On Monday, Dec 19, The Electoral College Will Decide To Confirm TRUMP PRESIDENT Or, If Hillary CLINTON Gets Their Majority, It Would Create A Crisis That Could Finish By The Cancellation Of The Presidential Election! Mike FULLER, Shadow President, Will Comment The Vote Result on Tuesday, Dec 20, To Give Us His Appreciation Before The Challenge Of The New Year 2017: TO BE A NATION NOT DIVIDED ANYMORE!


Donald TRUMP is the author of great books to share his magic career with the population but for the White House, we are into the unknown. He can be too much, he can be fine. I am committed to study this all year long in 2017 if he’s elected by the electoral college Dec 19. If he’s not, I will change my mind and considerate he was not the right President for our Country in these times of confusion of the Internet and the social disease.

TRUMP is not REAGAN, he’s FULLER, meaning me, partly. I’m the anti-TRUMP because I’m his SHADOW PRESIDENT. This is not a title like to be King or Prime Ministrer. This is a function that represents a social involvement in politics nationwide about evaluating the situation for the others, from the other side: THER OPPOSITION, more than that as an ALTERNATE CANDIDATE. I was write-in Nov 8 in 7 States, promoting the STEIN vote in 43 others.

I’ll be in New York City pretty fast next year to play the guitar and sing, following so many other songwriters and performers who let us, IN A FOLK ATTITUDE. I want my role in Washington, DC to be cultural and FAIR. My advice is not cute but I believe in a great partnership between THE GREENS and even THE PIRATES with the POWER. How this can happen (because I’m not a daydreamer)? It can be a miracle or we have the chance to have a Business Hero in the Oval Office in January. This man can decide to listen more and more to us (until the creation of a Secretary of the Arts!). From the beginning, I will be in NYC managing my nonprofit AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT (ACD) at the highest level.

My recommendation for the VIP voters of next Monday: don’t think twice, you’re all right! If you were elected to vote TRUMP, do it without hesitation. If you feel bad about Russia hacking, DON’T VOTE THIS TIME. It’s abstention, the solution in that case! Donald TRUMP with a short majority on Monday: it can be not enough to confirm his Presidency for some politicians or not WHO REALLY DON’T WANT HIM after Obama (I’m NOT ONE OF THEM).

Don’t worry if the Presidential election is blocked, I’m here, ON THE WEB, monitoring all of that. It won’t be blocked at all. There will be a SECOND ROUND. We cannot forget 2 million more voters chose Hillary CLINTON. THIS IS TOTAL SPECULATION BUT TO BE ready for the worst is my motto, more than ever. I’m also a filmmaker, I manage all possibilities in my mind to share them with you: we must imagine the dangers and the contrary, the BENEFITS of it.

Politicians are unable to organize our national debate the right way ALONE. They are confused, ISOLATED in Washington, overdosed by their Mass Medias diffusion. THEY NEED ME and YOU, readers, too. They need a new PARTY OF THE PRESIDENTIAL POWER, I call also the GOP2 or inside the Grand Old Party of the Republicans that I still support strategically as I was 25 when Ronald REAGAN gave me my chance to be a politician of another style, being an artist too, comedian, filmmaker and songwriter, performer.

Dec 14, 2016


I found the picture I selected today to illustrate my self-
nomination as Shadow President (indie and alternate)
at this address: http://jimharold.com/tag/shadow-man/

Visit this interesting site: http://jimharold.com


Electoral college


Could the electoral college dump Trump?


Clinton Campaign Wants Electors Briefed on Russian Sabotage Allegations.


Frequently Asked Questions.


Another 19 Electoral College members join demand for briefing about Russian hacking before casting votes.


To strip Trump of an electoral victory, electors would have to deny him the 270-vote majority he needs to win. Trump has won 306 electoral votes, while Clinton has won 232, meaning that at least 37 electors would have to flip their votes or abstain.

On Twitter https://twitter.com (vidalfuller2016, mikefuller2020, bramstocker, timeframes2020) 12/14/2016

The Petroleum Industry: 1 of our best commercial activities worldwide. So, we can be sure our Diplomacy will be reinforced by Rex TILLERSON.

Social Corporate with Rex TILLERSON, Secretary of State, REVIVAL ROCK for the synchronization of this global US Entrepreneurship diplomacy.

Congrats for the nomination of an Entrepreneur. You follow my guidance, I’m your Shadow President. REX TILLERSON will be our IMAGE ABROAD.



In 2020, Mike FULLER certainly will be US Presidential candidate again. It’s now Donald TRUMP to be United States President for 4 years. TS

BrAmStOcKeR in New York: it’s next year, in 2017 for the BOWIE YEAR concerts. Donald TRUMP President, it’s Mike FULLER, US Senator in 2018.

I disagree with the Electoral College: tomorrow, I will tell you why Donald TRUMP is not a right choice for our Presidency. Mike FULLER, SP

In 2017, it will be the 1st year of the new Presidency. I hope Donald TRUMP will be the President we need to build my spectacle in New York.




This THERAPY PROGRAM sponsored by our punk band will continue on Twitter. Appreciate FULLER like your own candidate and you’ll feel better.

Every day, in the morning, afternoon or evening, meditate about this: Mike FULLER could have been the WINNER of the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

The therapy is the way to improve your talent to network for more OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE FOR THE MINORITIES, social, financial, personal.

The US are CHANGING EVERY DECADE. They STAY THE SAME since 1776 otherwise. How it’s possible? You know the reply: We’re DIFFERENT, so FINE.

FREEDOM is the Liberties Victory, American Independence that Mike FULLER is using to empower you. His program is available for you to study.

This therapy program is based on TOLERANCE. ALTERNATE politics are good for the NATION. Our candidate is cultural, FREEDOM fan. He’s yours.

Mike FULLER supporters must know we propose a THERAPY for the persons who don’t like him enough. Are they anti-TRUMP too? Probably or not.

Youtube Video: MY COVER OF GODZILLA WILL BE THE OPENING OF MY SHOWS IN NEW YORK, with rock, humor and a Folk attitude to promote my talent off-Broadway and BUILD MY STYLE attracting politics worldwide. MF



Here tomorrow, 11/12/16, Mike FULLER will reveal important information about Vince SAUVAN and Patricia HUNTER, his heroes and partners in Dimension 1 (USA), just before their final mission called WIN WIN. Thanks to have read this communique.

The Q&A continues on Twitter: Mike FULLER like never before HISTORIAN OF 2016 CHANGE! https://twitter.com/vidalfuller2016


Picture from : http://www.vulture.com/2016/11/leonard-cohen-dead-at-age-82.html

Death of Leonard COHEN for VETERANS DAY: “A pity for Rock music and mainstream Pop. He was a soldier of our piano Soul.” MF

On Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonard_Cohen

Website: http://leonardcohen.com

As Leonard COHEN Passed Away, Tomorrow Revelations About The French Cop On WordPress. It’s Mathematical, About Yin-Yang. Have A Great VETERANS DAY, Folks!

There is a time for everything. This Sunday morning, I am proud to diffuse you this logo for the film FRENCH COP: WIN WIN! I did not get the press for my Presidential campaign, so I upgrade my project introducing the 3rd part of the FRENCH COP trilogy I imagined in 2006 with late Frederic VIDAL to build our career in the movie industry. Now, Vince SAUVAN (in semi-fictional) replaces Fred and the 2 of us (you know I’m already President in semi-fictional) we are about to fly to JAPAN with our girls, Patricia HUNTER (his wife), Close COOPERS (my Secretary but more than that!). I’m a happy guy, guys! Why being sad after the FBI update if you vote HC? Believe in BrAmStOcKeR & TIMefraMES Universes, everything will be all right because, first, you vote WEB = US.

Mike FULLER mike.fuller@mail.com


An important article in THE COMET #1 about FRENCH COP: WIN WIN! You will read it maybe today, Sunday, October 30, 2016. It is 12:46 PM PT and we celebrate the debut of this film development.

On The Web And The News

FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012

About: 10 Questions (and Answers) About New Email Trove (New York Times)


A new Watergate before the election of NIXON II? Mike FULLER investigation  (New York Times)

About: Hillary Clinton Assails James Comey, Calling Email Decision ‘Deeply Troubling’ (New York Times)


James COMEY headshot to be The COMET #1 front page featuring? Thomas SPEARS publishing

About: FBI agents knew of Clinton-related emails weeks before director was briefed (Washington Post)


He looks like Frederic VIDAL? Fred KELLY entertainment

About: Post-ABC poll finds tight presidential race, with mixed reaction to FBI’s review of Clinton’s emails  (Washington Post)


Justice invited itself to the Election party for Halloween. Voters will be the jury of an impossible lawsuit? MF mike.fuller@mail.com

About the LOGO: Mike FULLER is a contemporary Artist, no doubt about that: here the French Cop: Win Win! logo new draft. TS

About Youtube:

The record of the day. MF

Previously Today on the News/Web:

About the Washington Post article: The FBI’s October surprise just made Hillary Clinton’s awful week even worse


“How badly is Clinton hurt by all of this? It depends on what we learn and when we learn it. But, there’s no way this is anything but bad news for Clinton with just 11 days left before Americans go to the polls.” It’s true. This a bad news for Hillary but she was too proud of herself after the 3 debates she did not really win. There is always a Justice, I think, and they observe the attitude of the candidates. MF

About the Washington Post: Paul Ryan just finished his first year as speaker. He may not see a second.


“The intraparty fight is set to begin in the days after the Nov. 8 election, when Ryan (R-Wis.) will be under immediate pressure from approximately 40 hard-line House conservatives frustrated with his handling of spending fights and his shifting position on GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.” They want to investigate about CLINTON for years. Maybe it will not be necessary. There is the F.B.I. that can go fast to the Judge and tell him: “she must be guilty.” Then, impeachment? Possibly. If RYAN is ready for that, he will stay. Otherwise, he will leave and be replaced. I believe he’s ready. I believe CLINTON is, maybe, not guilty. We must be sure the Republicans and the F.B.I do their best to control everything and be pertinent more than never before. MF

About the New York Times: New Emails in Clinton Case Came From Anthony Weiner’s Electronic Devices


Emails, the name of letters. The Internet created a concept that was not attracting some people as usual. The F.B.I. has to be sure there is not a very bad content in some mails with or without e before the word. Unfortunately, it is a little more than one week before Election Day. Mike FULLER write-in candidate

About: Justice officials warned FBI that Comey’s decision to update Congress was not consistent with department policy (Washington Post)


Hillary CLINTON and the FBI need an explanation: nobody can stay without information about an investigation. She can call them, meet them, everywhere in the US or it would be better in the office of the new Eliot Ness of the emails crime. Mike FULLER


About: Hillary Clinton Assails James Comey, Calling Email Decision ‘Deeply Troubling’ (New York Times)


This Lady is suspect. She is possibly a criminal. The FBI will tell us more and give the file to the Judge. IMMEDIATELY, the process of impeachment will start. It’s my PREVISION, my ADVICE, my PROJECT: to push her to RESIGN and never comeback. Emails are not poison. Mike FULLER presidential candidate treated like a jew during hitler

About: Trump accuses Clinton of ‘criminal action,’ predicts victory: ‘The silent majority is back’ (Washington Post)


The reply is YES and by Referendum. MF

On TWITTER http://www.twitter.com


The Logo Of A Film About Reality.The Logo About A Film Of Reality. Once Upon A Time, A French Cop’s Win Win About Computers Of Internet, Of Computers About Internet! FULLER SAUVAN, Vote With A Movie!

THE COMET #1. (published first on Twitter VIDAL FULLER 2016)

Main article beginning:

SHADOW PRESIDENT, MIKE FULLER STARTS JAN 17. It’s time to be or not to be more than a President, a Leader of the Country. The Opposition is not only the party that does not represent the Majority. The Opposition is beyond the notion of Party. There is the Party of the Population. I CALL IT THE PRESIDENTIAL POWER. It includes the ‘MINORITIES’. I mean the cultural minority, the Subculture, the Alternate reality form those who are unemployed, homeless, artists with no Mainstream possible activity because their Art is too much UNDERGROUND. The United States since the 1950’s are leaders for this kind of culture with, in the Museums, all at once, CONTEMPORARY ART.

Abraham Lincoln would have validated this Tendency of the Society that is the contrary of slavery. MIKE FULLER will be a perfect SHADOW PRESIDENT. It must not stay in the Museums but go back to The People for us to have a White House able to communicate with our Movement. ACD, AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT, a nonprofit, will create new interactions between Society & Government to prepare a real nationwide Change.

THE COMET #1. Article beginning:

Why not? It would not be exactly like in Great Britain. It would be to reinforce the institutions. We have difficulties in the 2000’s to be comfortable like before. Year 2000 appeared negatively for the leaders of the XXth century or too much fascinating. Nothing was prepared to manage a new century and the New Deal of the Millennium: TO MODERNIZE THE SOCIETY just a little more. Consequently, they overreact the 1900’s People when we arrived in the 2000’s, the 2010’s: it was worse.

The reality is that the number of the year is secondary but the evolution of the situation is not. We have to be creative and not to worry. We are not isolated (abroad and inside the Union) but a SECOND MAN, close to the President, another way than the Vice-President (who is there to replace the Prez) would be smartly useful. There is no taboo with George Washington and his Founders team: the separation between the Congress and the Presidency (White House) would stay the same. Only a Prime Minister like a first Secretary to be directing the different Ministers is a PLUS that can be organized by the Amendment we need for my election too (foreign origins). Let’s do the 2 together in January.



The new logo for the film project ‘FRENCH COP: WIN-WIN’
was published this morning on Facebook by Mike FULLER.

COMMENTS (Thursday, 10/27/2016 in the morning)

Preparation of new FRENCH COP episode is in progress as D Day is delayed January 17. TS (on Facebook about a picture of a FRENCH COP cap).

The symbol selected to be the FRENCH COP: WIN-WIN logo main image. TS bramstocker

about Yin yang symbol variant free icon

On Youtube for Facebook

Frederic VIDAL message in the Rock culture is still going on: LINKIN PARK expressing it, IN THE END. TS (about Linkin Park – IN THE END)

At the Origins of BrAmStOcKeR, there was the same problem: Authority must be done but Kids are All Right. Linkin’ Park’ WHAT I’VE DONE from MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT. TS frederic vidal legacy (about Linkin Park – WHAT I’VE DONE)

Nothing to lose. TS linkin park – frederic vidal legacy (about Linkin Park – SOMEWHERE I BELONG)

A comeback is always with a better song but sometimes it’s negative. We must wait until January. TS lp fvl (about Linkin Park – BURN IT DOWN)

Directed very well. Watch this video to appreciate the GOP2 style of Amusement. TS rock n culture (about Linkin Park – PAPERCUT)

ACD (AMERICAN CLTURES DEPARTMENT), the Mike FULLER’s nonprofit for Secretary of the Arts prefiguration recommends MARILYN MANSON discography (for HALLOWEEN and beyond. TS (about Marilyn MANSON – Personal Jesus)

“I wait for them in January” MF but I can’t wait. TS marilyn manson (about Marilyn Manson – SWEET DREAMS)

Rock is dead again with Lou Reed and Bowie leaving us but already in the seventies, it was said dead. So, let’s appreciate another music. I like a lot Classical or, otherwise, REVIVAL. TS timeframes (about Marilyn Manson – ROCK IS DEAD)

A little more music. TS (ABOUT kOrN – FREAK ON A LEAK)

Nobody cares about The COMET? I don’t think so. It’s like Metal. You must like this music. Thomas SPEARS coming undone (about KoRn – COMING UNDONE)

I see you later for more fun on Twitter. Thomas (about kOrN – TWISTED TRANSISTOR)

My Way. Hello: Good Morning. It’s time to publish this Newsletter, right? Mike FULLER acd for subcultures alternate underground counter-culture (about Limp Bizkit – MY WAY).

Back from the 70’s, we diffuse mainstream Pop now on Radio TIMefraMES thanks to Social Media. But this Pop is hard one. Fred KELLY (about Red Hot Chilli Peppers – CALIFORNICATION)

Thank you. Mike FULLER (about Aerosmith – CRAZY).

I like this SONG. Mike FULLER torn Natalie imbruglia

On a glory night. MF (about Scorpions – WIND OF CHANGE)

Old title, but not so old, still in our culture, not like a Veteran Song but a ready for the charts again. MF cranberries (about ZOMBIE)


About New York Times articles:

Seats of Power


SEATS OF POWER: The Relocation in Washington will be in a second time but in a short while. The newsletter almost ready, there office space is power. TS frederic vidal legacy

Some Donald Trump Voters Warn of Revolution if Hillary Clinton Wins


It won’t be a revolution, it will be a SIMULATION of a new era. At the White House, it will be automatically like before, no real power, administration, no politics, bad science fiction. In the Country, 2 forces: TRUMP and FULLER. I know my CAMP. Silence Thomas SPEARS there will be a happy end

About Washington Post articles:

The big exit. Elephants have been retired from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Will their lives be better?


The symbol of the Republican Party is not anymore a part of our circus. The GOP was too much from the past, the elephant is politically replaced by the GUITAR: It’s GOP2 with Marilyn MANSON for example. America deserves more than a Jungle. T. SPEARS

The most challenging job of the 2016 race: Editing the candidates’ Wikipedia pages


The 2 stars, light hair mainstream legendary icons, are finishing their tour of America. There is overdose of the opinion. I’m BLACK HAIR (almost) and I wait for them in January. Mike FULLER president dimension A (in french cop: win win)

On Twitter https://www.twitter.com/vidalfuller2016

COMING UNDONE: NY TIMES speaks of Revolution if CLINTON wins. It won’t be us. KORN (YouTube) but TRUMP, they say. TS

You never know, this newsletter will be diffused (or not). I suppose it’s your responsibility. Limp Bizkit – My Way

The articles of THE COMET #1 will be the following ones:

Main article, front cover:
(THE COMET, #1, Oct – Dec 2016 – GOP2 NewsletteR)

Thomas SPEARS to insert the communique. (Mike FULLER communique 10/26/2016. We are now just before the publishing of the #1 of my Newsletter THE COMET and I have the duty to inform you I propose the cancellation of the Presidential election on November 8. I cannot be the candidate of the Opposition to Barack Obama. The system prevents me to express my program in the press and the population. There is a dispute also that is terrible about Donald TRUMP but also Hillary CLINTON. It would be smart to give 2 more months to everybody to calm down everybody. I am ready to be candidate in January and I am confident I would be elected President. Who can say the contrary? I am no in the polls right now. I invite the television networks to prepare a one hour only program of interview with ONE of them. I am available beginning tomorrow, Thursday, October 27, 2016. You can write me at mike.fuller@mail.com Thank you. Democracy deserves our dialogue to be more real. Mike FULLER shadow president)

Frederic VIDAL was like a co-producer of this title: Natalie Imbruglia – Torn (Official Video) via@YouTube The COMET

THE COMET #1, Interior page: – THERE COULD BE A PRIME MINISTER IN AMERICA! – Jessie ANDREWS, Attractive from X to B, – TOASTMASTERS Rocks.

Rock Is Dead And Elections Are Not Born: FRENCH COP / WIN-WIN LOg Is On And FULLER Mike Releases THE COMET Step By Step!! TS On WordPress.com


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