Franchises: James Bond Down, French Cop High, The Summer is the Preview of a Fall That Will Give Us A New Message: WORK for BETTER With NBC Universal Timeframes, according To Mike Fuller And His Strategic Team!

Mike Fuller, PhD Is Now Proposing To NBC UNIVERSAL A Wedding With TIMEFRAMES LLC As COMCAST Is Invited To Marry MGM, Its’ Not Politics But Reality In A Mass Media Industry Waiting For A New Start Before the Midterms Elections Synchronized By Fred Vidal, PhD Candidacy To The US Senate In California After His Nomination By The Republican Party! Fred Kelly is ready to help the 2 sick companies NBC-U and MGM that need a solution before the end of the year. As a Screen Actors Guild Actor, His Reply is his Better Line: GODSPEED… MIKE FULLER! Also title of the Prequel short film of the FRENCH COP saga, to be shot in 2010, probably in San Diego and other Locations of the California Riviera in a James Bond way but a personal style (James Bond Franchise is stopped now by the MGM crisis and Mike will try to help for that resurrection too with some international connections because Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels was British).

NBC UNIVERSAL is a Magnifique company that is now ready for a new Step of Its activity Without COMCAST, If possible. The COMCAST offer is wrong and something against TIMEFRAMES, The real Movie Industry name, something that cannot be a subject of speculation. My company TIMEFRAMES LLC is ready to participate in another Offer, a Public One, thanks to the Stock Market, Wall Street means a lot for everybody focusing on the success of a Company even if specialized in Media Production and diffusion.

NBC UNIVERSAL TIMEFRAMES could be the best name for the new Leader of the American Audiovisual Media while COMCAST best idea would be to purchase MGM, another leader of the American Cinema, now about to file for bankruptcy after the failure of a project of ownership change. But COMCAST with its channel E! Entertainment is not a popular diffuser because people want something else than red carpets on their small screen and COMCAST don’t invest enough in movie development and production.

So let’s think about all of that and repeat that NBC UNIVERSAL must stay NBC UNIVERSAL after the reorganization of its company for more production and success, more synergies between TV and Movie diffusion, more efficiency of its management in a new  Era: the 2010’s! The veterans, the legends, the professionals of the previous decades can be proud of us if we think better, work better, network better for an only goal: to make the Americans feel better after the last step of this awful economy crisis, worse than the 1929 one, that destroyed our hopes since 2007.

We are ready to prepare with my team the Partnership with NBC-U and will, in September, contact the owners of the Giant in its Headquarters: UNIVERSAL CITY. These 2 companies that are famous ones are interested now by another deal with COMCAST, but this deal is studied by the public authority and can be refused for several reasons that we will explain in a second article. Their names are GE for GENERAL ELECTRIC and VIVENDI, a French Enterprise specialized in Water supplies and Media investment.

The project of TIMEFRAMES LLC is to be back to the real TIMEFRAMES work, the one that created the myth and the glory of the twentieth century New Miracle, after the Invention of the Electricity, the Real Power of the new world, in the 1800’s. Thank you Charles Chaplin, actors like Errol Flynn, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, and many others including the ones who were not famous for this great surprise: The 7th Art for many after the creation of this concept by a theory maker, the real pleasure and happiness of families, kids, teenagers, old people, grandparents, couples and deciders, the feature film in the 20’s and before, one century ago.

UNITED ARTISTS was the name of the company imagined by the actors working in TIMEFRAMES and their story is still in the History of our business even if the disappointment of MGM is that it was not possible to recreate this wonderful idea until now, but it’s never too late and COMCAST is invited to help now or never because the fantastic METRO GOLDWYN MEYER is ready for a new Ticket with a good diffuser criticized for its strategy in the Industry. MGM COMCAST: this is the best solution and the couple can be happy with a new UNITED ARTISTS, a small entity that still belongs to MGM.

The television future is obviously the Internet with a progress: the Mix with Satellites, audiovisual and interactivity. We will soon watch our movies and TV shows on our now generation of Laptops, a change that is written since the commercialization of the new Apple Mobile Screens that must be upgrade for that use if Steve Jobs succeeds to deal with the TV companies that don’t want enough the Internet diffusion. Then, we Will Have the INTERVISION we need, even on our Cell Phone in an easier way than now, thanks to the experience in progress for the young users of the mobile telephones that can connect to the Web on their micro-screens.

So many projects are prepared to give us the opportunity to feel better, closer, winners in a Democracy of the Information that we need to be first American because we are the best in this present world to have the responsibility to offer to the other Countries a System of Communication that will stay strong, protected, powerful and smart. We are a New Country and we give the example of what is the best for the new generation, the one of a new Century that we deserve to become higher with our Civilization, speaking English and Spanish for a multi-cultural Culture offered to our Federation of 50 States but Also to South America, Mexico, Canada and Central America as America Rocks If One concept, Nature, Universe of bodies and Minds, A Spiritual Entity ready to develop Exportations and Importations to Fight the Crisis and Terrorism, the Two Enemies Of Our Liberty: to Live together and Be ready to Express our Love for Liberty!!

Mike Fuller, PhD
Candidate for the 2012 US Presidential Election
August 8, 2010

6218 Rockcliff Drive,
Los Angeles, CA 90068

Reaching More Than 170,000 Views In January 2010, Mike Fuller Quits WordPress In February To Promote His Own Blog-Community And Search Engine On The Internet With A French Site Provider!

Thank you, will stay active as the history of My Years 2008-2009. For 10, I have a Project to Build On The Cyber-Space Mixing TV, Community And International Web!


With SILLY (Composed by Him) and HERE COMES THE NIGHT (Composed by Van MORRISON), Fred VIDAL Reaches 3,000 Views This Weekend On Youtube, another Site That Is Doing No Promotion At All about his Work: That could not Continue As The French Web is More and More High-Tech And Available for New Deals.

The Internet Is The Medium of A Social Pornography and Violence That Must Stop… (Article By Mike Fuller, PhD Continues Today, Friday And This Weekend).

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MODERNSCOPE INC Is A Corporation created in 2006 By Mike and Some Franchising and Licensing Projects. TIMEFRAMES LLC Will Distribute The DVDs Of The TV Reality Show B & F Worldwide If This Project Finds A Cable TV Channel For Diffusion, Live And Recorded!

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