‘T H E U S A’: Writing Of The First Post For EASTER! After VELVET EYES, The New Mike FULLER Novelism Program On The Web To Be Published As A Book!

Chapter 1 – THE USA

Vince SAUVAN is a cop who could have been President of the United States. He preferred the love o HUNTER and the secrecy of the CIA to settle down in Washington after France as a future hero, never an acivist. In 2016, his President in the USA, a lot stronger than us, Mike FULLER invites him to be his Ambassador in Japan with his wife Pat for a mission of benchmarking concerning Informatics.

This is now April 16 and tomorrow Monday, President FULLER is the guest of a videoconferencing starring the FRENCH COP IN JAPAN. From 2 to 4PM ET, Frederic VIDAL will diffuse on TWITTER Thomas SPEARS, Mike FULLER and BrAmStOcKeR the discussion of SAUVAN with FULLER and the guests of this mission.

THE LONGEST DAY is the day of the landing. When Vince SAUVAN arrived in JAPAN with his wife Patricia HUNTER, he was not ready to meet Japanese officials all at once. They were waiting for another ambassador of the President of the United States, Mike FULLER. They received the information it will be the FRENCH COP who will network in TOKYO for benchmarking in the computer industry, meaning there is a project of treaty between the two Countries. JAPAN did not ask for so much acknowledgement they are crucial for the American economy.

The computer age is the age of the New Era that started in 2000. In 2001, it is the World War III with the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York by Boeing of United Airlines obliged by Islamic terrorists of the Alqaida organization to become human bombs for the worst attack against the United States since Pearl Harbor. Immediately, the President George W Bush replied military in Afghanistan where Alqaida was based mainly and in 2003 in Iraq by invading this Country accused to be with these criminals a danger for the middle-East.

In the US-A, President Mike FULL ER is not at all a Donald TRUMP, managing the United States like a Corporation that would be a nonprofit. Vince SAUVAN is a hero in his dimension after the rescue of his student of GEORGETOWN University where he was Professor of Criminology. He’s CIA and could have been a possible President of the Country.  DARKPOL is the special unit he created with the daughter of a Senator he met at the White House (she was responsible of the relations with the personalities of the Arts), his future partner and woman, Patricia HUNTER.

In Paris, they were welcomed by 2 organizations, PYRAMID and KGB NEXT GEN, promoting their own vision of a world without the US. The second post-terrorist group is not at all BrAMsToCkEr, the Punk band and social and international of Frederic VIDAL, known as ‘The Man of 25’, a consultant of Mike FULLER, born in the US-B, upgraded in the CONRAD

The KGB NEXT GEN is still in 2017 the enemy of the American Power and the CAMEROON is in Africa the battlefield of a military dispute against the troops of the CIA’s DARKPOL sponsored by Mike FULLER. Wilfred CONRAD is not anymore the leader of this freelance power neutralized but not enough by the FRENCH COP in 2005. After this first confrontation in France, there was a second episode at the White House of his Legend and saga before the Presidency of Mike FULLER.

Last Summer, in 2016, the duet was reactivated by the Americans. Patricia was lost, a little like Natascha in 2005 (she was a daughter of the Russian Ambassador at the UN). Vince was also down, waiting for news of her in the SF Bay Area. In Hollywood, Pat was an escort girl on the phone. She was rescued by DARKPOL. Her friends were a bad entourage.

What will do Vince SAUVAN in JAPAN? Mike FULLER in the US-A is connected to Frederic VIDAL who is using his name as a nickname for his political career. Frederic is writing  his book THE USA with a second episode tomorrow on WORDPRESS.


Lithograph by Robert Delaunay for an edition of La Relève du matin (1928).
About Henry de Montherlant: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_de_Montherlant

THERE IS ALWAYS A D-DAY LIKE THERE IS ALWAYS A H-HOUR when it is the right time to say NO to the enemy (that can be the doubt). MF


From: https://www.abebooks.com/book-search/title/longest-day/author/cornelius/first-edition/

The Longest Day: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Longest_Day_(book)
The Film: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Longest_Day_(film)


HAPPY EASTER WITH TIMefraMES and ACD (AMERICAN CULTURES DEPARTMENT), publisher and producer of my work on the Web or for the stores!

FRENCH COP 3: WIN WIN is the story of ‘THE USA’ that is the episode of LEGENDARY ACTION to express what is HEROIC and what is BUREAUCRATIC is the other subject about THE 2 DIMENSIONS, the USB being our world of grey routine and dark memories about the FAILURE OF THE 1960’s.

I am a SPACE TIME TRAVELER and the author of this book BECAUSE I PUBLISHED SO MANY POSTS ON MY BLOG since 2009. My personal franchise ‘MAN OF 25’ is huge and I am proud to be a hero like Vince SAUVAN and his wife Patricia HUNTER but also Mike FULLER (my nickname as the SHADOW PRESIDENT) who is the USA President.

Also in this publication, there will be the UN CONFERENCE ABOUT WWII, a proposition to the US Government and the FAKE PUNK debut album of my band BrAmStOcKeR (songs lyrics & the marketing concept presentation).

The RUSSIANGATE is LAST and not LEAST subject. Follow the news and you will have the content of it.

Frederic VIDAL, PhD

Q&A Mike FULLER – 4/15/2017.

Wall Street Journal: how do you see the crisis evolution in the US-B?

MF: the Army is nervous, the President is fragile and there are a lot of programs in progress with Russia that need to be listed. One program is not acceptable: to commerce intelligence with Russia except when it’s certified CIA. PUTIN was supporting TRUMP candidacy in the newspapers and TRUMP threatened to call PUTIN to calm down the Americans against him. His entourage is now investigated by the Congress and the FBI. It’s spectacular how many collaborators of the controversial and eccentric New York billionaire are suspected by the US authorities to have been Russian guests about BEING MOSCOW’S PROTEGES we know why? 77 years since 1939.

USA TODAY: what you mean, (Shadow) President?

MF: it’s 2017, WWII was a joint venture of us with USSR. After the change of regime, the Russian strategy has been to invade our Country backstage. TRUMP wanted to be the new ROCKFELLER, he collapsed (bankruptcies) and selected the second super power to be his new victim. Russia and Easter Europe were proud to find a friend from HOLLYWOOD, LAS VEGAS, NEW YORK and WASHINGTON. Their union was a deal too business and not right for diplomacy.

VARIETY: well said, Mike.

On Twitter today. Q&A with Mike FULLER. (4/14/2017)
Be ready to read the SHADOW PRESIDENT replies to the US-A Press. Words and Pictures.

New York Times: Frederic VIDAL has now a lawyer and a business & marketing consultant. Will he publish THE USA book about the RUSSIANGATE?

Mike FULLER: of course. In the US-A, we are waiting for the manuscript for a release of the book before the Summer. FAKE PUNK in the US-B!

VARIETY: this BrAMsToCkEr debut album could win a GRAMMY?

MF: it will be released in January, next year, too late for the awards but not for the fame and the appreciation of this tour de force to record a commercial CD 40 years after 1977. The song DESTROY NO FUTURE explains it.

Washington Post: what about Vince SAUVAN who is not inter dimensional like Frederic, his biographer. Is he still in TOKYO?

MF: Yes. With Pat HUNTER, they are continuing their benchmarking in JAPAN to prepare our Country computer age that will include ROBOTS. P.M.U.R.T. is a song about a President replaced by a robot. (laughs). The FRENCH COP will be back in May, normally.

Los Angeles Times: after the ads, the WWIII?

Mike FULLER: I’m surprised you ask me this question, Los Angeles Times! It’s a Cyber War on the Web and in the press. It’s the subject of THE USA book. The RUSSIANGATE is a crisis a lot more than the Watergate: the candidate of Moscow was the nickname of Donald TRUMP. ISIS is the 3rd part of the WWIII. The US-B Bomb in Afghanistan won’t neutralize the terrorists. The UN Conference about WWII that I propose is the solution.

TIMefraMES: The Q&A will continue tomorrow morning for the EASTER WEEKEND with Mike FULLER, from the other dimension, the US-A. Stay TUNED!

The RUSSIANGATE is the LAWSUIT of all criminal activities against the Independence of the United States. The FBI will prosecute THEM ALL. FV

 GORE VIDAL, a cousin? An example of great author to follow in America.


From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gore_Vidal


https://www.airbnb.com/co-hosting?ref=header_button I am pro-Airbnb for an upgrade of the situation on the Web, not enough connected to the basic society of our beloved America. Take care about your personal strategy on the Internet: select the sites you like, the social media is for everybody. Frederic (aka Mike)

My New PRESS RELEASE: RUSSIANGATE Before TRUMP’s Impeachment. / FAKE PUNK, BrAmStOcKeR Album, Managed By Mike FULLER, Shadow President. / FRENCH COP 3: WIN WIN, Frederic VIDAL’s Masterpiece To Be Produced From NEW YORK. / The XXth Century is Finished A Second Time in 2017, USA. /

This press release is also on TUMBLR with important additional texts by Frederic VIDAL alias Mike FULLER: http://fredericvidal.tumblr.com


From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleopatra_(1963_film)
Read also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Republic
CLEOPATRA VII was the wife of JULIUS CAESAR. CLEOPATRA VIII was the girl friend of MARC ANTONY. The 2 sisters were cousins and the 2 Romans were more than partners, ASSOCIATES. CAESAR was the #1 in ROMA and MARC ANTONY, his best adviser. Unfortunately the 4 people were neutralized by other Romans who did not like EGYPT like them. I, Frederic VIDAL alias Mike FULLER, love my own CLEOPATRA IX (you know her name, her picture is below), as JULIUS CAESAR II. We are not in ROMA or EGYP but in the US, in the US-A. To you, readers of the US-A and the US-B (also for readers of the US-C and the US-D). Our destiny is to stay ALIVE and never EVIL thanks to the HOUSE PUNK.


2017 in THE USA with BrAmStOcKeR.

by Mike FULLER (aka Frederic VIDAL).

Before BrAmStOcKeR’s FAKE PUNK debut album, there is in New York the FRENCH COP and the Shadow President.

After 40 years ‘off the record’, the 1977 punk band decides to mix house & rock for a commercial breakthrough. Frederic VIDAL, BrAmStOcKeR’s founder, is also Mike FULLER in the other dimension, US-A.

Part 1. Comment of a New York Times article.

In France, nothing new. My project of VIIth Republic is accelerating the change of the future 51st State, the Country of LAFAYETTE and NAPOLEON. In WASHINGTON, the new WATERLOO was in March for the Republicains against TRUMP and me, the SHADOW PRESIDENT.

Mike FULLER, political nickname of Frederic VIDAL.

Postscript. BrAmStOcKEr is an INTERNATIONAL BAND, French and American but also British and even RUSSIAN thanks to our connection with The PUSSY RIOTS. We are sad after the attack against the subway in St PETERSBURG. The RUSSIANGATE is obviously the first step of the IMPEACHMENT of a President we nickname P.M.U.R.T.  He won’t be judged alone but with his partners: CLINTON, OBAMA, BUSH and others. French politicians who were against my US Presidential candidacy in 2016 will also be prosecuted in NEW YORK for this lawsuit, nicknamed NUREMBERG 2: HOLLANDE, SARKOSY, ESTROSI, CIOTTI.

More social content:

Maybe, it won’t be something else than a DRAFT if the SOCIAL AND POLITICAL JUSTICE decides to support an EVOLUTION that cannot be a real REVOLUTION but a FAKE ONE, like our album FAKE PUNK is promoting the concept of RELATIVITY. Let’s be careful and ambitious like JULIUS CAESAR with CLEOPATRA. He was the real Founder of the ROMAN EMPIRE. 

I am changing my environment, my context, my universe, my structure and my system: the United Nations, ACD (American Cultures Department), FRENCH COP, BrAmStOcKeR, TIMefraMES are the new values and concepts I imposed to myself. My favorite function is 2X x Y/2 = Z. It’s the right dimension for our life on Earth and New Earth after 2025. SciFi is creative and flexible to understand.

Part 2. Email to the music producer of FAKE PUNK (and others, for movie first but also for medias).

14 = 16 is our motto. Our group, BraMStOcKEr, is the main Punk comeback from 77 to confirm we are 40 years later. Our album project FAKE PUNK is a possibility to be commercial because we were previously a social band from France. In America, we have this ambition to be a part of the alternate culture like a new ‘AEROSMITH’ but more involved in the New Age of the 2010’s. ‘The BEATLES’ were not the band that could empower the 60’s to the Flower Power today. The House music is our program of rehabilitation, me Frederic VIDAL with Jessie ANDREWS who is a Porn Star but also a DJ. Here are the links to her Soundcloud account and the link to mine:
BrAmStOcKeR Twitter account:
1. FAKE PUNK concept.
The social content is important for the marketing and the packaging of a musical product like a band and a CD. The title FAKE PUNK is a good slogan that is the first part of a sentence including REAL PORN, another expression meaning also the contrary FAKE PORN, REAL PUNK. What is real, what is fake? We must be sure that teenage culture and adult entertainment are compatible. Our group BrAmStOcKeR is also executive producer of a film project FRENCH COP3: WIN WIN’ a thriller of Science Fiction, in pre-production with HOLLYWOOD (this saga for a movie franchise with merchandising, like a video game, started in 2006, more than 10 years ago). After this decade of organization of an Universe of literacy and cinema, this first motion picture is our next project after FAKE PUNK (probably with the actress Blake LIVELY).
2. HOUSE and PUNK together.
The present axiom is: To have the discotheques looking like a stadium for a reunion band. I believe in this target that is to play the best music for our fandom that can be massive thanks to our Web universe of Twitter but also Facebook and a WordPress blog. The counter culture is a reality we express thanks to our manager Mike FULLER (my nickname). He is the Shadow President, according to our knowledge and the writing of our stories for movies. In WASHINGTON, he’s the Biker of the old Route 66 to express our feeling of the American Dream, in a chaos of problems from the 2016 Presidential election.
From: https://youtu.be/ZtzqItQP5Oo
3. The album production.
To schedule the sessions of the recording of the 12 songs will be in a second time. We have first to prepare a demo of 2 songs that will be P.M.U.R.T.’ and ‘My song is like a Hamburger’. The 2 songs are already composed and the lyrics ready (like for the 10 other ones). Would you be available in May to be with us and already now to produce this first deal. We could release a first CD (1,000 copies) to diffuse in New York in the show biz and the underground environment of the House music and the Punk, nationwide too, to be sure we will sign for the distribution of the album with the best company on the market for us.
4. Your role in the band.
I could check on your website you are a House DJ and a producer but also a musician who played with ‘GUNS’ n ROSES’. We need you because we are looking for an indie producer of the album with our label TIMefraMES Records, a brand managed by the nonprofit ACD (American Cultures Department). The Rock music and history did not want to welcome us until now in their ‘Wall of Fame’, wrongly, we were refused in France in 1977 but also the authorities were hostile a little, in France, in Great Britain and the United States. In 2017, the situation is not the same, we will prevail with our new lineup of two musicians, me and Jessie, Jessie and me, advised and produced by you, a producer and artist who knows what music needs.

UPCOMING: Letter to a lawyer.


I am the entrepreneur of FRENCH COP and FAKE PUNK, 2 products for the entertainment industry. The first is a ilm, the second is a music disc.

I will write you a longer email today to tell you what are my goals and why I need you as my lawyer to produce and commercialize them.


Frederic VIDAL (4/6/2017)


TWITTER: https://twitter.com/BRAMSTOCKER

It’s not like before, we are in a DECADE OF CHAOS that is managed perfectly by OUR SHADOW PRESIDENCY of Mike FULLER. PoWeR to the PeOpLe! FV https://t.co/GaGt78Bc1S

In the 60’s, there was the FLOWER POWER and the VIETNAM WAR on the other hand. Nobody was the WINNER but 50 years later, the NEW AGE in DC. https://t.co/Ej9fYYEQLh

There’s a risk of CORRUPTION in WASHINGTON, DC in APRIL like in JANUARY. President TRUMP isn’t the YELLOW SUBMARINE with the song P.M.U.R.T. https://t.co/sfoTZxiq9J

BraMsToCkEr wants the CBGB to reopen in LAS VEGAS. This club was closed in New York in 2006 and it’s a shame. FAKE PUNK promotes the CBGB!


Blake LIVELY is an ARTIST who is ready to join our TIMeframes CONSORTIUM. I want her to be FREE and no more victim of HUMAN TRAFFICKING. FV

Frederic VIDAL & Jessie ANDREWS are the best LINEUP for BrAmStOcKeR in 2017. FAKE PUNK is an ALBUM of 12 songs of PUNK & HOUSE music in NY. https://t.co/38vcOQ69cm

April 5

Our strategy is CORPORATE and MYSTIC as the BEATLES were singing SHE LOVES YOU but also LET IT BE without being connected enough to the real https://t.co/VYpYTAZJBa

MAINSTREAM, the American one of Frank SINATRA and Elvis PRESLEY. Us, BrAmSTocKeR, in New York for a 2 titles demo recording of FAKE PUNK, we https://t.co/pW7yCp28Wf

are totally understanding that the SHOW BIZ is different than the ROCK MUSIC that is not our Universe. We are HOUSE PUNK anti-Harassment. FK https://t.co/cTKp8kz71z

I’d like to have PWC, consultant for FAKE PUNK chance to get a GRAMMY AWARD. We’re so LALALAND sometimes but our Musical will be BOWIE YEAR. https://t.co/LDBpOwT3tB

Jessie ANDREWS is a DIAMOND and I am the RING. I want her in New York with me for the recording of the demos of P.M.U.R.T and HAMBURGER. FV https://t.co/HmeUWTZm87

After all, we will have the eternity to meditate about the sense of FAKE PUNK concept album. The track listing is the reply to our NEW AGE. https://t.co/CXlRUocB9r

April 6

Hi! I’m Frederic VIDAL in New York. Yesterday I met a lot of people in Manhattan and today I continue to diffuse my FAKE PUNK PRESS RELEASE! https://t.co/hSn7Hsvxq6

When the cover of TIME Magazine? Tomorrow maybe, on FRIDAY. We deserve this promotion to complete our FAKE PUNK strategy to INVADE nothing! https://t.co/o5pCif3Xyf

BrAmStOcKeR tweets are here to diffuse the NEW AGE tendency of our Year of the ROOSTER. P.M.U.R.T. must create a SECRETARY OF THE ARTS. JFK https://t.co/3nplWw6oVE


Frederic VIDAL, in the US-B but also the US-A, is managing the RUSSIANGATE, second title of his Book in preparation, THE USA. TRUMP to move.

ASSANGE and SNOWDEN: we need them in the United States of BUSINESS (the US-B). I, Mike FULLER, don’t want to prosecute these ‘dissidents’.

In the US-A (United States of AMERICA), these 2 persons (Julian & Edward) has the obligation to REPLY to the US JUSTICE. They will JOIN us.

April 6.

JULIUS CAESAR: it’s a fantastic story that WE WILL EXPLAIN TO THE 21ST CENTURY as the United States of America are an EMPIRE TO MANAGE SPQR. https://t.co/k59CvdIqM2


It’s the D-Day preparation for the files reopening of the McCARTHY COMMISSION. KENNEDY was with MONROE and KAZAN not so much with STALIN. TS


The TIMefraMES FRANCHISE is important like the McDONALDS and the STAR WARS franchises. Created in 2006, it’s BrAmStOcKeR plus HOLLYWOOD. JFK

The BOYCOTT against the FRENCH COP Universe is wrong and illegal if it’s confirmed that a network organizes ANTI-NETWORKING and SLANDER. JFK

Our Album will be a famous Concept CD and Web Studio Concert. FAKE PUNK will express the mood of NEW YORK and the feeling of LA for CHANGE.

April 6

I’m more than ever writing and singing PUNK SONGS that are now HOUSE music too! This is a GIFT I got: the TALENT is the result of a CAREER. https://t.co/98cH2WLVXe


FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012


The election of a new President was not fair in November, last year. Now, there is a chance to vote again in November this year if we believe enough in democracy and I will be candidate as Mike FULLER for a modernization of our Country and to forget these 100 days of a billionaire at the White House who was from New York, not from WASHINGTON. I’m ready to federate the opposition to Donald TRUMP and I will be more and more accepted as the SHADOW PRESIDENT, meaning the leader of a counter-government of the Web and of HOLLYWOOD. The majority of the Americans is not satisfied and it’s time to stop this crisis in DC by refusing the chaos and the storm thanks to the Congress. I was there March 21 and I will write to a Representative an email tomorrow, explaining what I advice him to do for the end of this situation of a Country not validating his President. Frederic VIDAL, PhD.

WEB SITE: https://sites.google/site/site/fakepunk2017

TUMBLR: http://fredericvidal.tumblr.com

2015 XBIZ Awards Show

The 2015 XBIZ Awards Show at the JW Marriott Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles on January 15. 2015

From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jessie_Andrews

TENDERLOIN is my location in the American SHADOW CAPITAL of SAN FRANCISCO (SF). Unfortunately, this area of the City is DISABLED and not anymore the center of the music business with LIVE VENUES and the historic 1960’s Pop music platform for the GRATEFUL DEAD and the JEFFERSON AIRPLANE.

BrAmStOcKeR is responsible of this situation, partly. In 1977, the French and American band could have played there, it was not too late. Consequently, there will be an answer to all the homeless people located there and waiting for some improvement of the culture and the economy.

The SOCIAL CONTENT of the album FAKE PUNK that we produce in NEW YORK CITY will explain that to be punk is to be ZERO BUDGET. If you are rich, you’re a FAKE PUNK. If you are poor, you’re a REAL PORN, try to improve you budget to be rich if you can.

Blake LIVELY will visit TENDERLOIN with me, Mike FULLER, this year, I schedule, to show how much HOLLYWOOD is sad to see POVERTY so extreme and DRUGS in the streets so obviously. She is my girl of the GOSSIP TV show. I will play for her LOVE ME TENDER, on a MTV – TMZ program of REUNION TOUR.

Read her biography: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blake_Lively

Thomas SPEARS https://twitter.com/amendment2016

WASHINGTON POST: http://www.washingtonpost.com (comments signed Vidal4Senate)


YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/user/thebramstocker


SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/bramstocker



On Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roxette_discography




The Inter-Letters™ #16, 07/7-8/2012 (Saturday-Sunday). Special Secretary Of State For Litigious Affairs (SSLA). Spécial Secrétariat d’Etat (Associatif) Aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL).

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #35: A Secretary of State for the Numeric Issue.

She’s the pretty Secretary of State (Ministre déléguée) of an important Minister in France that could be the subject of a national campaign to make it more efficient (even if we believe in this Mike Fuller kind of woman, meaning a character of legendary governments). Her first name is the translation of the word Flower (maybe because the Parti Socialiste, hers, has the Rose as a symbol): Fleur Pellerin. She is from Korean origins and she has the responsibility of the Internet in France but the Internet is powered principally by the United States and the French need their TF1 and their France 2 of the Web. So Frederic Vidal is available to meet the Secretary to introduce his “strategy Web”, a new plan.

Conseiller référendaire à la Cour des Comptes et Présidente du Club du XXIe siècle. Diplômée de l’ESSEC, de l’IEP Paris et ancienne élève de l’ENA, Fleur Pellerin a commencé sa carrière en 2000 comme magistrat à la Cour des Comptes, où elle a été plus particulièrement en charge du contrôle budgétaire et financier du secteur public de la culture et de la communication.

Conseiller référendaire à la Cour des Comptes et Présidente du Club du XXIe siècle. Diplômée de l’ESSEC, de l’IEP Paris et ancienne élève de l’ENA, Fleur Pellerin a commencé sa carrière en 2000 comme magistrat à la Cour des Comptes, où elle a été plus particulièrement en charge du contrôle budgétaire et financier du secteur public de la culture et de la communication.


): BLOCKBUSTER™ #35: The Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs to be an Association first.

A conference for the Intervision™, this is the right meeting to do when all the people are concerned and wanting to know. On the other hand, this way of life (the I-Vision™) appears to be the best medication to stop the disputes and the conflicts, according to Sociology. Communication is the contrary of Silence and silence is not good at all for negotiations and agreements to prepare and get (agreements have the obligation to be decided by 2 sides, 2 persons, 2 groups or 2 teams including companies). Consequently, this is the objective of the SEAL to promote the Litigious files / events / cases solution by Internet use (a part of Intervision™) that is to say communication à distance. The conference will take place in Nice, at the Centre Universitaire Méditterannéen (CUM) and the Secretary of State (Ministère délégué) for the PME (small businesses) and the Numeric Economy leaded by Fleur Pellerin will be invited and will receive the conference’s content even before (to be released on the WWW in a short while).

Martine Daugreihl anciiene député et directrice du Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen ainsi que vieille connaissance de Mike Fuller alias Frédéric Vidal.

Martine Daugreihl anciiene député et directrice du Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen ainsi que vieille connaissance de Mike Fuller alias Frédéric Vidal.


): BRAMSTOCKER™ #35: the Hôtel de Castries, a Public Domain Building for the SEAL to occupy.

Some public domain building in France are sold to private owners. Frederic Vidal proposes to the Governement to offer the use of its Hôtel de Castries to his non-profit Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs that is until now private. The ideology of BRAMSTOCKER™ regarding its social activity is to protect private properties, to empower the owners and also renters, especially young persons for property access. This is why the question about the future offices of the SEAL is so attractive and useful as the Litigious Affairs Secretary of State (purposes: 1. help the victims of justice and reduce the number of lawsuits; 2. to diffuse the technics of dialogue and ombudsman in the Country to increase the quality of the public and private relations for everybody) deserves some good space in Paris and also employees. The exemple of the Secretary of State (Ministère délégué) ruled by Fleur Pellerin under the supervision of the previously candidate for the Presidencey Arnaud Montebourg, Minister of the Redressement Productif (Production of industries and services to increase and reinforce) is selected for synergies about the understanding of the basics of a Government department.

Le prestigieux Hôtel de Castries pourrait abriter plus qu'un Ministère une ambition de progrès social NON CONTENTIEUX.

Le prestigieux Hôtel de Castries pourrait abriter plus qu’un Ministère une ambition de progrès social NON CONTENTIEUX.




We read bad news for the Internet and the Numeric Economy in France and it could be the sign of a change. Qu’en est-il du CNN (Conseil national du Numérique) dont les membres auraient proposé leur démission ? Il vaudrait mieux envisager cette nouvelle institution comme un ensemble constructif et non une entité de type commission aux compétences juridictionnelles ou para-juridictionnelles. Nous avons probablement assez de juges en France et pour l’Internet nous avons besoin de conseillers et d’une structure d’accueil qui puisse être accessible pour des contacts constructifs et porteurs de partenariats. Encore faut-il accepter la logique commerciale de milliers d’entreprises dont un grand nombre américaine avec une dominante : augmenter le pourcentage de l’offre de service numérique à capitaux nationaux. Pour l’instant, il y aurait crise au CNN (à ne pas confondre avec la chaîne d’information continue d’Atlanta) et il faut compter sur le SEAL pour aider à la résoudre avec pour première initiative de consulter le Conseil d’Etat à ce sujet. Le CSA est lui aussi concerné et participe aux débats en cours sur l’Internet.

Le logo d'une institution à poursuivre car essentielle à la norme Internet et Intervision. La crise actuelle sera étudiée et solutionnée. J'aiderai.

Le logo d’une institution à poursuivre car essentielle à la norme Internet et Intervision. La crise actuelle sera étudiée et solutionnée. J’aiderai.





): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #35: Un remaniement ministériel en Septembre.

Facteur de propositions, le SEAL prévoit un possible remaniement ministériel à la rentrée sans présenter cette nouvelle comme un facteur de critique du Gouvernement actuel mais s’il y a un Secrétariat d’Etat à l’Economie Numérique, un autre aux Affaires Litigieuses ferait bonne figure car il s’agit d’une nouvelle compréhension du futur où les conflits seront réglés par la machine plus que par les intéressés, et l’obligation de réussir pour tous, en entreprise comme en collectivité. Le numérique se coince quand il s’agit de se battre contre des moulins à vents parfois. Il faut habituer les citoyens à s’entendre pour que les tensions soient moindres, y compris au niveau politique. Alors attendons cet été, une bonne nouvelle peut arriver à l’automne, avec aussi l’entrée de Martine Aubry au Gouvernement.

Le Gouvernemen de Jean-Marc Ayrault, deuxième du nom, est à l'épreuve de l'été, une saison de transition et de préparation de la rentrée.

Le Gouvernemen de Jean-Marc Ayrault, deuxième du nom, est à l’épreuve de l’été, une saison de transition et de préparation de la rentrée.



This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: Léon Blum.

Léon Blum m'inspire le Secrétariat d'Etat. Son litige a été de diriger le pays en le soulignant. C'est mon devenir.

Léon Blum m’inspire le Secrétariat d’Etat. Son litige a été de diriger le pays en le soulignant. C’est mon devenir.




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Today’s Video by Youtube: leon blum 07 assemblee nationale


The Inter-Letters™ #15, 07/6/2012 (Friday). Nice Is The Subject Of The Next Mike Fuller’s Novel About Mafia And Corruption In Politics And Government!

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #34: In Nice, The Studios de la Victorine deserves a new start.

There is always a “Once upon a time” somewhere and I found it in Nice (where I was born). I am supposing there will be a rush in theses Sudios when they will be back to their old and creative name: LA VICTORINE. For now, I’ll be next week to visit these installments and facilities dedicated to the Cinema close to the Nice Cote d’Azur Airport. A first Hello before a Film (certainly).

L'Hollywood français ? Pour l'instant, un passé à la rescousse d'une absence de futur.

L’Hollywood français ? Pour l’instant, un passé à la rescousse d’une absence de futur.


): BLOCKBUSTER™ #34: Jacques Medecin was a Mayor from 1965 until he was jailed.

About Graham Green (Wikipedia): “One of his final works, the pamphlet J’Accuse – The Dark Side of Nice (1982), concerns a legal matter embroiling him and his extended family in Nice. He declared that organised crime flourished in Nice, because the city’s upper levels of civic government had protected judicial and police corruption. The accusation provoked a libel lawsuit that he lost. In 1994, after his death, he was vindicated, when the former mayor of Nice, Jacques Médecin, was imprisoned for corruption and associated crimes.” Read and validated.


Médecin, une gestion contestée et un caractère autocrate.

Médecin, une gestion contestée et un caractère autocrate.



): BRAMSTOCKER™ #34: The band from Nice was refused by local and national decidors.

This is not very well known but it derserves some publicity to understand more why the band did not sign in 77 or in 78 when they were in Paris for the Golf-Drouot, the most typical venue there at that time. They were known for the “violence” of their shows (The Galopin Bar in Nice for a special introduction of the Punk Rock in Nice) and so bad inspired to chose the French show biz that prefers classical (music and stages). Anyway, the records are not everything and they continue their legend and their songs in our mind.

BRAMSTOCKER™, we did a cd IN THE 2000's about the soundtrack of FRENCH COP™.

BRAMSTOCKER™, we did a cd IN THE 2000’s about the soundtrack of FRENCH COP™.






): FRENCH POST™ #34: Le procès de Médecin, un feuilleton judiciaire qui ternit l’image de la Ville de Nice.

J’étais à Radio Baie des Anges at that time et je ne me rendais pas compte des dangers que courait Jacques Médecin confronté au crime organisé. Je ne pense pas qu’il était un mauvais homme et je n’ai malheureusement pas eu l’occasion de le prouver tant j’étais accaparé par la préparation de mon émission quotidienne du milieu de la nuit (Clair de Lune où j’invitais des personnalités locales) ce qui eut pour conséquence que je ne fréquentais jamais le Maire bien qu’étant un de ses (jeunes) lieutenants en politique (Dieu ait son âme).

Radio Baie des Anges, j'y ai animé l'émission Clair de Lune.

Radio Baie des Anges, j’y ai animé l’émission Clair de Lune.








Jacques Médecin s’enfuit en Argentine – 15 septembre 1990

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #34: Le duo Estrosi – Ciotti n’est pas viable car collusion d’intérêts entre ville et département de la part d’un homme fort et de son protégé (mais qui est qui désormais ?).

Ciotti, Estrosi, tous ces noms de ténors de la majorité locale ne sont pas des noms de confiance pour le citoyen local comme le citoyen national. Je vous conseille plutôt d’aller voir le film Savages d’Oliver Stone qui présente des gens autrement dangereux (les cartels de la drogue u Mexique) avec une apparition remarquée de la belle Blake Lively que j’apprécie tout particlulièrement. Il faut en revenir au problème local de la collusion (sans danger pour la sécurité et sans lien avec la drogue mais avec le pouvoir et peut-être l’argent) entre Eric et Christian que je compte orienter tous les deux, politiquement et juridiquement, vers la démission (à brève échéance).

Savages, an Oliver Stone movie with Blake Lively and the story of the Drugs Cartels In Mexico.

Savages, an Oliver Stone movie with Blake Lively and the story of the Drugs Cartels In Mexico.


This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: Graham Greene.

Graham Green studied the Nice system of government and published his studies with a lot of success.

Graham Green studied the Nice system of government and published his studies with a lot of success.



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Sous l’égide du projet de Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL),
under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLA) project.

Today’s Video by Youtube: MUSE – Survival (London Olympics 2012 official song)


The Inter-Letters™ : #12. 07/3/2012 (Tuesday). SPECIAL DUAL#DIM™!

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #31: SPECIAL DUAL#DIM™! A Sitebook™ text.

This is the site I want for everyone who knows me only on Facebook and the other great community sites of the social media. This is not enough to have a complete knowledge of who I am, what I do, where I am located in this land of ideology, information, and news. My location is the leadership of moderrnity (a place you can access if you are enough independent and creative as a webber and a patriot.

Ce site est celui que j’ai voulu pour tous ceux qui me connaissent seulement sur Facebook et les autres grands sites communautaires du Social Media. Ce n’est pas suffisant pour savoir totalement qui je suis, ce que je fais, où je me situe concrétement aux niveaux idéologique, informatif et de l’actualité. Mon territoire est celui de la modernité dont je veux être le représentant systématique (un rôle que vous pouvez jouer si vous êtes suffisamment indépendant d’esprit et créatif, en tant qu’internautes et que patriote de votre pays).


Le premier schéma explicatif, non pas du site mais du film (DUAL DIM™) qui participe à la compréhension de notre univers contemporain, où la sépération entre les forces du bien et celles du mal ne sont pas claires mais peuvent être maîtrisées.

The first draft about DUAL DIM™ that is the great intellectual creation (for movie, novel and game) featured on the home page of the sitebook home page. It is to better understand the contemporary universe where a separation between good and bad is not clear but can be built by ourselvesto clarify things.

Against Bush and Obama and their terror of ideology of conservative supremacy, the diagram of DUAL DIM™.

Against Bush and Obama and their terror of ideology of conservative supremacy, the diagram of DUAL DIM™.


): BLOCKBUSTER™ #31: SPECIAL DUAL#DIM™! A Sitebook™ text.

My candidacy for the French National Assembly is the very important initiative that I decided when I was back in France, in May. As a citizen from France, I want to be a voter of the laws that are the texts expressing rules and modernizing the institutions of the State and the local authorities. I was not on time to be on the list of the possible deputes for the election day, as there were problems I could not manage locally. It is the reason why I filed a complaint to the Conseil Constitutionnel, demanding the cancellation of the June election in the Alpes-Maritimes (1st and 3rd circonscription).

Ma candidature à l’Assemblée nationale française est l’initiative très importante que j’ai décidée à mon retour en France en mai. En tant que citoyen français, je veux participer au vote des lois qui sont des textes exprimant des règles et modernisant les institutions de l’Etat et des autorités locales. Je n’étais pas dans les temps pour être sur la liste des possibles députés, le jour de l’élection, à cause de problèmes que je n’ai pas pu résoudre localement. C’est la raison pour laquelle j’ai déposé un recours en contestation auprès du Conseil Constitutionnel, demandant l’annulation de l’élection de Juin dans les Alpes-Maritimes (1re et 3e circonscription).


Juriste, candidat politique et éditorialiste web, je suis également professionnellement dans le domaine des médias de fiction : la bande dessinée, la littérature, le cinéma et le dessin animé. Cela m’inspire une attitude de non-agressivité et de défense de mes intérêts dans ma carrière électorale.

As a web activist and a candidate in France and America, I am feeling god thanks to my job of President of my 2 companies, TIMEFRAMES LLC in America, and POST-SCRIPTUM in France, producers of entertainment work (movies, cartoons, novels, comics). This helps a lot to be more secure and self-confident in my government carrer in preparation.

Bugs Bunny will be the principal character to be featured in My New America. He's real, a magnifique example of our American Democracy.

Bugs Bunny will be the principal character to be featured in My New America. He’s real, a magnifique example of our American Democracy. Warner Bros. can be proud of him.



): BRAMSTOCKER™ #31: SPECIAL DUAL#DIM™! A Sitebook™ text.

I am de facto a Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs waiting for a nomination as a member of the government in France. I like a lot, not this title but, the function to study what is a law issue that is State concern and must be monitored and solved with the participation of our service, a public-private one. I am about to dedicate a non-profit organization to this mission of general interest.

Je suis de facto un Secrétaire d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses dans l’attente d’une nomination à un poste de membre de gouvernement de la France. J’aime beaucoup, non pas ce titre mais, la fonction d’étudier ce qu’est une question juridique qui ennuie l’Etat et doit être suivie and résolue avec loa participation de notre service qui est public (ouvert à tous) mais de nature privée (sans appartenance à l’administration, pour l’instant). Je suis sur le point de charger une association de la loi de 1901 à but non lucratif à cette mission d’intérêt général.


La guitare GRESTCH est le symbole de la liberté d’expression pour moi (son utilisation par The Beatles est emblématique de cette tendance). Mon Secrétariat d’Etat n’est aucunement répressif mais positif, pour l’émancipation des citoyens en matière de droit.

The GRESTCH guitar is the evidence of the Liberty expression for me (its utilisation by The Beatles is the proof of it). My Secretariat of State is not at all repressive but positive, for the citizens emancipation regarding the Law (that protect them but not harass them).

La Gretsch de George Harrison en édition DUO JET, d'une dimension à, l'autre.

La Gretsch de George Harrison en édition DUO JET, d’une dimension à, l’autre.

): FRENCH POST™ #31:  SPECIAL DUAL#DIM™! A Sitebook™ text.

Obama won’t succeed to dominate the world (in DUAL DIM™)! In the reality, it is almost the same.

Tampa is for a filmmaker like me, the greatest event that can happen and the contrary of a Film Festival. It is a festival of ideas, of values (the Republican ones) and of candidates: Romney, Gingrich, Paul and Santorum plus Mike Fuller, the personality I want to represent in the United States that is the ombudsman of the Convention for an unity of all the tendencies invited there. This will be the realization of our dream of victory and its confirmation before November.

Tampa est pour un cinéaste comme moi, le plus grand événement qui peut arriver et le contraire du festival de films. C’est un Festival d’idées, de valeurs (les valeurs républicaines), et de candidats : Romney, Gingrich, Paul et Santorum plus Mike Fuller, la personnalité que je veux représenter aux Etats-Unis qui est d’être l’ombudsman de la Convention pour une unité de toutes les tendances qui y sont invitées. Ca sera la réalisation de notre rêve de victoire et sa confirmation avant novembre.

Dans DUAL DIM™, la politique est secondaire, l’esthétique visuelle et de l’intrigue est la priorité.
In DUAL DIM™, the policy is secondary, aesthetic is essential for the image and the story.

La nouvelle Pub de DIOR, hommage à Bardot.

La nouvelle Pub de DIOR, hommage à Bardot.

Le film publicitaire de Jonas Akerlund, rend hommage à Brigitte Bardot avec Daphné Groeneveld qui incarne  l’image du parfum Dior Addict version 2012.



): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #31: SPECIAL DUAL#DIM™! A Sitebook™ text.

Social Media, two words to show that the Internet is not anymore a network but also a system of solidarity and extreme communication for a population that is more than the population of only a State, it is inter-States. I use it, for a global dialogue with the entire planet even if I am a member of 2 national communities, the French and the American as I have the two citizenships. Visit and use all these great mass-sites that can be checked everywhere (with a computer or a cellular phone).

Le Média Social, deux mots pour montrer que l’Internet n’est plus seulement un réseau mais aussi un système de solidarité et d’extrême communication pour une population qui est plus que la population de seulement un Etat, mais inter-Etats. Je l’utilise, pour un dialogue global avec la planète entière, même si je suis un membre des deux communautés nationales, la française et l’américaine car j’ai la double citoyenneté. Visitez et soyez utilisateur de ces grands sites de masse qui peuvent être consultés partout (à partir d’un ordinateuir ou d’un téléphone portable).

Deux marques homonymes à qui j’adresse mes plus sincères salutations.







Rien à voir avec le film :

Selon le site : "Un Jack Russel pour la pub Dim. Publié le décembre 12th, 2009. Pour la pub Dim , le Jack devait tirer la ceinture de la fille sans faire de pause …. Heureusement , la chienne Baya avait du mordant !"

Selon le site : “Un Jack Russel pour la pub Dim. Publié le décembre 12th, 2009. Pour la pub Dim , le Jack devait tirer la ceinture de la fille sans faire de pause …. Heureusement , la chienne Baya avait du mordant !”



This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: George Martin.

George Martin is the best Rock producer of the Rock history. With or without The Beatles.

George Martin is the best Rock producer of the Rock history. With or without The Beatles.


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