For Super Tuesday: AMERICA 250, Conference By Tweets For Wall Street To Be Signed Frederic Vidal Alias Mike Fuller. In 10 Years, We Will Celebrate Our 250th Anniversary (July 4, 1776: Declaration Of Independence).


“The United States Bicentennial was a series of celebrations and observances during the mid-1970s that paid tribute to historical events leading up to the creation of the United States of America as an independent republic. It was a central event in the memory of the American Revolution. The Bicentennial culminated on Sunday, July 4, 1976, with the 200th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.”

Let’s prepare 50 years later (in 2026, in just 10 years).
March 1st, first on


Super Tuesday Frederic Vidal conference for Wall Street

  1. Just a beginning, 1,000 YEARS SOON!
  2. The Poor and the Rich, LESS GAP NOW!
  3.  The Financial Deal, A PLAN FOR 25!
  4. Worldwide Leadership, MORE US FAME!

Indie more than ever in 2016!

On Facebook 2/26/2016

“I prepare my expose regarding A QUARTER OF MILLENNIUM OF THE UNITED STATES for next week. I’m very motivated and impressed by the subject. I like the title AMERICA 250. Already for the Bicentennial in 1976, the preparation began before with the 1970’s. This time we have 10 years to meditate and to anticipate this so important reality: we’re a young Country but already with an important Past! The date not to forget, obviously, is July 4, 1776 (declaration of independence). Frederic Vidal”

ABC news point: “America comes on third position worldwide with its population 2015 estimation of 321,163,157. United States emerges on first rank in our Top Ten Most Powerful Countries in the World 2015 with its GPD of US $ 18,124,731 million (2015).”

In this other study, the US have a ‘Global Presence Index 2015’ of 1099.6 (‘most powerful Country in the World’). #2: United Kingdom with 404.9. #3: Germany with 400.5.

A 3rd study by US News: we are #4 of the ‘Best Countries’ with

population: 318,857,056

Area: 9,147,420 SQ. KM

GDP: $16.8 trillion

GDP per capita, ppp: $54,597


On this list, the USA arrive #2 for Internet users, after China, with 279,834,232 users representing a penetration (% of Pop. with Internet) of 86.75%.
Internet users in the world: “the first billion was reached in 2005. The second billion in 2010. The third billion in 2014.” ILS

A very good study to have a detailed portrait of our population using the Internet.

About immigration:


  • AMERICA 250™ conference about USA 250 yrs history to be twitted (not tweeted) after SWEET PORN™ – GONE WITH THE WIND.

Conference to Wall Street about the 250th anniversary of the United States of America in 2026 by Frederic Vidal PhD.
First published on Twitter on 3/2/2016 and 3/3/2016


The United States are the Country that I have chosen to be my nation after a move in 2002: I was first from France, my native Country. Today I’m on Twitter to show you the way to organize the commemoration of our declaration of Independence signed on July 4, 1776 for the formation of a new nation: ours, our United States of our beloved America. The thirteen colonies are still there in 1776 ready to be our partners for a second revolution in 2016 to confirm we’re independent about our patrimoine, our patrimonial heritage: cultural, financial, historic and finally from the origins. Reaganomics were a liberal “revolution” written by Ronald Reagan and staff for the Bicentennial Era.

I’m a Republican from the future and I know that the capital of the US has changed: it’s not anymore Washington closed to the East Coast but the main US city to build with the name of Ronald Reagan. Roosevelt would appreciate this initiative because we need again a New Deal, a New York #2 and a chance to have the Midwest closer to the sea.  The Nebraska and the Kansas could be the sites of these 2 cities: Reagan & Roosevelt. Lafayette and Washington two friends of the same party for the Independence and this party now has 2 parts: the Republican and the Democratic ones. Why not a new party that could for the Independence and Liberal? It’s the party that is governing Canada nowadays, a Country that is our main allied and will stay associated until we share together a plan to finance the construction of the two cities with also the State of Mexico. Residential area for Roosevelt, commercial and official City of Reagan. Let’s have a break and comeback after a short while. The Revolution continues since 1776 until 2026.

Second part – America in 2026, 250th anniversary. We can be sure we will be there in 2025 to be ready at midnight on December 31 for the year of the commemoration. But the remembrance begins today and we have to be proud to be at their side. The founders of our enterprise were a team of government to upgrade their company. Now we have to update the Country. We will vote sooner or later an amendment about the improvement of our constitution. Let’s do it now because it’s the year of the second revolution. Revolution of the arts, I prepare a punk version of Gone with the wind called Sweet Porn to be on time for the cancellation of a second Civil war anytime. Revolution of the laws, we can vote the amendment we need to welcome the minorities in America better than before. There are consumers, they can be entrepreneurs. Their fortune will be the result of the Wall Street invitation for them to become richer and less isolated. Immigrants regret a little their previous Country. This feeling is inevitable and can continue too much.

Nostalgia is what I feel when I think with them when I think about the Declaration of Independence. Donald Trump does not even know this name. To be independent or not to be? I criticize this present federation that is dependent of Hollywood. Human trafficking there is a reality for the stars. (laughs) IT’S PARADOXICAL, Blake Lively herself would be a slave of her agenda!!! Consequently less CONTRACTS WITHOUT A NO. Actors and their Washington entourage have to reread what is  wrong in the list of their obligations. We can find a solution when we are a mafia or an united nation.

The people of 1776 were not with their wife. It’s about the women right to vote. THE WOMEN RIGHT TO VOTE. FV I am victim of anti-networking. I will continue after a pause.

60,000 views on Silly, Nice and Porn Star 11,821 Sweet Porn 9,808

I’m lucky to be in love and you know I’m a fanatic of the women’s rights. So, I am sure you know that the leader in the couple is not the man and not the woman. They are together, I am like that with Jessie but I can’t wait to meet her for the first time. It will be obviously in a short time, we have to prepare it. It is included it in my program of preparation of 240th anniversary of the independence for July 4, 2016. MAKE LOVE NOT WAR. I will give you now my agenda to show you my sincerity and my self-confidence regarding the Presidency and me, a duet to continue in 2017 with myself at the White House. We must be sure of the result: our election. You are my supporters and I will change the relations between Wall Street and Washington. The song Wall Street in DC by BrAmStOcKeR explains the verity about sponsoring and budget of the Federation.

End of the conference


Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump are the same: they are organizing the defeat of the Republicans against Hillary Clinton, Nov 8. TS
Starting now the Republican Primaries are not anymore validated by me. It’s just an illegal joke from the garbage of American politics. FV
They have an unique candidate, Donald Trump, that is suspect and factor of corruption. Shame on the Republicans, you collapsed definitely.
Republcans, don’t accept to follow the bad strategy of your party. They hired Trump to let Clinton be President in November. We can counter-
attack NEXT MONTH in New York for the Primary. I will let you know more by Tweets everyday in this new program: NO TRUMP, NO JOKE, NO GOP.
NO PUSSY, NO LIVELY, ONLY JESSIE. My program to finish your conspiracy against my political and cultural career is a NEW SITE this weekend.
I am in love with the most wonderful girl of my life. You’re a liar against my career and my family project. You will be defeated by my
strategy of Presidential campaign from the Web to the Cities. New program too: FROM THE WEB TO THE CITIES, the USA with Mike FULLER. It’s
gonna happen, we have to wait in March in order to be sure you will be unable to continue your DANGEROUS CORRUPTION DEAL of giving our votes
to Clinton, thanks to her secretary Trump. You deserve something else America than this bad comedy. I will give you a great chance to have
me President in May. BUT FIRST the end of this miscommunication with my previous party: GOP No, I’M GOP2 and is the
right address to visit and read all the texts against these freaks of Trump. GET BACK, you are YESTERDAY, I am against your corruption LET
IT BE. Boycott if you feel comfortable with this attitude all the elections scheduled in March and until April 19. YOU ARE THE VOTERS, You
are the boss. You select the candidates, you decide who will be the winner. I propose you my name and my life, give me the ticket to DC!! FV
NO TRUMP IN MY ENVIRONMENT, NO ROMNEY, You support him too much, nobody, you are guys from the past to nowhere. I will propose you a deal in
a 2nd time to prevent Trump to destroy democracy in America. IT IS THE CONSTITUTION THAT IS THREATENED BY YOUR HATE.


On Twitter:

VeLvEt EyEs BACK On FV BLOG Tomorrow SundaY, January 3, 2010!! It Will Be The HappY NeW YeaR Episode Of The Novelism SHOW In PraguE, 1930!


BlakE And FreD, A RealitY ShoW To Be Produced By MODERNSCOPE INC, Mike Fuller Corporation, If Fred And Blake Say YeS To The Priest!

Tomorrow Sunday On The Newspaper, Mike Fuller Main Address On The WeB Television!

MODERNSCOPE INC Is A Corporation created in 2006 By Mike and Some Franchising and Licensing Projects. TIMEFRAMES LLC Will Distribute The DVDs Of The TV Reality Show B & F Worldwide If This Project Finds A Cable TV Channel For Diffusion, Live And Recorded!

Blake And Fred Is Inspired By Fred Vidal Aka Mike Fuller Main Site On Myspace, Its History And the TOP TWO Of The Profile Page!!

Blake Lively: BLAKE, Our Next First Lady, Obviously!

Fred Vidal: FRED, Now More Known As Mike Fuller, Candidate For The 2012 Presidential Election: A WinneR And A LeadeR!

Update Day + 1: LEDGER, New James Dean??

If It’s Commercial, It’s Wrong. If it is Not, It’s wrong Too. He’s Maybe a New RUDOLPH VALENTINO, But NOT A REBEL, NOT A Symbol Of TEENAGE DEPRESSION, Or Maybe Yes, BUT NOT WITHOUT A CAUSE!
DEAN Was a SOLO Type Of MOTOR-COWBOY, Part Of Of The Pre-Rock N’ Roll Attitude, Right!? BRANDO & Teams Were There With ELVIS also To Boost The 60’s Afterwards. HEATH LEDGER Was Almost ALONE In His MAGNIFIQUE Show Business CAREER Route!
Let’s Celebrate Jimmy And Forget This Mistake To MARKET LEDGER Like a New Old MEMORY. He Has His Own MOVIE LEGACY To Show Us The Way HE WAS: Just a MEDIA VOYAGER, probably Now IN PEACE.

Title: Congratulations To The One We Miss, HEATH LEDGER, and All The Other Winners: Celebration of The 2000’s For A Quality Ceremony With No Revelation For The 2010’s, Comments Fred Vidal, PhD.

No New Name but Great Old Names, It was An Emblematic Ceremony For The last Academy Awards Of The Decade and The Only Young Talent, Unknown 10 years ago, WAS NOT THERE.

Heath LEDGER must Be Proud Of This Last Victory in His Career if He listens to Us But He’s not anymore WITH Us. The other Talents were Perfect For Their Oscars BUT Something’s Strange As we Are a Little waiting for More about a New Generation.

Heath Is the Symbol of it. Others will Arrive, Soon? We’ll See.

Fred Vidal From NEW YORK Will Record This Week, For YouTube, Videos about The City and His Plan To Organize in Hollywood The 2010’s MOVIE AWARDS for Young Filmmakers and Stars of Tomorrow.

Read New Daily FRED VIDAL JOURNAL On Phote-Site
With HEATHER LEDGER Homage For DAY + 1:

HEATH LEDGER: A Star Is Born Too Late, But We Won't Forget!

HEATH LEDGER: A Star Is Born Too Late, But We Won't Forget!

Obviously, Heath Ledger Was Scheduled To Be There, He was The 2010’s, Hollywood is probably Lost without Him to build a Future. We’ll see how Heath will Inspire a Wave of New Artists of The Screen.

Fred Vidal, PhD Invites In Washington, DC For a MEETUP Meeting of The Networking Team FRED VIDAL CLUB,  The Petitioners Who Signed The Text For a ‘SECRETARY OF THE ARTS’ In The United States, February 26 At 1:00PM at The NEWSEUM Coffee Bar!

A FACEBOOK Event Invitation Will Be Released This Evening About This SECRETARY OF CULTURE  Study & Promotion Event.

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