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A man and a woman had the plan to get married next year.
He was a hunter, she was the princess of their tribe in Africa, in the 17th Century.
He was unlucky, captured by a team of European Slave Dealers.
In America, he is sold as a slave to work for a rich farmer in Louisiana.
He succeeds, after a while, to go back to New York City with several friends.
On location, they steal a Slaver (boat) to go back to Africa.
After a difficult and long trip on the Atlantic Ocean, they are back on their Continent.
It’s a couple of years after he left his tribe and the Princess is not anymore there.
Protected by another tribe, she will finally meets him again.
Their legend will be a secret but a famous one all over the Continent and worldwide, forever and ever. 

Fred Vidal, PhD
Thanksgiving 2008

Candice Johnson Art at:

at Frances Stevens Park – 538 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA,
Shows hours will be from 10:00 am -4:00 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Candice Johnson Bio

Interior Designer in California, previous buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and European marketing consultant for Danskin, Candice Johnson began studying and working as a Fine Artist in 1992 when she moved to Paris. She remained for eleven years absorbing the soul of the City of Lights.

After painting still lifes and nudes she decided in 1997 to focus on one tributary, searching for the source: The Tete. In French the Tete signifies both the head and the visage. Through color, texture and gestural paint strokes she captures the emotions that linger under the surface. Our fragility, strength, tenderness, hopes and fears. Her Tetes are always presented in a square format. As in a Buddhist Mandala the square represents the material space with paths to exit at the four corners while the Tete as the circle or soul remains the timeless center. 

She relocated to California in 2003 to be an American in America, though she is still in touch with the Paris of her dreams and imagination. Candice has begun again to paint Tetes, below the Hollywood Sign where she lives in a historical and magical Hollywood Hills home that she has renovated. The Tetes remain familiar but somewhat foreign maybe they are the invisible but past residents of Menilmontant, Belleville and Pere Lachaise of Paris or perhaps they are something else entirely.

Candice Johnson is a listed artist as her art has been sold at the prestigious Parisian auction house of Hotel Drouot at a semi annually auction of Emerging Contemporary French Artists since 2001. Her next auction will be in April 2009. She has had over 40 exhibitions in France and is in the collections of many notable European Art Collectors and American Art Collector Blake Byrne.

Her work is uncommonly contemporary but is stamped with artistic traditions. Her energy and force could be compared to Expressionism, her color usage to the Fauvists.  Her deformations of the Tete could be described as Picassoesque. Her ability to dig deep and release the child archetype when she paints can be viewed in the naïve Art Brut style of Jean Dubuffet.  Her usage of taking a single subject and multiplying it to make an expanded story can be found in Pop Art. How ever you define or interpret her work it is unique, compelling and touching and truly her own. 

Medium Acrylics, Inks, Pastels, Collage.  All Tetes Normale are painted on paper and then marouflaged on carton or wood.  Each Tete has its own frame similar to a studio canvas with the sides painted black.

Price Range  $400-$25,000

Artist Statement

When I paint words, ego and the desire to please the world disappear.  I paint to capture a memory of a vague feeling, perhaps a universal dream.  I use the face, visage, or Tete as the vehicle to express these known but indefinable emotions that emerge from my gut. I put the brush down and begin to observe the Tetes. The ones I choose or work on further are those Tetes that begin to talk to me or put more simply: the ones that make me feel.  The others that have no life are turned upside down or sideways and painted over giving texture and substance to the next Tete that will appear.

What is interesting?

Candice Johnson goes against the contemporary convention of large formats.  Her Tetes Normales are 20 centimeters square (7.75”).  The Collector participates in the creation of their own unique work as they will choose the Tetes that “talk to them” and then decide their placement as a group.  Collectors purchase one or a hundred Tetes to create their own personal tableau of emotions.  Candice also wants her art to be affordable and this concept of small formats allows beginning collectors to own her work and add Tetes as their budget permits.

Candice Johnson in Palm Springs, a Thanksgiving Event

Candice Johnson in Palm Springs, a Thanksgiving Event



Candice Johnson is a participant in Fred Vidal University:



Operation GRASSROOTS II (international Motion Pictures Coproduction with Europe, based in Nice. France), Phase 2 (phone calls, youtube videos, blogs in French) Begins from Palm Springs for Thanksgiving this week and weekend.

Operation Grassroots II is a Networking Internet and Business Mixer Program of corporate work for the building of a commercial platform to welcome and support Fred Vidal, PhD, President of Modernscope Inc and our project of creation of the company COMME-CI COMME-CA PRODUCTIONS SARL in Nice, France in January 2009.

GRASSROOTS II is a part of Fred Vidal University (FVU) (Movie, Promotion, Diffusion Departments).

The company managing the Victorine Studios, the Nice Chamber of Commerce, other organizations in Nice and Paris, personal professional friends of Fred Vidal, PhD in Nice and Paris, associated or not with Grassroots I, will be contacted by phone and emails in order to schedule the business relationship that must build the commercial platform that will welcome and support the creation of our European Enterprise in 2009 and the first visit and stay of Fred Vidal in Nice, his native town, since 2003.

Operation Grassroots II

Fred Vidal University first Learning and Building Program: Operation Grassroots II

For this first Thanksgiving Week of the Opening Session of FRED VIDAL UNIVERSITY, Fred Vidal, PhD, decides not to renew his membership right now or to participate actively in the Chambers of Commerce of Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Century City, until next Spring, still waiting for the Reactivation of the EIBC – Entertainment Industry Business Council, an Inter-Chambers Committee still in hiatus, after the organization of a great Luncheon at the Roosevelt Hotel in 2006 in Hollywood about ‘The New Colors of Money’. “This Council can be very useful for our coordination and empowerment, I hope it will be working again very soon“.

For now and until next Spring, Fred Vidal is focusing only on the LOS ANGELES AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (FRENCH COP LLC membership) and will improve his involvement beginning December with the Chamber. Regarding the corporation of the Fred Vidal Entertainment Group, Modernscope Inc, and the project, since the Summer 2007, of a collaboration for movie shootings on location in this area, Modernscope Inc is about to join the PALM SPRINGS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE for networking and business partnerships. It will be the one and only participation of the New York based company in a Chamber of Commerce.

Fred Vidal, PhD is also a member of the Vegas Young Professionals, organization managed by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, and he will be back in Vegas soon. “This September meeting in Vegas was so great! I send you my best, guys, for Thanksgiving, and I will be back in town with you on the Strip soon!!”.


Fred Vidal University: A Corporate and Social University on the Web.
A social network for culture and knowledge

FVU: A social network for culture and knowledge

Martin Scorsese, 2,900th Friend of Fred Vidal, PhD on Fred Vidal’s Myspace Main Page (www.myspace.com/fredvidal) for the 1st Week of FRED VIDAL UNIVERSITY.


Martin Scorsese, new friend of Fred Vidal, PhD

I was checking my messages on MySpace ant all at once, I think about the number of my friends because I must stop sending invitations when I will have 3,000 friends in order to know all these people better, right? 3,000!! I neever had so many friends in my life. And then, I see that it’s Martin Scorsese who accepted my invitation and becomes my friend #2,900 because I have with him 2,900 friends!! It was Saturday, November 22, 2008. I just need 100 more friends and with them and all the other great friends who gave me their friendship, we’re going to communicate about Martin Filmography and Career, through FRED VIDAL UNIVERSITY, during this Thanksgiving week. I’m very proud to be in touch with a so great filmmaker, I mean Martin, I love the Rolling Stones Movie (I was on location in New York!) and I will write more about my special connexion with him and his art pretty soon.” Fred Vidal, PhD (11/23/08, 11:29AM PT).

A Celebration of Martin Scorsese Career is organized by FRED VIDAL UNIVERSITY for the Thanksgiving Week (www.fredvidaluniversity.com).

Fred Vidal, PhD will be in Palm Springs, CA for Thanksgiving this year (2006: New York, NY, 2007: Studio City, CA).

If you have a project to share, an artistic or corporate career that deserves more interest and teamwork:

by becoming a member of the FVU Social Network

FRED VIDAL UNIVERSITY is a free and proactive, corporate and friendly University. With Fred and his networks, you will upgrade your community sites memberships thanks to a special contact with Fred’s friends magic touch and the advice and support of an American pure Insider and brilliant Doctor in Semiotics, Communication and Media Studies, from the University of Paris 2, part of the Historic and one of the oldest in the world, University of Paris, La Sorbonne: Frederic Vidal.

  • Fred Vidal, PhD is now a Proud Supporter of UCLA through the UCLA Fund (Department of Communication Studies) after his Conference in 2004 about the Social Internet at the University of California, Los Angeles.

FRED VIDAL UNIVERSITY (pic by Peter Baratti)

FRED VIDAL UNIVERSITY (pic by Peter Baratti)


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