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CONNECTED TO THE SEA, Frederic Vidal’s 1st US Senate Campaign Press Release Gets 141 Views In 1 Week !! VOTE VIDAL November 2 In California!

1,472,503 Views Today For Mike Fuller Blog!! 14,455 Views For Fred Kelly’s Bramstocker On Youtube (Here Comes The Night)! 141 Views In One Week For Frederic Vidal First Senate Election Press Release! Thank You Everybody! The Campaign Begins For The U.S. Senate All Over California And All Around The United States!! Vote For The Candidates Who Are Republican But Not Only Like Fred Vidal, PhD!! November 2 Will Be Our Definitive And Real Victory!

Albert Greenwood Brown

Meg Whitman:

Jerry Brown:

WHITMAN-BROWN: The debate was a disappointment yesterday, November 28, on the air. No Pizza time, just Cold Water!!

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Mike Fuller Gives His Feedback Regarding The Midterm Election!

I don’t want to do too much Politics now because it is a drug that can be dangerous when you are overdosing. I am just a regular fellow, a good citizen fighting for the future of my life and my Country, a great and nice one that everybody knows on Earth because it is the symbol of freedom and friendship: the United States! It’s located in America as we needed a new location in an old continent we didn’t know before Christopher Columbus discovered it. Then so many immigrants arrived to organize towns and cities from the South to the North of This land named by a lot of us: THE LAND OF THE FREE!

The United States MIDTERM ELECTION Is November 2, 2010!!!!

Christopher Columbus Is Probably better Know As Mr. AMERICA, The One who Gave An Ambition and an Identity To our Continent, a 2-Parts one, a Huge and Utopic Part of EARTH that Gives a Senses to The word-concepts LIBERTY And FREEDOM, Then Equality Came!

FOR CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS is The title of my Program for the US Senate 2010. Before to be candidate for the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2012, I want to Meet the Citizens of Our Country, Here in California in Order to share the Basics of my Strategy for a NEW AMERICA! Patriots We are And Patriots We’ll Stay But It’s Not enough: it’s time to go forward and to imagine the new World we Need, a HIGH-TECH One, A Democracy Universe With more JOBS, CASH, CARS For Everybody, Really Everybody, Even You, My Friend!! This Is The Rule, Once Elected, I will Propose To the Congress a PROJECT FOR THE FEDERATION!! In January 2011

Fred Vidal, PhD also know and loved as PHD

August 16, 2010

Management In Los Angeles: Fred Vidal, PhD Studies For The American Press The System Of Management Of The U.S. Actors And Actresses As The Journalist Prepares His Political Election For The Federal Senate In D.C. Scheduled In November 2010!
The Study Online Asap As Fred Kelly Is Intown for Special Events About His Song Out Of The Tube: HCTH By Van Morrison!

Fred Kelly Accuses Bob Dylan And So Many OtherS With Their Fans To Prevent The Release Of HERE COMES THE NIGHT, A BramstockeR Album That Cannot Find A Record Company Because Of Anti-Metal Veterans In The Rock Industry, Even With Thousands Of Views! DO WE NEED ONE MILLION! Call: 323-519-8889 or shoot me at!

On Twitter, For Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday Morning 2010 (April 13):

Fred Vidal Proposes To The Majors Of The F-TV Industry  & 2 LA Brokers A Meeting With Tom LABONGE, Councilmember, TO SAVE The Cahuenga Peak!

DJ Cahuenga PEAK: There Is Difference Between A Hill Without Houses & One Devastated By Speculation! Close 2 The H Sign!

Is Fred Vidal & BrAmStOcKer About To Be Invited For The Metal Festival At The Whisky A Gogo By METAL SANAZ: We’re Waiting For A Phone Call!

Nelson Picket Jr., MetaL SanaZ, Fred Kelly, Tom Labonge, Cahuenga Peak, Anti-Drugs Commercial More Info Soon): There Is A New Generation Of FV Information!!

Read The BLOG That RockS The MosT ExcepT YourS probably! Where The News Are, The PhD Man’s Always On Location

Picture: Metal Sanaz In A Formula One Soon? Everything’s Possible With BRAMSTOCKER And Its Leadsinger Fred Kelly Who Is Mixing Real Estate, Car Racing, Movie Competition And TV Music FUN! Let’s Enjoy The Twitter Beat! Before a F1 Race In Phoenix Or In Detroit!

  • About Car Races, North America has Its Own National Championship but The Formula One Is the Best Friend Of U.S. Car Fanatics for Races Every Sunday, so we can porpose to the International Federation a GRAND PRIX Soon In The United States!!

Save Cahuenga Peak! Donate Now To The Trust For Public Land! TIMEFRAMES LLC Supports The Sign And The Hill! Nelson Piquet Jr. Could Be The Guest To Get The Point!

Breaking News (April 14): In The Los Angeles Times online

Preservationists fighting to protect 138-acres of land near the Hollywood sign have been granted a reprieve.

They will have 16 more days to raise the $12.5 million needed to purchase the land from a group of Chicago investors. The deadline for the sale was Wednesday, but the owners agreed to extend it until April 30, according to Los Angeles City Council Member Tom LaBonge.

The owners, Fox River Financial Resources Inc., bought the land from Howard Hughes’ estate in 2002 for $1.7 million. They put it up for sale two years ago. The property is zoned to build four luxury homes.

LaBonge said $11 million has already been raised, and $1.5 million is still needed to purchase land. Two donors stepped forward Wednesday to help the effort.

Philanthropist Aileen Getty and the Tiffany & Co. Foundation said they would donate a $500,000 matching grant if the community raised $1 million. Getty and the Tiffany Foundation each previously donated $1 million to the campaign.

Last Weekend Breaking News: “There was Nobody of The Film Industry At This Meeting. Matt Damon, George Clooney and the other members of the dangerous clique against democracy in our industry had the chance to support an important program for the independence of the Cahuenga Peak but, as usual, they preferred to stay on a Red Carpet, red like blood, our blood, our money, our hope for a better life in the Land of The Free!”

Mike Fuller,
April 10, 2010

THE TIMEFRAMES PEAK, Hollywood Sign First Home, AKA CAHUENGA PEAK, Will Never Be A Residential Area!! The people who understood my project to relocate The Movie Industry Signn & Logo in order to build mansions, houses and buildings to commercialize the Sacred Hill will never succeed toi break my original Ambuition to have a RECREATION PARK For The LA Citizens And Residents Who Still Believe In God And Trust foR tHe FutUre Of TELEVISION!! Let’s fight REALTOR if Ther Organization don’t Want to support the Development of The Peak By The City Hall And Cultural Companies as Sponsors of The Future Of California!

Mike Fuller, AKA Fred Vidal, PhD
April 10, 2010

(AKA means Also Known As!!)

Breaking News (April 13): Mike Fuller Proposes To Contact The Formula 1 Champion Nelson Piquet Jr. to help to organize the Budget we need For the Cahuenga Peak To Stay a Peak without building and commercial houses and a Hill Dedicated to Peace and Glory of The Film Industry with The Freedom Rules of Griffith Park that deserves a Better Energy to survive against the chaos promoters that are intown preparing the Bankruptcy of Los Angeles and its City.

Nelson Piquet Jr. represents the new generation of the sport that created since its creation the famous ambition to go faster than light on Earth! We need him and his universe of Formula One in Timeframes to prevent the Movie Majors to destroy our Dreams as they do everyday by managing the actors against their environment! The Crisis in America can be Ended by promoting Cars In Races ALL OVER OUR COUNTRY!

Nelson will be back on track for The Barcelona Grand Prix With A Ferrari (“he will jump behind the wheel of a Ferrari 430 GT2 at the Aurora Racing team”), May 7, 8 and 9 before The Monaco Race Special Grand Prix May 16 and It’s a fantastic News as We want Him stronger, Higher, faster, With One Day, we are sure, A Movie Career And a Possible Film about Cars and Races with Fred Vidal, PhD protege, The Actress Yvonne Strahovsky, scheduled by Mike Fuller For a GRACE KELLY BIOPIC! One other Good Idea Of The Candidate For the Presidential U.S. Election 2012 (if a No-Exclusion Amendment is Accepted By the American Congress). Toyota, General Motors, Ford could finance a Movie for Yvonne and Jr. about Car Races And US Sport Teams as the Companies are invited by the future President of The The United States according to private Polls to build Formula One New Teams and Engines of the Future!

America has a Syndrom: Malthusianism! WE NEED NO CHARITY But Development of Business And PROTECTION OF ENVIRONMENT, Thanks To Our Factory Workers and Their Big Companies. AFL-CIO Can Help To Make everybody Understand That Automobile Is The Solution!

The Site that is the Best for the Ones like Me who prefer Cars and don’t like lies:

The Formula One Must be The New Generation Of Our American Dream with the Project of a Grand Prix that could be organized in Phoenix, Arizona beginning 2011! Let’s Hope There will more American Car Races On TV Soon too!!

  • About The Cahuenga Peak:

We Don’t Want A Commercialization of the Hills (by the broked brokers, notr definitely broken, of California) where There was The Hollywood Sign That must now MOVES (as TV News Inform the Sign Will Leave ASAP), travel and go to a Museum in Nevada, according to our Timeframes project. We want There a public space for Art And Remembrance of the Movie Industry (1910-2010) With A Sign Of Love For The City: The Hologram Of Los Angeles to be conceived by an Art Designer in 2011.

We checked that Saturday morning at 11am, April 10, at Lake Hollywood Park (320 Block of Canyon Drive), for a Rally.


Donate now:

Trust For Public Land
570 West Ave 26, Suite 300,
Los Angeles, CA 90065

or go to

We have until April 14, 2010 to protect this beloved landmark from residential development and Fred Vidal, PhD, Candidate To The U.S. Senate, will work with the Trust to prevent any kind of nightmare reality screenplay for our BELOVED PEAK!

Save Cahuenga Peak! Donate Now To The Trust For Public Land! Some People want to prevent us to Keep us The Cahuenga Peak For Art & Culture!

Rendezvous This Morning at 11AM, Lake Hollywood Park (3200 Block of Canyon Lake Drive) For A SATURDAY RALLY To SaVe The CaHuEnGa PeAk!!!!!!!

ThE LAKE HOLLYWOOD DRIVE MEETING, 3204 Canyon Lake Dr, Los Angeles, California‎, Saturday April 10, at 11 a.m. Let’s SAVE CAHUENGA PARK!!!

Direction: Be In LA, Take GoweR, Beachwood, Then Ledgewood, MULHOLLAND HWY (on your right) And Arrive On Canyon Drive With The BesT LA View!

TIMEFRAMES synchronicity: Mike FULLER Project To Relocate The Hollywood Sign Inspired Business Promoters To Conceive A Housing Development!!

TIMEFRAMES historicity: Fred VIDAL, PhD (Fuller Citizen’s Name) Will Never Accept That Destruction Of Our Dream 2 Get The Sign’s Peak 4 Art!

The Economic Crisis is the result of the Crisis in the Movie and TV Industry because of a dysfunction in the Real Estate in the Hollywood Hills Since 2006! The Los Angeles Brokers are responsible of the 2008 Wall Street Crash! The Population wants Justice and the Truth about a profession that is against us!

Fred Vidal, US Senate Candidate, Proposes To Contact The F1 Champion Nelson Piquet Jr. For The CAHUENGA Peak!

“Tom Labonge is the one who can Save The Cahuenga Peak.
I am monitoring his action on my blog:

I am candidate for the U.S. Senate in November because Barbara Boxer is unable to help us to keep this part of the Hollywood Hills Free Of Buildings and Commercial Houses! My Party Is Republican welcoming the Democrats who Want a Real Change!

April 14 is Tomorrow.

Fred Vidal, PhD
aka Mike Fuller”

Tom Labonge: Save Cahuenga Peak
Written by Councilman Tom LaBonge   
Tuesday, 09 February 2010 23:12
HOLLYWOOD Sign to be Covered in Campaign
to Save Cahuenga Peak
From: LaBonge News Subject: Special Message from TomTo: Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2010, 4:47 PMDear Friends,This weekend, the Hollywood sign will be draped with a fabric sign that reads, “Save the Peak.” (I have attached a press release on this event and hope you’ll read it.) This effort has been sanctioned by the city and Hollywood Sign Trust.It is Officials from the Trust for Public Land and I launched a public fund-raising campaign today to purchase a 138-acre parcel of land called Cahuenga Peak, which is situated just to the west of the Hollywood sign. It is absolutely critical that we preserve the view of the famous landmark and open the land to hiking and other recreational uses for future generations of Angelenos.Once the land is purchased, it will be turned over to the city and become part of Griffith Park. You may be aware that I have worked to purchase of this parcel for years. I hope you’ll support this effort.For more information about Cahenga Peak, visit: If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact my Director of Communications, Carolyn Ramsay, (213) 485-3337.Thank you.TomPRESS RELEASECouncilmember Tom LaBonge and officials from the Trust for Public Land announced the launch of a $12.5 million fundraising campaign to preserve the view of the HOLLYWOOD Sign, expand Griffith Park and save 138 pristine acres from residential development.Councilmember LaBonge has been working to acquire the land, known as Cahuenga Peak, which was on the open market for $22 million. To preserve the land for hiking and recreational uses for future generations of Angelenos, he enlisted the help of the Trust for Public Land (TPL), a national land conservation organization, to raise money for the acquisition.“More than one hundred acres of open land and the view of the one of the world’s most famous landmarks, the HOLLYWOOD Sign, are threatened with development,” Councilmember LaBonge said. “It is absolutely critical that we acquire this property.”The owners have agreed to sell the land to TPL for $12.5 million, but they must raise the funds by mid-April or the deal is off. Through public and private sources $6 million has been raised so far, including $1 million from the Tiffany & Co. Foundation.To promote this public fundraising campaign the sign will temporarily be covered with the message, “SAVE THE PEAK.”“To have the opportunity to protect 138 acres of untouched land in one of the most urban cities in the country is nothing short of miraculous,” said Jay Dean, Chief Marketing Officer for TPL. “We are getting support from the Hollywood community, from the Tiffany Foundation but we need support from anyone who cares about the Hollywood and/or parks and open space. We only have two months to go.”“The Hollywood Sign is an American icon that holds a unique place in the nation’s collective imagination and the cultural history of Los Angeles,” said Michael J. Kowalski, chairman and CEO of Tiffany & Co. “As an American institution, Tiffany has enjoyed its share of memorable movie moments and through our foundation, is committed to protecting our natural resources and pleased to assist The Trust for Public Land in protecting this historically significant site.”For more information, see

Are Fred Vidal And Blake Lively The Right Couple For A Reality Show? Mike Fuller Prepares The Budget And The Location In France And Italy, From Marseille To Roma, Of The Already Iconic TV Possible Future Classic BLAKE & FRED!


French Companies Financing And American Sponsoring Are The Keys Of The Budget Success For The Reality Show That TIMEFRAMES LLC Will Develop, Beginning February 8, 2010. The Agreement Of Fred Vidal And Blake Lively Will Follow, Probably These Next Few Weeks!!

Breaking News: The Song TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY BLAKE by Fred Vidal. ASCAP, Is Almost Composed and Could be Available On YouTube Next Week!!

Since July, Mike Fuller Did His Life Outside The Web And Now Is Coming Back With The Intervision Process Of Communication WordPress-Youtube: 50,000 Views Of His Blog This Week!

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