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CONNECTED TO THE SEA, Frederic Vidal’s 1st US Senate Campaign Press Release Gets 141 Views In 1 Week !! VOTE VIDAL November 2 In California!

1,472,503 Views Today For Mike Fuller Blog!! 14,455 Views For Fred Kelly’s Bramstocker On Youtube (Here Comes The Night)! 141 Views In One Week For Frederic Vidal First Senate Election Press Release! Thank You Everybody! The Campaign Begins For The U.S. Senate All Over California And All Around The United States!! Vote For The Candidates Who Are Republican But Not Only Like Fred Vidal, PhD!! November 2 Will Be Our Definitive And Real Victory!

Albert Greenwood Brown

Meg Whitman:

Jerry Brown:

WHITMAN-BROWN: The debate was a disappointment yesterday, November 28, on the air. No Pizza time, just Cold Water!!

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Are Fred Vidal And Blake Lively The Right Couple For A Reality Show? Mike Fuller Prepares The Budget And The Location In France And Italy, From Marseille To Roma, Of The Already Iconic TV Possible Future Classic BLAKE & FRED!


French Companies Financing And American Sponsoring Are The Keys Of The Budget Success For The Reality Show That TIMEFRAMES LLC Will Develop, Beginning February 8, 2010. The Agreement Of Fred Vidal And Blake Lively Will Follow, Probably These Next Few Weeks!!

Breaking News: The Song TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY BLAKE by Fred Vidal. ASCAP, Is Almost Composed and Could be Available On YouTube Next Week!!

Since July, Mike Fuller Did His Life Outside The Web And Now Is Coming Back With The Intervision Process Of Communication WordPress-Youtube: 50,000 Views Of His Blog This Week!

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Fred VIDAL Began Lyrics Development For Song BLAKE. B.L.A.K.E. Means (But not Only), According To Him And The Song: 
Business Like As (Usual) KARATE Email.
(registered ASCAP)
We Just Checked Here!! KARATE!

Here, It’s On TWITTER FV!

BREAKING NEWS (Saturday, Nov 21, 5:28pm):

1) Fred Vidal Intervention To THE YOUNG REPUBLICANS Possibly Inviting Them (confirmed Official) To Follow And Support President Of The United States Barack OBAMA For the NEW STEP, before Preparation 2012 Election (On Youtube MY NEW AMERICA soon, On This Blog Tomorrow Morning!)

2) Fred VIDAL Asks Brand NIKE For SPONSORING Short Film “On Stage: FV” (Fred VIDAL In Concert In LA) After One Great Week Of Acting Work With Them Last Summer For A Commercial (on The Blog Tomorrow Too)

While NEW MOON Realizes A Triumph In Theaters, Fred Vidal Thinks About A New Generation In Hollywood, Symbolized By The TV-Show GOSSIP GIRL, New Moon, His FRENCH COP Movie Project And More In Progress On Location!

One Day To Think About Future And Prosperity! For The release of The NEW MOON Movie, Fred Vidal, PhD Is Brainstorming On Twitter,
His Debate that is Very Interesting And Top, Of His Alias Name Mike FULLER, Quality! It’s About FRENCH COP and NEW MOON But Also GOSSIP GIRL, The New Favorite Show Of The author of This BLOG!

Basically, There Is a New Generation In HOLLYWOOD, including Fred And The Cast Of the 2 Movies (if GOSSIP GIRL Is a TV-Show, it has a FEATURE FILM Quality). This Article Will be Developed during Today’s Saturday BUT Also tomorrow Before a MESSAGE Of Frederic to The YOUNG REPUBLICANS In AMERICA, as he’s back in Politics For this End of year And decade!

Godspeed To Him and To You, Before The HOLIDAY SEASON Beginning For THANKSGIVING, Next week!!

Pic: Is KRISTEN STEWART A Punk ROCKER? It Looks Like It’s true on This picture With a T-Shirt By THE CLASH, The LOndon Punk band of The 70’s!! Fred Vidal, Frontman, Will Invite Her To A BRAMSTOCKER Show 2010, Hoping She Will Adore Their Song-Single For Discotheques:

Kristen Stewart, A New Talent, That Fred would Have met On A Set in 2003 (Twitter) But Maybe It was Somebody Else, For sure The Revelation Of The NEW MOON!! In FRENCH COP Movie Saga, One Day??

COME AS YOU ARE Sings Fred VIDAL with The LYRICS Of Lost Rock Hero Kurt COBAIN, To Invite Everybody, But Especially you, To The Next Party In Town: The 2010’s in HOLLYWOOD, California!

Fred Vidal,  Singer Will Begin His OPEN MIC Tour On Monday, November 16, in Hollywood At The Les Michaels Open Mic!

Location: VERMONT, 1714 N. Vermont, just North of Hollywood Boulevard, In Los Angeles. Open Mic Begins At 9pm!

More information about the LES MICHAELS Open Mic:

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