’s Shoot On Location The Premiere Scene Of Our Online Script! A BrAmStOcKeR Soap Reality Opera! A Draft Recording of P.M.U.R.T. Done This Morning With An Acoustic Guitar For The D-day!


Q&A. : love is not easy on Earth? : it depends, the people who don’t support LOVERS are wrong and disconnected. I

think it does not matter, some are nasty, some are gentle persons to help and attract the right beautiful mood we need to BE HAPPY, if poss-

able. “POSCRIPT. I forgot to tell you how much I’m busy to anticipate everything that will be useful & surprisingly wonderful later, Jessie.

It is June 6 today and I checked on GOOGLE that you can be in New York with VIRGIN AMERICA, for instance, June 21 for the Summer and forever

with me, in 2 weeks from now, for $564 in 5 hours and 42 minutes! 1:30PM – 10:12PM, from LAX to JFK! It looks great! The deadline of June 6

was too early, I arrive on the East Coast March 21, your turn June 21, from a season to another! Otherwise, I wanted to speak about wedding!

I am excited by the project to marry you, the sooner will be the better I believe, you too? For the vacation time, we have the BAHAMAS and

other islands to visit in August for 2 weeks potentially to have a SUNNY HONEY MOON (we can get married there! Las Vegas another destination

and possibility). We have the time until then. What else? THE ANCHORS, on YOUTUBE for the pilot, like The OSBOURNES you remember, about our

couple & love story. Think a lot about it, it’s so important love and business follows.” : thank you. You’re so cute! : !




LETTER TO MY LOVE. Frederic VIDAL words of personal involvement and deep proximity are WEB GIFT 2 SHARE. Q&A @AP STS

The Rolling Stones – Miss You – OFFICIAL PROMO via @YouTube I MISS YOU, YOU MISS ME? Q&A @PEOPLE & @WSJ. I feel OK.

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1978, after the PUNK YEAR, huge success for THE ROLLING STONES, in the Discotheques especially, we danced on this song, to calm down, to relax when there is a waiting time, before the next fast sequence on the dance floor. Time’s waits for no one, this is a bright synchro!
Frederic Vidal​, PhD,

Tweets last night

: Are you an EMERGING TALENT? : of course, I wait for the PRESS in the USB. FOX SEARCHLIGHT could produce FRENCH COP.

Q&A: WHAT ARE THE USA. @Newsweek: you cannot stop the Q&A right now? @mikefuller2020: No, the Country has 2 dimensions. It’s good to TALK.

: are you a FASHION GURU? : especially for BIKINIS, I like 2 be like Yves SAINT-LAURENT, FASHION designer for WOMEN.

: your REALITY SHOW is TRENDY? : our TREND is WALL STREET, the DOW JONES. The Stock Exchange is about sweet BRANDS.

Q&A. : your band BrAmStoCkEr is Jean-Paul GAUTIER or Stella McCARTNEY! :

I was GLAM then PUNK in the 1970’s, just a T-shirt and 2 or 3 Jeans can be enough, with a JACKET that is unique with our motto: FAKE PUNK.

: are you ready to play PMURT 1st time on your guitar? : it will be a demonstration this morning at the GUITAR CENTER.

: some folks say you’re an Eric CLAPTON of the 6 strings? : I prefer to feel like I am, actor, DONOVAN and KEITH.

: do you play for MONEY? : I sing too, for FUN. Money is a motivation, I never play, I have to be RICHER, with SONGS.

: THE ANCHORS on YOUTUBE? : Hopefully a WEB ONLY for the Pilot, Episode #1: COMEDY, not PARODY, provisory title.

: BrAmStOCkEr is a CONCEPT? : a CONCEPT of COUPLE, a CONCERT of ideas mixing lyrics & chords to evaluate WHAT is LOVE.

: and this is a DRAFT? : alot more. We can’t accept the FAILURE OF THE SYSTEM. So, episode #0, Internet Origins.

: England is like New Jersey? : absolutely. We’re Cousins of these guys from Europe on an Island. PAIN.

June 6, 1944: the LONGEST DAY, famous D-day and the H-hour was? NOW.

LETTER TO MY LOVE. Frederic VIDAL words of personal involvement and deep proximity are WEB GIFT 2 SHARE. Q&A STS

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There’s a POSTSCRIPT: 2 IMAGINE OURSELVES TOGETHER. Sometimes you see your partner 24/7 & you’re alone! Sometimes the contrary.

Q&A. : you played it? : I RECORDED IT. P.M.U.R.T. for the 1st time, this morning at GUITAR CENTER, online soon.

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The OSBOURNES are the ANCHORS kind of prequel:
they were a Reality Show about a Family, we are a Reality Show about a Couple LOVE STORY, some people don’t understand that: A LOVE STORY with the word LOVE and the word STORY.
Other people understand immediately what is it all about: to be in love and to show it even if there can be tensions in a couple or a separation but never forever. There is no other man for the woman and there is no other woman for the man.
In The OSBOURNES, it is the same, it could have been a family, not like a regular family but it was not the case at all. A family means a father, a mother and the children and their objective was to relocate in Hollywood.
In The ANCHORS, we are a couple and a couple is the basics of a family, a NEW COUPLE, before a wedding, before the children, before to buy a home but all of that is included and will appear in the film.
The ANCHORS is not a copy of The OSBOURNES, the father is a musician, me too but the mother is not a DJ!
Frederic Vidal,
Postcrip. Thank you, Ozzy, for your METAL with Black SABBATH.
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