This Blog Was Started In 2009, 8 Years Later, I Write A Book And Stopped One Month Ago My Social Media Except INSTAGRAM! Read My WORDPRESS Years, After The Death Of Chester Bennington, The LINKIN’ PARK Singer I will Replace IN THE END!! (BrAmStOcKeR Is Proposing A Crossover Of Our 2 Bands To Play Again This Song!)




VIRAL MARKETING? Kathy GRIFFIN And Virtual Reality TRANSFORMING BrAmStOcKeR To Reach 2025, From Horror Punk To Real. Sci-Fi As THE USA Have A 2nd Dimension, USB, To Rehabilitate With The FBI & The NSA!

Can you spot what’s wrong with this viral photo?

The ANCHORS, episode #0,
A Real. Show Internet Origins,

Tweets 6/7

: P.M.U.R.T. 1st recording of a draft of the song this morning? : exactly. TRUMP deserves the best. He’s about to resign.

: this is the guitar you used to play PMURT? : I had the lyrics and the chords I selected and I was singing OK.

: you were at the GUITAR CENTER of TIMES SQUARE? : for sure. I am a client since the 1990’s. They are my SPONSOR.

It’s possible to MIX Love & Business even for a Political Song like P.M.U.R.T. He’s opposed to our Union by the way. : LOVE NEVER DIES.

: FAKE PUNK is underground and MAINSTREAM? : this song will IMPEACH TRUMP more than the Congress, he’s INVERSED.

@TIME: are you dissident in America? @mikefuller2020: it’s the Government that is dissident. They refuse Culture & they refuse Me & Jessie.

It’s a dictatorship that must stop on Thursday. The COMEY interview by the Congress will DESTROY the PRESIDENCY. why this fight?

It’s a corrupted system REFUSING MY POLITICAL CAREER like MANDELA in South Africa. It’s against the Bill of Rights but they are WEAK and

collapsing. POWER TO THE WOMEN, TRUMP victims and SLAVES. This is a Regine of DROIT DE CUISSAGE since BUSH. : OBAMA was not a Democrat?

: no, he was STALINIAN, preventing my career. Now IT’S OVER. The ANTI-TRUMP WAVE is the strongest. : FORTUNATELY.

: I cannot do a career with TRUMP. If he leaves in 2018 after being impeached, it’s OK. I will replace him even. : !!

TRUMP, it’s the Mafia with Jeff SESSIONS, a nice name for a bad guy. They don’t want me, they want nothing. THURSDAY. : FBI? MF: NSA.

TRUMP is a robot is the subject of the song PMURT. He’s paid by BUSH & OBAMA against CLINTON. : he’s a pity! : a DANGER.


Can you spot what’s wrong with this viral photo? 4 different GIRLS and a group of men with the same face? Not REAL.? 

Q&A Mike FULLER 2. : what are you doing today, networking for WRAY success? MF2: !

Comey expected 2 refute Trump @CNNPolitics With new FBI Director WRAY, TRUMP & COMEY relationship = Secondary. VIDAL

Double Tweet

@nytimes: Christopher WRAY was the lawyer of your competitor of the Presidential election, Chris CHRISTIE! @mikefuller2020: there was the BRIDGE GATE, CHRISTIE is leaving his New Jersdey Governor office!

@nytimes: Christopher WRAY was the lawyer of your competitor of the Presidential election, Chris CHRISTIE! @mikefuller2020: there was the BRIDGE GATE, CHRISTIE is leaving his New Jersdey Governor office! I’m not SATIRICAL 100%, there are The ANCHORS and there is the FBI.

In 2 Tweets

@nytimes: Christopher WRAY was the lawyer of your competitor of the Presidential election, Chris CHRISTIE! @mikefuller2020: there was the

BRIDGE GATE, CHRISTIE is leaving his New Jersey Governor office! I am not SATIRICAL 100%, there are The ANCHORS and there is the FBI, @CNN.

Net double Tweet

@TIME: you’re President in our dimension, the USA, in the USB, what’s up, FBI? @mikefuller2020 MF2: @Newsweek @NewYorker @TimeOutNewYork @nypost @NYDailyNews

In 2

@TIME: you’re President in our dimension, the USA, in the USB, what’s up, FBI? @mikefuller2020 MF2: ?? @Newsweek @NewYorker @TimeOutNewYork

@avnawards @XBIZ: your songs are PORN? MF2: YES except P.M.U.R.T., FBI! … @nypost @NYDailyNews @villagevoice @LAWeekly


Trump to nominate Christopher Wray as next FBI director
My reality show is not garbage like others. We are yours to SAY: NO BAD RUSSIA IN GOOD AMERICA. The White House reality show of President TRUMP must be investigated, it’s not good rating and it’s not politically and juridically correct.
Frederic VIDAL, PhD in Semiotics & Mass Medias,
FAKE PUNK program.

Comey expected to refute Trump

– a Plan,
– a project to cancel the Presidential election if necessary,
It will work, we will prevail, deadline for the crisis’ end: November 2018 for a new President if possible, deadline for the crisis’ identification, July 4, was respected. Thank you.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,
Shadow President.

Trump to nominate Christopher Wray as next FBI director


His face shows he is the new ELIOT NESS: we are THE UNTOUCHABLES, FBI and ACD, our nonprofit for empowerment of the SUBCULTURE.

Frederic Vidal, PhD,
FAKE PUNL program,
Real. Web Show Origins.


Christopher Wray


Wall’s Facebook


cover of this Viral Web Hit: satirical GRIFFIN, God Save The Queen is alternate a second time.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,
Reality Internet Show Origins.


Have you heard ‘P.M.U.R.T.’ by Bramstocker on #SoundCloud? #np BrAmStOcKeR masterpiece of FAKE PUNK! The ANCHORS @AP

Washington Post – WALL about WRAY

This a permanent REALITY SHOW at the WHITE HOUSE that was not White anymore since 2000 but GREY and never became BLACK, What a shame. THE APPRENTICE is Mr. TRUMP but he was obliged to hire WRAY, a name that means TRUE in French, my first language. Now, it’s time to understand it’s me who says to “Donald”: YOU’RE FIRED! definitely on the 9. Tomorrow, the FBI will end his career and empire thanks to COMEY. I was NESS. Frederic VIDAL. PhD, The FAKE PUNK ANCHORS.


Frederic Vidal, PhD,


A second version of this recording session with my mobile tablet at the GUITAR CENTER of TIMES SQUARE. BrAmStOcKeR waited 40 years (the PEPPER CLUB BAND is 50) to release our debut album FAKE PUNK with a YOUTUBE reality show of the Making Of, The ANCHORS, and a songbook THE USA also publishing our Social Media content (it’s the Internet Reality Origins of the Show).

Thank you Kathy Griffin to have done this satiric SCARY MOVIE-ESQUE picture of P.M.U.R.T. head cut! We will invite you of the last episode, #12, for a special (Al) GORE and a Nobel Prize!

Frederic Vidal, PhD,
REALITY Internet Origins SHOW,
episode #0 (episode #1, next on YOUTUBE).


She is my LOCOMOTIVE, I am her TRAIN, for a DISC, she is my JOKEY, for a LOVE, she is my (SUCCESS) STORY.

Frederic VIDAL, PhD,

Listen to PMURT unplugged and draft acoustic demo:

Super Tweets

To @pontifex Hi: this is a VIP letter to FRANCIS, Catholic Pope. Follow the link & PRINT it 4 him: Copy @INTERPOL_HQ

: did you send your Letter to the Pope? : I sent my Love Letter to Jessie and now my Pope Letter, another kind of Love!!

Special Tweet

@mikefuller2020: Me, M. FULLER2. Copies: @CBS @CBSNews @CBSNewsFan @CBS21NEWS @CBSNewsPoll @AP @TIME @Newsweek @TMZ @CNN @FoxNews I’m yours!


Comey Says Trump Asked Him to End FBI Probe of Ex-Aide Flynn

He already testified for Close People. TRUMP INVITED HIM FOR A FAKE DINER! He wanted James to be his ROBERT but he was NIXON just JFK. He’s the victim of a CONSPIRACY like the whole FBI.
FRANCE must be investigated, not only RUSSIA and other Countries. MACRON met PUTIN like Megan KELLY but not only for a TV show. It is suspect. The Attacks punished Great Britain, terrorists are a part of this game!
TRUMP in our song P.M.U.R.T and in his reality (show) (THE APPRENTICE) deserves HOLLYWOOD and Arnold (ex-Governor) to realize his dream: to be the billionaire of the Power (a new currency).
THE ANCHORS – episode #0 – Origins have, after the CANNES Film Festival, a context that is not anymore a GLAM back-ground-stage but a PUNK upscale-red-carpet at 18 of the H-HOUR.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,


Eurythmics – Miracle Of Love (Remastered) via@YouTube BrAmStOcKeR filming THE ANCHORS – episode #1 – The Grey House!

Replying Tweet

LOVE LETTER POSTCRIPT: I Wanna Marry You! For The Summer, June 21, In New York, Let’s Shoot On Location The Premiere Scene Of Our Online Script! A BrAmStOcKeR Soap Reality Opera! A Draft Recording of P.M.U.R.T. Done This Morning With An Acoustic Guitar For The D-day!


Q&A. : love is not easy on Earth? : it depends, the people who don’t support LOVERS are wrong and disconnected. I

think it does not matter, some are nasty, some are gentle persons to help and attract the right beautiful mood we need to BE HAPPY, if poss-

able. “POSCRIPT. I forgot to tell you how much I’m busy to anticipate everything that will be useful & surprisingly wonderful later, Jessie.

It is June 6 today and I checked on GOOGLE that you can be in New York with VIRGIN AMERICA, for instance, June 21 for the Summer and forever

with me, in 2 weeks from now, for $564 in 5 hours and 42 minutes! 1:30PM – 10:12PM, from LAX to JFK! It looks great! The deadline of June 6

was too early, I arrive on the East Coast March 21, your turn June 21, from a season to another! Otherwise, I wanted to speak about wedding!

I am excited by the project to marry you, the sooner will be the better I believe, you too? For the vacation time, we have the BAHAMAS and

other islands to visit in August for 2 weeks potentially to have a SUNNY HONEY MOON (we can get married there! Las Vegas another destination

and possibility). We have the time until then. What else? THE ANCHORS, on YOUTUBE for the pilot, like The OSBOURNES you remember, about our

couple & love story. Think a lot about it, it’s so important love and business follows.” : thank you. You’re so cute! : !




LETTER TO MY LOVE. Frederic VIDAL words of personal involvement and deep proximity are WEB GIFT 2 SHARE. Q&A @AP STS

The Rolling Stones – Miss You – OFFICIAL PROMO via @YouTube I MISS YOU, YOU MISS ME? Q&A @PEOPLE & @WSJ. I feel OK.

Wall Facebook

1978, after the PUNK YEAR, huge success for THE ROLLING STONES, in the Discotheques especially, we danced on this song, to calm down, to relax when there is a waiting time, before the next fast sequence on the dance floor. Time’s waits for no one, this is a bright synchro!
Frederic Vidal​, PhD,

Tweets last night

: Are you an EMERGING TALENT? : of course, I wait for the PRESS in the USB. FOX SEARCHLIGHT could produce FRENCH COP.

Q&A: WHAT ARE THE USA. @Newsweek: you cannot stop the Q&A right now? @mikefuller2020: No, the Country has 2 dimensions. It’s good to TALK.

: are you a FASHION GURU? : especially for BIKINIS, I like 2 be like Yves SAINT-LAURENT, FASHION designer for WOMEN.

: your REALITY SHOW is TRENDY? : our TREND is WALL STREET, the DOW JONES. The Stock Exchange is about sweet BRANDS.

Q&A. : your band BrAmStoCkEr is Jean-Paul GAUTIER or Stella McCARTNEY! :

I was GLAM then PUNK in the 1970’s, just a T-shirt and 2 or 3 Jeans can be enough, with a JACKET that is unique with our motto: FAKE PUNK.

: are you ready to play PMURT 1st time on your guitar? : it will be a demonstration this morning at the GUITAR CENTER.

: some folks say you’re an Eric CLAPTON of the 6 strings? : I prefer to feel like I am, actor, DONOVAN and KEITH.

: do you play for MONEY? : I sing too, for FUN. Money is a motivation, I never play, I have to be RICHER, with SONGS.

: THE ANCHORS on YOUTUBE? : Hopefully a WEB ONLY for the Pilot, Episode #1: COMEDY, not PARODY, provisory title.

: BrAmStOCkEr is a CONCEPT? : a CONCEPT of COUPLE, a CONCERT of ideas mixing lyrics & chords to evaluate WHAT is LOVE.

: and this is a DRAFT? : alot more. We can’t accept the FAILURE OF THE SYSTEM. So, episode #0, Internet Origins.

: England is like New Jersey? : absolutely. We’re Cousins of these guys from Europe on an Island. PAIN.

June 6, 1944: the LONGEST DAY, famous D-day and the H-hour was? NOW.

LETTER TO MY LOVE. Frederic VIDAL words of personal involvement and deep proximity are WEB GIFT 2 SHARE. Q&A STS

Latest Tweets

There’s a POSTSCRIPT: 2 IMAGINE OURSELVES TOGETHER. Sometimes you see your partner 24/7 & you’re alone! Sometimes the contrary.

Q&A. : you played it? : I RECORDED IT. P.M.U.R.T. for the 1st time, this morning at GUITAR CENTER, online soon.

Facebook WALL

The OSBOURNES are the ANCHORS kind of prequel:
they were a Reality Show about a Family, we are a Reality Show about a Couple LOVE STORY, some people don’t understand that: A LOVE STORY with the word LOVE and the word STORY.
Other people understand immediately what is it all about: to be in love and to show it even if there can be tensions in a couple or a separation but never forever. There is no other man for the woman and there is no other woman for the man.
In The OSBOURNES, it is the same, it could have been a family, not like a regular family but it was not the case at all. A family means a father, a mother and the children and their objective was to relocate in Hollywood.
In The ANCHORS, we are a couple and a couple is the basics of a family, a NEW COUPLE, before a wedding, before the children, before to buy a home but all of that is included and will appear in the film.
The ANCHORS is not a copy of The OSBOURNES, the father is a musician, me too but the mother is not a DJ!
Frederic Vidal,
Postcrip. Thank you, Ozzy, for your METAL with Black SABBATH.

Letter To The Pope, Part 3: US SHOW BIZ To Let A NICHE To BrAmStOcKeR, The 2000’s Were WRONG For TIMefraMES! FAKE PUNK Is Like The CLIMATE PARIS ACCORD To Improve With The 2025’s Flying Saucers Program To Go To NEW EARTH! THE ANCHORS, SoaPOPera, Episode #0, Internet Origins!



Mary Wollstonecraft

The letter to the Pope FRANCIS, Part 3 is dedicated to this woman (27 April 1759 – 10 September 1797) was an English writer, philosopher, and advocate of WOMEN’S RIGHTS.

Frederic Vidal, PhD, THE ANCHORS, 
episode #0, Internet Origins. 


WONDER WOMAN DAY is the day of the MARCH OF THE TRUTH of every woman in the US against @realDonaldTrump when I LIE ABOUT RUSSIA & PUTIN! FV







FRENCH COP 3: WIN WIN! Vince SAUVAN & Patrica HUNTER in JAPAN! @French_Gov @NouvelObserv @LEXPRESS @LePoint @LeFigaroBourse @WSJ @FT @BBCR1

THE ANCHORS’ LOVE STORY (@BRAMSTOCKER FAKE PUNK Music Video of more than the 12 songs with a Letter to FRANCIS!) @LaStampa @DerSPIEGEL @RAI

Siouxsie & The Banshees – Make Up To Break Up / Metal Postcard – 30/10/7… via @YouTube SIOUXSIE, A 77 POWER WOMAN.

Q&A begins! : why was it so long? : because I was ABROAD and I was POOR, not like you, Americans, who are SAD! “I

“I know you are from South America, FRANCIS, our Pope, you were the neighbor of the United States, a Land of the Free according to Ronald

REAGAN, their Republican President in the 80’s, he was President of the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD, the union of the actors and actresses in Holly-

wood. He was a Democrat before to join the GOP and an actor, President of this famous organization in 1959, year of my birth. I was 8 years

homeowner in Los Angeles, in Hollywoodland, BACKGROUND ACTOR, SAG-AFTRA member since 2005, blogging on WORDPRESS since 2009, writing scripts

for the big screen like FRENCH COP and GERMAN SPY or THE MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES. I already saw that women in the movie industry are not

really FREE but SLAVES and FREEDOM is a concept disabled by the system of their community and industry. I invited GOSSIP GIRL’s Star Blake

LIVELY by calling several times her AGENT who never replied. It is not FAIR. As an immigrant, it must be a decision of the US Authorities at

a bad time for me, I could not produce my #1 FILM consequently and sold my House! HUMAN TRAFFICKING is a social sickness against the CHRIST!

I PRAY OUR LORD TO INSPIRE YOU TO OPEN A STUDY with the Administration to control what is wrong with them to refuse NEWCOMERS and LOVE.

is receiving daily my Tweets as THINGS CHANGE FROM A DAY TO ANOTHER IN THE LIFE and this letter to you, FRANCIS, is my main pacific WEAPON

to get what I want A CAREER IN AMERICA, in NEW YORK, IN THE SHOW BIZ, with Jessie ANDREWS, a Porn Star LESS THAN BLAKE LIVELY and a DJ and

a MODEL MORE THAN ME. I am still a PUNK ROCKER since 1977 supporting the SUBCULTURE and the Underground Arts to EMPOWER this Alt-Expression

to rehabilitate the TALENTS, corrupted sometimes by THE ANARCHY of the US markets. I am sure you will RECOMMEND ME, the BIBLE is our DEAL!


Betty Boop

Picture from:


Trump Will Withdraw U.S. From Paris Climate Agreement

Like in DESMOINES, Iowa, Donald TRUMP is #2 today and I want to tell you who is Ted CRUZ today: it’s Emmanuel MACRON, the French President who is not the right person to accept that this PARIS ACCORD is not optimal!
The flying saucer of 2025 that could send us (me and my wife, for instance if I am President at that time) on another Planet (we call NEW EARTH) if the previsions are right to think POLLUTION KILLED ECOLOGY is useful not only for Sci-Fi. It is a project to FIGHT POLLUTION WORLDWIDE to prevent a GLOBAL END OF HUMAN KIND.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,

For the letter of the Pope, Part 3: SIOUXSIE & The BANSHEES message, the POWER PUNK!
Frederic Vidal, PhD,
BrAmStOcKeR in New York.


Wonder Woman Breaks Glass Ceiling For Female Directors With $97M+ Debut.

Today, for the WONDER WOMAN Day, I am writing a LOVE LETTER to my own WONDER WOMAN but I am her THOR and she likes it. It is a CROSSOVER, we are a couple of 2 different Universes like DC and MARVEL.Â
She is so wonderful, I have the force of a warrior, read our Letter today! (and watch the WONDER WOMAN feature film about another story of this Super Hero).Â
Love Tweets this afternoon:
SUNDAY for a rerun of the Letter of the Pope, maybe!
Frederic Vidal, PhD, ACD INC.

TRUTH DAY A HISTORIC DAY, THE WONDER WOMAN DAY is promoting THE TRUTH: there was a BUG disabling the Presidential election.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,
Shadow President.

‘March for Truth’: Ex-Obama White House stars, liberal heavyweights eye Trump | Fox News

‘March for Truth’: Ex-Obama White House stars, liberal heavyweights eye Trump

I will be there this afternoon in the streets of Manhattan, empowering a wave I want stronger than ever for the TRUTH about Russia and America.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,
Shadow President.



The TWEETS-LETTER TO THE POPE by Mike FULLER 2, Frederic Vidal, PhD, About Earth And Its Owner: the Human Beings! Midnight Deadline, From May To June!



Q&A about the POPE! @forbes: Hi Mike FULLER! Dear President of our Sci-Fi-Fi Country, WHAT’S UP? @mikefuller2020: my letter to FRANCIS is

a TWEETS-LETTER for more diffusion. An OPEN LETTER to communicate with this CLOSE CHURCH of Roma! @AP @CNN @TIME @nytimes @washingtonpost

@forbes: are you inviting the POPE in NEW YORK? @mikefuller2020: I invite in CAMP DAVID when I will be there, in 2018, I hope! @TMZ @people

The Country and the Population deserves a PROPHET, a PRIEST of the White House, FRANCIS! @newsweek @fastcompany @WSJ @latimes @nypost @AFP

FRANCIS is the main religious AUTHORITY. @usweekly @intouchweekly @star_magazine @Life_and_Style @YMZ @FoxNews @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @PBS

@lemonde: on vous écoute! @mikefuller2020: bien sur. @le_figaro @libe @NouvelObserv @LEXPRESS @SPIEGEL_English @GuardianUS @LCI @BFMTV @M6

ONCE UPON TIME A LETTER THAT CHANGED THE AMERICA! @RTLFrance @Europe1 @ParisMatch @TF1LeJT @France24_en @franceinfo @France2tv @ParisHilton

THE ANCHORS: Welcome PRESS 2 welcome 1 POPE @NYDailyNews @villagevoice @LAWeekly @chicagotribune @BBCBreaking @RaiUno @LaStampa @WashTimes

@mikefuller2020: I go back to my own CHURCH and will TWEET YOUR the MAIL, Midnight deadline, I SWEAR. Stay definitely TUNED! @DerSPIEGEL: !!


Pope Francis addresses Joint Session of Congress – FULL SPEECH (C-SPAN) via @YouTube FRANCIS is BELOVED in the USA.

from Youtube:

“Ajoutée le 24 sept. 2015. Pope Francis addressed a joint meeting of Congress, the first pontiff in history to address both chambers. Watch more online here:” THE POPE? A SUPER-PRESIDENT? The reply is NOT A SHADOW PRESIDENT!
Silence Thomas SPEARS. (on Facebook) WATCH IT, THE POPE is the subject of THE ANCHORS Origins, a special episode, the PILOT is the conclusion of it, like THE ANCHORS #O, about the environment and the context of the GLOBAL COUPLE who are the hosts of their entourage, in a limousine, from episode #1 to the #12, soon on YOUTUBE like this FULL SPEECH!
Frederic Vidal,
Anchor #2, a reality show
by TIMefraMES & ACD ACM. (on Facebook)


: the world is waiting! : I just mean “Hello FRANCIS, POPE of the Christians: I have a letter like an Encyclical note to]

give you for your faithful knowledge of the situation in the United States around me and you. I send a copy of this text to the magaz-

Ine and the channel because it is all about the economy of our Planet and its difficulties to have a free MARKET open to Jesus.

There is something in the air in America that is useful regarding spirituality diffusion and disturbing for religious networking socially

speaking. My strategy is to TWEET this note to you to the PRESS we follow, dozens of others

we read. I will describe the conditions for a CATHOLIC REVIVAL IN AMERICA. Cities like New York look like Cities of Ancient Egypt! (pause).

: are you writing the 3rd Will? : do you respect the 10

Commandments by MOSES? I don’t think so. It’s not so bad because “There is an evolution of your popularity, POPE, that is interesting. These

mass MEDIAS of the HOLLYWOOD SYSTEM are sending to the Public Opinion a massive message to see and , and

like SPONSORS OF THEIR PRIVACY. The TV Networks, decentralized in every Counties, are not the or the but other

companies that are 4 + 1: , , & = 5 churches with no GOD anymore. Fanaticism for OBAMA was real, not FAKE like news his

successor refuses. TRUMP is the expression of the States of Sundays programming NO PRIEST except the politician ICON he is in a MESS, for a

MASS of another style, preaching NO BIBLE, the supremacy of the PATRIOTS for motto. His project is to sale his Babel Tower ambition to get

the personal direction of the transformed by his imaginary glory, palace of a character extremely investigated, featured with

you last week, arrogant according to me. THE CROSS IS MISSING IN HIS OFFICE ONE, what do you think about it? Washington was a Freemason, it

makes a lot of sense. This regime is not a CATHOLIC one. No kidding! The new President, elected by the Conservatives, has been too much ecce

-ntric to pray our Lord every morning or if he does it, IT’S SECRETLY & IT’S NOT FAIR. You’re victim of their knowledge ONLY SCIENCE WINS.

WOMEN ARE STRONG in the United States, they decided to FIRE this individuality for the reason he considers them A BAD WAY. Your Lord knows.

6/1 Part 2

: absolutely. I would write him and I do, “I am Frederic Vidal, an American & French citizen, DUAL CITIZEN with a profession

of ARTIST and ACTIVIST. I am a songwriter performer (singer & guitarist) and a screenwriter filmmaker (actor & producer). I was US 2016 Pre-

-sidential candidate and I am Shadow President on the Web. It means I represent the Opposition to President Donald TRUMP and I propose solu-

tions to WASHINGin Manhattan, I am doing the most crucial ‘crop’ (recadrage) of my life: to become an ENTREPRENEUR (creation of the nonprofit corporationTON DC about their problems, especially the RUSSIANGATE. I think it’s a mistake to LEAVE THE PARIS CLIMATE ACCORD today. The

world’s end could happen this century. It’s terrible, the POLLUTION could KILL EARTH. I have the 2025 program to stay positive and have a

kind of ALTERNATIVE: to organize the UNITED STATES ‘YEAR 250’ CELEBRATION in 2026 and to pLAN TO MOVE TO NEW EARTH, a Brand New Planet for

the HUMAN KIND. If I am elected one day President of the United States of America, I will double or triple the NASA budget to have a FAR,

FAR AWAY PROJECT to travel to other galaxies. Probably, we will have to build Flying Saucers, I suppose GOD and JESUS will validate this!

I am in New York after many years in Los Angeles, California. I was born in Nice, France and was 15 years in Paris as a Civil Servant. Here,

in Manhattan, I am doing the most crucial ‘crop’ (recadrage) of my life: to become an ENTREPRENEUR (creation of the nonprofit corporation

AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT, ACD INC)., and to become my UNION with the woman I love, Jessie ANDREWS, a model, a DJ and an actress of

adult movies, an activity she will continue only with me as we’re about to be associated and living together in Soho, preparing our wedding!

In America, it is a civilization different than Europe and I had difficulties to socialize perfectly, there was some ANTI-NETWORKING to red-

uce.” I’ll continue this letter to the POPE this evening or tomorrow! Thanks! : you’re welcome(d)!

Q&A after the first part of the letter,
June 1st, on Twitter

Q&A to + : FULLER & COOPERS replies to Sci-Fi USA (you = USB) PRESS + POPE!

: your letter to the POPE is very criticizing the United States? : NOT AT ALL. If there was a GOD at the WHITE HOUSE that

is not accepted by JESUS, YOU HAVE TO KNOW IT, not to believe in it! : do you know him well, I mean THE POPE? : with my

wife Close COOPERS, we were in Roma to meet him one time (I’m your PRESIDENT in our dimension!), he looks SMART & GENTLE. : in the USB?

: when will you stop your POPE LETTER? : TOMORROW FRIDAY. I have still some more content! @ what will be your next letter?

: IT IS A LETTER TO CLOSE alias Jessie ANDREWS, she’s my GODDESS. Obviously a LOVE LETTER, also A POEM from the Middle-Ages!

: WONDERFUL! : without her I feel alone! : your present letter is RELIGIOUS!?


Basic Swim BrAmStOcKeR is not a SECT or a GROUP to say to the PEOPLE what to think, it is a SOCIAL & CULTURAL BRAND!

I am DYSFUNCTIONAL according to some OBSERVERS, I am an INSIDER according to others. She is the EVIDENCE I am not: I AM A BELIEVER! To:

On TWITTER, FACEBOOK, TUMBLR and WORDPRESS, I activate now MY PROXIMITY STRATEGY to be OpErAtIoNaL my own WAY but really 100% on TRACK.

To: Love and Happiness. 1 + 1 = 2. Now! I feel you feel we feel THE SAME: THE MOVE 2 be 1. Frederic, the one and only, Vidal Fuller.

New Frederic VIDAL MOTTO: “THINGS CHANGE FROM ONE MINUTE TO ANOTHER, AS USUAL.” For me, to win, for you, to be with me, for US!” To” @people

BACK to the POPE, this afternoon probably! THINGS CHANGE FROM 1 DAY TO ANOTHER IN THE LIFE. I, Frederic & Her, Jessie mean BrAmStOcKeR. @AP


L’AMOUR, TOUJOURS, I wrote it in French first. Since 1977, I’m looking for the LOVE of my LIFE, of my HEART: I have her now. Things change from one minute to another as usual.

THINGS, THEY CHANGED FROM ONE MINUTE TO THE OTHER, IN THE LIFE. Don’t prepare too much what you want. PROJECTS ARE RESULTS when you believe in them and you SHARE WITH YOUR PARTNER your motivation and your inspiration. SURPRISE, surprise: it was impossible, it will be a routine tomorrow, it’s the REALITY today: Frederic Vidal & Jessie Andrews,
a good example of a MIRACLE WHO HAPPENS NORMAL!


Watch the Inaugural Mass of FRANCIS Pontificate and stay tuned on Twitter VIDALFULLER2016, midnight deadline for the TWEETS-LETTER , from a Pope to another:
Frederic Vidal​, PhD
aka Mike FULLER2.


In 2012, I was already writing to all the newspapers. This TIME, I write not alone, WE ARE 2 and it’s the reason why THEY WILL WRITE ABOUT US.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,

SOCIAL CONTENT ORIGINS SOCIAL CONTENT is BrAmStOcKeR priority to help the others and BE ARTISTS IN A COMMUNITY THAT IS EARTH. THE ANCHORS Origins is THE USA CONTENT, the writings on the Social Media of all about the CONTEXT & the ENVIRONMENT.

Frederic Vidal, PhD,


Kathy Griffin to Hold Press Conference to Address ‘Bullying’ from Trump Family

She’s more than controversial, she’s eccentric. The WOMEN ARE ABOUT TO GET THE POWER DEFINITELY because they are more efficient than men. THEY KNOW THE SECRET OF THE SOCIETY:
to be a community able to MOVE.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,
(Web episode #0).
Postscript. I support Kathy GRIFFIN,
as the Shadow President, with all my
appreciation of her talent.

Carton Magazine

This magazine is the sign that our civilization is the right COMMUNITY FOR WOMEN TO DECIDE OUR FUTURE, culture and politics are a same thing!
Frederic Vidal, PhD,
BrAmStOcKeR frontman
(we are 2 in this band, a frontman and a frontwoman. We are also the famous ANCHORS for a Reality Show in New York, until now a Fictional Show about Reality like a film that is a Documentary, on the Internet).


ON PINTEREST, I am FASHION and TEEN, I’m 25, she’s 15, mentally and physically, WE LOOK YOUNGER, it’s a quality for Castings and to be HAPPY.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,
THE USA author,
a novel and self-biography
about our identity: to be
Americans and FREE.


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I like BASIC SWIM like I like FAKE PUNK. It is a great NAME for a cultural brand and a style of living about BIKINS and Fashion Tendencies to be upscale and anti-sportswear or neo-grunge or FAKE PUNK, finally.
Socialization is the result of clothes and bodies managed by brains and faces, coordinated by laws and networks, including official and unofficial ones, public and private, society and authorities. I am a rhetorician for the writing of my BOOK THE USA.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,
I like BASIC SWIM like I like FAKE PUNK. It is a great NAME for a cultural brand and a style of living about BIKINS and Fashion Tendencies to be upscale and anti-sportswear or neo-grunge or FAKE PUNK, finally.
Socialization is the result of clothes and bodies managed by brains and faces, coordinated by laws and networks, including official and unofficial ones, public and private, society and authorities. I am a rhetorician for the writing of my BOOK THE USA.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,




The Pope FRANCIS this week: he looks charismatic and concentrated to READ OUR LETTER, signed: THE ANCHORS about Our Origins.
Frederic Vidal​, PhD,



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