Mike Fuller Campaign For The US Presidency In 2016 Is Titled: New Route 66. American Dream Is Back To The Future!

MY FUTURE DIARY 2016-2017 by Mike Fuller.





Follow the campaign of the main man against the Bush-Obama system of arraignment of the US Society: the USB. 

In the USA, we will find together with Mike, the theorician of the WIN-WIN the way to say NO to USRR in America.

No apparatchiks in our Country, no Clique in Washington or Hollywood.

Vince Sauvan:

A Presidency of one weak US Senator who was obliged, because he is African-American and wrong about American politics and rules (Constitution and Bill of Rights), to support the advice of his weird predecessor, George W Bush, the Governor of Texas and son of the Vice-President of Ronald Reagan, a Screen Actors Guild Actor like Fred Kelly, the famous singer and comics hero.

Strange mix and reason for the decadence of the White House and the 50 States of our Land of the Free, the 51st one could have been France, from the beginning (La Fayette and Du Pont De Nemours), to say YES now to a Lawsuit (Double Impeachment and United Nations investigation) against Barack and W for collusion regarding a diplomacy pro-Putin and anti-European plus the disaster of the War in Afghanistan and Iraq, Alqaida strongest than ever.

On Facebook:

– January 3, 2014.

Al-Qaeda force captures Fallujah amid rise in violence in Iraq.

The worst info for Americans since the World Trade Center. Mike Fuller comments it as a real situation of History provocation. FV

– January 2, 2014 (2013+):

1. In the Summertime: all Winter long. Let’s sing the Punk melody together for the new era of the Breakthrough Year: 2014 before the Blockbuster of 2016, the Presidency of The United States will belong to Mike Fuller, my American Friend and Business Partner. Win-Win, Mike!
Frédéric Vidal (your French and American spokesman and Strategist)

2. Mike Fuller, candidat à la Présidence américaine de 2017 à 2020, veut que la Corée se rassure : l’arme nucléaire n’est pas nécessaire pour résoudre nos problèmes car il y a la diplomatie Internet. Frédéric Vidal

Reply to Le Parisien’s article:
Corée du Nord : Kim Jong-Un menace d’un désastre nucléaire pour 2014.

On Twitter:

Jan. 3. Obamacare, concept inspired by Social Security of Roosevelt but Rooseveltcare is still our favorite. Sorry Barack. MIKE

Mike Fuller needs you. You great kind of Lawyer, Advisor, Publicist.  America belongs to your Fame & Frame. FK

La collusion Bush Obama s’amplifie et met en péril la rationalité politique et institutionnelle des States. FV

Jan 2. The Midwest Program is already the program of the Midwest. The East Coast will receive it by phone everyday. FULLER NEXT, Mike Pres.

PHONING YEAR 2014: Call your USmate, from Coast to Coast. Future is today. Network of Citizens for 2016. MIKE FULLER 4-5-6: 2017 in DC.

Jan 2, 2013+. Hillary, let’s have a Lunch together. Mike FULLER, the Fuller Games, Future Diary, 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Peace talks must include Holocaust investigation new chapter about Nuremberg and after Nuremberg. Mike Fuller, program 4-5-6.

On Twitter:

– January 3: Mike Fuller is pro-Russia and anti-Cold War. We have the world Cold War ever because Obama and Putin. FD

– January 2: NASA and US Air Force together for new Shuttles program dedicated to the Exoplanets: THE YEAR-LIGHT Research Development. MF


Photo of Albert Einstein in 1921, as he rode in a motorcade in
New York City with crowds welcoming his first visit to the U.S.


The 2 co-présidents according to Timeframes press release to confirm the empowerment of Mike Fuller Candidacy for 2016: LET’S DO IT RIGHT, Never wrong, never 2008 again.

Bush was not able to manage the GOP after the en of his second term.
Obama was not able to be the historic JFK kind of charismatic President
for the Federal Reforms that were necessary, at that time (2009-2013),
to prevent the collapse of our Worldwide Cultural and Economic Supremacy
(NSA crisis, Benghazi attack followed), unfortunately. Obama was
too much a Bush follower. VS

The Inter-Letters™ #14, 07/5/2012 (Thursday). Before July 14, The Miscommunication 2 Offer To The French TV Before The Connected Vision! 

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #33: To send the Letter before July 14 for a binational Bastille Day.

The official letter to the Presidency of the Republican Party will be mailed for the 14th of July. It is a symbol of the extreme friendship between France and the United States. The letter is a public content about the interest of Frederic Vidal to be a community member of the GOP movement towards the White House. The challenge: to be on the list of the speakers during the Convention and to speak in French if possible. We suppose he will get it.

For the 16th of July, the Panhard ERC 90 (Engin de Reconnaissance à Canon de 90 mm) is a French six-wheeled armoured all terrain vehicle which is highly mobile and amphibious.

For the 16th of July, the Panhard ERC 90 (Engin de Reconnaissance à Canon de 90 mm) is a French six-wheeled armoured all terrain vehicle which is highly mobile and amphibious.



): BLOCKBUSTER™ #33: MISCOMMUNICATION 2™. For the French TV, a romance in America, un sitcom US vraiment français.

After DUAL DIM™, a new proposition for the French television this time, a TV show about a Pretender, a French boy in America looking for a girl in order to marry her but the family does not agree. The title: MISCOMMUNICATION 2™, the number two meaning there has been a first miscommunication in France, reason why the boy immigrated but, one more time, he’s not appreciated by his environment, maybe too much Elvis Presley’s style. This is an original TIMEFRAMES™ / POST-SCRIPTUM™ production story. All rights registered. July 2012.

L'Express de cette semaine: COCAINE. Enquête au coeur de LA MAFIA. C'est le contexte dans lequel a lieu le nouveau roman télévisuel de Mike Fuller alias l'homme politique français, Frédéric Vidal.

L’Express de cette semaine: COCAINE. Enquête au coeur de LA MAFIA. C’est le contexte dans lequel a lieu le nouveau roman télévisuel de Mike Fuller alias l’homme politique français, Frédéric Vidal.

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #33: L’enregistrement de la chanson MY MINI-FEELING™ est à prévoir dans un studio de qualité.

Abbey Road would be the best location for the recording of the emblematic first title of the extended play (EP with 4 songs) by BRAMSTOCKER™ and it will be when the budget will be released. Before, no comment about the rehearsing of the song that began in Nice, French Riviera, with a lot of fun. The lyrics are as follows: “This is all about my Mini-Feeling. I know your feeling is higher than mine. And when you walk the street, you see me more and more and more. On every wall,  I’m waiting for and for and for you. I’m a lonely man and you can see that I’m always looking for verity. Your feeling for me is so maxi. Your eyes wide open are pleased to see my message of love and happiness that here to stay and prevent the mess.” Frederic Vidal (ASCAP – SACEM, July 2012). A song to renew the music business, from Clive Davies to Frederic Vidal.

U.S. music industry share according to Nielsen SoundScan as of 2005. Author, Estoy Aquí.

U.S. music industry share according to Nielsen SoundScan as of 2005. Author, Estoy Aquí.

The global market was estimated at $30–40 billion in 2004. Total annual unit sales (CDs, music videos, MP3s) in 2004 were 3 billion. World music market sales share according to IFPI as of 2005. Author: Estoy Aquí.

The global market was estimated at $30–40 billion in 2004. Total annual unit sales (CDs, music videos, MP3s) in 2004 were 3 billion. World music market sales share according to IFPI as of 2005. Author: Estoy Aquí.


): FRENCH POST™ #33: Un procès pour connaître les responsables du blocage culturel et social de mes franchises.

J’en appelle à la justice pour régler le problème de mes droits en France. En effet, il apparaît impossible que mes biens culturels n’aient jusqu’à présent obtenu aucun écho dans la presse et le monde de la variété et du cinéma. Il faut savoir plus sur les velléités de chacun  et comment les choses s’organisent pour bloquer des franchises positives et constructrices come les miennes, aux fins de quel objectif malthusianiste de contrôle de la production culturelle et d’empêchement de nouveaux succès marquants sans autorisation (mais de qui ?). Les modalités de la procédure, que j’imagine fédératrice des intérêts de ceux qui subissent ces pesanteurs organisées, sera rendue publique à la suite de ce premier article.

Membre de la CGT pendant longtemps, je serai attentif au soutien des syndicats pour l'organisation de ce procès.

Membre de la CGT pendant longtemps, je serai attentif au soutien des syndicats pour l’organisation de ce procès.




): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #33: CNN et CSA, l’Internet pour les français.

Avec mon Secrétariat d’Etat associatif (aux Affaires Litigieuses), je veux en savoir plus sur les compétences du CNN et les prérogatives du CSA en matière d’Internet. Le Conseil National du Numérique (CNN) a été créé par décret du Président de la République le 29 avril 2011. Il a pour mission d’éclairer le gouvernement et de participer au débat public dans le domaine du numérique (incluant l’Internet). J’avais raison de parler d’Intervision™ dont j’ai défini le concept et été contraint de trademarquer le nom étant donné que le monde scientifique n’a pas souhaité l’utiliser puisqu’il s’oppose toujours, malencontreusement, au théorème de McLuhan d’identification d’un média dominant par époque de l’humanité (imprimerie puis télévision et, selon, moi maintenant le mixage des deux). Nous sommes au XXIe siècle et je soutiens l’effort de Google et d’Apple pour l’implantation de la télé connectée (Internet assuré).






Abbey Road Studios is a recording studio located at 3 Abbey Road, St John's Wood, City of Westminster, London, England.

Abbey Road Studios is a recording studio located at 3 Abbey Road, St John’s Wood, City of Westminster, London, England. L’enregistrement de My Mini-Feeling pourrait donner lieu à une Intervision spéciale.


This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

Divorce à prévoir ? Katie le préconise.

Divorce à prévoir ? Katie le préconise.


A non-profit EVIDENCE™ publishing (édition). A TIMEFRAMES™ LLC publication by INTERVISION™. Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: / Propriétaire des titres et rédacteur-en-chef : Frederic Vidal.

Sous l’égide du projet de Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL), under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLA) project.

  • Today’s Video by Youtube: Arrivée de François Hollande à l’Elysée.


2 mois jour pour jour après l’arrivée de François Hollande à l’Elysée : j’étais à la Préfecture des Alpes-Maritimes ce matin pour rencontrer le Service des Associations qui ne reçoit pas le public. Je prendrai rendez-vous avec le Préfet que je souhaite informer de ma relance de deux associations de la loi de 1901 que j’ai créées en 1979 (journal officiel du 4 septembre) pour BRAMSTOCKER™ et la FEDAC™ (Fédération Départementale des Associations Culturelles) en 1981 (journal officiel du 17 novembre). Mon propos est de réactiver ces deux structures de droit privé pour constituer la base active de mon INTERVISION™ (un avenir pour l’Internet au temps présent) avec BRAMSTOCKER™ et le Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL™), un ministère délégué à la population avec la FEDAC™.

A thematic issue about the Ombudsman, prevention of delinquency, treatment of social and political diseases.


An ombudsman (conventional English plural: ombudsmen) is a person who acts as a trusted intermediary between either the state (or elements of it) or an organization, and some internal or external constituency, while representing not only but mostly the broad scope of constituent interests. (Wikipedia).

The Summer and Olympic Issue Previews.

BREAKTHROUGH (Elections, Campaigns, Government and Policies):

Romney, Schwarzenegger, more to come about American Syndrom of political stardom. John Boehner is the metteur-en-scène. France, Spain and Great-Britain were the owners of the land before the present United States. The Bush anti-legacy. Etat de siège in California.

Mitt Romney is really a leader who needs to be helped. His program and his declarations are not operational and they express some troubles. I think he will be better with a trusteeship of the party and a personnal guardianship maybe, a semi-control probably in order to be sure that he won’t be dysfunctional anymore for our doctrine and his career as WE HAVE TO WIN in November or in January if the election is delayed (a crisis is always possible). The same for Tampa where we could be back mid-September if we are not satisfied by the August convention, Augustus, the first Roman Emperor was too tough and his legacy did not last forever.


The Official logo for the 2012 GOP Presidential Convention scheduled in Tampa, Florida, Times Forum from August 27-30, 2012, for 2,286 delegates and 2,125 alternate delegates. We will be there.

The Official logo for the 2012 GOP Presidential Convention scheduled in Tampa, Florida, Times Forum from August 27-30, 2012, for 2,286 delegates and 2,125 alternate delegates. We will be there.

BLOCKBUSTER (Movies, Timeframes, Intervision(tm) and Hollywood):

Louis XIV, the first CAESARS Intervision(tm) production.

Louis the Fourteen was the greatest monarch in France even if others are very important too. His direction of the Country is spectacular and building a modern era for France in Europe, leading the people for a lot of improvement in their social and personal life. It is the reason why we are interested by his person to be the subject of a first chapter of the Intervision(tm) saga, the CAESARS, a  decentralized Hollywood production showing the evolution of Roma, from the Ancient Times to the present ones, including the Middle-Ages and the Renaissance. Another Louis (same family) has been the victim of a Revolution, the objective of this film is to have the truth about the historic reasons of a government success with a dynasty member.



Portrait of Louis XIV by Hyacinthe Rigaud (1659–1743), 1701, oil on canvas, Musée d'Agesci.

Portrait of Louis XIV by Hyacinthe Rigaud (1659–1743), 1701, oil on canvas, Musée d’Agesci.


BRAMSTOCKER (Punk, Rock, Unions and Communities):

My Mini-Feeling.

Great-Britain is one of the founders of the United States and for BRAMSTOCKER the State of Imagination of its music because the Rock was so appreciated there since 1960. A song can change things in the universe of the entertainment industry, it is a piece of the construction of the band about a rewriting of the Punk (before and after) history around the crucial year 1977. An imaginary career is the basis of BRAMSTOCKER production of albums in 2012, connected to the past still available for a live diffusion on Youtube specially. Guitars are the instruments used to be back in time and prepare the future. The song MY MINI-FEELING will be available pretty soon on the Web.   


Portrait by Allan Ramsay, 1762. George III (George William Frederick; 4 June 1738[1] – 29 January 1820) was King of Great Britain and King of Ireland from 25 October 1760 until the union of these two countries on 1 January 1801, after which he was King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until his death. (Wikipedia).

Portrait by Allan Ramsay, 1762. George III (George William Frederick; 4 June 1738[1] – 29 January 1820) was King of Great Britain and King of Ireland from 25 October 1760 until the union of these two countries on 1 January 1801, after which he was King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until his death. (Wikipedia).


FRENCH POST(Franchise, French Cop, Science Fiction and Culture):

Yvonne Strahovski.

She is the nice girl of the American dream (part 2) , for the kids and the parents still teenagers. In Chuck, her role is to explain to the lead what is it all about secret services, bad and nice guys, stories to live (thanks to the screenwriters). We want her in new parts on the American TV (numeric) and the Intervision(tm) Post-Web. This could be fantastic for our franchises including the first and only FRENCH COP(tm) we are developing now in a piece of theater. Yvonne is from Australia with a personality involved in different human groups offering us an alternative to the regular famous actors environment. So, let’s do it, being in touch with Mrs. Strahovski for a future contract welcoming her in  the Mike Fuller(tm) Universe, the America of the 2010’s.


Yvonne Strahovski is the star of CHUCK, the NBC Universal TV show about espionage and fun, an American blockbuster ready for the Intervision(tm).

Yvonne Strahovski is the star of CHUCK, the NBC Universal TV show about espionage and fun, an American blockbuster ready for the Intervision(tm).


THE NOISE (Le Bruit: France, State, Programs and Debates):

Un Secrétariat d’Etat. Claude Chirac can be the next personality to be an anti-corruption leader in France. Brice Lalonde et Bernard Kouchner sont mes deux références dans ma quête d’un poste ministériel. “Le Droit est ma spécialité” Frédéric Vidal.

Comme Jean Médecin, son Maire qui a été nommé Secrétaire d’Etat à la Présidence du conseil par Edgar Faure de mars 1955 à janvier 1956, notre rédacteur-en-chef, attend une bonne nouvelle de Paris pour la nomination du nouveau gouvernement à prévoir ce jeudi. Frédéric Vidal, diplômé de l’Institut d’études politique de Paris (1981, promotion François Mitterand) a proposé son talent juridique pour la formation d’un cabinet ministériel. La France s’est qualifiée pour les quart-de-finales bien qu’ayant été battu par la Suède 2 à 0 hier à Kiev, dans le cadre de la Coupe d’Europe 2012 de l’UEFA, l’EURO. C’est une bonne surprise. Le football a ses passionnés, ceux du gouvernement sont du même ordre : ils veulent des résultats. Aux Affaires Litigieuses, comme il aime à dénommer sa possible future mission officielle auprès de François Hollande et rattaché au Premier Ministre, l’enfant du pays niçois sera aux commandes d’une fonction qui apparaît prioritaire : réduire l’intolérance dans notre pays, distancier les clivages en les explicitant. C ‘est à un moment clé après les législatives que nous nous situons pour cette promotion institutionnelle de notre rédacteur-en-chef.



Brice Lalonde est un grand ministre dans l'histoire de la Ve République mais il fut d'abord un grand militant de l'Ecologie mais aussi de la réforme administrative.

Brice Lalonde est un grand ministre dans l’histoire de la Ve République mais il fut d’abord un grand militant de l’Ecologie mais aussi de la réforme administrative.


An EVIDENCE publishing. A TIMEFRAMES LLC publication by INTERVISION(tm).

Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal, Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLA).

My 2 Letters To The Americans And The French.

Plus on the 2 Campaign Blogs :

USA: http://vidal4senate.blogspot.com

France: http://fredericvidal2012.blogspot.com


Dear Americans,

I believe in an another solution than the routine of the Obama Years: crisis, elections, poor economy masked by a man on a stage and the Army never back from Afghanistan. The Republican Primary is now almost over even if there will not be a nominee before August.

I was in Tampa one time in February, I will be in Tampa two times with a second time to explain to the Delegates that we have a program, the AMERIPLAN written by me to give to our Party, the GOP that is also the Small Young Party of the United States – SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL, YOUNG IS FOREVER, PARTY MEANS POWER – the ambition to prepare the future by understanding, more everyday, what happened the past few years in our mind: A KIND OF DEPRESSION even if we won the elections in 2010 not for nothing with John Boehner who became Speaker but not for a lot of change.

The change must happen now in 12 with a real experience of Victory in November. To get it, we must be sure of our candidate and I AM NOT CERTAIN THAT MITT ROMNEY will represent our values as we need. I believe in America as an immigrant for the TRUTH, the VERITY and the JUSTICE in everything.

So, I want to be your NOMINEE for a real changement to schedule EVERY MONTH on the next four years AGENDA! A reform every Month meaning 48 months of Reform to compensate 12 years without real reforms except the OBAMACARE that did not succeed completely. because of the popularity of Barack Obama, a President who was appreciated by you, Americans, as a Friend more than a White House Statesman.

After Obama: it is possible to think about it already this year, all thing has an end and ONE TERM ONLY is better than no term at all. In 4 years, he succeeded to express his style that will not be forgotten by his fans and his opponents.

The worst of them all was Mitt Romney who recently adopted an Obama attitude with a charisma and a glamorous speech looking like dangerous for us, Republicans, who don’t want a second disaster after the bad result of John McCain 4 years ago, too sure to beat the future President and then creating a nationwide sadness still present in 2012. I can imagine a happier end WITH A WIN but for that I need an Amendment. I think we have to be AMBITIOUS, imagining a NEW AMERICA to feel better and make our voters feel better.

Then, rendezvous in Florida, the State of Marco Rubio, a nice man but a bad Senator to my point of view, in TAMPA, for the CONVENTION OF THE LAST CHANCE before a 2nd term of Barack Obama. If we don’t want it, let’s dialogue about the conditions to prevent him to do so. There will be a lot to say. I SPEAK ENGLISH.

Frederic Vidal

Frederic Vidal AMERIPLAN:

I. The Problems Are:


1. The Nation exhausted by 10 Years of War.

a. No victory in Iraq and Afghanistan.

b. Al Qaida continues after Bin Laden.

2. The Medias Propaganda creates Submission.

a. The CNN culture repeats te same message: Obey!

b. The Press creates the obligation to be famous before to be published.


1. Presidents and Candidates shown as Heroes not Leaders.

a.The OBAMAMANIA was destructive for the social community.

b. The Romney promotion is a Rubio brainwashing.

2. The Devil Bush and Comedian Obama built a Depression.

a. Some kind of panic mood.

b. Stress-Minded, the electors believe in nothing.

II. The Solutions will be:


1. Let’s vote an Amendment.

a. Citizenship empowerment.

b. Congress-President Relation.

2. It will change the meaning of our Sacred Text.

a. To express better Federation Goal ! One Congress/President for 50 States.

b. The Judiciary Power must be closer to the People.


1. The biggest companies must sale more.

a. Studies are necessary for more Blockbusters.

b. No collaboration between competition.

2. The Americans have the choice to buy what they want.

a. Cheap is the objective.

b. People must have the choice of 2 or more products.


Chers Francais,

Tout va bien. La France profonde s’est exprimee dimanche et nous avons le choix dimanche dans plus d’une semaine entre un candidat de progres et de progression. Le progres, c’est Hollande, la progression, c’est Sarkosy. Entre les deux, votre coeur balance et le mien bat pour vous.

 Vous etes Marianne et il s’agit maintenant de prevoir plus pour se sentir mieux. Nous avons besoin DE RAJEUNIR NOTRE CONSTITUTION. Depuis 1958, beaucoup de grands sujets ont donne lieu a debat en France mais jamais encore nous n’avons entame un debat national au sujet de nos institutions.

Je pense que c’est le moment parce que les 20% du Front national et les 10% de Francois Bayrou, apotre d’une 6e Republique, doivent nous inciter A NOUS REMETTRE EN QUESTION. Le bon score de Jean-Luc Melenchon, lui aussi favorable a une 6e Republique, est un autre signe de succes DU CHANGEMENT que nous souhaitons, que De Gaulle aurait souhaite. OFFRONS-NOUS DU NEUF, un immeuble constitutionnel qui fonctionne mieux sans 49.3, sans article 11 mais avec, en remplacement, DES ARTICLES DE COMMUNICATION entre le Parlement et le President, DES ARTICLES DE REFORME que nous pourrons elaborer ensemble avec la mise en place d’un Conseil Consultatif Constitutionnel.

Pour le 2e tour, il y a peu d’enjeu, le socialiste a un grand projet : LEQUEL ? Le President souhaiterait se RENOUVELER, pour quel avenir ? Il nous l’a dit, le notre mais le notre, il nous appartient et IL FAUT LIER CETTE ELECTION A LA REFORME DE LA CONSTITUTION pour ne pas vieillir, pour voir plus grand sinon cette course sera sans retour.

On a besoin d’une pause. Encore un nouveau Gouvernement ! Et puis, les Legislatives. Je prepare des contentieux aussi concernant ma candidature : C’EST PAS LA JOIE si on ne decide pas ensemble de devenir creatif. Pour ce faire, consolons les petits candidats, en particulier Eva Joly, pour leurs scores insatisfaisants qui n’ont pas atteint le succes escompte. On ne peut etre candidat et etre elu, cela est reserve a un seul : LE GAGNANT et le gagnant, c’est MOI meme en dehors du scrutin car le BLANC NOMME, vous l’avez tous adopte, C’EST UNE PAGE BLANCHE sur laquelle vous avez envie d’inscrire plus que mon nom, VOTRE HISTOIRE.

Vous, francais, moi, President ou CONTRE-PRESIDENT, nous verrons. Pour l’heure, veillons a respecter les regles du jeu et menageons les susceptibilites qui veulent qu’aucun ne sait encore de quoi demain sera fait. Les sondages se trompent parfois, parfois trop comme pour ce 1er tour QUI DONNE TROP FAVORI Francois Hollande. Est-il pour la 7e ou considere-t-il que la 5e est suffisante ? L’enjeu du Second Tour se joue sur cette question.

Nous verrons qui l’emporte mais pour l’instant, pour l’heure, nous nous devons de motiver sur la question institutionnelle qui m’a valu ma place (art. 7 rouille) et qui peut nous valoir UN PLUS EN RETOUR quand nous comprendrons que la grande question, c’est l’Etat, l’Etat de la France.

Amities a vos familles.

Frederic Vidal  

24 Avril 2012. De New York, Washington Heights.

PS : sinon, on revolutionne le Monde avec un nouveau Mai 68, l’affaire Marilyn Monroe.

Mon Plan de Presidence pour la France.

par Frederic Vidal.


1. L’Egalite des Citoyens.

a. Un logement pour tous.

b. Un travail pour chacun.

2. Le Progres des Revenus.

a. L’entreprise a la portee de tous.

b. Un salaire pour tous ceux qui le meritent.


1. L’Independance du territoire.

a. Ouvrir les frontieres au commerce exterieur.

b. Reduire la dette en augmentant la croissance.

2. Le dialogue egalitaire.

a. Favoriser la concertation pour la paix negociee.

b. Donner l’exemple d’un destin national.


Hello President: My director is dead in New York. His name was Richard Descoings. He used to be the Paris’ Institut d’etudes politiques (Sciences Po) responsible for 16 years. I have the degree from 1981. When I was in charge of historical researches at the Caisse des depots, his supervisor, Rene Remond, President of the French National Foundation of Political Science (FNSP), was my direct contact to validate our studies about the JEWISH STOLEN ASSETS by the Nazis during World War II.

Descoings passed away in New York last week, as I am in this town for my campaign to be President of the United States but also in France because I am binational. In France, there was last month a terrible attack against Jewish kids (4 deaths). I think it is connected. I wrote my letter to Jean-Louis Debre, President of the Conseil Constitutionnel, March 15 without a reply. He is a member of the UMP, the party of the President Sarkosy who is friend with Christian Estrosi, the mayor of my hometown Nice, and his closest partner, Eric Ciotti, President of the Alpes-Maritimes Department who is also AN ALUMNUS OF SCIENCES PO. Not coincidential.

In America, I arrived in 2003 thanks to the financing of the Caisse des depots, for a big amount. I began in the movie industry with the FILM FRENCH COP still in pre-production after difficulties of networking that can be explained by my Internet and opinion leadership. I could not sign with a record label with my band BRAMSTOCKER for the same reason.

This year in 2012, after my relocation in France in July 2011, I came back in Florida first to meet Mitt Romney who appears for me to be implicated in my problems and the death of Richard Descoings, that could ne a murder, coordinated against me, with complicity of George W Bush, Newt Gingrich and Barack Obama. Best regards.

Frederic Vidal

PS: a third letter follows.

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