‘T H E U S A’: Writing Of The First Post For EASTER! After VELVET EYES, The New Mike FULLER Novelism Program On The Web To Be Published As A Book!

Chapter 1 – THE USA

Vince SAUVAN is a cop who could have been President of the United States. He preferred the love o HUNTER and the secrecy of the CIA to settle down in Washington after France as a future hero, never an acivist. In 2016, his President in the USA, a lot stronger than us, Mike FULLER invites him to be his Ambassador in Japan with his wife Pat for a mission of benchmarking concerning Informatics.

This is now April 16 and tomorrow Monday, President FULLER is the guest of a videoconferencing starring the FRENCH COP IN JAPAN. From 2 to 4PM ET, Frederic VIDAL will diffuse on TWITTER Thomas SPEARS, Mike FULLER and BrAmStOcKeR the discussion of SAUVAN with FULLER and the guests of this mission.

THE LONGEST DAY is the day of the landing. When Vince SAUVAN arrived in JAPAN with his wife Patricia HUNTER, he was not ready to meet Japanese officials all at once. They were waiting for another ambassador of the President of the United States, Mike FULLER. They received the information it will be the FRENCH COP who will network in TOKYO for benchmarking in the computer industry, meaning there is a project of treaty between the two Countries. JAPAN did not ask for so much acknowledgement they are crucial for the American economy.

The computer age is the age of the New Era that started in 2000. In 2001, it is the World War III with the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York by Boeing of United Airlines obliged by Islamic terrorists of the Alqaida organization to become human bombs for the worst attack against the United States since Pearl Harbor. Immediately, the President George W Bush replied military in Afghanistan where Alqaida was based mainly and in 2003 in Iraq by invading this Country accused to be with these criminals a danger for the middle-East.

In the US-A, President Mike FULL ER is not at all a Donald TRUMP, managing the United States like a Corporation that would be a nonprofit. Vince SAUVAN is a hero in his dimension after the rescue of his student of GEORGETOWN University where he was Professor of Criminology. He’s CIA and could have been a possible President of the Country.  DARKPOL is the special unit he created with the daughter of a Senator he met at the White House (she was responsible of the relations with the personalities of the Arts), his future partner and woman, Patricia HUNTER.

In Paris, they were welcomed by 2 organizations, PYRAMID and KGB NEXT GEN, promoting their own vision of a world without the US. The second post-terrorist group is not at all BrAMsToCkEr, the Punk band and social and international of Frederic VIDAL, known as ‘The Man of 25’, a consultant of Mike FULLER, born in the US-B, upgraded in the CONRAD

The KGB NEXT GEN is still in 2017 the enemy of the American Power and the CAMEROON is in Africa the battlefield of a military dispute against the troops of the CIA’s DARKPOL sponsored by Mike FULLER. Wilfred CONRAD is not anymore the leader of this freelance power neutralized but not enough by the FRENCH COP in 2005. After this first confrontation in France, there was a second episode at the White House of his Legend and saga before the Presidency of Mike FULLER.

Last Summer, in 2016, the duet was reactivated by the Americans. Patricia was lost, a little like Natascha in 2005 (she was a daughter of the Russian Ambassador at the UN). Vince was also down, waiting for news of her in the SF Bay Area. In Hollywood, Pat was an escort girl on the phone. She was rescued by DARKPOL. Her friends were a bad entourage.

What will do Vince SAUVAN in JAPAN? Mike FULLER in the US-A is connected to Frederic VIDAL who is using his name as a nickname for his political career. Frederic is writing  his book THE USA with a second episode tomorrow on WORDPRESS.


Lithograph by Robert Delaunay for an edition of La Relève du matin (1928).
About Henry de Montherlant: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_de_Montherlant

THERE IS ALWAYS A D-DAY LIKE THERE IS ALWAYS A H-HOUR when it is the right time to say NO to the enemy (that can be the doubt). MF


From: https://www.abebooks.com/book-search/title/longest-day/author/cornelius/first-edition/

The Longest Day: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Longest_Day_(book)
The Film: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Longest_Day_(film)


HAPPY EASTER WITH TIMefraMES and ACD (AMERICAN CULTURES DEPARTMENT), publisher and producer of my work on the Web or for the stores!

FRENCH COP 3: WIN WIN is the story of ‘THE USA’ that is the episode of LEGENDARY ACTION to express what is HEROIC and what is BUREAUCRATIC is the other subject about THE 2 DIMENSIONS, the USB being our world of grey routine and dark memories about the FAILURE OF THE 1960’s.

I am a SPACE TIME TRAVELER and the author of this book BECAUSE I PUBLISHED SO MANY POSTS ON MY BLOG since 2009. My personal franchise ‘MAN OF 25’ is huge and I am proud to be a hero like Vince SAUVAN and his wife Patricia HUNTER but also Mike FULLER (my nickname as the SHADOW PRESIDENT) who is the USA President.

Also in this publication, there will be the UN CONFERENCE ABOUT WWII, a proposition to the US Government and the FAKE PUNK debut album of my band BrAmStOcKeR (songs lyrics & the marketing concept presentation).

The RUSSIANGATE is LAST and not LEAST subject. Follow the news and you will have the content of it.

Frederic VIDAL, PhD

Q&A Mike FULLER – 4/15/2017.

Wall Street Journal: how do you see the crisis evolution in the US-B?

MF: the Army is nervous, the President is fragile and there are a lot of programs in progress with Russia that need to be listed. One program is not acceptable: to commerce intelligence with Russia except when it’s certified CIA. PUTIN was supporting TRUMP candidacy in the newspapers and TRUMP threatened to call PUTIN to calm down the Americans against him. His entourage is now investigated by the Congress and the FBI. It’s spectacular how many collaborators of the controversial and eccentric New York billionaire are suspected by the US authorities to have been Russian guests about BEING MOSCOW’S PROTEGES we know why? 77 years since 1939.

USA TODAY: what you mean, (Shadow) President?

MF: it’s 2017, WWII was a joint venture of us with USSR. After the change of regime, the Russian strategy has been to invade our Country backstage. TRUMP wanted to be the new ROCKFELLER, he collapsed (bankruptcies) and selected the second super power to be his new victim. Russia and Easter Europe were proud to find a friend from HOLLYWOOD, LAS VEGAS, NEW YORK and WASHINGTON. Their union was a deal too business and not right for diplomacy.

VARIETY: well said, Mike.

On Twitter today. Q&A with Mike FULLER. (4/14/2017)
Be ready to read the SHADOW PRESIDENT replies to the US-A Press. Words and Pictures.

New York Times: Frederic VIDAL has now a lawyer and a business & marketing consultant. Will he publish THE USA book about the RUSSIANGATE?

Mike FULLER: of course. In the US-A, we are waiting for the manuscript for a release of the book before the Summer. FAKE PUNK in the US-B!

VARIETY: this BrAMsToCkEr debut album could win a GRAMMY?

MF: it will be released in January, next year, too late for the awards but not for the fame and the appreciation of this tour de force to record a commercial CD 40 years after 1977. The song DESTROY NO FUTURE explains it.

Washington Post: what about Vince SAUVAN who is not inter dimensional like Frederic, his biographer. Is he still in TOKYO?

MF: Yes. With Pat HUNTER, they are continuing their benchmarking in JAPAN to prepare our Country computer age that will include ROBOTS. P.M.U.R.T. is a song about a President replaced by a robot. (laughs). The FRENCH COP will be back in May, normally.

Los Angeles Times: after the ads, the WWIII?

Mike FULLER: I’m surprised you ask me this question, Los Angeles Times! It’s a Cyber War on the Web and in the press. It’s the subject of THE USA book. The RUSSIANGATE is a crisis a lot more than the Watergate: the candidate of Moscow was the nickname of Donald TRUMP. ISIS is the 3rd part of the WWIII. The US-B Bomb in Afghanistan won’t neutralize the terrorists. The UN Conference about WWII that I propose is the solution.

TIMefraMES: The Q&A will continue tomorrow morning for the EASTER WEEKEND with Mike FULLER, from the other dimension, the US-A. Stay TUNED!

The RUSSIANGATE is the LAWSUIT of all criminal activities against the Independence of the United States. The FBI will prosecute THEM ALL. FV

 GORE VIDAL, a cousin? An example of great author to follow in America.


From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gore_Vidal


https://www.airbnb.com/co-hosting?ref=header_button I am pro-Airbnb for an upgrade of the situation on the Web, not enough connected to the basic society of our beloved America. Take care about your personal strategy on the Internet: select the sites you like, the social media is for everybody. Frederic (aka Mike)

Is Menage a 3 (Not) Possible! On Earth. The Film FATHERS Will Be Released In 2020. Frederic VIDAL Has To Be Prepared. Blake LIVELY Is Already Prepared. Jewish Assets Stolen By The Nazis Must Be Returned In Israel! In Washington, FULLER Is Managing The After-TRUMP! SOLSTICE SPRINGS! (Spring Rocks!)


From: http://www.hercampus.com/school/uic/5-steps-becoming-blake-lively

It’s programmed: I will be President in 2026 for the 250th anniversary of the United States of America.

What to do before that deadline? Perfectly well. I have to tell you my project to MARRY BLAKE LIVELY and to organize our family around the notion of child, WE WILL ADOPT A DAUGHTER who will be Jessie ANDREWS, a young woman who deserves Frederic part-time and 50%.


Postcript. Read again the title to have the environment and the context of this communique.



Is Menage a 3 (Not) Possible? On Earth.
The Film FATHERS Will Be Released In 2020.
Frederic VIDAL Has To Be Prepared. Blake LIVELY Is Already Prepared.
Jewish Assets Stolen By The Nazis Must Be Returned In Israel!
In Washington, FULLER Is Managing The After-TRUMP!
Comey And Putin Must Resigned!
It’s NUREMBERG 2 For A Trial!
In France, SAUVAN And HUNTER Are Not The Heroes Of A TV Show!

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Mike FULLER – mikefuller2020 (3/22/2017)
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I never had an own(ed) phone on me SINCE my 1st day – part 3 in America (Part 1: the 90’s in New York for Passover, Part 2: 2003-2011 the immigration, Part 3 – October 16, 2015 until now: THE SUCCESS STORY). I apologize if you tried to call me (no kidding). From WASH., I wait for next week to purchase a mobile to be AS USUAL LIKE the others. Jessica is a major GIRL of my new Program BUSINESS ANGEL and FEEDBACK LADY to win everything in one day: A PHONE CALL (with her, with you!).
Mike Frederic VIDAL – FULLER

She’s beautiful my next wife, she’s the best actress in HOLLYWOOD but also for TIMEFRAMES CONSORTIUM 2 coordinate the FILM MARKET worldwide.

I love JESSIE because she’s CUTE & SMART more than a COMPUTER and less than me, just a little bit like I know our SONGS are our FILMS in NY.

NEW YORK 2017: We are here! It’s obvious New York crucial for WASHINGTON & the whole States. BrAmStOcKeR FAKE PUNK P.M.U.R.T. It’s signed. (3/24/2017)


WARNING. We’re not anymore in the 60’s. In his Note, Mike FULLER about RUSSIA gives his opinion of PUTIN and TRUMP for COMEY with K DICK. TS

The INTERVISION is necessary for the CONSORTIUM TIMEFRAMES that is CULTURAL and POLITICAL. Mike FULLER is Thomas SPEARS for your pleasure.

DENEGATION OF REALITY: it’s a sickness is so terrible with no cure until now in the USA. Let’s fight the danger of THE SPQR with no FEAR.

I’m in WASHINGTON, DC since this morning to FIRE STEVE BANNON who’s doing Patricia HUNTER’s job: to manage Celebrities files, not to well.

WASHINGTON in DC, NEW YORK in MARVEL, I have an Editorial Standing and a DUTY TO SUCCEED by the adoption of a Porn Star – future DJ of PUNK

BLAKE LIVELY will be mine in a short while! I can say IT’S DESTINY. JESSIE ANDREWS is a pure DIAMOND who is already my DAUGHTER in love with

HER FATHER meaning ME, Frederic VIDAL, Mike FULLER and Thomas SPEARS. The Wedding will be ON ANOTHER PLANET as I call the UFOS to Land. F.V.

Postscript. People who think it’s easy to live in HOLLYWOOD or WASHINGTON must know they are wrong. I begin a LAWSUIT & a ROMANCE. Frederic

more than HOUSE that will be for the WHITE HOUSE after my election in 25. (laughs) because I am already PRESIDENT against the clown of the

DISASTER OF THE POLLS in America: FULLER, Mike, Mike FULLER is my name and TRUMP in Arlington will have his Cemetery (P.M.U.R.T. DEAD) to re

I have no complex about ERUDITION, I have the APPLICATION SPACE TIME to travel in DIAGONALS in a Race for F A T H E R S, from Flashbacks to

to SCRIPTEXCHANGE. We need a meeting with the other companies next weeeek TO HAVE A ROTARY DINER OR LUNCH andf for the Camera: MUSIC, MUSIC!

BLAKE LIVELY will be mine in a short while! I can say IT’S DESTINY. JESSIE ANDREWS is a pure DIAMOND who is already my DAUGHTER in love with

WASHINGTON in DC, NEW YORK in MARVEL, I have an Editorial Standing and a DUTY TO SUCCEED by the adoption of a Porn Star – future DJ of PUNK

WASHINGTON: 10/16/2015 – 3/20/2017, 10:01 AM. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spring_(season) … TO BUCKLE THE BUCKLE. It’s done! SPRING TOMORROW. Mission completed.

Jesus Fred KELLY is Frederic VIDAL with another beautiful name WHEN HE SINGS IN US-B, he’s also MIKE FULLER but never enough Thomas SPEARS.

TRUMP IS DEAD and JESSICA has her UNIFORM of new program JESSICA, spokeswoman of MERCURY GOD that is to be BUSINESS ANGEL and FEEDBACK LADY.

WHEN AUDIO TAPES of BrAmStOcKeR’s new songs as: DRAFTS for your WEB in the US-B (you like lot USBs! Laughs)? You have already the CHORDS. MF

‘BrAmStOcKeR’s first rehearsals’ since Summer 2015 ‘Exile on Main Street’s style Sessions’ in France creates a fantastic HOPE as


@BRAMSTOCKER @Timeframes2020 This is emotional and spectacular! You made it! This great HAMBURGER will be served in every Restaurant, in America and worldwide. FV

LEGENDS OF MIKE FULLER to be B-Side of 1st 2 songs CD of ours, from album FAKE PUNK. Chords are C C G G – C C F D – D Am Am Em – Dm FM. BrAm

Ok guys. Mr. FULLER is at CAMP DAVID (US-A) right now. I’m sure he would accept IMMEDIATELY. It’s C C G G – C C F D – D Am Am Em Dm FM Peter

Jesus Fred KELLY: there’s also BrAmStOcKeR on PARALLEL EARTH. Very important! There, the Band is multi-Platinum!! NOT US! (laughs) in US-B.

on the FRENCH COP Parallel Earth, they never succeeded to SEND US AN ALBUM! President FULLER wants FAKE PUNK to be released in YOUR DIM! TS

IT IS LIKE the Original! We’re on ANOTHER EARTH playing ‘My song is a HaMbUrGeR’, our SINGLE for the US-B. All these Dimensions!!! BrAmS


BrAmStOcKeR is also REHEARSING. ”My song is like a HAMBURGER’ is my favorite says the singer.’

In the US-B we are glad to share with our FANDOM the chords of the draft version of HAMBURGER. Enjoy! E C A G – B E D E – D Am E B – E B


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NBC national security reporter calls deadly London terror attack ‘small-bore.’ Reaction is swift.


Certain facts are not understood well. BrAmStOcKeR is Brtish and not French since their creation and until now. We are under the pressure of the Soviet Union (now divided and organized from Moscow) tremendously. The Islamic terrorism promoted the truth Democracy is not well, almost dead (after the death of TRUMP) and livid to be alone. At 4PM, I will write my letter to the FBI that I will publish for the press and the webbers. Tomorrrow in New York, back in Washington for April 1st, I can manage my (SHADOW) PRESIDENT activity and BrAmStOcKeR management of FAKE PUNK, crucial to be huge. To the victims of the attack, the chords of songs of the album. STORIES: Cm Am Cm Am – Am Em Am Dm – Am F G A. MOVIE STAR: Eb Eb Eb Eb – Db Db Eb Eb – Eb Eb A A – C Bb Bb Db. 77: C G F C – C G F E – F G. In France, I mean the Revolution they need: a VIIth Republic and to be the 51st State, it’s the real subject of the Presidential election in April, I’m also (SHADOW) PRESIDENT. Nobody will kill NAPOLEON, JULIUS CAESAR or even JFK. Mike FULLER, for the USB to understand, from the USA to comment.

THE WASHINGTON POST https://www.washingtonpost.com : (3/22/2017)

Manafort volunteered to be interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee in its Russia probe


The RUSSIANGATE ‘Marvel’ in WASHINGTON, DC: the Shadow President will finish his letter to the FBI, tomorrow Saturday about the conditions of the end of a Joint Venture between the US and Russia to be replaced by a LLC, company to ‘commercialize’ ideology and official press. Thomas SPEARS, US Shadow Prime Minister.

THE NEW YORK TIMES https://www.nytimes.com

Comey Confirms F.B.I. Inquiry on Russia; Sees No Evidence of Wiretapping

The hero of the VERITY, it is not COMEY, it is FULLER: the President is wrong in the head, the USA have no screw loose. FBI EVALUATION of Donald TRUMP’s Brain is COMPULSORY. Thomas SPEARS (CMEY, President of INTERPOL)


F.B.I. Is Investigating Trump’s Russia Ties, Comey Confirms

This is for my 1st day in Washington, DC the deception for the Republicans who believe in the President. George W BUSH and Barack OBAMA must be investigated for their own RUSSIA TIES to evaluate a CONTINUITY of the LIAISON of their own Administration with the Rusdsians. The Russians are specialists of the COMMERCE of Power and their MAFIA is famous worldwide. It is all about an AFFAIR that is finishing a bad way: ATAVISM is stronger than LOVE. From Russia with Corruption. Mike FULLER, the new Kid in town

Deadly Attack Near U.K. Parliament; Car Plows Victims on Westminster Bridge

INTERDIMENSIONAL, next: the first Alien UFO landing in the United States. As the Shadow President, I will welcome the Ambassador of the other Galaxies. I think it will happened for my first mandate (2026-2030). In London, fans of the French Cop, be sure Frederic VIDAL and BrAmStOcKeR are the next BEATLES and STONES, the PISTOLS are PORN and the PUNK is FAKE. See you for the Note to COMEY tomorrow. Mike FULLER, From Russia with Love, the GOLDEN GATE report – 2017.

In Spectacular Defeat for Trump, Push to Repeal Health Law Fails

TRUMP IS POWER DEAD, FULLER IS AUTHORITY READY. The CONGRESS is mine, I tell him: see you in April, YOU MADE ME DREAM, I wake up in New York as a POP STAR for BrAmStOcKeR and the FAKE PUNK will inspire the LAWS of the CAPITOL. Frederic VIDAL, PhD waiting for his wife and his daughter in Paradise.

Trump Tells G.O.P. It’s Now or Never, Demanding House Vote on Health Bill

This is my last day in WASHINGTON, DC before April and more success in the District of Columbia. To be President is a duty when you have enough talent to give and to share for the Fame and the Glory of the United States. In 2017, the Presidency is weak and low in March with a difficulty to be sure to stay the same in April or to be worse. In NEW YORK, the goal is to become a POP STAR and a Personality of the Entertainment. I will meet a bunch of people to invite to BrAmStOcKeR. The HEALTH VOTE is a test: are the Republicans enough in the future to vote a text against OBAMACARE? According to the reply, they are also a great party that is not unique but bizarre sometimes, WITHOUT IMAGINATION. Mike FULLER, Shadow President

USA TODAY https://www.usatoday.com :

Republicans give up on Obamacare repeal bill, move on to other issues


I left WASHINGTON yesterday night and it’s already a mess one more time with the GOP in 2 parts. In fact, there are 3 parts, the pro-Obamacare, the anti-Obamacare and my own part, the GOP2, the ‘I don’t care’ the details, I want the deal with the others to FEDERATE OUR PARTY from the inside. Mike FULLER, President of the United States of America (in another America).

THE GUARDIAN https://www.theguardian.com :
LE MONDE http://www.lemonde.fr :

Trump defends wild claims: ‘I’m President, and you’re not’


President TRUMP dead. A photo model replacing him for the White House to be hard and soft without proximity before the end of the Spring adn a the JESSICA PROGRAM (another TIMefraMES product) that will organize a new Presidency. MF



The POWER EXCHANGE between RYAN and TRUMP is possible but I recommend a phone call first to the SHADOW PRESIDENT I am in order to be sure RYAN knows the President is DEAD and the next election is in 4 years. What we can do is to go to the JUDGE and to tell him we’re a TRIUMVIRATE, a political MENAGE A TROIS. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triumvirate Mike FULLER, President of the USA, Shadow President of the USB. (comment for the article of the Washington Post ‘Manafort volunteered to be interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee in its Russia probe’).

Twenty-Fifth Air Force


In FRENCH COP 3: WIN WIN, politicians are the enmies of their services whent they are Ministers, Prime Ministers and Presidents. ‘Young Mike Fuller’ mission is to neutralize them with his 25 AF (fictional). More in the Note to the FBI (anti-fictional) to release this afternoon. Frederic VIDAL ‘to be or not to be’ FULLER in NEW YORK 3/24, WASHINGTON 4/1. Thomas SPEARS, ABWEHR IVth REICH (semi-fictional

June Solstice: Longest and Shortest Day of the Year


AFTER EQUINOX, THE SOLSTICE: it’s time for SUMMER to be the far far away destination of our Star Trek, I’m the Commander of this vessell with Blake LIVELY, a pure woman building a BRIDGE FROM HER TO ME, Blake in Black not anymore, Lively so LONELY, love is her destination but she does not know the itinerary yet. I have a third child for her, Jessie ANDREWS, a perfect Lady like I am a Man, to share the responsability by ADOPTION, from journalistic poetry to another computerized RENDEZVOUS in our MANSION for a TRIUMVIRATE with 2 females who are lesbians. I’m not jealous, ANDREWS IS FOR THE AIR FORCE ONES. Family feelings are stronger than sexual rules to be controlled anyway to our convenience. 2016-2020 US Shadow President Frederic VIDAL – Mike FULLER. L o V e V o L

Arlington National Cemetery


I invite the journalists at a Press Conference in ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY on June 21, 2017 for the EQUINOX and the SUMMER start. After the Spring, there is the Sun that is scheduled to burn Earth everywhere and everytime it’s a new day. You say I’m handicaped in a wheelchair, bipolar, unable to have an artcile. I’m telling you you read the contrary in the WASHINGTON POST, it’s Donald who is DELUSIONAL and me, MADE IN HOLLYWOOD for TIMefraMES. This nightmare of confusion for the population will continue a litlle more but will stop for Bastille Day or the 4th of July with a WINNER OF THE ELECTION. FREDERIC VIDAL MIKE FULLER THOMAS SPEARS. Postcript. Be there for the FEEDBACK of the DEATHS, my comeback recorded on YOUTUBE. June 21 at 4PM, one, two, three, four. MF

Federal Bureau of Investigation


The FBI is our main partner to investigate about RUSSIA and the AMERICANS: a population of another Country looking for a dream of immigration and a diffusion of their culture in a territory that was liberated in 1917 and 1991, no royalty, no communism. In the USA, there is only one Super-Power, in the USB, the competition must be managed BY THE JUDGES as we are not anymore in an international system authorizing strong cooperation like in the XXth century.


From One TIME To Another, BrAmStOcKeR Gives The CHORDS To Mike FULLER In Order To RESIST (Against TRUMP In NASHVILLE, Preferring KoRn In New York) For the US-A To Prevail! “Just SPEARS Can Go To The US-B, He’s (In A Program) Interdimensional. Us, We’re Just Famous There!” VS And PH.

Bram Stoker - Front.jpg

From: http://dariuschrisgoes.blogspot.com/2014/04/bram-stoker-heavy-rock-spectacular.html

SUNDAY Tweets!

BrAmStOcKeR invites Definitive Mike FULLER’s Chief of Staff this morning to comment the press (of his dimension) after yest. Q&A. ENJOY him! https://t.co/8PXakuc99q

Hello everybody: you are welcomed to our White House, even if we call it more PRESIDENTIAL MANSION! Here are the US-A working for YOU, US-B! https://t.co/3KQnPdZwNv

I am the Chief of Staff of Mr. Mike FULLER. I will give you my name another time. Let’s say my nickname for you will be PETER, I know you https://t.co/SxwT0BntZo

like a lot nicknames on your ‘Web’. Mr. FULLER told me yesterday evening to tweet you some comments we have about today press after his Q&A. https://t.co/gwMFLEjUpD

I will come back in this new program of DEFINITIVE MIKE FULLER we begin to improve our communication with you! There’s no other goal INDEED. https://t.co/ZfULlY5XFW

What is happening is that we are also with BrAmStOcKeR in their studio rehearsing! It’s particularly IMPRESSIVE. Now playing LEGEND OF MIKE https://t.co/gaZN1HidEj

FULLER with 2 PIANOS melodies and now a Guitar ‘Sweet Child o’Mine’ style. You can check I know your MUSIC! It’s EVANESCENCE + LINKIN PARK! https://t.co/Tw2fHWXpaY

We are like that in the US-A, we read the press but we play good old rock’n roll music too! I reproach to your dimension to be too much CLAS https://t.co/Gj11ltGYQD

-SICAL and SOMETIMES you are lost in your contradictions! There is Mr. FULLER and me, AND OBVIOUSLY FREDERIC and the Band, to SHOW YOU THE https://t.co/kBtsJC6Qnw

WAY. https://t.co/053Of5S0nS

We gonna have a lunch and I will tell you the PRESS. It will look like FAKE NEWS (laughs) for bad jokers! It’s our News, LOT DIFFERENT than https://t.co/0kWUpICwxj

YOURS. https://t.co/SDvF4idjCN

You are ROLLING STONES, we’re more BEATLES. See you later, alligator! PETER https://t.co/nTB4VWD4gX

We back on track! (laughs) I’m with Mike and the Band! This press review must not upset or impress you too much, this is a part of a Magical https://t.co/7z8052BTvF

Mystery Tour! PETER, CoS of Pres. FULLER (Def. Mike FULLER program) https://t.co/GVZvYY7k0h

LADY JANE, The United States of yours are like this Lady of the Rolling Stones song: it needs to be REMASTERIZED (the song). You will never https://t.co/9ZoPhY1VhN

IMAGINE the cover of the NEW YORK TIMES in our dimension: YES, this is Mike FULLER and his Q&A for you in the US-B that is Subject #1! Peter https://t.co/MP8QLXwyvu

Otherwise, in the Us-A, we have the Environment that is not the same, GUYS! There are all these FRENCH COP stories all around! LOS ANGELES https://t.co/lPxC6qw5P9

TIMES, they print on their first page the name of your FRIEND, Frederic VIDAL. They want explanations about his ROLE in the B! Mike agrees! https://t.co/YXAokimiU1

By the way, we had a CONVERSATION for the LUNCH and Mike proposes to the Band to RELEASE the song ‘HAMBURGER’ and his ‘LEGEND’ story FIRST. https://t.co/3pOZuW6DiX

The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER and VARIETY titles in the US-A are about the CONSORTIUM and some critics. Mr. FULLER will reply about TIMefraMES. https://t.co/HVkxxPp5Cv

That’s all for now. I see you AROUND! PETER https://t.co/EJ1MViwZ8e

In the Washington POST, Dudes, it’s about the war, the Cover. Mr. FULLER told you about our Fight against KGB-Next Gen in CAMEROUN. Sad but https://t.co/1eIIGK5Dbz

Mike told you that Vince and Patrica HUNTER, the FRENCH COP’s wife had some problems PREVIOUSLY. The Post is surprised our President did not https://t.co/pcu5ANEkFY

mention Mr. SAUVAN yesterday in the Q&A diffused tonight on FOX. Basically, he was thinking VIDAL-SAUVAN. The 2 are CLOSE. KGB Next Gen is https://t.co/E1rEbzZGQf

our worst enemy, people! This is not like in the US-B. Maybe connected to this Russian (Golden)Gate? (laughs) FULLER does his best but there https://t.co/UWwHe1wlho

is no hope of a war’s end right now. It’s why Mr. SAUVAN is leaving for JAPAN with Pat. What about their rescue Natasha STANISLAVSKY? The https://t.co/nOwPy9xWSv

Washington Post replies to these questions. President FULLER will follow this file PERMANENTLY. It’s important for you too. The French of LE https://t.co/xzgympsg1e

MONDE, they see all of that from Europe. Mr. FULLER is more popular in the UK. They write ‘FULLER TALKS before the End of the Crisis’. They https://t.co/HjlO99f0Oo

mean this crisis situation that WE DON’T AGREE because some accusing the US-B. We believe in a difficult century beginning. USA TODAY is https://t.co/eVFAqh250A

focusing on Mike FULLER US-B’s Band BrAmStOcKeR, opening some contents about their origins and later, a deal with high drink MONSTER!? Cool! https://t.co/5KdaKhTgRu

I’d like you to read all these fabulous articles but YOU’RE NOT THERE! So, I’ll prepare you some copies, WE NEVER KNOW! You’re our GUESTS! https://t.co/WdvxVHa3Yu

PETER (PAN?), President Mike FULLER’s Chief of STAFF, in the United States of AMERICA (Dimension #1) called the US-A. Thanks, US-B, so much. https://t.co/DSIzagPrfv

On TWITTER https://twitter.com :

Mike FULLER – mikefuller2020


Fred KELLY – timeframes2020


Thomas SPEARS – vidalfuller2016 :

Just a little HELLO of Thomas SPEARS, presently in another dimension (of course) as he’s inter-dim. Follow us on @BRAMSTOCKER for more news. https://t.co/WHbhSlrSZq

The Fuzz guitars are not yet Ok on ‘LEGEND’. On ‘HAMBURGER’ it’s better but it’s still a draft. That’s a Presidential SUNDAY, Folks! Peter https://t.co/67miY8u0Jz

No, I mean, I’m interdimensional. In my Dim. there was no HITLER but in yours, GERMANY used lot of microwaves to kill the poor JEWS. SPEARS

It’s about SEMIOTICS, you speak about Microwave, you don’t think about a TV! Meanings of concepts, I CONTROL THAT for TIMefraMES. T. Spears



Hello! It’s Monday and FULLER quotes: TO WIN IS TO LOSE.

We’re rehearsing this morning SHADOW PRESIDENT of the previous session of SONGWRITING. It’s a BLUES old school. WE LIKE IT.

Basically, we gonna release THE CHORDS of our CHORDS before PMURT in NASHVILLE. This is for our FAN(S). Don’t forget we ASCAP (and SACEM).

I mean the CHORDS of our SONGS, Lord. We’re not enough awake this morning! It’s because it’s only DRAFTS yet. ChOrDs like 6 strings Guitar.

I used to play this old SG when I was a kid (77) and it gave me LOT SATISFACTION. Songs must be more BrA, less BeAtLeS (to open for KORN).

There is this story going on about spying TRUMP in his TOWER in December??? Frankly speaking, it’s in the song: P.M.U.R.T. See you at noon.

This version of SHADOW PRESIDENT is really different, not anymore with acoustic guitar or a capella: in our ABBEY ROAD kind of machine, more

a new song possibly on the album or BONUS TRACK? About KORN, it’s not kidding. We can be ready this Summer? I will contact their Management.

Anyway, we continue now to be back OPERATIONAL in a short while. BrAmStOcKeR. Postcript. In AMERICA this time. Thanks to you!!!

This Monday:

@vidalfuller2016 Bravo for your intervention Thomas. We in Studio fulltime but I accepted some questions of ALT PRESS (we in the US-C). JFK https://t.co/AYiCelHMeV

Jesus Fred KELLY: in US-B, I can check LINKIN PARK is playing the piano like us. It’s tendency to play SOFT, vintage to magnify the MELODY. https://t.co/qsspfXvFyJ

ALT PRESS (US-C): you’re so legendary nowadays, you equal the US-B Beatles, right? For your Historiography, these sessions a Golden Agenda! https://t.co/W262BJw0Mp

JFK: it’s recorded BY THE COMPUTERS of the Original dimension! Everything is automatically TIMED now! Hapilly for the band, we live like be https://t.co/Q8ofKOw47f

-fore. Just SciFi from Mike FULLER in the MAIN dimension is attracting us. It’s STARGATE SG1 that studied a little and Philip K Dick, a TV https://t.co/taBtHkOsUf

show for the teens also: these theories are REAL but w e d o n ‘ t m I n d. AP: you live your life for music? JFK: BEATLES LEGACY first!!!! https://t.co/xbw7tmtaEY

AP: you mean their SOCIAL CONTENT. In America right now, your manager and the opinion FEEL TRUMP has NO FUTURE? (laughs) JFK: yeah, ALL OF https://t.co/7tgHcWDrfl

THAT, Thomas SPEARS fight against Nazi Germany of the US-B in the 30-40’s. I decide with FULLER what WE WILL EMPOWER for AlTeRnAtE America!! https://t.co/HrXrcYJK4W

AP: The BEATLES, John LENNON, had a Special Unique Message for the NEW AGE we couldn’t start yet? JFK: there is New Age and New Age. George https://t.co/KTqNtWDNY1

HARRISON let us HIS WILL: HeRe CoMeS ThE SuN! AP: Not the NUKE!!? Jesus Fred KELLY: it’s not the US-B the locomotive, it.s the US-A, right? https://t.co/YGY7Rvmmzi

ALT PRESS: Thank you, Jesus! You fascinating with these new Songs of FAKE PUNK and project of tour, who knows, interdimensional (in 3D)!!! https://t.co/pyiP2JD7vy



Vince SAUVAN (on WordPress) https://fredvidal.wordpress.com

“Just SPEARS Can Go To The US-B, He’s (In A Program) Interdimensional. Us, We’re Just Famous There!” VS And PH.

Freddie HAIM (on Vid) http://vid.me/bramstocker

with the link to this post:

Jonathan FOUNDERS (on Blip) http://blip.fm/TheBRAMSTOCKER :

This is a remix BUT IT IS LIKE the Original! We’re on ANOTHER EARTH playing ‘My song is a HaMbUrGeR’, our SINGLE for the US-B. All these Dimensions!!!

Comments on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012 :

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sliders This is the YV Show I was telling you! Watch it in DVDs, it’s about OTHER DIMENSIONS, really, like in the reality. BRILLIANT. Your Mike FULLER (busy in my Oval Office of the US-A) like in the reality (or a fiction if you don’t BELIEVE). (3/14/2017)

BrAmStOcKeR Songwriting On TWITTER For FaKe PuNk Album Project: It’s Mike FULLER Decision To Have Web Quality Lyrics To Attract The Best Music On Earth! “I Like Songs But I Have Not Time To Listen Too Much To Them.” VS


From: https://trekkerscrapbook.com/2013/02/25/georges-70th-birthday/

About George HARRISON: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Harrison

George HARRISON was more than one of the four Beatles, he was the guitarist who could have played with the most famous rock stars and mainstream great names because he had the flexibility to express his various moods and great attitudes of tenderness for melodies and verses background. These sessions of songwriting are dedicated to him. He was born yesterday, February 25.


On TWITTER, February : https://twitter.com

Mike FULLER – mikefuller2020

SONGWRITING TWEETS. LEGEND of Mike FULLER is not known by everybody but it’s a SECRET for nobody. This guy came on day with a new PROJECT of https://t.co/EbvFv025JW (2/24/2017)

completing a GAME, you know the rules because it is FAMOUS. LEGEND of Mike FULLER is unknown by somebody. We don’t know if I was the WINNER. https://t.co/XAnjz1dAp1 (2/24/2017)

LEGEND of MIKE FULLER is about a guy who was never in the newspapers or on TV. He was President in another dimension, here just a shadow. https://t.co/RaygqpCc8v (2/26/2017)

Mike was a politics fan since he was a kid. He became teen and decided to be involved in it. He chose the GOP to start an electoral career. https://t.co/NMFuJklEcl (2/27/2017)

Fred KELLY – timeframes2020

SONGWRITING TWEETS. I walk in the street, thinking what it could be if I was a MOVIE STAR. I would be seen by the people really differently. https://t.co/bdQbywhxfO (2/24/2017)

I would go to their STUDIO to shoot another scene of my next FILM on the same SET with the ACTORS selected to play with me FOR MY OWN FAME. https://t.co/FIM3D3GoaE (2/24/2017)

If I was a MOVIE STAR, I would read scripts every week to select the movies I want to improve my career & show my talent to the moviegoers. https://t.co/zmSG7tFnbA (2/26/2017)

I would be looking for my 1st ACADEMY AWARD for a 2nd role then for the BEST PICTURE OSCAR. If I’m not selected, I’d wait for the next year! https://t.co/tOCUW759oT (2/27/2017)

If I was but I’m not. I’m just a MOVIEGOER, looking for a manager, a big screen NEWCOMER, not a star but a PLANET EARTH outsider or almost. https://t.co/W3qeHUgzfL (2/28/2017)

He was different from the others. He looked more like a painter, not a real politician. He could have been sooner a State Senator but he https://t.co/40d40nPivG

needed to follow the orders. It’s the LEGEND of MIKE FULLER. https://t.co/oL5oLxLu5e

Thomas SPEARS – vidalfuller2016 :
SONGWRITING TWEETS. I feel not the same than before with more & more stories in my head I would like to explain but I have not enough pen. https://t.co/7EAgQy1xzz (2/24/2017)

STORIES, they explain what happens for you, for me. They are never the same or they copy each other, you must follow their order. They lie. https://t.co/8BdPdrekjs (2/24/2017)

STORIES, they’re all around your present life. You can read them in books or watch them on a screen. They’re proposing a world to be unreal. https://t.co/cFwediFlnP (2/26/2017)

Funny or not, short or longer than you expected, they are about a hero and his history so far. If it is a routine, you will find it boring. https://t.co/9he6HV7kr5 (2/27/2017)

STORIES, they happen all the time, they can surprise you by all means. You like to read them, page after page, you like to watch them or to https://t.co/6BBbEX2r0d (2/28/2017)

listen to their content. https://t.co/QFO3aXeC83


Let’s start new SESSIONS OF SONGWRITING for the FaKe PuNk project Album. This album will never be released without very good LYRICS from us. https://t.co/BT78T8Ny8 (2/24/2017)

My SONG is like a HAMBURGER. You can listen to it like you eat a SANDWICH, with mayonnaise, ketchup or mustard. My song is like a HAMBURGER. https://t.co/w3PfLnKWpN (2/24/2017)

My SONG is like a HAMBURGER. You like it or not but be sure it is not a steak or an ice-cream. It’s a fast-food for the lunch or the diner. https://t.co/tzUlbnL6ZY (2/25/2017)

YOUR SONG is like a DREAM MAKER, a fortune teller. It inspires my brain and my soul. Let’s play them together to have only one super-song. https://t.co/zXHf8glhck (2/26/2017)

Eat my passion for music. I give you FRENCH FRIES for the lyrics, with salt and pepper, you will like them all. MY SONG IS LIKE A HAMBURGER. https://t.co/RfcjQciRJH (2/27/2017)

Some prefer Macaroni & Cheese, some are vegetarian, so they can prefer instrumentals but the best when you’re hungry is to eat my HAMBURGER! https://t.co/iDGd1KhRTy (2/28/2017)


Vince SAUVAN (on WordPress) https://fredvidal.wordpress.com

“I Like Songs But I Have Not Time To Listen Too Much To Them.” VS

Jonathan FOUNDERS (on Blip) http://blip.fm/TheBRAMSTOCKER :

George HARRISON birthday, yesterday. Coincidental, we begin with BrAmStOcKeR a lyrics songwriting session on TWITTER. https://twitter.com/BRAMSTOCKER

Freddie HAIM (on Vid) http://vid.me/bramstocker

New lyrics tweet after tweet, it’s a new way of songwriting for BramStOcKeR that could be the right one for its FaKe PuNk project album. MF (for TIMEFRAMES SECRETARY https://vid.me/vp2T)

Don McKENZIE (on Youtube) https://www.youtube.com/user/thebramstocker :

DYLAN, HARRISON. It was George birthday, yesterday. One of the best live album to commemorate. MF (Concert for BANGLADESH).

With the diffusion of this article:

Gerald KLEIN (on Myspace) https://myspace.com/mikefuller2016 :

George HARRISON was a great composer with The BEATLES we miss a lot! GK.

Brian SUMMERS (on LinkedIn) https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikefuller2016 :

Yesterday’s birthday of George HARRISON is the reminder the BEATLES were the top of the Pop music. BS.

John EVANS-STREET (on REDDIT) https://www.reddit.com/r/FredVidal/

Read about this album: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Concert_for_Bangladesh_(album)

Comments ON FACEBOOK, February : https://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012

THE WASHINGTON POST https://www.washingtonpost.com :

White House blocks CNN, New York Times from press briefing hours after Trump slams media (2/24/2017)


Now there are the welcomed journalists and the others who are not well seen and must accept to be refused because of their opinion that is not appreciated. Mike FULLER

Tom Perez elected as first Latino leader of Democratic Party (2/24/2017)

It’s a good sign. Latinos represent the new composition of the Nation. They are concerned by its future more than anybody else because they want the best for their community and for everybody. Mike FULLER


THE NEW YORK TIMES https://www.nytimes.com :

Trump at CPAC: Right’s Unlikely Hero Renews Attack on Press (2/24/2017)

It’s his main subject of critics right now: the Press has an enemy and it won’t change until the President will have the Press on his side, meaning never? Mike FULLER

USA TODAY https://www.usatoday.com :

‘Titanic,’ ‘Aliens’ star Bill Paxton dead at 61 (2/26/2017)


He was a part of the spectacle that cannot be imitated. He left us before the Academy Awards with his spectacular movies to remember his talent and his great image of action hero. Mike FULLER

THE GUARDIAN https://www.theguardian.com :

Dress to protest: why tonight’s Oscars red carpet is set for a revolution (2/26/2017)
These artists must say what they feel about the political situation if they think it can disturb their career. Mike FULLER

LE MONDE http://www.lemonde.fr :

Présidentielle : les électeurs écologistes approuvent l’accord entre Hamon et Jadot (2/26/2017)


C’est un accord historique qui donne beaucoup plus de chance a la gauche de l’emporter. Il faut y croire, le candidat de rassemblement, c’est HAMON. Mike FULLER

Brilliant Q&A For Mike FULLER About SOLIDARITY! “I’m Important (But I’m Not Sure About The Dimension Of It (I Never Inspired A Biopic Yet!)” VS

On Twitter this Thursday morning: https://twitter.com/BRAMSTOCKER

Devo – [I Can’t Get No] Satisfaction (Video) via The Q&A of Mike FULLER begins on Twitter BrAmStOcKeR now.

Press #1: Hi, Mike FULLER, you look like you feel really good today, right? Mike FULLER: it’s obvious. We are living a year that is historic

for a lot of reasons. TRUMP, President: it would have been not understandable in the XXth century or even 8 years ago. Now, it is a reality

that is a progression or a regression. We are the ones to decide about it. There is never a fatality preventing you to find what is good in

what can be bad. President Donald TRUMP received on his official WHITE HOUSE Website 2 letters from me, his Shadow President, almost adviser

of him, more than a National Leader of his Social Opposition: a responsible politician, previously Presidential candidate with THE DUTY to

represent Hillary CLINTON, Michael MOORE and all other kind of great Personalities who don’t agree with him. Press #2: Hillary also received

a letter of yours, do you schedule to write to Michael MOORE? MF: that’s correct, Sir. It is my project. Michael is an important celebrity

of our movement. He is our Lech WALESA (Wałęsa). BrAmStOcKeR can be his SOLIDARITY (Solidarność). We’re not in POLAND during the Communists

but our movement needs to be less “Entertainment” to be A SOCIAL FUN organized  like a FEDERATION inside the Federation, the UNION of us ALL!

Devo – Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! Deluxe Remastered Version [Ful… via Mike FULLER replies to YOU!

Press #3: otherwise there is still NO REPLY from the Donald TRUMP secretary or himself? Mike FULLER: it’s normal 100%. They receive hundreds

of letters everyday at the White House. Especially for the new President who attracts FEEDBACKS! Press #4: so, SO FAR, SO GOOD? MF: I think

so. On Monday, eve of VALENTINE’S DAY, I will communicate a last time with the present Administration for a LETTER ABOUT AN AMENDMENT. The

Constitution can be MODERNIZED. We are about to do it together, it’s programmed! Press #5: programmed by the Nation agenda? MF: TRUMP must

update his TIME FRAME and everything will be all right. It’s not a mystery, WE WILL SUCCEED to Break the Ice with him and with the Congress!

We are in a SUCCESS STORY that won’t stop. Horrible FAIRY TALE is over since January. Press #6: and you’re the HERO OF THEM! MF: Thank you!


Picture from: http://topsy.one/hashtag.php?q=%23WALESA

About Lech WALESA: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lech_Wa%C5%82%C4%99sa

Aout SOLIDARITY: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solidarity_(Polish_trade_union)

ON FACEBOOK today: http://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012

Have liberals found their combative new leader in … Keith Olbermann?


Welcome to Keith. I’m Liberal too. He will be the Leader of the upscale part of our Coalition. Read my Q&A on https://fredvidal.wordpress.com it’s all about doing like SOLIDARITY in America and WALECHA is Michael MOORE. BrAmStOcKeR is yours to be the new Union, cultural this time but also social like before! This is a federation inside the Federation we are to stay and move. Mike FULLER mike.fuller@mail.com

Kellyanne Conway Promotes Ivanka Trump Brand, Raising Ethics Concerns

The problems of the TRUMP family are our problems. This is the White House that is involved in the solution of them and We, The People can help by commenting and following the evolution of the situation. We are buyers and voters MERCHANDISING is one their activities, this family is like a commercial universe to be rehabilitated by our Federation of Solidarity, around me and BrAmStOcKeR. Mike FULLER mike.fuller@mail.com

Who is Jeff Sessions? We’ll let him tell you.

SESSIONS has the name that is expressing he is somebody very organized to build his time with President TRUMP professionally and politically like a Senator who accepts to be the Civil Servant that Justice was looking for. Our Federation will network with him. Mike FULLER mike.fuller@mail.com
‘This is not over’: Dakota Access pipeline work restarts amid tribe’s legal challenge
This is our crucial dispute with the Power. OBAMA said it was cancelled. TRUMP updates: it will continue. What they decide is what they understand is necessary but sometimes, they need to be under pressure like President OBAMA who was for the pipeline first. Donald will change his mind if the Native Americans are inviting teh whole Federation of the Oppositions to TRUMP to amplify their fight. BrAmStOcKeR will play a song for the end of this DAKOTA project against the environment. Mike FULLER mike.fuller@mail.com
En direct : les avocats des Fillon demandent au parquet de se dessaisir de l’enquête


C’est l’histoire qui s’ecrit au Palais de Justice en France. C’est dommage que la Presidentielle soit ainsi contentieuse a Droite mais FILLO reussir a s’imposer come a l’epoque de la Presdence de l’UMP. En tout cas, souhaitons-le, a Gauche et au Centre. Mike FULLER mike.fulelr@mail.com

From Youtube to FACEBOOK:

Less communication on the Web for Mike FULLER after his today’s Q&A as the news are promoting a routine before the next update that could be an upgrade. We are specializing our Federation of Solidarity in Breaking news! Thomas SPEARS


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