For NEBRASKA, Mike Fuller Will Play A Native Of The State Beginning An Acting Career With His Sister Who Could Be Played By The Actress Lindsay Lohan!

Mike Fuller, USA WEB
Presidential Campaign!

USA WEB Is The New Motto Of Fred Vidal Campaign, Against Lobbies In America That Destroyed Our Country By Creating The Crisis. As The Candidate To The White House Works On The Vote By The Congress Of The Amendment Giving Him The Right To Be Candidate in 2012 for The Official Election, The Names Of Joe Lieberman As  A Future Vice-President of Mike Fuller and John Edwards As US Defense Secretary are now Diffused By The Campaign Team that Confirms also The Choice of Bill Gates For The Republican Ticket If This Is The Opinion Choice!

Mike Fuller wants a Bipartisan Government Including Democrats because Obama didn’t do it and It Can Help For Our Country’s Development, a project that Whashington DC Political Population doesn’t support since The Election Of The Democratic President, building The Future of the Crisis not his End With The Lobbies Industry, a profession in the middle of a Nowhere because Of Its Project To Disturb Electors, Parties, State Governments And Federal Administrations!

LOBBYING IS BAD And Against Democracy, According To Fuller And Sociologists!

Senator Joe Lieberman Was The Main Supporter Of Senator McCain For The Presidential Election. McCain Did The Mistake To Choose Somebody Else For The Republican Ticket And Lost The White House. Mike Fuller Is Clever To Think About Joe, No Defeat For The Reps A Second Time! FULLER USA WEB Against Lobbying!

John Edwards Was Not Elected Vice-President With John Kerry in 2004 Then Lost The Primaries In 2008 Because Of The Democratic Party Choice To Prevent Talents To Develop Their Power In America. Now, He is Possible Secretary Of State In The Bipartisan Administration Of Mike Fuller If Mike Elected In 2012!

The Movie Inspired By A Day On A Set Last Summer:

NEBRASKA: Hollywood 2000, The Movie That Could Change The Career Of Fuller And Lohan! A Duet, Brother And Sister, Ready For Action In The Middle Of A Hollywood already Devastated By The Crisis, Even If They Have LOW REVENUES. The Plot-Synopsis By Fred Vidal, PhD Who Is About To Ask For His Official Change Of Name (Mike Fuller) This Month, On This Internet Base ASAP!

Lindsay Lohan, Already Almost A Sister In The Real Life Of Mike Fuller, Is The Choice Of A Synopsis Specialist: Fred Vidal, PhD Before His Official New Name On His Passport! Mike Fuller Rocks!

On Youtube, Mike Fuller Taped For His MTV Project ‘FRED VIDAL LIVE!’ SILLY UnpLuGgEd And Indian Reservation (Fred Vidal – ASCAP), With The Inspiration Of His Open Mic InDiAn ReSeRvAtIoN 2009-2010 TouR In The Los Angeles Area.  The 2 Songs Could Be On The Soundtrack Of NEBRASKA: Hollywood 2000!

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