The Internet Revolution Is The Result of A Double Film About Roswell And Nuclear Franchise, Two Of A Kind Of Motion Picture That Break The Rules Of The Reality Show To Create Science Fiction!


In 1950, a family in America was always ready to go to the basement when necessary because of the COLD WAR in progress. Three years earlier, in 1947, the city of Roswell in New Mexico had a bad dream: an alien arrived not from Mexico but from probably another planet. It created a double reason why an amendment of the Constitution became necessary. No visitor from something else than Earth can immigrate in the United States, according to the regular Police, WRONG meant the Press. A Country like Russia is able to destroy a whole continent like the GOP one, 50 States together for nothing else than being afraid of a Hiroshima revenge for its entire population: unacceptable according to the International Law that was not followed anyway by the UN. Consequently, the last amendment of our Constitution must reinforce the Right to live and to become a citizen, even when there is a risk of war and a danger of invasion.

Roswell is a small town during the war and there is no reason to stay there more than two days when you are a tourist. In Russia, the main problem is the offensive of Adolf Hitler and of its Army including the great new Luftwaffe reactors of the Messerschmitt’s, planes of a generation that did not yet begin abroad like the V2s, high tech explosive rockets that were about to be built after the end of the conflict by the Soviet Union and the United States, hundreds of them because The Reich was the leader for the space.

The pilot of an Unidentified Flying Object did not decide by himself to land on our planet. It must have been certainly a mistake as he never sent a message to inform that he was inviting himself for a while that never ended. The being criticized not to be human by the Authorities was more than an animal, he was a driver, of a ship half destroyed because of the crash but obviously impossible to build on planet Earth, a too sophisticated produce of future technologies.

60 years later, I am not the only historian to compare the nuclear missiles inspired by the V2s until the present SS-20 and the US Army Pershing and the Roswell legacy, to believe in the life after us, the human kind is not alone in this galaxy and life must be shared with the aliens, that is to say we are cousins, part of the same continuum, genealogical tree.

2 films are under construction to propose the clear and necessary truth about it.

Frederic Vidal.

and Post-Scriptum France and USA.

Michelle Williams, I Want Her In My Band, BRAMSTOCKER, and a Dating Process!

Read the whole story in the press release of my solo album, MY SINGER IS MISSING(tm).

Michelle Williams, she is my William Shakespeare lady, a Punk reality of a Celebrity who deserved the Academy Award for Best Actress but there was a different choice that must be investigated.

Michelle Williams, she is my William Shakespeare lady, a Punk reality of a Celebrity who deserved the Academy Award for Best Actress but there was a different choice that must be investigated.

My solo album tracklisting:

1. One Day Pass.
2. Happy End.
3. I’m Gonna Lose My Job.
4. Michelle Williams.
5. Popular French Reporter.
6. Brilliant Photographer.
7. Efficient Publicist.
8. Movie Critic.
9. Blogger.
10. Hollywood Activist.
11. Media Producer.
12. Festival Journalist.

BRAMSTOCKER AT THE ACADEMY AWARDS ALBUM (the already famous triple A) is postponed because of the crisis between Frederic Vidal and the Academy of the Motion Picture who denied (refused) his Press Pass.

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Silly (Frederic Vidal – ASCAP) by BRAMSTOCKER dedicated to John Boehner, the Speaker of the House of Representatives that I am inviting to support me for the organization of the Class Action against the Academy Awards (The Artist, a fake French film that is an illegal parody of muy German Spy(tm) and Michelle Williams who was denied for the Best Actress Oscar because of the British manipulation about a Shakespeare actress.


Meryl Streep who plays Margaret Thatcher in the Iron Lady is not the right choice for the Best Actress Oscar. It is the same problem than for The Artist. For the fake French film shot in Burbank, Warner, Nicolas Sarkosy, French President and François Fillon, Prime Minister used your government position to get a bunch of Awards. The same for the British leaders. Van Morrison is the famous singer of the band THEP who played with success Here Comes the Night in the 60’s.




2. ROUTE 99 (1979)

3. HELLO DECADE (1981)



6. FOR NOTHING (NEW) (1988)


8. DECADE OF THE 9’S (1991)







Updated! Academy Awards: The 2012 Nominations Are The Right Ones To Express The Movie Message, No Competition! But Denied.

Actualisé! Les Prix de l’Académie : les nominations sont les bonnes pour exprimer le message d’un film, pas de compétition ! Mais c’est dénié.

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Hollywood Denied? Until Now!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Los Angeles,California,United States of America( February 27, 2012 —   Strangely, I was denied as a Press member at the Academy Awards, 3 times in 2 days! It looks like they did not know me or they knew me too much! I wanted to do nice articles about their show with a Pass to be officially with them. They didn’t accept that as I have a bad reputation there, in Hollywood. I’m a Republican. Obama was on location to start the week and schedule his Convention this summer with Villaraigosa, the Mayor of LA. These people hate me. Why? I suppose, because I say the truth about their game meaning bad politics.

But there is also a legal issue. The Artist, a film produced to break my company TIMEFRAMES LLC. Thank you French! A second reason why they did not want me on location, as they were feeling guilty. I began the development of French Cop in 2006 and the German Spy in 2007. I trademarked the franchise of the story lines. Not enough! The movie The Artist is a not authorized mix of the two that, anyway, did an ovation from the red carpet population. It is true that I am more somebody from the Rock Community. My Band: BRAMSTOCKER.

My reply to this: HOLLYWOOD BELONGS TO EVERYBODY. What to think about the future? I feel confident, I want Miami to be the competitor of this Hollywood struggling against itself. All films are respectable, even my 2 projects. I am French, Hispanic and American and I deserve the same success than The Artist.

Let’s organise a screening of French Cop and German Spy by diffusing an Interview of me recorded by a fine journalist. I will explain the quality of my movies. The Screen Actors Guild will stop to criticize me and the Motion Picture community will accept my career in Government and my talent for journalism you can see.

In November, a new President, maybe me as the troubles of my GOP give me a more useful leadership for Modernization of the Country. The USA are for a Free Entertainment with no Black List or Denied Attitude. I will support a class action against the Academy Awards for Justice in this so bizarre Los Angeles, capitale of the Movies, why this? Hollywood is denied until now because of its egoism.

Frederic Vidal

  • En français :
Étrangement, j’ai été refusé comme un membre de la presse à la cérémonie des Oscars, 3 fois en 2 jours ! On dirait qu’ils ne me connaissaient pas ou qu’ils me connaissaient trop ! J’ai voulu faire de bons articles sur leur spectacle avec une passe pour être officiellement avec eux. Ils n’ont pas accepté parce que j’ai une mauvaise réputation, à Hollywood. Je suis un républicain. Obama était présent pour commencer la semaine et planifier sa Convention cet été avec Villaraigosa, le maire de Los Angeles. Ces gens me haissent. Pourquoi ? Je suppose que je dis la vérité sur leur jeu qui signifie de la mauvaise politique.
Mais il y a aussi une question de droit. The Artist, un film produit pour briser mon entreprise TIMEFRAMES LLC. Merci français ! Une deuxième raison pourlaquelle ils ne voulaient pas de moi, comme ils se sentaient coupables. J’ai commencé le développement du film French Cop(tm) en 2006 et German Spy(tm) (l’espion allemand) en 2007. J’ai une marque déposée de la franchise des 2 scénarios. Pas assez ! Le film The Artist est un mélange non autorisé des deux qui, de toute façon, a fait une ovation de la population des tapis rouges. Il est vrai que je suis plus quelqu’un de la communauté du Rock. Mon groupe : BRAMSTOCKER.
Ma réponse à cela : HOLLYWOOD appartient à tous. Ce qu’il faut penser à l’avenir ? Je suis confiant, je veux que Miami soit le concurrent de cet Hollywood luttant contre lui-même. Tous les films sont respectables, même mes 2 projets. Je suis français, hispanique et américain et je mérite le même succès que The Artist.
Organisons une projection du German Spy et du French Cop par la diffusion d’une interview de moi enregistrée par un confrère journaliste. J’expliquerai la qualité de mes films. La Screen Actors Guild arrêtera de me critiquer et la communauté cinématographique acceptera ma carrière dans le gouvernement et mon talent pour le journalisme, que vous pouvez apprécier.
En novembre, un nouveau Président, peut-être moi comme les troubles de mon GOP me donnent une direction plus utile au sein du Parti Républicain pour la modernisation du pays. Le USA sont un pays de divertissement en liberté avec aucune liste noire ou Attitude rejetée. Je soutiendrai un recours collectif contre la cérémonie des Oscars pour la Justice dans ce tellement bizarre Los Angeles, capitale du cinéma, pourquoi cela ? Hollywood est rejeté jusqu’à maintenant à cause de son égoïsme.

Frédéric Vidal

Oscar, a super hero who is about to have his comic book, I will produce it if necessary because he is the symbol of the Character Celebration!

Oscar, a super hero who is about to have his comic book, I will produce it if necessary because he is the symbol of the Character Celebration!


Part 1 of 12. Once upon a time there was a tree in Hollywood, apples. The cinematography was created by God (in which we trust).

Part 2 of 12. Then, there was a couple issue: Adam and Eve, they had lot of trees in that forest, the Hollywood land. Films, by screen writers, kind of Bible men (and women), film symbol: a tree.

Part 3 of 12. Some trees are cut, some trees are known to be famous trees. They live their life and never die. Thanks to the DVD (some kind od UFO before the 90’s). This is the I-Vision (intervision) Holly. Stories (about a Wood).

Part 4 of 12. Eve chose an Apple advised by a snake that stayed well known because of its project for Adam’s wife: to sign for a Disaster Movie.

Part 5 of 12.  the Eden Garden was the first movie set. It is located in the Beachwood Canyon. There, Adam was the first movie hero and Eve was his celebrity.

Part 6 of 12. they decided to relocate and they chose Florida. The Apple created a crisis with God, not possible to continue the film in Hollywoodland that was not anymore the Paradise they knew before, they began to shoot on location in Miami. There were rules preventing to eat this fruit, the symbol of bankruptcy. No respect, no palace.

Part 7 of 12. Eve never decided to eat an Apple again, the snake disappeared, probably lost in the jungle of another State like New York with a female of its style of life, Adam wanted to be a filmmaker, he succeeded to shoot his breakthrough: how I move from the Eden Garden.

To be continued.

Frederic Vidal
6218 Rockcliff  Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068
Tel. 818-863-0523

Los Angeles, June 30, 2011

Attn: To the Judge.


The election of Barbara Boxer, November 2, 2010 was “organized”, meaning not in a legal way. I was a write-in candidate when the State of California decided to refuse the validation of my petition necessary to be registered.

I went to Norwalk September 9, the day before my birthday, to inform my County of Los Angeles, that I decided to be the next United States Senator, even if I was not a Primary candidate because the California Republican Party did not want to support my program: ‘less foreclosures, less bankruptcies, less unemployment, less poverty in America and our State’.

The Elections Department gave me the forms to file with the signatures of petitioners in order to be officially validated by them as a write-in candidate, an independent one, for the State of California in order to replace the previous Senator,  Mrs. Barbara Boxer.

On October 19, I submitted my list of 77 signatures to the County that registered them and released my ‘Candidate Receipt for Nomination Documents’ (filing number: 1724, election number: 0010, contest number: 1027).

On November 1, I was in Sacramento for my campaign end to have a meeting with the State Elections Department but my candidacy was not on the official list of candidates because they refused my petition with no explanation and no information before.

This decision was made to prevent my election and must be the result of the pressure of other candidates, Mrs. Boxer is obviously the one who stopped my objective to be the new Senator with the County and the State. I have the investigation in progress to prove that she is also responsible of other problems regarding my professional filmmaker career and my homeowner respect in Los Angeles.

The State of California never replied to my demand of investigation about the conditions of the non-validation of my petition that prevent me to be possibly elected. Consequently, I want now to ask you for the cancellation of the vote and the organization of a fair and honest election that I propose to be scheduled for Election Day, the first Tuesday of November, November 1st, 2011.

Best regards.

Frederic Vidal
US Senate Candidate

This is Frederic Vidal Red Carpet (LA FILM FEST - Coca-Cola). Picture by Frederic Vidal Fan / Evidence (a Timeframes publication).
This is Frederic Vidal Red Carpet (LA FILM FEST – Coca-Cola). Picture by Frederic Vidal Fan / Evidence (a Timeframes publication).

The new Tom Cruise trailer for his December Movie MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4 – GHOST PROTOCOL is the bonus videogram of this post about Frederic Vidal’s letter. Before to see the movie, we will go to vote in California because this is justice for all in our Country. About the film,  we are proud to present it on our new Youtube Web Culture Press Site: EVIDENCE3D




Franchises: James Bond Down, French Cop High, The Summer is the Preview of a Fall That Will Give Us A New Message: WORK for BETTER With NBC Universal Timeframes, according To Mike Fuller And His Strategic Team!

Mike Fuller, PhD Is Now Proposing To NBC UNIVERSAL A Wedding With TIMEFRAMES LLC As COMCAST Is Invited To Marry MGM, Its’ Not Politics But Reality In A Mass Media Industry Waiting For A New Start Before the Midterms Elections Synchronized By Fred Vidal, PhD Candidacy To The US Senate In California After His Nomination By The Republican Party! Fred Kelly is ready to help the 2 sick companies NBC-U and MGM that need a solution before the end of the year. As a Screen Actors Guild Actor, His Reply is his Better Line: GODSPEED… MIKE FULLER! Also title of the Prequel short film of the FRENCH COP saga, to be shot in 2010, probably in San Diego and other Locations of the California Riviera in a James Bond way but a personal style (James Bond Franchise is stopped now by the MGM crisis and Mike will try to help for that resurrection too with some international connections because Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels was British).

NBC UNIVERSAL is a Magnifique company that is now ready for a new Step of Its activity Without COMCAST, If possible. The COMCAST offer is wrong and something against TIMEFRAMES, The real Movie Industry name, something that cannot be a subject of speculation. My company TIMEFRAMES LLC is ready to participate in another Offer, a Public One, thanks to the Stock Market, Wall Street means a lot for everybody focusing on the success of a Company even if specialized in Media Production and diffusion.

NBC UNIVERSAL TIMEFRAMES could be the best name for the new Leader of the American Audiovisual Media while COMCAST best idea would be to purchase MGM, another leader of the American Cinema, now about to file for bankruptcy after the failure of a project of ownership change. But COMCAST with its channel E! Entertainment is not a popular diffuser because people want something else than red carpets on their small screen and COMCAST don’t invest enough in movie development and production.

So let’s think about all of that and repeat that NBC UNIVERSAL must stay NBC UNIVERSAL after the reorganization of its company for more production and success, more synergies between TV and Movie diffusion, more efficiency of its management in a new  Era: the 2010’s! The veterans, the legends, the professionals of the previous decades can be proud of us if we think better, work better, network better for an only goal: to make the Americans feel better after the last step of this awful economy crisis, worse than the 1929 one, that destroyed our hopes since 2007.

We are ready to prepare with my team the Partnership with NBC-U and will, in September, contact the owners of the Giant in its Headquarters: UNIVERSAL CITY. These 2 companies that are famous ones are interested now by another deal with COMCAST, but this deal is studied by the public authority and can be refused for several reasons that we will explain in a second article. Their names are GE for GENERAL ELECTRIC and VIVENDI, a French Enterprise specialized in Water supplies and Media investment.

The project of TIMEFRAMES LLC is to be back to the real TIMEFRAMES work, the one that created the myth and the glory of the twentieth century New Miracle, after the Invention of the Electricity, the Real Power of the new world, in the 1800’s. Thank you Charles Chaplin, actors like Errol Flynn, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, and many others including the ones who were not famous for this great surprise: The 7th Art for many after the creation of this concept by a theory maker, the real pleasure and happiness of families, kids, teenagers, old people, grandparents, couples and deciders, the feature film in the 20’s and before, one century ago.

UNITED ARTISTS was the name of the company imagined by the actors working in TIMEFRAMES and their story is still in the History of our business even if the disappointment of MGM is that it was not possible to recreate this wonderful idea until now, but it’s never too late and COMCAST is invited to help now or never because the fantastic METRO GOLDWYN MEYER is ready for a new Ticket with a good diffuser criticized for its strategy in the Industry. MGM COMCAST: this is the best solution and the couple can be happy with a new UNITED ARTISTS, a small entity that still belongs to MGM.

The television future is obviously the Internet with a progress: the Mix with Satellites, audiovisual and interactivity. We will soon watch our movies and TV shows on our now generation of Laptops, a change that is written since the commercialization of the new Apple Mobile Screens that must be upgrade for that use if Steve Jobs succeeds to deal with the TV companies that don’t want enough the Internet diffusion. Then, we Will Have the INTERVISION we need, even on our Cell Phone in an easier way than now, thanks to the experience in progress for the young users of the mobile telephones that can connect to the Web on their micro-screens.

So many projects are prepared to give us the opportunity to feel better, closer, winners in a Democracy of the Information that we need to be first American because we are the best in this present world to have the responsibility to offer to the other Countries a System of Communication that will stay strong, protected, powerful and smart. We are a New Country and we give the example of what is the best for the new generation, the one of a new Century that we deserve to become higher with our Civilization, speaking English and Spanish for a multi-cultural Culture offered to our Federation of 50 States but Also to South America, Mexico, Canada and Central America as America Rocks If One concept, Nature, Universe of bodies and Minds, A Spiritual Entity ready to develop Exportations and Importations to Fight the Crisis and Terrorism, the Two Enemies Of Our Liberty: to Live together and Be ready to Express our Love for Liberty!!

Mike Fuller, PhD
Candidate for the 2012 US Presidential Election
August 8, 2010

6218 Rockcliff Drive,
Los Angeles, CA 90068

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